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 Post subject: Index Drabble-orum (Last updated 4 Sept 2015)
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 01:48 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US
A B C D E-F G-H I-J K L-Lisa_T Liss-Lz M Multiple Authors N-O P-Q R-S T-U V-W X-Y-Z

This is an index of the archived drabbles from the original CBB drabble houses, arranged by author. Read these archives to experience the stories as they were written, complete with comments and chanting from enthusiastic readers. Remember that the "Search in Page" function of your web browser can be used to find specific titles or keywords. Polished, unyibbled versions of drabbles available via the Sally Denny Library are marked with drabble-specific SDL) links. The [url=http://www.sallydennylibrary.co.uk/]Sally Denny Library is also now the site for for posting original fiction.

We are aware that there are problems with random patches of tiny print and lost formatting in some archived files, but have been unable to remedy this technical problem. If you are unable to read an archive on your computer and it has not been posted in the SDL, one possibility is to ask the author for a Word document. Most are happy to oblige. If your browser is Firefox, you should be able to get around the difficulty of reading small print by setting a minimum font size. While in Firefox, use the following sequence:
Click on Tools, Options, Content.
Click the Advanced button next to Default Font.
Enter a legible font size in the Minimum Font Size window.
Click OK on this page and the next.

Please PM Kathy_S about any missing drabbles, broken links, misattributions, other sites you’d like added, and so forth. Thanks to the mods and all others who have provided descriptions. Authors are very welcome to suggest alternative subtitles for their work or parts thereof.

The "house" of each drabble is indicated, unless the story predated the house system. Briefly:
*St. Agnes drabbles are those closest to the EBD style and ethos. No Joey & Mary-Lou bashing, please!
*St. Clare is the house for drabbles featuring CBBers as well as for Chalet School stories on the insane/humorous end of the spectrum. Before May, 2006, St. Clare also included cross-overs.
*St. Scholastika includes crossovers and stories that are neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring.
*Ste. Therese drabbles are more serious CS-based stories, and may include themes EBD would not have touched upon.
*St. Mildred drabbles contain material deemed inappropriate for younger or sensitive readers, and are therefore indexed within their own forum.
Some drabbles predating the House system were labeled FCS for "Fun Chalet School" and SCS for "Serious Chalet School."

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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 Post subject: -A-
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 03:21 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


The Advent Calendar (Ste. Therese) SDL
A Chalet scene behind every door. For Lottie from Santa.

Alice in Chaletland (St. Scholastika)
Alice in Wonderland cross-over. A confused Alice is mistaken for a new girl. For Lottie from Santa, 2009.

The Calendar (Ste. Therese) SDL
Follow-on to 'The Advent Calendar'

Emmy and Mary-Lou (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author

London 1934 (Ste. Therese) SDL
Are Rosalie's new acquaintances as nice as they seem? Set before 'New Ideas.'

The Long Day Closes (Ste. Therese) SDL
Mary-Lou makes a New Year’s resolution.

New Ideas for the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) SDL
Without changes, the Maynard siblings won't be able to attend, but how will the staff react?
part 1
part 2

4th November 1999 (Ste. Therese) SDL
Len looks back. Set considerably after 'New Ideas for the Chalet School'

Recipe for Disaster (St. Clare)
CatC's 2009 Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou's accident in the style of another author.

Twelve Days (St. Clare) SDL
Dr. Truelove's gifts are a bit much. For Claire from Santa, 2008


But What Shall We Do for Prizes (St. Scholastika)
What would you do for a signed first edition?

The Chalet School's Got Talent (St. Scholastika)
Ant and Dec present a CS version of this well known talent show.

Joey's Solid Lump of Comfort (St. Scholastika)
Len hears the real story. Epilogue to 'Madame'

Madame (St. Scholastika)
Madge goes to Austria to start a brothel

Paul Temple and the Chalet School Affair (St. Scholastika)
Cross-over with radio detective Paul Temple, set during Highland Twins

Rosalie’s Redemption (St. Scholastika)
Rosalie in the Resistance. Sequel to ‘Paul Temple and the Chalet School Affair’


Advent Songs for lizziearnett (St. Clare)
CS rhymes for any season, from Santa, 2009

Augusta, the first episodes
In Which Augusta Maria Fraser Arrives SDL
In Which Augusta Would Have Caught A Burglar SDL
Augusta and the Ink SDL
In Which Augusta Has A Cold SDL
beginning of Augusta and the Handcuffs

Burglar through part of Cold, with contemporary yibbles

Augusta and the Handcuffs SDL
Another adventure for Abi's hysterical heroine.....

Augusta and the Spies SDL
Are Bill and the Abbess spies?

Augusta, St. George the Racquet and the Bells of Christmas SDL
Two days before the play, Gussie hears howling...

Augusta’s Day Out
In which we meet Gussie's family auto and go to the zoo

Augusta and the Hidden Treasure (St. Agnes) SDL
In which Augusta tries to contribute to the War Effort. Evvy would be proud.

Augusta to the Rescue (St. Agnes) SDL
In which Eilunedd gets her comeuppance.

Augusta and the New Mistress (St. Agnes) SDL
Will Miss Gray help Augusta & cohorts identify the spies?

A Surprise for Augusta (St. Agnes) SDL
In which Miss Annersley makes a decision.

Augusta Gets Her Wings (St. Agnes) SDL LGM
Ornithological science project?

Bargain Books at Swindon BookTastic (St. Scholastika) SDL
Jasper Fforde crossover

A Charismatic at the Chalet School. (incomplete)
How will Jayne fit in at the CS?

Felicity and Father Christmas (St. Scholastika) SDL
For lizziearrnet from Santa, 2009

Full Circle (Ste. Therese) SDL
Healing for Grizel

Ghosts at the CS
CS with a supernatural twist....
part 1
final part

Glimpses (St. Agnes) SDL
Santa looks in on CS children. For Amanda M from Santa, 2010

Haiku (St. Scholastika) SDL
Poems on CS characters

Her Irresponsibility (St. Clare) SDL
Len, Gaudenz and the garden shed

Horrible Imaginings (St. Scholastika) SDL
stars Mary-Lou as Macbeth and the triplets as witches

Joey and Grizel's Weekend (St. Clare) SDL
Joey and Grizel in Devon (St. Clare) SDL
Somewhat intoxicated adventures

Juliet's Childhood
Life with the Carricks and beyond
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

Margot's Resolutions (St. Agnes) SDL
New Year's resolutions from age 1-19. For lizziearrnet from Abi, New Year's Eve, 2009.

Miss Annersley Writes a Letter (St. Clare)
If only all university applications were so simple…

One Summer’s Day (St. Clare) SDL
Tragical narrative poem. Autumn gather, 2009.

They'll Turn Me in Your Arms (Ste. Therese) SDL
Con and Tam Linn
part 1
final part

Veronica at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) SDL
Lorna Hill cross-over set during Mary-Lou

Whose Brain? (St. Scholastika) SDL
Why would anyone object to their daughter becoming a true Chalet girl? Dr. Who cross-over

Writing December SDL
As Christmas approaches, three CS mistresses keep diaries. For Alison H from Santa, Christmas 2011.

Abi and Chubby Monkey

Fish Swim but Don't Laugh (St. Scholastika)
Augusta & David from Amelia Peabody series/Charles & Charlie Maynard crossover

Advent Drabblers
(Carolyn, Pat & Lesley)

Advent Drabbles, 2007 (St. Scholastika)
December 1
December 2
December 3
December 4
December 5
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11
December 12
December 13
December 14
December 15
December 16
December 17
December 18
December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 24

January: New Girl at the Chalet School
Vikki discovers the risks of portraying Advent Drabblers as dancing elves

February: Something Missing?
Vikki hasn't quite adapted to one aspect of the CS.

March: An Expedition
Vikki's trials continue.

Advent Drabbles, 2008 (St. Scholastika)

Introduction and Day 1: School At
Day 2: Jo of
Day 3: Princess
Day 4: Head Girl
Day 5: Rivals
Day 6: Eustacia
Day 7: And Jo
Day 8: Camp
Day 9: Exploits
Day 10: Lintons
Day 11: New House
Day 12: Jo Returns
Day 13: New Chalet School
Day 14: Exile
Day 15: Goes To It
Day 16: Highland Twins
Day 17: Lavender Laughs
Day 18: Gay
Day 19: Rescue
Day 20: Mystery
Day 21: Tom
Day 22: Rosalie
Day 23: Three Go
Day 24: Island

Advent Drabbles, 2009 (St. Clare)

Introduction & Day 1: Verity-Anne Carey
Day 2: Tristram Denny
Day 3: Eustacia Benson
Day 4: Samaris Davies
Day 5: Robin Humphries
Day 6: Odette Mercier
Day 7: Nell Wilson
Day 8: Miss Mabel Bubb
Day 9: Alixe von Elsen
Day 10: Melanie Lucas
Day 11: Matey
Day 12: Mary-Lou Trelawny
Day 13: Madge Bettany/Russell
Day 14: Kathie Ferrars
Day 15: Jo Scott
Day 16: Jack Maynard
Day 17: Jack Lambert
Day 18: Hilda Annersley
Day 19: Hilary Burn
Day 20: Elisaveta of Belsornia
Day 21: Daisy Venables
Day 22: Con Stewart
Day 23: Annis Lovell
Day 24: Frieda Mensch

Advent Drabble, 2010 (St. Clare)
Carolyn & Lesley top each other in the annual Advent madness.

For more Advent Drabbles, see:
2003: Carolyn & Rachel
2004: Carolyn, Rachel & Pat
2005: Carolyn, Rachel & Pat
2006: Carolyn, Pat & Lesley


Clem & Tony (St. Agnes)
A history of the Barrass family, before and after 'salad cream'
part 1
part 2 (alias part 1B)

Clem & Tony – Finding their Feet (St. Agnes)
part 1 (St. Agnes)

Gillian & Peter (Ste. Therese)
Peter Young is smitten.

Letting Go (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Moving Forward (Ste. Therese)
Clem/Tony drabble set after Clem leaves school

A Scary Story (St. Clare)
Having dealt with the hacker, Georgia seeks new prey.

Two Go Trekking (St. Clare)
Rosie and Nell have adventures in the Dales.


a poem


A Christmas Romance
Adventure & romance for Peggy Bettany & Giles Winterton
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

In Faith, Obey (St. Agnes)
Robin's meditation

A Pharmacist on the Gornetz Platz
Kate becomes the San's first proper pharmacist, and not everyone is happy.
part 1
part 2
part 3

In Pursuit of Grammar (St. Clare's) (could be continued!)
Alex's exciting tales of the PEP underground, hijacked in places by adventures of the Lime Green Woman and Kathy_S's It's/Its doggerel.

Mary-Lou in the Field
Mystery on the dig!


A Christmas Gift (St. Agnes)
For Lisa from CBB Secret Santa, 2007; for the School from Tom.

Joey - Young, Free and Single
What if Joey hadn't married Jack?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
final part

Journeys (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Not a Spanish Sale
The triplets have some ideas for Sale themes....

Tom’s Christmas Gift
Tom surprises the school.

Vi Rescues the Chalet School (Ste. Therese)
Mary-Lou learns a valuable lesson.


The 12 Days of Christmas (St. Scholastika)
A CS version of the old song. For Lexi from Santa, 2007.

Alison H

All Saints’ Day (Ste. Therese) SDL
The Pfeiffen clan prepare for Hallowe'en, All Saints & All Souls.

Armistice Day (Ste. Therese) SDL
Various characters look back on the day the Great War ended.

Bonfire of the Vanities (Ste. Therese) SDL
Len & Sybil consign CS rubbish to literal and figurative flames.

Bonfire Toffee (St. Clare) SDL
Ailie & friends have an idea for Nov. 5th….

Christmas Eve at Die Rosen (St.Therese) SDL
Family & friends gather around the table, and Robin introduces a Polish tradition.

Christmas Kisses (St. Scholastika) SDL
Jack is determined to kiss Jo under the mistletoe. For Abi from Santa, 2009

A Day of Celebration (Ste. Therese) SDL
Gillian & Peter have just seen Princess Elizabeth marry Philip....

Fire and Ice (Ste. Therese) SDL
Jem Russell and Andreas Monier find the women of their dreams and the meaning of Christmas.

The Flames That Burn On (Ste. Therese) SDL
Set in Gretchen & David’s universe. Con & Ricki visit Austria, and Robin and Herr Goldmann’s daughter meet.
part 1
final part

Half a Pound of Treacle (St. Clare) SDL
The triplets host a 20th birthday party at The Witchens.

In the Presence of Fate (St. Therese) SDL
Andreas & Maria are faithful to the Russells, but how does it impact their daughter Gretchen?
part 1
part 2
final part

A Light That Never Goes Out (Ste. Therese) SDL
Karen’s story

The Magic of Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
For Vikki from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Joey's gift remembered.

A Maynard Christmas Trilogy (Ste. Therese) SDL
Though apart this year, each triplet has reason to celebrate.

My Mother's People (Ste. Therese) SDL
Robin travels to Poland, in the late 1990s, to meet some of her Polish relations.

Only in my Dreams (Ste. Therese) SDL
Con, the Theatre and Freddie Helston
part 1
part 2

Our Time (Ste Therese) SDL
Jem reflects while preparing for Christmas. For Abbeybufo from Santa, 2011

Playing the Game (St. Scholastika) SDL
The Chalet School takes part in Euroschools 2008

Please, Please, Please! SDL
Will Grizel find happiness at last?

Raise The Scarlet Standard High (Ste. Therese) SDL
The aftermath of Karen’s departure....
part 1
part 2
part 3

Senselessness and Insensibility (St. Scholastika) SDL
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

Shaking Off the Chains (Ste. Therese) SDL
David contemplates general practice, Daisy wants to return to medicine, and Gretchen is happily employed in Austria. Will a conference in Austria prove a catalyst?
part 1
final part

Sister and Brother (St. Agnes) SDL
Mia's 2006 Challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Dick & Madge.

Sisters (St. Agnes) LGM
Visitors for Robin. Challenge: Scenes you wish EBD had written

Situations Vacant (St. Clare) SDL
For Sal from Santa, 2007. Santa interviews Rosalie.

So I Can Stand on Mountains (Ste. Therese) SDL
Frieda's thoughts at Christmas

South of the Alps (Ste. Therese) SDL
While leading a half term expedition to Italy, Kathie Ferrars and Sally Denny discover each other's secrets.
part 1
final part

The Staff Christmas Party (St. Clare) SDL
Karen's special lemonade or Gaudenz’ home brew?

Standing in the Shadows (Ste. Therese) SDL
Primula Garden keeps comparing herself to Daisy....

Stir-Up Sunday (St. Clare) SDL
Joey is certain each Christmas pudding charm will get to its planned target.

That First Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
The Mensches’ first Christmas after Grossmutter’s death. For Abi from Alison H, 2010.

Through the Dark Night (St. Scholastika)
Can the war stop Father Christmas? The Round House children take their troubles to Daisy.

Turning the Stars Around SDL
Sequel to 'Shaking Off the Chains,' 3 years post-series. Gretchen & David have been corresponding. Now the Russells, along with Marie and Andreas, are at the Tiernsee on holiday.
part 1
part 2
part 3

Twelfth Night (St. Agnes) SDL
100 word drabble. A surprise.

The War Cloister (Ste. Therese) SDL
Moving drabble to mark 11th November

What I Believe (Ste. Therese) SDL
Naomi Elton reflects.

Where the Love Light Gleams (St Therese) SDL
David and Gretchen at Christmas

A White Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
Christmas in Guernsey

A Winter's Tale (St. Agnes) SDL
For Roísín from CBB Secret Santa, 2007. Elsie Carr, the Wrennery, Christmas, 1940.


Adventures in the Snow
For Mihiri from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. 'Come on Mihiri'-Josette Russell

Cecil (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (birth)

Christmas at Plas Gwyn
Jack has returned!
"Ally proves that she CAN write, despite all her denials!!!!"-Vikki

I Have a Real Family
Simone gives Joey a lesson after her tactless comment.

Jackie's Great Escape (St. Agnes)
"Poor little Jackie! I just want to hug him!"-Vikki

A Little Pimday Tale (St. Clare)
featuring Charley's Grand Adventure of excitement

Maurice's Dream (St. Agnes)
In India, Maurice wonders about the siblings he's only seen in photos.

Murmured Words (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 Challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Explains Joey's 'startled expression.'

Rix Goes to India
Rix was having a ‘horwwid day’

Walking Forwards (St. Agnes)
Elisaveta comes home.

Ally & Pim

Rosalie, Con, and the Perils of Tea (St. Clare)
There's a plot against tea at the CS.... Even Coca-Cola isn't safe.


A Devil's End (Ste. Therese)
Is evening primrose oil the cure?

The Diamond Glints on Snow (Ste. Therese)
An epidemic brings sorrow.

A M Y / @ustria@my

The CS goes modern (incomplete)
Felicity is now headmistress.
part 1
part 2

Tears in Australia (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
The beginning of a Sybil story


A Farm in Africa (Ste. Therese)
Inspired by re-reading a Chalet Girl from Kenya and watching 'Out of Africa'

A School Tradition (St. Clare)
Middles have responsibilities too, you know.

My Brother's Keeper (Ste. Therese)
Mike's accident from Len's perspective

The Tea Party (St. Clare)
Tea outside Freudesheim?

The Turning Point (Ste. Therese)
Is settlement work really what Robin wants?

A Visit to Hampshire (Ste. Therese)
Len spends part of the summer hols with Rosamund Lilley's family.


She Conquers by Degrees
Our first meeting with Joey et al. in the Conqueror universe

Cracks in the Pavement (incomplete)
Conquerer series II

The Out-take Thread
Outtakes from Angel's Conqueror series

Mary-Lou: Between the Covers (incomplete)
ML meets Angel, Hermione, Caspian and others ...

Spirit of the School (Ste. Therese)
Jo recites.

A series of moving snapshots from Angel

A beginning. This story is now being re-written non-CS.


Cecil and Stitch (St. Clare) (unfinished)
“Cecil, that is not a dog! It’s…well, it’s blue for a start!”

The Chalet School and Kitty
Ann's first drabble gives us the story of the OTHER Bettany sister (tissues essential for the epilogue!)

A Christmas Drabble for Susan
CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Robin remembers.

Esther in the Oberland
Sequel to Five Letter Word

A Five Letter Word
An atheist joins Bride & Tom's form.

For the Good of the Children (St. Agnes)
Dick & Mollie make a difficult decision.

How Ros Became Head Girl (St. Clare)
A birthday drabble for Catherine.
"That makes sooo much sense! why did EBD never explain that?"-Tiffany

Nell and Caroline
An out-take from Ann's story Esther, which follows on from 'A Five Letter Word.'

Only a Cousin
Bride and Sybil

Ann has trouble with her plot bunnies....


A Maynard Dilemma (St. Clare)
31 children! Could Reality TV help?
part 1
part 2

A Very Strange Visitor (St. Clare) (incomplete)
What -- or whom -- does Gandalf seek at the CS?


Alternative Rivals (incomplete)
Rivals as it might have been.....


Dreaming (incomplete)
Hilda has nightmares....


The Confession (St. Agnes)
Jo tells Madge about her engagement.


The Belles of the Chalet School (St. Scholastika)
St. Trinian’s cross-over.

The Chalet School Diaries (St. Scholastika)
Bridget Jones cross-over. Entries by Hilda Jones, Mary-Lou Jones, and many other Joneses.

God's Call (Ste. Therese)
Mademoiselle Lepâttre reflects

Hilda's New Pet (St. Agnes)
Hilda's brother brings home a kitten.

Jeanne and the Haunted Mansion (St. Clare)
Will Jeanne and her brothers survive the weekend stipulated by their uncle’s will?


Sad Beginnings (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
An unhappy schoolgirl begins her story.


The Wind in the Chalet (St. Scholastika)
Gaudenz vs. Mole. Wind in the Willows crossover

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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 Post subject: -B-
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 03:25 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


The Chalet Affair (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.


Jem's proposal
"Purely on the basis of how he tackles most things, I wondered if it would be something like this..."

"Once more into the breach, dear Jo!"
ROFL parody


An Advent Calendar (St. Agnes) (Missing **)
For Alison H. from Santa, 2007. The triplets open doors of an heirloom.

A Carol for CatherineS (St. Clare)
From CBB Secret Santa, 2005. 'We Three Trips'

Chalet ABBA? (St. Clare)
”Doctor, doctor, here we go again...”

CS (St. Clare)
For CatherineS from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Catherine and Elijah take off on a treasure hunt.

For Caty (St. Clare)
From Secret Santa, 2006. Staff evening to 'Away in the Manger.'

Matron (Ste. Therese)
"What would they do without her?"-Cath V-P

Matron (St. Clare)
Takeoff on the Ste. Therese version

My Best Friend (Ste. Therese)
Vi Lucy reflects on life in Mary-Lou's shadow

A New Venue For the Gathering? (St. Clare)
'Will there be lemon biscuits?' - Jennie

The One-Book Wonders (St. Clare)
Abandoned characters discuss their situations. Gather drabble, Spring 2008

Strictly Come Drabbling (St. Clare)
Ste. Therese, St. Clare and St. Agnes compete.

That Art Lesson (St. Clare)
Why Herr Laubach really flung Joey out of class

That Very Sweet Woman, Mrs. James H. Kettlewell (St. Clare)
Things go awry after Madge marries her Jim....


Changing Priorities (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Representative of company planning to film Nancy Meets a Nazi may fancy Con....

Secrets (Ste. Therese)
There are things Madge has never told Jem ….


A Secret Santa Drabble for Mills (St. Clare)
A snowballing prank goes awry. From Santa, 2010.

Swimming (St. Clare)
A poem in which Miss Wilson is driven to swear.

Blue1 & Chubby Monkey

The Chalet School Does ‘The Apprentice.’ (St. Scholastika)
Characters from the Chalet School universe compete for a job.

The Board

Bow Down and Worship


Double Life (Ste. Therese)
May explain Katherine Mary and Mary-Katherine....

Early (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

A Jo and Jack Moment
A snapshot of the Maynards' marriage

One Summer day at Pretty Maids (Ste. Therese) SDL
What happened to Rolf Maynard.

Peggy’s Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
For Alice from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Peggy's cousins want to make her feel at home....

That Sinking Feeling (St. Clare)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Those in Peril (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge

Brie (some drabbles published under Kimothy)

Amy’s Girl (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Amy Stevens is having problems with her daughter.

A Bad Day for Hermione (St. Clare)
Mix a broken wand with a CS book…. CS/Harry Potter cross-over

The Chalet School Mafia (St. Clare) (unfinished)
CBBers are under attack by CS characters.

A Christmas Arrival (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
How will cousin Daphne deal with a Maynard Christmas?
Continued in the SDL

Christmas is in the Air (St. Agnes)
For Chelsea from CBB Secret Santa, 2007. Christmas Eve at Freudesheim.

Evadne of the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Evadne becomes Head Girl. Meanwhile, the political situation deteriorates….

A Family Apart (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Jack is missing and Jo is expecting a new baby.

Her Three Daughters (St. Agnes)
Ailie, Josette and Sybil are reunited at last, but share a worry.

Highly Strung (St. Therese)
Why Joey changed

Home for Christmas (St. Agnes)
For Róisín from Santa, 2007. David Russell reminisces.

In Hope and Fear (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
The CS meets 'Lord of the Flies'

Joey and the Jewel Thieves (St. Clare) (incomplete but amusing)
CS/Scooby Doo cross-over

Just Another Fool (Ste. Therese)
Con's life has fallen apart. Can Roger help?

Moving with the Times (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Many characters are descendents of characters – and there’s a Starbucks at Spartz.

My Only Escape (Ste. Therese)
Joey's thoughts upon leaving school

My Own Little Girl (St. Agnes)
Ailie holds her new daughter.

A New Life (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Brittany Bettany looks for her mother's legacy at Plas Howell.

New Year’s Eve (Ste. Therese)
Party with the Maynard clan, 2007

A Responsible Quintette (St. Scholastika)
Margia, Corney, Evvy, Lonny & Elsie – prefects!

Rest in Peace (St. Agnes)
Gottfied hears the news that Jeanne Le Cadoulec has died.

The Robin (St. Agnes)
A witness in Spärtz

Rita of the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Among other things, Rita and the fifth form are studying evolution.

The Ruey Saga (Ste. Therese)
The University Years SDL
Ruey starts university, and enters the real world of boys, make-up and rock and roll. But will love be for her?

Con & Roger's story. Intersects 'The University Years.'

A Light Cast in Shade SDL
Ted is stuck as a waitress. Rix can't stop being obnoxious, and could it be the end for Ruey & David?

Reactions to Rix & Ted's news

Back on the Tiernsee
Can Robin mediate a reconciliation between Madge and Ruey?

The Wedding
Big day for Ted & Rix!

Untitled. (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
More Ted/Rix/Ruey/David shenanigans set after 'A Light Cast in Shade'.

A Brighter Shade of Blue (Ste. Therese)
Robin is worried about Madge, and what about Ruey and David?

New School at the Chalet (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
A beautiful wedding for Ruey & David – but what has happened to Mike?

Love's Loss (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Ted & Rix can't conceive; Tragedy strikes David & Ruey.

Summer at the Quadrant (St. Agnes) SDL
Giles Winterton doesn't make a good first impression.

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Could a man be responsible for Gwensi & Daisy's quarrel?

Walk a Mile in My Shoes (St. Agnes)
Poor Grizel!

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


Just one post (now two.. soon three...) (Ste. Therese)
Joey's last thoughts, and Jack's reaction

Not the Summer Gather Drabble (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Number Three (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

The One Where Joey Got High (St. Clare)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

When Jack Banged His Head... (Ste. Therese)
The serious version. An alternative version of Mary-Lou's accident.


The Christmas Angel (St. Agnes) SDL
Naomi Elton has an adventure. For Cestina from Santa, 2011.

A Christmas Song for RroseCloke (St. Clare)
'Joy to the School,' from Santa, 2010

Lucy Goes to the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) SDL
Lucy Pevensie & Erica Standish adventure in Narnia.

The New Gardening Master (St. Scholastika) SDL
Is Miss Everett’s substitute as he seems? ‘The Bill’ crossover

Rising Bells (St. Scholastika)
"Rising bells, rising bells – Get up for the day." For Coddle from Santa, 2009

Rosalie’s Days Off (St. Scholastika) SDL
Mary Poppins crossover

Where is Felicity? (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Chronicles of Narnia crossover

Caro (formerly Cazo3788)

The Chalet School and the War Effort (St. Scholastika)

Beginning of a crossover with 'Good Night Mister Tom'


I Wish I Were A Chalet Girl (St. Clare's)
A poem :D


Four Weddings and a Funeral (Ste. Therese)
David Russell doesn't want or need an escort to his new job on the Platz....

Jo Scott -- Head Girl (St. Agnes)
Set during the term of Feud
part 1
final part

Miss Wilson Makes Good (St. Agnes)
Includes out-takes from 'Juliet of the Chalet School'

Rosamund Leaves the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Includes why Len becomes Head Girl

Caroline O'Sullivan

RCS and the CBB Gather (St. Clare)
The RCS staff decide to come to a Gather. Spring Gather drabble, 2008.

Dog Borstal Meets the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Training for Joey & Bruno? Fall Gather drabble, 2009

Carolyn & Rachel

Advent Drabbles 2003
Earlier dates all too enthusiastically consumed by the TEM, but available courtesy of Carolyn at http://www.dabblingducks.co.uk/.

Dec. 17th
Dec. 18th
Dec. 19th
Dec. 20th
Dec. 21st
Dec. 22nd
Dec. 23rd
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year's Eve
New Year’s Day
The Chewed Plastic Fairy

Chalet School Holocaust
How the advent drabble body count reached astronomical figures...
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 5
part 6
final part

Carolyn, Rachel & Pat

Advent Calendar, 2004

December 1st
December 2nd
December 3rd
December 4th
December 5th
December 6th
December 7th
December 8th
December 9th
December 10th
December 11th
December 12th
December 13th
December 14th
December 15th
December 16th
December 17th
December 18th
December 19th
December 20th
December 21st
December 22nd
December 23rd
December 24th

Advent 2005! (St. Clare)
Drabble quotes cunningly twisted.... Text by Carolyn & Pat; comments by Rachel.

Carolyn, Pat & Lesley: Advent Drabblers

2006 Advent Drabble: CSI Gornetz Place (St. Clare)
Another day, another body! :shock:
part 1
final part

Carolyn P
See also: Carolyn & Rachel; Carolyn, Rachel & Pat;
Carolyn, Pat & Lesley, Pat & Carolyn, Advent Drabblers

What ghastly sight could make a new girl scream?

The Bath
An explanation of the custom of cold baths at the school

The Birth (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge

Catherine and the Plot Bunnies
A spot of revenge for Catherine's drabbling antics.....

Cecil’s Christmas Eve
Cecil meets some very special people.

The Chalet School Annexe
What if Joey had been sent to the Annexe?
(aboveseems to have lost ending)
See Carolyn’s site for complete version.

A Christmas Gift (St. Clare)
For everyone from Santa, 2005. CBBers send gifts to the CS staff.

Con and Margot
A serious weepy story developed from one of the Advent Drabbles
part 1
final part

Condolences (Ste. Therese)
Jack rereads letters about Jo....

A Dartmoor Christmas
from Santa to Rachael, 2004

The Death (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Fights at the Chalet School
IIIA consists entirely of Maynard/Russell/Bettany descendants!
part 1
part 2
part 3
(edit by Carolyn: this story was finished, but doesn't all seem to be here maybe it was TEM'd. For the complete version see: http://www.dabblingducks.co.uk/fights.htm)

Four Funerals and a Wedding (or two)
Insight into why Mary-Lou became the person she did.
part 1

Hilda's Advent, (St. Agnes)
Nell has a surprise for Hilda.

The Morning Ramble (St. Clare)
On Ilkley moor ba’tat – A sorry outcome

The Photographs (St. Agnes)
For Vikki from Santa, 2007. An exhibit is prepared for a CS celebration.

A Letter from Father Christmas (St. Clare)
For Katie from Santa, 2005. Details Rudolph's feud with Bruno

School at the Chalet
An alternative beginning, without Joey

The Triplets' Birthday
Why Carolyn, Chelsea & Vikki have the same birthday, and more!

The Triplets Have Another Birthday (St. Clare)
What is in the post?

Twelfth Night – 6th January 1939 (St. Agnes)
Joey and Jack after their first Christmas together

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Chalet School Version

The Wedding (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Xanthe and the Bionic Pirahna
MSN-inspired madness


Forgotten Maynard at the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Phil & Geoff are in trouble, and Miss Annersley recommends a new start for Phil.

Joey’s Christmas Surprise (St. Agnes)
For Alicat from Santa, 2007. At first, Joey doesn't understand Hilda & Nell's present...

Murders in the Tyrol (St. Scholastika) (unfinished-argh!)
Miss Marple investigates.

Cat C

The Chalet School via Facebook Newsfeed (St. Clare)
What If They’d Had Facebook?
School at the Chalet
Jo of

A Difficult Choice (St. Scholastika)
Anna Meiders retires, and candidates teach cookery classes.
Candidate #1: Nigella

Cross-Genre Invasion! (St. Scholastika)
Thursday Next cross-over. Target: Redheads

If You Go Up on the Slopes Today… (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

Mary-Louise XV:51-50 (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

Mountains and Valleys (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

Naming of Sports (Ste. Therese)
EBD’s winter sports, after a poem by Henry Reed

Operation Hope (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

Swept Away (St. Clare)
Can there be such a thing as too much coffee?

See also Gem & Cath

The Return of the Robin (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Robin visits, not quite a year after Adrienne ...

Cath V-P

A Change of Career (St. Clare)
'You're very wicked Cath'- Lesley. Hilda and Nell discuss a new enterprise.

Dunkirk Letter (Ste. Therese)
The rabbi has sad news for Nell. :cry:

Christmas 1939 (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'The Return'
part 1
part 2
final part

Leaving Guernsey (Ste. Therese)
Hilda has to convince Nell to evacuate before the school. Prequel to 'A Single Diamond.'

One Night
Nell’s vigil

The Return (Ste. Therese)
Nell has been in the hands of the Nazis.
part 1
part 2
part 3

A Single Diamond (Ste. Therese)
Set in Cath's Hilda/Nell universe, after Christmas 1939 and before Dunkirk Letter
part 1
part 2

A Welcome Arrival? (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

Where the Stars are Strange (St. Agnes)
For JoS from Santa, 2007. Biddy at the homestead on Burra-Burra station.
No longer available on-line, but published in the GGBP edition of Carola.


Amy (Ste. Therese)
Just after D-Day, Amy receives a telegram about her father....
part 1
final part
A New Start for Amy

Annis tries to run away SDL
Alternative version of what happened during Island

Boredom and an Arrival
The Lucy and Richards families meet

The Chalet School and Lorna (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Lorna of Wynards joins the CS staff.

Dear Diary (St. Agnes) SDL
Margot's view of the circumstances in Theodora

A Drabble for Ann (St. Clare)
Plot bunnies can be evil.

Emily at the Chalet School
First chapter of possible book

Growing Pains (revised)
Joanna doesn't understand what's happening to her...

St. Nicholas (St. Agnes)
Kathie Roberston and Anne Webster organize the Junior House.
part 1
part 2

A Magical Crossover (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Mary Poppins meets the Triplets

Margot Maynard SDL
What went wrong at Edinburgh?
part 1
final part

New Mistress- A short fill-in
The report interrupted by news of Daisy's son
SDL (Kathie Reports to the Heads)

The Plot Bunny Family
Their views on CBBers.

A Reading (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


An Alternative Romance
Nancy Wilmot and Kathie Ferrars struggle to maintain their relationship.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
final part

Alternative Romance outtake (Ste. Therese)
Nancy helps Kathie find her feet at the CS

Alternative Challenge
Nancy is acting head.... Sequel to ‘Alternative Romance’
part 1
part 2
part 3

Prequel to Alternative Challenge

A September Afternoon
Lovely interlude from the "Alternative Romance" universe

Valentine's Drabble: Joan Bertram
Might be considered revenge for her actions in "An Alternative Romance"


Joey's Christmas Eve (St. Clare) (incomplete)
For Mia from Santa, 2005. With promises to resolve the cliff next year.

Verity Sings (St. Clare) (incomplete)
For Lesley from Santa, 2006. A distant young Verity visits the Maynards over Christmas.


A New Mistress at the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Nancy & Kathie are assigned to sheepdog Miss Thomas.


Edmund and Stacie (St. Clare)
Christmas in the "wardrobe chalet" universe

Christmas Eve drabble from the Wardrobe universe (St. Clare)

Out of a Wardrobe
A CS/Narnia cross-over
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
final part

Wendy of Winterton has a magical Christmas
“You mean like a secret door?” queried Faerlie in excitement.


All in a Day’s Work (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Jasper Fforde crossover

Jo Scott Joins "The Gang"
Mary Lou & Co. initiate Jo

Just Another Term at the CS
A new girl story in the best CS tradition

The Midnight Feast
"It’s not as though it was actually possible!"- Joey, never wrong?

A Secret Disclosed
Caz explains why Mademoiselle changed her name.


Ailie and Sybil: A Tale of Sisterhood
sequel to ‘The Chalet School, Fleur and the 1960's’
part 1
part 2
final part

Before the Dawn (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Alixe is taken in by Suzu's family -- as are those hidden in the attic....

Christmas with the Bettanys (St. Agnes)
For Katherine from Santa, 2007. Baby Joey's first Christmas.

The Chalet School, Fleur and the 1960's
Fleur introduces Ailie et al. to the realities of the 1960s.
part 1
final part

Driving Home for Christmas (St. Agnes)
For Alison H from Santa, 2005. Con returns for the first time in almost a year.

Forgotten Maynard at the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Marie-Claire returns after an illness, and Phil is not on her best behavior....
part 1

Remember, Be Brave
What happened to Irma during the war. Warning! Tearjerker!

St Valentine’s Day at the Chalet School (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to ‘Fleur’

For a complete listing of drabbles posted by Secret Santas, see this link. The names of Mystery Santas listed here are currently unknown. Please contact Kathy_S to to identify yourselves, should you so desire. (Yes, the 2008 Secret Santa list has completely vanished….)

CBB Secret Santa, 2005: Mystery Santas

A New Year (St. Agnes)
For BethC from Santa, 2005. Madge squelches a suitor and wonders about 1925.

CBB Secret Santa, 2008: Mystery Santas
*Temporary link (not yet archived)

The Bill, the Abbess, and the Evil Bobmother (Ste. Therese)
Con tells a story. For Lottie from Santa, 2008.

A Christmas Adventure for Vikki (St. Clare)
or, Stowaway in the Sleigh. For Vikki from Santa, 2008

Coffee and Mistletoe (Ste. Therese)
Simone & André meet. For Nightwing from Santa.

Good Queen Josephine (St. Clare)
GQJ looked out, on her own eleven…. For Carys from Santa, 2008.

In Memory of an Earlier Christmas (Ste. Therese)
Robert Maynard on the Christmas truce, Western Front, 1914. For Dawn from Santa, 2008

Mlle. Le Pattre's Christmas (St. Agnes)
Joey & Robin visit the San. For Lesley from Santa.

Santa meets Miranda and Joey (St. Clare)
For Miranda from Santa, 2008.

St. Nicholas's Day (St. Agnes)
Jack is recruited to play St. Nicholas. For Abbeybufo from Santa, 2008.

CBB Secret Santa, 2009: Mystery Santas

Advent Driplets (St. Scholastika)
Poems and stories for Moiser30 from Santa, 2009

Blue1 Christmas Surprise (St. Clare)
Joey gets stuck in Blue's chimney…. For blue1 from Santa.

Christmas in Innsbruck (St. Agnes)
'Jo of,' as seen by Madge. For Lucy from Santa, 2009

Twelve Days (St. Clare)
Margot and Ruey sing their own version. For Amanda M from Santa, 2009.

CBB Secret Santa, 2010: Mystery Santas

Joey's New Fan (St. Clare)
Joey gets a shock. For moiser30 from Santa, 2010.

Little Match Girl (Ste. Therese)
A retelling set in Austria. For Chubby Monkey from Santa, 2010.

St. Nicholas (St. Agnes)
Joey tells her children the story. For Jenny from Santa, 2010.

Santa's Problem (St. Clare)
Carol and Santa deal with modern technology. For Cal562301 from Santa, 2010.

Twelve Days of Christmas (St. Clare)
A CS version for Cal562301 from Santa, 2010


Alone (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
In the aftermath of Margot's death, something else is also worrying Miss Annersley....

A Day in the Life of Jack Maynard (St. Clare)
Jack's mind isn't what it once was...

Death (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

The Prophet (Ste. Therese)
Con sees visions

A School and a Plan (St. Clare)
Bettany/Russell/Maynards vs. the Power of Kenwigses

Triplets (St. Clare) (unfinished)
Not the Maynard triplets!


Winter Wedding Whimsy (St. Agnes) SDL
Jo panics as her wedding approaches. For Emma T from Santa, 2010.


Ailie’s Life at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Ailie & Adrienne play one last prank. March 2007 Gather drabble.

Chair's NTSG Drabble (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (Deaths)

The Humiliation of Mary-Lou (St. Clare)
Sequel to 'Trying to Take over the Chalet School'

Job Criteria (St. Clare)
For Ali from Santa, 2005. Want to apply to be a CS mistress?

The Nativity Play (St. Scholastika)
For Brie from Santa, 2007

Quivering (St. Clare)
Drawer inspection :lol:

Trying to Take Over the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Mary-Lou’s machinations explain quite a few things.... Choose between two endings!

Chair’s SLOC

Chalet School Filth (St. Clare)
Mysterious explosion in unmentionable area.

Joey's Nightmare (St. Clare)
"22 children! What was I thinking?"

Mystery at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Why does the strange new girl call the headmistress, “Daddy”?


Elisaveta Gets a Surprise (St. Clare)
What if Joey suddenly appeared with triplets?

Lucy's Tears (St. Therese)
Felicity and Lucy in the Royal Ballet Company

Mary-Lou and the Time of Life (St. Agnes)
100 word drabble. A clock ticks.


The Chalet School on Tour (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
The first recipient of Margia's scholarship arrives at the CS.
Continued in the SDL


A Difficult time for the Chalet School
The beginning of a drabble in which Joey is killed off in the first post

L is for...
A tearjerking short

A Leprechaun at the Chalet School (Incomplete)
Strange things happen when Claire comes to the CS.


Deck the Halls (St. Agnes) SDL
Mr. Maynard tells a story of the Maynard brothers during the Civil War.

Mad Medusa (St. Agnes) SDL
An Old Girl captured by the Nazis is not a spineless jellyfish.

Of Some Other Metal but Earth (St. Agnes)
A CS Old Girl joins the Resistance; prequel to 'Mad Medusa'

Stuff and Nonsense (St. Agnes) SDL
On a Christmas outing with Mollie Maynard, the Stuffer's identity is revealed!


CBB Secret Santa to Claire, 2004. What is Claire's secret mission?


Journals, By Chloë, alias Lily. (St. Agnes)
Entries by Ruey, Hilary, Mrs. Learoyd, and others.

Sisters at the CS
Frankie comes to the CS with her history mistress sister....
part 1
part 2
part 3?
part 4

What the future holds (incomplete)
It's four years after the triplets leave school....
part 1
part 2

Christmas Drabbles

For a complete listing of Christmas drabbles and drabbles posted by Secret Santas, see this link. (These drabbles are also indexed in the Drabble-orum, by author.)

Chubby Monkey
See also: Blue1 & Chubby Monkey

After the Elsie Book (Ste. Therese)
Jem proposes.

All Hallow’s Eve (St. Clare)
Demonic influence and EBDisms

Alone (Ste. Therese)
Cecil’s kidnapper tells her story.

Another Bernhilda (St. Agnes)
Joey's Christmas Eve coin starts a chain reaction. For LizzieC from Santa, 2009.

Babooshka (St. Agnes)
On Christmas Eve, Robin tells the family a Russian story. For Lizzie C from Santa.

Behind Her Writing (St. Agnes)
While home for the holidays, Con meets someone who could be more than a friend.

The Best Encounter (St. Scholastika)
Kathie Ferrars rescues a doctor.

The Biggest Change of All (Ste. Therese)
Jem meets his new son.

The Chalet School and Franny (St. Scholastika)
Dalziel & Pascoe find mystery at the CS

Christmas Postbag (St. Agnes)
The Maynard children write to Santa. For Alison H from Santa.

A Different Homecoming (St. Scholastika)
Grizel meets her stepmother for the first time.

A Different Kind of Midnight Feast (St. Clare)
Margot smuggles in contraband.

Eigen's Troubles (St. Scholastika)
Will Eigen lose his job?

The Error of Her Ways, or An Apology to Abi (St. Clare)
In which Abi’s hat figures prominently

Exiled (St. Therese)
Joey can’t suppress her anxious thoughts while in hiding.

First Kiss (St. Scholastika)
Joey and Jack go on a picnic together….

Her Brother (Ste. Therese)
Shiena mourns Hughie.

Just Another Argument (Ste. Therese)
Daisy's view of her family life just after Primula is born

La Belle Dames sans Merci (St. Scholastika)
"I love this poem, and I love the CS twist you've given it!"- Nightwing

Last Christmas (St. Agnes)
It's Christmas Eve, but Margot Russell can no longer take her father's abuse over Stephen Venables. For LizzieC from Santa, 2009.

Losing Family (St. Agnes)
Jack has just heard about his brother’s death.

Charles brings home a girlfriend. (St. Clare)
Meeting Charlie
Charlie’s Visit
Charles’ Holiday

A Moment of Carelessness (St. Agnes)
Charles agonizes after breaking Ste. Therese.

Old Jack's Charm (Ste. Therese)
Memory lost in the war, Jack sails to Marc Almond lyrics.

Questioning (St. Agnes)
Drabble Challenge 2009 - what if Joey's book had been rejected?

Red Rose at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika)
'What Katy Did at School' crossover

Reflecting (Ste. Agnes)
Joey finds out about Margot’s blackmail attempt on Ted.

Remembrance Sunday (St. Agnes)
Jack remembers the comrades he lost in the war.

Solace and Solitude
Cecil needs time away. Sequel to 'Finding Redemption.' Ends on a cliff.

The Surprise (St. Clare)
Her daughter and grandchildren take Len to a bookstore….

The Tryst (St. Clare)
Len and Reg go for a quiet weekend at Many Bushes

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (St. Clare)
Is anyone "stirring" at the CS? For LizzieC from Santa, 2009.

Unspoken Secrets (St. Agnes)
An explanation of why Jem speaks Afrikaans

A Violent Drabble for Elle (St. Clare)
Jack beats up his rival for Joey.


Len's Oxford
Len and Con confront life outside the CS
part 1


The Affair (Ste. Therese) (unfinished)
Andre has something to tell Simone. Sequel to ‘Julie’s Pain’

Cecil's Christmas Wish (St. Clare)
But would she be happy as an only child? For Coddle from Santa, 2008.

A Chalet School Evacuee (St. Scholastika)
Jo Maynard takes in an evacuee during the war.

For Gem - Merry Xmas, CBB Secret Santa 2004
“Don’t you miss having a baby around?” - Joey to Jack

The Godmother(s)
How the triplets got their first name. Handkerchief warning!

Jo Bradley (St. Therese)
Joey meets Tom Bradley in Liverpool. Handkerchief warning!

Julie's Pain (Ste. Therese)
Julie is stricken with "appendicitis," while Simone mourns her inability to give Andre a son.

A Maynard Christmas (St. Clare)
For Sue from Santa, 2005. All eleven children are home, and Jo cooks....

Maurice and Charlie (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Maurice tells his mother that he and "Charlie" are going to France for the rugby….

Why don't I have grandchildren? (Ste. Therese)
Joey reflects on her children's lives.


Witches at the CS (incomplete)
EBD meets Terry Pratchett....


Chalet School, Specialist School (St. Clare)
Unwelcome paperwork, application for specialist status, and an attractive new Spanish master....

The Chalet School, Specialist Language College (St. Clare)
Sequel to 'Specialist School'
part 1
part 2
final part

…that begins and/or ends with a quotation from a CS book (St. Clare)
“If only I knew what to do with you boys!” said Madge in worried tones.

The Glimpse (St. Clare)
My only Aunt Sophonisba! "Sophie" and her set get together.

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 03:30 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


First Sight (St. Agnes)
Jack and Jo

Hitler's Children (Ste. Therese)
a poem

Jo's Girls (Ste. Therese)
Jo is finally allowed to hold the triplets....

Listening for Angels (Ste. Therese)
Hilda's mother explains. Dackel's out-take from MaryR's 'New Dreams.'

The Long Climb Ahead (St. Agnes)
Sequel to 'First Sight.' Jack's thoughts.

Margot's Choice (St. Agnes)
Letters between Margot and Auntie Rob

Peace League Survivors (Ste. Therese)
The Linders’ flight

Unleashing the West Wind (Ste. Therese) (Incomplete)
Zephyr decides to make a change.


If Ros Lilley Knew.... (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


In Which Emerence is Unbounced
For Ally from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Guess who plays Rabbit!


A Little History or, Active Learning at the CS FCS (incomplete but amusing)
by Donna & Lisa T
Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

How to Make Friends and Influence People
Reviews of Hilda Annersley's best-seller.

Letters and Diaries (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
A 'Princess' fill-in

Madge Reflects (St. Agnes)
Alternative version of Joey's ill-fated ice rescue

The Rings (St. Agnes)
Diana Skelton's story

The Triplets (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Was Len in the World Trade Center on 9/11? And what happened in 1959?

Dorian & DuncanD

The Chalet School in Ireland (St. Agnes)
The Chalet School moves to Ireland rather than Plas Howell. Are there spies in the area?
part 1
part 2


Joey 1944
Joey meditates on the war's progress. A beginning.

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


Indulge me, please (incomplete)
ML's granddaughter has been pushed into attending the CS.
part 1
part 2
part 3


Betty Wynne Davies…Detective
A mystery for Betty
part 1
final part

The Diary of Dr J Russell
A peek at Jem's diary...

Estranged Maynard at the CS
Poppy's parents write science fiction....

Exile Diary
Last words from Herr Marani

Phil leaves the Chalet School
The youngest Maynard girl rebels....

A Project
A-level student studies documents chronicling sad history of the Maynard family

Changing Directions (Ste. Therese) SDL
Len – Helena – leaves home to find herself.

A Christmas Reunion (St. Agnes)
For Joyful from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. A visit from Soeur Marie-Cecilia.

Far from Home (Ste. Therese)
Stephen goes away to school.

Goodbye, Ste. Therese (St. Agnes)
A last look around before evacuation to the Sonnalpe

Le Petite Chalet (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
The first juniors arrive at Le Petite Chalet.

Matchmaking for Babies (Ste. Therese)
David Russell and Natalie Mensch?

A New School (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Three scenes leading up to the founding of the CS

Prefects & Promises (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to Reluctant CS girl. It’s Anna’s last term, and Charles is back on the Platz.

Preparations (Ste. Therese)
Christmas Eve at the Maynards. Claire is already 13.

A Reluctant CS Girl (St. Agnes)
Anna's fearful mother has kept Anna on the estate. Pam Slater recommends the Chalet School...
part 1
final part

Stepping out of the Shadows (Ste. Therese) SDL
Charles is Head Boy and plans on studying science. Sequel to 'You Can't Choose Your Family'.
part 1

Summer at the Tiernsee (Ste. Therese)
Steve & Adrienne

Swallows, Amazons and Chaletians (St. Clare)
Tom Gay and Nancy Blackett are instant enemies.

They Came for Him (Ste. Therese)
Frieda couldn't believe they'd take Bruno as well.

Through Thick & Thin (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to Prefects & Promises. Is Charles threatened by Anna’s university friends?
part 1
part 2
final part

To Love and Honour (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'Through Thick and Thin.' Charles & Anna set up housekeeping in Britain.
part 1

What Might Have Been (St. Agnes)
What if Jack had never returned?

When You Wish upon a Star (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Juliet & Donal.

You Can't Choose Your Family (Ste. Therese) SDL
The Maynard boys at school. Same universe as 'Changing Directions'.
part 1
final part (continued in 'Stepping out of the Shadows')


Interludes: Nancy and Kathie (Ste. Therese) SDL
Short glimpses into their relationship

What Matey Knows (Ste. Therese)
Nancy/Kathie story set during 'Richenda.'
part 1
Continued in the SDL


What Dreams May Come (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Will the CS live up to Rebecca’s imaginary boarding school?


Letting Go (St. Agnes)
Steven goes to boarding school for the first time. Reactions.


Angry Miss Annersley (St. Clare)
an explosive short story

Bagging a Doctor (St. Clare) SDL
Inside information on how the CS chooses mistresses. With appearance by Dr. Yeti.

The Changing of the Guard (St. Clare) SDL
A plot to remove Jack, Jem and Matey, with attendant mayhem

Evil Elliot and the Plot Bunnies (St. Clare)
Why Elle's drabbling has slowed....

Jack Remembers (St. Clare) SDL
Surprising revelations and mayhem as Jack regains consciousness after a war-related head injury

Jem in a Dress (St. Clare) SDL
Prequel to 'Miss Wilson's Missing Gin'

Joey's Nose (St. Clare)
Joey, Bruno, and plastic surgery.

Killing Joey (St. Clare) SDL
Easier said than done!

Miss Wilson’s Missing Gin (St. Clare) SDL
More twists and turns than a gin-fueled robot!

A Night Off (St. Clare)
"A stunningly written drabble, very funny :) "-Elle

The Non-eventful Term at the Chalet School (St. Clare) SDL
Disconcerting, to say the least....

The Pursuit of Love By Nancy Mitford (St. Scholastika)
A short drabble inspired by Mitford’s Pursuit of Love

The Tragic Death of Bruno (St. Clare)
Prequel to 'Joey's Nose'

You Will Marry Your Doctor (St. Clare) SDL
Jo & Jack take steps to ensure appropriate partners for Len & Con. Lime green mayhem warning.


A Drabble for Kathye
CBB Secret Santa, 2004. What happened to Vera Smithers?

Another Xmas Drabble
CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Santa's problems at the Maynards'

Felicity's Wedding Day
A tearjerker from Ellie!

Jack Maynard
an outtake from the Tensions universe

Jack's Secret
How will Jack respond to certain allegations?

Jem's Perfect Wife
Ellie explains what happens on Madge and Jem's wedding night!

Ellie's cliff-hanging epic continues....
part 1: Tensions1.rtf
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10
part 11
part 12
part 13 (alias part 7 million & sixty two)


Strange Happenings at the Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Discworld crossover, with Witches


A Bear at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika)
Paddington Bear is the school’s newest recruit.

Murder at the Chalet (St. Clare)
Poirot and Miss Bubb hunt Joey's murderer.

A Seaside Holiday (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Fawlty Towers crossover

Untitled (St. Scholastika) (unfinished)
Could Margot Maynard be the Doctor’s new assistant?


Con and the Music Teacher (unfinished) (Ste. Therese)
Mr. Denny's successor causes a stir.

The Lady of the Lake
For Lesley from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Scary! :D

Emma A

James to the Rescue (St. Clare)
Chubby Monkey gets rescued by her very own doctor.

Jack's New Car (St. Clare)
Jack's had enough of Minnie the Minibus.

Letters (Ste. Therese)
Begins with a difficult letter from Helena to Reg....
part 1
part 2
final part

Mary-Lou Leaves the Chalet School (Ste. Therese)
Consequences of tobogganing gone very wrong.

No More Chances (Ste. Therese)
Alternative consequences in ‘Triplets’

On Her Majesty’s Ski Service (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of a different author.

Snowflakes (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of a different author

Emma T

The Night before Christmas (St. Agnes)
Con follows her guardian angel. For Cestina from Santa, 2010

Emperor Zhark

The CS in Dee-Dar Land (St. Clare) (incomplete)
The Chalet School relocates to Sh*ffield.


Alone (St. Agnes)
100 word drabble. Gill Culver loses her mother.

A Difficult Decision
Margot has a vocation – but with or without Philip?

The End of an Era (Ste. Therese)
The last chapter in Gillian's story

For As Long As We Both Shall Live (Ste. Therese)
Gertrude Rider’s story, with Gillian in a supporting role

Genevieve's Wedding (Ste. Therese)
Gill Culver's daughter is united with Antoine.

A Gift Beyond All Value (Ste. Therese)
Can Len carry a child to term?

Gillian Says Goodbye (St. Agnes)
Leaving school for Kenya

Gwynneth's Dream (Ste. Therese)
"Gwynneth had presumed it was only a matter of time before Dr. Right would come for her."

Happily Ever After (Ste. Therese)
Arminel’s story. From the Gill Culver universe.
part 1
part 2
final part

Left in the Dark Again (Ste. Therese)
Gillian Culver's brother joins the San. Len & Reg, or Len & Bendict?
final part

It's not what I expected. (Ste. Therese)
Gill deals with post-natal depression. Sequel to Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

Life Begins at 40 (Ste. Therese)
Joan’s life as Mrs. Vic Coles hasn’t been all she’d hoped....
part 1
final part

A Light at the End of the Tunnel (Ste. Therese)
Gillian finds happiness after Armand's death. Sequel to Once Bitten, Twice Shy and It's not what I expected.

Love at First Sight (Ste. Therese)
Antoine and Genevieve. From the Gill Culver universe.

Miss Annersley's Vacation (Ste. Therese)
Jassim Al Jazeiri is dark, handsome, and has five daughters....

Mystery at St. Mildred's (Ste. Therese)
Gill Culver calls in Hercule Poirot.

A New Experience for Miss Wilson (Ste. Therese)
Or should we call her, Helena?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Ste. Therese)
Gill Culver's story

Rosalie Shocks the Platz (Ste. Therese)
But will she find happiness with Dr. O'Brien?

Shadow in the Moonlight (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'A Light at the End of the Tunnel.' Gillian is expecting a grandchild and wondering about Alex….

Some Things Never Change (St. Agnes)
Len's returns to the Platz for Christmas after three months at Oxford.

The Stuff Memories Are Made Of (Ste. Therese)
A little Christmas story from Gill Culver and her family

A Surprise for Gillian (St. Agnes)
Why have the heads requested her presence?

There's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Ste. Therese)
Love story set in war-time Guernsey. At first, Eva thinks Paul is a wounded Frenchman....

The Transformation of Jack Lambert (Ste. Therese)
Jack asks Jane for help ... but will it be wasted on the wrong man?
part 1
part 2


The End of a Chapter (Ste. Therese)
Margot's eldest finishes school, and other scenes from the future.


Brothers in Arms (Ste. Therese) SDL
WWI ravages the lives of Tristan, Sarah and their brother Eddie.

Cornelia's Singing Lesson (St. Agnes) SDL
Plato helps Cornelia through her grief.

A CS Counting Song (St. Agnes) SDL
Scenes from the early years: Juliet; Tristan & Sally; Simone; Madge

If Only (St. Agnes) SDL
Juliet's thoughts at the end of 'School at'

In His Youth (St. Agnes) SDL
Karl Anserl's loves. UnValentine's challenge.

Tea and Militancy (Ste. Therese)
Susie Smith and Nell Wilson join the school at the same time.
part 1
Continued in the SDL

Fiona Mc

Alternative to CS Triplets - Len’s Scene (Ste. Therese)
What if Len threw the bookend?

Alternative to CS Triplets: Margot’s Scene (Ste. Therese)
What if Margot were accused of shoplifting?

Biddy Joins the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Lovely depiction of Biddy & friends, though the village school has a few bad apples....

A Chance Encounter (Ste. Therese)
Margia has just given a concert behind the iron curtain....

Cheat! (St. Agnes)
Revenge on Mary-Lou

Christmas at Sea (St. Agnes)
For Kate from Santa, 2007. Madge & Dick return to England with baby Joey.

A Dream Fulfilled (Ste. Therese)
Frank and Phoebe meet Lucy for the first time

An Extraordinary General Meeting (St. Agnes)
Passing the torch

A Hard Choice to Make (Ste. Therese)
What if Mary Lou did have to choose between her Mother and her career?

It Was My Fault (Ste. Therese)
A sad day for Joey. Short & complete.

John Charles Maynard (St. Agnes)
Jack and his sister Mollie reminisce.

Lest We Forget (Ste. Therese)
Jack writes to next of kin.

In Love and Sympathy (Ste. Therese)
A romance for Kathie?

Lucy finds out (Ste. Therese)
Lucy Peters thinks Miss Annersley is her mother.

Joey's Revenge (Ste. Therese)
Jack gets a dose of his own medicine. Sequel to Neil’s proposal to Grizel – and the Aftermath

Madge Fights Back (St. Clare)
Madge is even more unhappy with the drabblers than with EBD....

Margaret Bettany, Headmistress (Ste. Therese)
What if Madge hadn't married?
part 1
part 2
part 3

Margot Expelled? (St. Agnes)
Alternative version to the aftermath of the blackmailing of Ted

Margot Stays at Carnbach (St. Agnes)
New adjustments for everyone after the main branch moves to Switzerland
part 1

My Filthy Temper, part 2 (St. Agnes)
Continued from Jay's part 1. Margot deals with the aftermath of her actions as Games Pre.

Neil’s proposal to Grizel – and the Aftermath
Ouch! :lol:

A New Beginning (St. Agnes)
Len decides on a change. Set in the summer holidays after Theodora.

Revenge on Matey (Ste. Therese)
Matron is dosed!


Her Only Child (St. Agnes)
Maisie Scott has a daughter.


Much Ado About Nothing (St. Clare)
Inspired by Elle's 'The Non-eventful Term at the Chalet School'


All Hail the Squeen (St. Clare)
The Squeen surveyed her new domain with immense satisfaction....

A Chalet Girl At Last (St. Scholastika)
Gwendoline Mary of Malory Towers fame attends the CS.

A Challenge for Nina (St. Scholastika)
Mr. Denny is ill, and Nina will have to conduct...

Christine of the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Christine & Natalie have a secret....
part 1
part 2
final part

CS 2005 (St. Clare)
A thoroughly modern Chalet School -- and a San stocked with plastic surgeons
part 1
part 2

Joey & Dr Bingley (St. Clare)
Pride and Prejudice crossover
part 1

A Life of Service (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Anna's Story

Little Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Little Britain crossover

Losing Time (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Joey has had a stroke.

Madge and Dick (St. Scholastika)
An alternative School at

Mary Poppins Needed (St. Clare)
Guess who arrives at the Maynards' door….

Me, Myself and Margot (St. Clare)
Jo's convinced she has triplets....

Minnie Gets a Makeover (St. Clare)
'Pimp My Ride' crossover. Still lime green and cream?

A Pirate at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
’By day Calico Mary Kidd was a surprisingly demure Chalet girl....’
part 1
part 2

So you want to marry my daughter? (St. Clare)
Harry faces Con's parents, and the ultimate SLOC exam.

Steve and Andrea (St. Scholastika)
Sequel to ‘So you want to marry my daughter?’

When CBBers Go Gathering (St. Clare)
April, 2007 reportage?


Biddy's Brother (Ste. Therese)
Francesco Desti's elderly aunt Emilija comes to the San, and his story unfolds....
Biddy's Story
In which we meet Biddy's parents and step-father, as well as Francesco and family
Joey and Jack's reconciliation
Follows Joey's confused resentment when Biddy first takes Jack's attention.
Emilia's Story
continues the conversation with Emilia in Biddy's Story
Biddy's Brother: Marco's Story
There are two sides to every story.
•Biddy's Brother: Francesco's Story
July, 1986: Frank is returning home after a business trip. Flashbacks include Nazi era.
part 1
part 2

Father and Son... and Holy Spirit? (St. Agnes)
For Grembles from Santa, 2007. Four-year-old David is in disgrace....

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


For Auld Lang Syne (St. Agnes)
For Joey from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. Word from Hilda cheers Nell's Christmas.

For the Price of a Penny (St. Agnes)
For Joey from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. Jo divulges her fear of war to Dr. Jack

See also Gem & Cath

Another Pimday Tale (St. Clare)
Georgia and Hades are missing!

The "Lunchbreak Drabbles" series (St. Agnes)
Robin is ill, and Jack can't lie to Joey...

Josie's Revenge (St. Clare)
"Don't blame me. The bunnies made me do it. And the wine."

Len, Con and Margot in the Hundred Acre Woods (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Pooh contemplates meeting new friends.

Mini Drabble!
Gem's first offering. What Theodora left unsaid.

The School By the River
The school has to move :cry: ... this time, to Italy.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

White Christmas
For Ellie from Gem, CBB Secret Santa, 2004. “We are having a pajant.”

Gem & Cath
I have NO Clue(St. Clare)
What happens when Miss Annersley dresses up as TinkyWinky

and her little helper, Ally

Georgia goes to the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Screams. Gore. But not quite world domination. Yet.

Mwahwaha (St. Clare)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)


The Conversation (Ste. Therese)
Excitements fill-in. Matey's sister has died.

The Reunion (Ste. Therese)
Joey & Jem meet after the flight from Austria.


Lament (Ste. Therese)
Polly's thoughts on the love of her life


The Head of the Chalet School (non-CBB url)
Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson begin to develop their relationship

Helen P

Giving Her Away (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Margot's Walk (St. Agnes)
Derbyshire Gather drabble, 2006. Margot finds her way.

My Missing Bedtime Drabble (St. Clare)
A New Girl attends a CBB Gather at Milton Keynes.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


A Drabble Dedicated to Rachael P
What are Hilda & Nell up to after lights out?

An Adventure for the Men
From the same stable as Pop Idol

Anna's Story
A romance for Anna

Can't Think of a Title Yet
Alternative version of Highland Twins

Jo is Challenged
"No one beats me in the family stakes!"

Lily and Marie
A follow on to Anna's Story. A touching tale of the youngest Maynard.

Pop Idol
The classic that brought us lime green twinsets and gold lamé miniskirts
Incomplete -- Do you have a full copy?

A Spy in the Chalet School (incomplete)
Is Bill a spy?


Is There Such a Thing as Coincidence? (Ste. Therese)
What has happened to Ros Lilley’s life? Tissues warning.

Identity_Hunt (Sian)

After Jack (Ste. Therese)
'Does anyone have any idea why Papa was buried where he was ?'

A Day in the Life of Jack Maynard (Ste. Therese)
It's his wedding anniversary, but the San is a madhouse....

A Day to Remember (Ste. Therese)
Jack and Joey’s day out. Set before Jack is deployed.

Felicity’s Future (Ste. Therese)
Follows 'After Jack' (and some pieces lost to the hacker :()

A Fireside Tale
For MaryR, Christmas, 2005. Joey and Felicity reminisce

The Gift (Ste. Therese)
St. Nicholas visits Nell.

Identity Theft? (Ste. Therese)
For Lesley, Christmas, 2005. Just what was printed on the back of Jo's manuscript, and why?


The Affair of the Doll (St. Clare)
March Gather bedtime drabble. Addams family crossover.

Dark Times at the Chalet School: Head Girl Alternative (St. Clare)
Buffy crossover

The Ends of Life (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births) (deaths)

Gem Saves the Day (St. Clare)
A Drabble for Gempie - Love from Santa. CBB Secret Santa, 2005

The New Girls (St. Clare)
Guess the Cross-over


A Tale of Two Jo's (St. Scholastika)
A 'Little Women' crossover. For Fiona Mc from Santa, 2007


As yet Untitled (St. Therese) (incomplete)
James begins filming....

A Brief and Violent Drabble (St. Clare)
Baby worship?

Buffy Goes to the Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' crossover. A Hellmouth opens under the CS

Resurrection (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Resurrection rewrite (St. Clare) (incomplete)
How many crossovers in one drabble?

With Great Power (St. Clare) (incomplete)
A spider bite begins this tale....


My Filthy Temper Again (St. Therese) SDL
Margot demoted

A Grey-Walled Paradise (Ste. Therese)
Con goes to Oxford
part 1: Con's first term
part 2
part 3

Three Remarkable Women (Ste. Therese) SDL
A reporter interviews the triplets.


Before and After (Ste. Therese) SDL
Nancy before and after Meg. Prequel to 'Throwing Caution into the Blaze

Let’s talk about…well, you know… (Ste. Therese) SDL
Miss Annersley asks Nancy to add the facts of life to her form's syllabus.

No Place Like Home (Ste. Therese) SDL
Nancy & Kathie want their own home.

Throwing Caution into the Blaze (Ste. Therese) SDL
It has been years since Nancy lost Meg. 'New Mistress' retold.

Where You Belong (Ste. Therese) SDL
Sequel to 'Throwing Caution into the Blaze'


The Return of the Triplets (St. Clare) SDL
Why the age rule poses no problems....


Briesau Revisited (Ste. Therese)
Jo's thoughts on returning to Austria

The Broken Rosary (Ste. Therese)
In Prayers one morning, Con Maynard realised that she no longer believed in God.

Charlotte in the Dark (Ste. Therese)
A CS pupil deals with depression.

End of a Dream (Ste. Therese)
Felicity realizes she won't be chosen for the Royal Ballet School.

The Other Chalet School (St. Agnes)
First term at Glendower House

Other CS Oddments (Ste. Therese)
Miss Edwards faces challenges as head of Glendower House.

With Stones in Her Pocket (Ste. Therese)
A tragic sequel to Jennie's 'Mary-Lou at Oxford'


Ailie Begins to Grow Up (Ste. Therese)
The family's problems prompt serious reflection.

David's Story (Ste. Therese)
David wants neither to study medicine nor to marry a Chalet girl.

The Doctor's Wife's Tale (Ste. Therese)
The Russell Universe continues. Madge in therapy.

Escort Duty (St. Clare)
What escort duty really involved

Going, Going.... (St. Clare)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Medical In Confidence (St. Therese)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Jack gets an earful.

Jem's Story (St. Therese)
Jem reflects on past errors in his marriage, and reconnects with his children.

Jo Maynard and the NHS (FCS)
Jo's not happy, having her 12th child in an NHS hospital...
part 1
final part

Jo Maynard in the Year 2004 (St. Clare)
A look at how Joey would deal with 2004. Joey bashing fun!

Jo Returns to the Oberland (Ste. Therese)
Life in reduced circumstances, or, 'Jo Grows Up.'
part 1
final part

Josette's Arrival (Ste. Therese)
Josette comes to the LSE after a summer on Guernsey

Josette's Dilemma (Ste. Therese)
Madge's alcoholism is destroying her family.
part 1
part 2 (alias part 1, page 2. Note: Page 3 had no posts.)
final part

Josette’s Emotions (Ste. Therese)
Jostte is godmother to Sybil & Hugh’s baby.

A Letter from Ailie (Ste. Therese)
Ailie is back at school after visiting Sybil in London

A Little Epilogue (St. Clare)
What is Jem to do about Madge? Follows 'Sybil's Revenge.'

Madge & Jem return to the Tyrol (Ste. Therese)
Madge & Jem continue to rebuild their family, and Jo & Jack hear some unwelcome truths.

The Marriage (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Mary-Lou at Oxford
Mary-Lou realises that her OOAO-ness will only take her so far.

Mini-Drabble (St. Clare)
in response to a thread about Jo and dentists

The New Arrival (Ste. Therese)
Sybil & Hugh's new baby

Not a Summer Gather Drabble (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

Once Upon a Time (St. Clare)
For lo! Her Squeenliness shall prevail.

Pity Party (St. Clare)
Phil Graves moans. CBBers' slanders are worse than EBD's pun!

Roses Do Have Thorns (Ste. Therese)
The tables are turned on Mary Lou when eight new students join the Chalet School.

Sybil Reconnects (Ste. Therese)
Sybil may recognize her parents – if they accept David & Tim
part 1
final part

Sybil's New Life (Ste. Therese)
Sybil, back in London with Hugh, mends some fences with family.

Sybil's Revenge
Jennie's vision of Sybil's wedding day...

Tony Meets the Abbess
Hilda reduces Tony Blair to flinders. Beginning consumed by the Thread-Eating Monster.


Growing Wings (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Change is in the wind. Mistresses, old girls and current students weigh in.

Letters from Len
Len's letters describe her time at Oxford, 1957-1960

One of the Quiet Ones
Verity's post-CS story

A Reluctant Headgirl
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Marilyn Evans' story.


Baby Lois (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Phil Graves counters Jo's thoughtless comments.


Chalet School Musicians (incomplete)
New CS graduate meets Margia Stevens


Joey's World (St. Scholastika) SDL
The Chalet School was actually reality TV, with ruthless producers.

Living a Lie (Ste. Therese) SDL
“Hello, I’m Mary-Lou and I’m an alcoholic.”

Memories (Ste. Therese) SDL
Joey and family cope as Jo tries to recover from memory loss.
part 1
part 2

Joan the Dwarf

Felicity Breaks Out (St. Clare) (incomplete)
"I don't want to marry a doctor, and you're not going to make me!"

Memento Mori (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Unlucky Twelve
Jo has a twelfth baby, but all may not be well...

Untitled (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Jack leaves Joey....

Very Silly (St. Clare)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

The Wedding (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


All Shall Be Well
Robin makes a life changing decision...

Grace's Goddaughter (St. Agnes)
For MaryR from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. Margot is able to open up to Grace.

Joanna Creates a Sensation (St. Clare)
Joey's granddaughter goes to Hogwarts ... and Mary-Lou's past continues to haunt the wizarding world.
part 1
part 2 (alias part 1 page 2)


Black Forest Christmas (St. Agnes)
For Susan from Santa, 2008. Two sets of soldiers find refuge in the same farmhouse.

Blossom of Snow (St. Scholastika)
Sequel to 'The Hills are Alive, Sound of Music crossover.

The Fir-Tree Festival (St. Scholastika)
Chalet-themed version of Alexandra Kollontai's classic short story, for Sarah_K from Santa, 2007

God Rest Ye, Merry Chalet Girls (St. Clare)
What tidings from the CS? For Susan from Santa, 2008.

The Hills Are Alive (St. Scholastika) (reposted after hacking)
The Von Trapp girls are all set to attend the Chalet School

Jonty's NTSG Drabble (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG drabble challenge (weddings)

The School at the Chalet (Ste. Therese)
In this version, the Germans won WWI.
Original version, incomplete
Revised version, complete


In the Eye of the Beholder (Ste. Therese)
Corney & Mike's story
part 1
part 2
part 3

The Keys to My Heart (Ste. Therese)
Margia reminisces.

The Long Road Home (St. Agnes)
The story of Evvy's lost fiance. Tissues essential!

A Second Chance (St. Agnes)
sequel to Long Road Home. A must for Evvy fans!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
final part

The Swiss Family Watson (St. Therese)
Life with Evvy, Edgar & family. "Brilliant!"
Chapter I, part 1
Chapter 1, part 2
Chapter II, part 1
Chapter II, part 2
Chapter II, part 3
Chapter III, part 1
Chapter III, part 2
Chapter IV, part 1


Biddy Comes to Tea
What is bothering Biddy?


The Bettany Girls (St. Agnes)
Maeve struggles to adapt to being the youngest of six.

Elinor's Top Chalet Girl (St. Clare)
The reality TV show

Frieda – Head Girl (St. Therese)
What if Frieda, rather than Joey, became Head Girl?

Herr Laubach, or, Why Was He Allowed to Stay? (St. Scholastika)
" Ah, now it all makes perfect sense!" - Fatima

The House That Tom Built - Or Did She? (St. Scholastika)
Tom's reaction to Veta's offer in Fete

The Last One
Joey’s expecting what?

Marrying a Maynard (St. Clare)
Suitors are lined up to ask Jack & Joey’s blessing….

Phil Craven’s Revenge (St. Clare)
Ruth and Mary-Lou will be sorry….

The Real Winner in 'Coming of Age' (St. Clare)
Why didn't Mary-Lou win?

The Return of Mary Woodley (St. Agnes)
Mary Woodley redeemed!

The Richardsons (St. Agnes)
The Richardsons’ final meeting with their father


Matchmaker, Matchmaker (St. Clare)
How many were matched by a certain doctor?

The Rabbit Convention (St. Clare)
Disenfranchised Rainbow Rabbits have found a new calling.


A Letter for Grizel (Ste. Therese)
A sympathetic look at the second Mrs Cochrane

A New Doctor at the San (St. Scholastika)
Frasier crossover set in Swiss era

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


Presents from Father Christmas
Kaethe relates what Father Christmas brings each member of CBB


Con's Dilemma (St. Clare) (unfinished?)
Con has a bad day.


A Drop?
CBBers react to the Lesley A. Green School of Cliffs

A Flamingo with One Leg
Poor Xan is the subject of yet another drabble....

He is Calling to Me (Ste. Therese)
Reg says we should prepare ourselves for the worst....
part 1
part 2
part 3

Journey Home (St. Clare)
Misadventures for Lesley. Note: Kat is well known for her chocolate slice.

Mother and Child (Ste. Therese)
"That was so sad, and so beautiful."-Rosy-Jess

New Times (St. Agnes)
Reunited at New Year's*

Past Times (St. Agnes)
A tantalizingly short update on Jo.

The Reincarnation of Rufus (St. Clare) (unfinished)
Rufus the Goldfish plots against Gem.

Kat's cliff-bouncing bedtime drabble from the 2004 Summer Gathering

Times Past (St. Agnes)
100 word drabble. "Oh, how sad!"-Lesley

Walrus with a Toothache
See comments in 'A Flamingo with one leg' for the origins of this one!!!


Margot's Boys (Ste. Therese)
How much do their parents care about Margot and the boys?


Alternative Realities (incomplete)
Discworld cross-over

A Bad Influence? (St. Clare)
What in Lesley's latest has evoked Nell & Hilda's ire? September Gather, 2007

The Chalet School in Court
part 1
part 2
final part

Felicity - Life after School
What happens when Felicity goes to university
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

Gabby Goes to School (St. Agnes)
Why is Rosemary so awkward around Gabby and guide dog Polo?
part 1
part 2

Inviting a CBBer to Stay (St. Clare)
How do you explain?

Jack – A Different Chalet Girl (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Jack Lambert and Roger Richardson work for the same engineering firm.

The Last Box, or, Pandora's Inquisitiveness Never Led to This (St. Clare)
The true story of what happened to Katarzyna's plot bunnies

The Last Prospective Parent Interview (St. Clare)
for Lesley from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. A Discworld crossover.

Motherhood (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

My Future (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Realisation (Ste. Therese)
Jack Lambert starts to understand her confusion.

The Telegram (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

A Winter Adventure
What happened when Bruno escaped into the snow


I Haven't Always Found It So (St. Agnes)
Juliet reacts to her father's letter.

Jack's Return (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. 2nd place.

Jeeves and the Chalet School (St. Scholastika)
Wooster, intending to escape gossip, joins Dr. "Foxy" Hunter in the Tirol.
part 1

A Special Present (St. Agnes)
For Torri from Santa, 2007. Charles asks Stephen's help to do something for Mamma.*


An Advent Drabble Gift for Helen P (St. Clare)
A gift coveted by many, from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. "No Tyroleans were hurt in the making of this drabble."

Joey Keeps Busy (St. Clare)
What next?

The Perils of Instant Obedience (St. Clare)
What if? :lol: (Poor Dr. Jem.)

A Sort of Cousin (St. Clare)
Robin tries explaining how she's related to Daisy.


All the World’s A Stage (Ste. Therese)
Jane Carew's story
part 1
final part

A Brick in the Wall (St. Agnes)
'I have done my part '-Thekla, November, 1989

Only the Mountains Never Meet (Ste. Therese)
'School at,' as seen by Jem
part 1 the train wreck

Letters from Oxford (St. Agnes)
Acceptance or rejection? Len & Con hear.

Secrets (Ste. Therese)
What is the connection between Miss Wilson and the new girl?

Twixt Two Extremes of Passion (Ste. Therese)
An outtake from the Jane universe although not specifically related to All the World's a Stage


The Holiday at the Chalet (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Joey sees France for the first time, and the Bettany family are enroute to Switzerland by the end of this chapter.


Advent Drabble Carol
Advent carol in celebration of certain drabbles

February? (St. Clare)
Warning for February Gatherers

Last Minute Call (St. Clare)
For Chair from CBB Secret Santa, 2006. Help for Nativity Play wanted.

Margot's Devil and the Mad Knitters (St. Clare)
Music here
Margot's devil demands red woolly underpants. Milton Keynes Gather, May, 2010

A Moral Tale
Dr. Seuss meets the CBB

Ode to Mary-Lou (St. Clare) SDL
Not the Milton Keynes Gather Drabble

Water Fight (St. Clare)
Poetry for a scorching day. Summer Gather, 2004.


A Chalet School Musical
Based on "The Real Chalet School" by Lesley

They're Close Tonight (Ste. Therese) SDL
Giovanna's situation. "Emotive and powerful"-Cazx


An Alternative Staff Entertainment (St. Clare)
CS rugby songs featuring Hilda, Nell et al.

By Way of an Apology - to Robin (St. Clare)
From CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Santa wracks her brain over what to bring Robin.

Chalet Alphabet (St. Clare)
For Robin from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. To be sung to the tune of 'Christmas Alphabet'

A Tense Night for Hilda (St. Scholastika)
’A Christmas Carol’ cross-over. The graveyard of language?


The Chalet School at Peace (St. Agnes)
Out-takes from the first draft of 'Peace'

Christmas Carols
One CS carol per day!
Dec. 1-7, 2003
Dec. 8-16 presumed eaten by TEM
Dec. 17-29 missing file

Good News for Gwensi
For Vikki from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Why is Gwensi off in the clouds today?

Matey's Secret
Who is Mary O'Connor?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (includes final story post)
part 5

An NTSG Drabble: Peace-based Fic (St. Agnes)
2005 NSTG Drabble Challenge (weddings)

Peace Comes to the Chalet School
August 15, 1945

Sequel to Matey's Secret
Tissues at the ready

Sybil's Darkest Hour (St. Agnes)
“Mummy lets me prepare things.”

Two Old Girls at the Chalet School
CS book set after Prefects

Welcome Back, Elinor! (by Elinor)
Will Evil EBD be vanquished once and for all?
part 1 missing file
final part

KB and Rachael

The Revenge of the Head Mistresses
Interviews with the head, and their aftermaths. Starring sundry CBBers.
part 1
part 2


Jo's Dilemma
An alternative Tyrol story
part 1
part 2

Kimothy- See Brie.


A Parent's Selfishness (St. Agnes)
Josette's last day at the CS before Australia

A Young Fire-Bug (St. Agnes)
more comments here
For Sophoife from Kirsty, CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Emerence Hope’s story.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US

Lady Guinevere

The Greatest Gift (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

The Loves and Life of Mary Constance Maynard (Ste. Therese)
On the eve of her marriage, Con looks back.
part 1
part 2

The Surprise Guest (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Worth the Effort (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

La Petite Em
See Le Petite Em

Laura V

The Assistant (Ste. Therese)
Some help for poor Rosalie!

Career Decisions (St. Agnes)
Lucy Peters, Felicity Maynard and Jean Morrison discuss the future.

Cecil's Friend (St. Therese) (incomplete)
Jens will be working at the Chalet School....

Extreme Makeover at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Extreme Makeover considers Tom Gay, Madge Russell, and Yseult Pertwee.

Joy’s Invitation (St. Agnes)
Peggy tries to tell Joy Bird about Joey’s invitation to new girls

Summer Holiday – The First Trip to the Tyrol (St. Agnes)
Madge, Dick and their little sister go abroad.

Letter for Jack (St. Scholastika)
Jack Lambert is thrilled!

The new French mistress (St. Clare)
During the staff shortage in Gay, a desperate Pam Slater interviews a potential mistress

The New Head Girl (St. Agnes)
Hilary Burn gets the news.

Rosalie, or, The Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Sequel to ‘What Ever Happened To…’

A Royal Visit (St. Agnes)
What happened to Maria Balbini?

Stranger at the Tiernsee (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
The Balbinis have a secret. Sequel to ‘A Royal Visit’

The Triplets to the Rescue (Ste. Therese) (a beginning)
Who is the distraught young girl in their vacation cottage garden?

The Trouble with Lilies (St. Agnes)
Joey visits Napoleon's grave.

What Ever Happened to.... (St. Agnes)
A reunion celebrating the Chalet School's 30th birthday


Charles (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Joey is too busy to come when the twins need their grandmother.

Living in the Shadows (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
an unmarried Margot with multiple births


The Chalet School and Jessica (St. Agnes)
Sequel to 'The Troubles of Jessica.'
part 1
final part

Saying Goodbye to Matron (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Jo & Matron Besley part.

Simone's Plait (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Simone looks in the mirror.

The Troubles of Jessica (St. Agnes)
Jessica Wayne’s story
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

Le/La Petite Em
See also Willow and Emma

A Grumpy Plot Bunny (St. Clare)
Demon Bunny and Susan Bunny vie for attention.

Music at Dawn (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Verity finds romance.

A Note for Mary-Lou (St. Agnes)
From Verity. "Yet another 100 word drabble- It just had to be written."

Simone’s Diary (St. Agnes)
Simone’s feelings leading up to the hair incident ... and Grizel’s remorse

See also Advent Drabblers, Carolyn, Pat & Lesley, Lesley & Kat

An Action Explained (St. Clare)
Verity-Ann and mooning

Air Raid (Ste. Therese)
The CS staff cope admirably, and Mr. Denny's heroic past is revealed.

A Blank Page (Ste. Therese)
Can words fail Lesley? SG 2005

Coming Home (St. Therese)
Part 3 of 'Leaving the Chalet School.' Where will Hilda & Nell live during their retirement?

Diana's Interview
Behind closed doors in Bride

A perfect ending :cry:

Arguing: Finale (an interlude) (Ste. Therese)
God & Hilda have a conversation.

Hacked Off
Lesley's response to the April 2006 hacking

Hilda Annersley Headmistress - An Epilogue (Ste. Therese)
An epilogue to Lesley's book

The Interrogation (St. Clare)
Will Matey break?

Interviewing. (Ste. Therese)
Also available as An Interview (St. Agnes)
First impressions of Hilda

A Japanese Reunion (St. Therese)
Sequel to 'Leaving the Chalet School.' Hilda & Nell catch up.

Leaving the Chalet School (St. Therese)
Miss Annersley's osteoarthritis precipitates retirement.
See also:
A Japanese Reunion
Coming Home

A Milton Keynes Gather (St. Clare)
Strange things may happen at Gathers.

Miss Annersley Interviews
Lesley's Christmas gift to Catherine B!!

The New Girl (St. Scholastika)
Head Girl Hilda Annersley encounters her most challenging new girl. Guess who?

A Quiet Life
How Hilda & Nell respond when Lesley takes her interview in "Revenge of the Headmistresses" seriously (contains strong language...)

The Real Chalet School
The story that silenced the CBB!
part 1 (mk 2)
part 2 (mk 4)
part 3 (mk 5)
part 4 (mk 6)
part 5 (mk 7)
part 6 (mk 8 )
final part (mk 9)

Real CS 2: Santa in July
Hilda, Nell and the girls plan a ski trip. Expect cliffs!
part 1
part 2
final part

Real CS 3: A Surfeit of Rach(a)els
The third installment of Lesley's Real CS series! BEWARE OF CLIFFS!!!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
final part

Real CS 4: You Both Need a Break
Hilda & Nell take a restful holiday. Do you believe that?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
final part

Real CS 5: Just an Ordinary Woman (Ste. Therese)
So who is the ordinary woman? The answer may surprise you.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (alias Part 3, page 2)
part 5
part 6
final part

Real CS 6: Dilemma for the Deputy Head (Ste. Therese)
Power struggles, abuses and changes
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
final part

Real CS 7: Modern World (Ste. Therese)
Drugs at the RCS?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (alias part 3, page 2)
final part

Real CS 8: Trust (Ste. Therese)
A new regime in the prison, among other things...
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

Real CS 9: Only the Virtuous (Ste. Therese)
Cliffs include fatal conspiracy in the prison, bullying in the school...
part 1
part 2
final part

Real CS 10: Consequences (Ste. Therese)
Unrest in the prison, Nell receives an offer, Madge debates change, Cherry's friend Jen has problems....
part 1
part 2
final part

Real CS 11: A Foreign Country (Ste. Therese)
Butcher's "family" threatens; Nell begins her new position; suspicions about Andrew's law firm and Hilda's health; Madge begins acting oddly....
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part (still on a cliff or three!)

Real CS 12: Shifts of Fortune (Ste. Therese)
Madge’s behavior is increasingly aberrant; Geri and Butcher both feel betrayed; Andrew is in serious trouble….
part 1
part 2
final part

For KB from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Bill turns the tables :D .

The Scholarship (St. Scholastika)
Joan Baker reflects. Bedtime drabble, Sept. 2007

Senior Mistress (Ste. Therese)
Nell and the others have to adjust to Hilda's appointment.

Tension - an aside
Also published as "My Friend," but this version was lost from the old SDL.
Hilda's reaction to a certain death in "Tension"

The Request (Ste. Therese)
Why Grizel's father wanted her to study music

The Visit
Hilda and Nell show up at a CBB Gathering. Complete.

Lesley & Kat

Summer Frolick Drabble, 2007 (St. Clare)
Phil stuffs a vegetable sausage


Christmas at Plas Gwyn (St. Agnes)
The triplets make a present for Papa. For Coddle from Santa.

Echoes of the Past (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Len & Con decide not to go home for the summer.

The Man Who Made Schoolgirls Jealous (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author

When Santa Got Stuck in the Chalet (St. Scholastika)
"Doggerel" for Joey from Santa, 2009


”Not a Sausage!”
What is in Dawn’s ice cream?


Bend it like a Bettany (incomplete)
Mary-Lou disapproves of Josie's football ambitions....


The Chalet (St. Agnes)
To Cazx from Secret Santa, 2007. A Christmas drabble, as narrated by the Chalet.

A Dancer at the Chalet School
Will Amelia and her dream survive?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
final part

Last Day at the San (Ste. Therese)
Jack Loses a Patient

Morvoren Makes a Splash at the CS (incomplete)
A Cornish new girl arrives by boat, and there's something wrong with Miss Annersley...
part 1

Shrek Saves the Chalet School! (incomplete)
An evil Queen has cast her spell over the Enchanted Chalet....
part 1

Lisa A

The Trouble with Vaseline (St. Clare)
Why Madge gave Grizel such a harsh punishment


A Drabble from Me: A Secret at the Chalet School (incomplete)
Can Beth-Ann handle both the CS and her hidden responsibilities?


The Birthday Party (St. Agnes)
Miss Annersley hosts a party for the triplets’ 14th.

A Chalet Girl in Trouble (aka A Serious Attempt)
A very Chalet School way of dealing with a problem that would never have arisen in the books
complete, rich text format
yibbled partials
part 1
part 2

CS and Frankie (incomplete)
Who would start school on Halloween?

CS and Tara
In which Rachel discovered her identity as a witch, and Vikki first became a purple llama
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5 (completes the story)
part 6 (appreciative yibble)

CS and the Emersons (incomplete)
CS/Amelia Peabody crossover
part 1 devoured by TEM
part 2
part 3
part 4

Coming Home Again (Ste. Therese)
Len returns as a mistress.

A-Conferencing We Will Go (St. Clare)
Hilda & Nell. Dumbledore & McGonagall. Amelia Cackle & Constance Hardbroom. Mary-Lou & Voldemort?

A Day in the Life of Annis Lovell (St. Agnes)
Backstory: Christmas, 1944 with Aunt Helen, Uncle Will and the cousins

Deleting Joey (St. Scholastika)
Crossover with Star Trek Voyager. Which holographic doctor might Capt. Janeway find droolworthy?

Entering the Unknown (Ste. Therese)
Richenda spin-off. Hilda has bad news for the triplets.

For want of a drabble........or three!
Lisa's retaliation against Pat

Head to Head (St. Clare)
An accident?

A Keeper at the Chalet School
Brilliant Redheads/Darkover cross-over. Complete.

Love and Obedience (St. Agnes)
Reverend Mother Margot looks back.

Mary-Lou Alone
A missing scene from Reunion...

Peggy and the Hair Dye
Lisa T explains an EBDism.....

A Random Bunny (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Trouble in Upper IVA. CBB mayhem and madness.

Real Niece (incomplete)
How will the school treat Hilda's niece?
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Redheads - The Aftermath
How the events of Redheads affected the participants....

Redheads Revisited (Ste. Therese)
Scene from a tragic alternative reality

Return to a Parallel Universe
Lisa T takes us back to the insanity of Tara....

A Surfeit of Doctors (St. Scholastika)
A crossover involving Star Trek Voyager and Doctor Who, with Rose as the Companion

Understanding Prunella (St. Agnes)
Hilda shares her insights with Joey after the spat between Prunella and Len.

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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 Post subject: Liss- Lz
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 06:10 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US

Absence makes the heart grow...?
A lovely Reg and Len story

Both Alike in Dignity SDL
“Rafe! Oh, Rafe!”
part 1
final part

Cast in the Shade (Ste. Therese) SDL
Verity declares independence

Centre of Mystical Convergence
Beginning of a CS/Buffy x-over
part 1
part 2

A Dance (Ste. Therese) SDL
Steve Maynard and Rupert Embury look at each other with new eyes.

Ephemeral (St. Agnes)
”Poor Grizel!”- Mrs Redboots

A Far Green Country (St. Therese) SDL
Five ways Joey didn't die, and one way she did

The Folly of One's Youth (St. Scholastika) SDL
Capt. Janeway and Jack Maynard? Star Trek crossover

If My Father Never Married: Grizel (St. Scholastika)
Stormy Grizel reacts to her husband's enlistment

If My Father Never Married: Verity-Ann (St. Scholastika)
"Vee" is a more than competent head girl at Miss Brown's.

If No-one Ever Loved Her (Ste. Therese)
What if Madge hadn't let Juliet stay?

In the Home of Mr. Lewis (St. Agnes)
Clem & Tony discuss their parents’ accident.

Joey and a New Girl (incomplete)
Told in rhyme.

The Kitchen Table
Madge's thoughts leading up to School At. Complements "The Park Bench"

Liberation (St. Clare) SDL
Is Jo really that bad or is she forced to be by EBD?

A Life Less Ordinary
Felicity is worried about Margaret, and doesn't want to be. Sensitive issues warning.

Mary Lou... Vampire Slayer? (St. Scholastika)
or is she? :evil:

Out of Fashion (Ste. Therese) SDL
Joey comes to a harsh realisation about her writing career.

The Parcel (Ste. Therese) SDL
Carey's search for her past takes her from Taverton to Austria....
part 1
complete version

The Park Bench
Dick's thoughts leading up to School At. Complements "The Kitchen Table"

Program Janeway-Oh-One-Seven (incomplete)
Will Janeway & Jack liaison on the holodeck?

Perfect Chalet Girls (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Torchwood cross-over. Margot & Mary-Lou play prominent roles.

Rejoice in Remembering?
Liss begins an X-men cross-over.

The Schoolgirl's Guide to Rifles, Wildflowers and Eschatology (St. Scholastika) SDL
"They" invade the Tiernsee.

The Stocks Revisited
Crossover with Georgette Heyer's Death in the Stocks

Times Past (Ste. Therese)
Amy Stevens' granddaughter investigates a certain chalet....

A Wartime Correspondence
beginning of a Dorothy Sayers cross-over


The Bad Girl of the School (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Theodora before the Chalet School


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (St. Agnes)
India clarifies things for Jo.

Always a Chalet School Girl (St. Agnes)
Jo says goodbye...

The Bells of Christmas (St. Agnes)
For KathrynW from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. The nativity play finds an audience.

C.B.B.ers (St. Clare)
To the tune of ‘YMCA.’ March 2007 gather drabble.

The Boss's Daughter (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'Christmas Shopping'

The Chalet (St. Agnes)
A lonely building comes alive.

The Chalet School and The Doctor (St. Clare) (Incomplete)
Dr. Who crossover

The Chalet School Triplets (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
The Buffay triplets attend the Chalet School. 'Friends' crossover.

Christmas Shopping (Ste. Therese)
Dick asks the boss's daughter for advice....

Claim for Compensation (St. Clare)
What all good CBBers should receive if injured by patio doors

Dear Deidre (St. Clare)
CS characters write for advice.

Defeated (St. Clare)
by "a power I do not understand and cannot corrupt."

Doubts and Fears (Ste. Therese)
Hilary & Phil Graves: A Valentine's Day Drabble

Felix Finds Love (Ste. Therese)
Two years after 'Time for a Change'
part 1
part 2
part 3 (alias part 2, page 2)

The First Snowfight (St. Agnes)
The girls have a snowfight

Hills & Sheep & Wells (St. Clare)
Derbyshire gather drabble, 2006. Features a nursery rhyme sale.

Home Again (St. Agnes)
An old friend returns to Jo

In the Ice (St. Agnes)
February, 2005 bedtime drabble. Set around Maureen's rescue/

Jo's Side of the Story (St. Agnes)
How Eustacia affected Joey

Just in Case
FCS look at disclaimers that may be needed for staff and pupils at the Chalet School

Katie Gets her SLOC (St. Clare)
Tall, handsome, owns lime-green umbrella...

A Letter for Mademoiselle (St. Agnes)
From Thekla

The Little Spy (St. Agnes)
" When I look back it stands out as a crossroads in my life"-Hermann Eisen

A Moment in Time (St. Agnes)
Phil & Hilary

A Mother's Story (St. Agnes)
Zita's thoughts

The New Bettany Baby (St. Agnes)
Madge's thoughts on Joey's arrival

A Noise in the Night (St. Clare)
For KathrynW from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Whom does Matron catch on Christmas Eve?

The One and Only (Ste. Therese)
Mary-Lou's response

The One Who Got Away (St. Clare)
What? EBD left a doctor unclaimed?

The Path of True Love (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Philippa Maynard is a well-known singer, but still close to her family.

Pim Collects Hardbacks (St. Clare)
The Luck of the Pim
On The Train
On the Bus
In the Car
Drifting in a Hot Air Balloon

Plato Reflects (St. Agnes)
For KathrynW from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Pondering the Verity-Ann impasse.

A Precious Letter
Grizel's last letter from her granny

Seen in a Different Light (Ste. Therese)
Sympathetic explanation for a controversial decision

Stille Nacht (St. Agnes)
Natalie asks for a story. "A Christmas gift for all my CBB friends - love from Liz xxx"

The Telegram (St. Agnes)
Griffiths the Post finds these wartime deliveries distressing.

Time for a Change (Ste. Therese)
Cecil becomes Catherine for a reason.....
part 1
part 2 (part 2, page 1)
final part (part 2, page 2)

Under the Mistletoe (St. Agnes)
Christmas vignettes

An Unspoken Love (Ste. Therese)
Eigen's story

Unwanted (St. Agnes)
Grizel's story
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4 (part 3 page 2)
part 5

Up Before the Judges (St. Clare)
How will they react to Jo's golden voice?

Liz K

The Quarrymen and Con (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Con is in Liverpool rather than at University.


Home for Christmas (St. Agnes)
The Maynards and Russells plan for Christmas.

A Moment of Truth (St. Scholastika)
Exile/Sound of Music crossover
part 1
part 2


Changes (St. Clare)
Jem introduces Jo to the von Trapp family
part 1

Ghosts of Ages Past (St.Agnes)
In the silence before Christmas services, Jo senses a special unity. For Eilidh from Santa, 2009.

Hermann Reflects (St. Agnes)
Hermann Eisen had once dreamed of meeting the Führer.

The Letter That Never Arrived (Ste. Therese)
Lydia writes to Joey


A Different Challenge for the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Headmistresses Kathie and Nancy begin a new term.

A Happy Holidays to You All Too… (St. Clare)
CS vacation in Florida (Facebook style)

An Individual in the Making (Ste. Therese) (a beginning)
A Maynard daughter wants to train as a chef.

A New Era for the Chalet School (Ste. Therese)
The San diversifies into paediatrics.

The Last (Ste. Therese)
"Part drabble part reality"- Liz. Three years after moving in with Gillian, Elizabeth Arnett is diagnosed with cancer.
Many thanks to Paul and Claire for supporting Liz and continuing to post.

Twelve Baubles for Christmas (Ste.Therese)
A farewell poem

Unexpected Angels
A tragedy for the Russells - tissues needed


A Chalet School Bonfire (St. Clare)
" Bwahahahahahaaaa" - meerium

The Consultation (St. Clare)
Glasses? Never!

The Cruel Tiernjoch (Ste. Therese)
What if?

The Ghosts of Ages Past (St.Agnes)
In the silence before Christmas services, Jo senses a special unity. For Eilidh from Santa, 2009.*

A Jo Lived in Freudesheim (St. Clare)
to the tune of “A Windmill in Old Amsterdam”

St. Catherine’s House (St. Clare)
A new CS house – at Oxford!


Jenny of Glendower House (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
A CS grandchild at home and in the Upper Third

Keeping Up with Family Tradition (St. Scholastika)
Phil is busy. Very busy.


Young Hilda (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Hilda's life as a Middle


Alison's New Job (St. Clare) SDL
One of the best employers! For Alison from Santa, 2009.

Carnival at the CS (St. Agnes)
A letter from Felicity to her older sisters

The Chalet School (St. Agnes)
A complete history in nine lines

Christmas Ride of Mystery (St. Clare)
CBBers join the tour from all over world. For everyone from Santa, 2007.

Daphne's Wedding (St. Agnes) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Making Plans (St. Scholastika)
The Maynard children have all grown up....

Jem's Proposal (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. 1st place.

Jingle Bells – Another very silly song for Alison (St. Scholastika)
"Over fields we go – Home in time for tea." For Alison H from Santa, 2009

Letters from Canada (St. Agnes)
Madge and then Joey encounter a Canadian Halloween

Memories (Ste. Therese)
Daphne & Richard want a wedding without the Maynard mob.

Miss Bubb’s Diary (St. Agnes)
Another view

News from Paris (St. Agnes)
Two letters from Grizel

Nightmare in the Examination Hall (Ste. Therese) SDL
Don’t read this just before an exam.

Shot at Dawn (St. Clare) SDL
What is the penalty for forgetting one's drabble? Leeds Gather drabble, 2006

The silliest song yet
"I'm dreaming of a Chalet School…" For Alison H from Santa, 2009

Sue's Christmas Surprise (St. Clare)
A Christmas stocking for Sue, from CBB Secret Santa, 2006

What Next? (St. Agnes) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

A Surprise for the Triplets (St. Therese) SDL
What's waiting at home?

Triplets for the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) SDL
Kathie Robertson prepares for some new pupils at St. Nicholas.

’Twas the Night Before Christmas (St. Agnes)
24 stories on the theme!

The Twelve Days of Christmas (St. Scholastika)
"A very silly song" for Alison H from Santa, 2009


A Tiernsee Reunion (incomplete)
You are invited to a GRAND REUNION to take place in Briesau from the 7th to the 21st July 1957 part 1


Keeping Faith (unfinished) (Ste. Therese)
Nell fears that Hilda won't live after the accident.


Alice Joins the Chalet School (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Sequel to 'Tom's Boys'

CS and a Pagan

How far will the school take religious tolerance?
full text as Word document, courtesy of Lulie
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
final part

Shakespeare's Heroes (incomplete)
A pop band of Maynard descendants travels through time

Tom's Boys
Tom's future with her boy's club, and more!
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part


Angel (St. Agnes)
Joey & Cecil exchange confidences.

Not the Marrying Kind (Ste. Therese)
Nell copes with Con's departure.

The Three Stories (St. Agnes)
Mademoiselle Lapattre introduces the patron saints of the three Houses


Marking Essays (St. Clare)
EBD's secret...

Jo and the New Dog Beds (St. Clare)
‘Look, the most perfect dog beds! In just my favourite colour!’

Pets Prefect at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Who's brought what pet?

Request Your Company (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

Why Grizel Ran Off to Schaffhausen (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Grizel's home life before the Chalet School


Bored and Bewildered (St. Clare) (incomplete)
There’s friction among the triplets, and something very strange is happening....

Mama's New Book
A short but funny offering that could explain a LOT!

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US
Does not include Multiple Authors


I Was Arguing with My Guardian (St. Clare)
A ballad for new girls

Learning to Let Go (St. Agnes)
Joey & Juliet discuss Madge’s impending marriage.

Spammers at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
The school has an influx of strangely named girls….

Mair Cail

Francie of the Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Emerence is jealous of Margot's friendship with Francie.


Jack and her suitor exchange letters...

Felicity Maynard - Ballerina (incomplete)
Begins the story of Felicity at the Royal Ballet School

Hilda Annersley (incomplete)
What Hilda's pre CS life might have been

Rosli and the disappearing babies (incomplete) Beginning of a story in which Rosli avenges herself upon Jo
Reminisce about the purple layout

The Chalet School Triplets
Will the triplets be expelled...or worse?

The Entwhistles (incomplete)
Len has cojoined twins

The far, far future (incomplete)
Has wheelchair-bound Jo abducted a child?

A Rebel in the Maynard Clan
What happens when Phil is head girl? Complete.

The Venables Story
The Venables family in Australia

Marianne & Laura T

Beginning of a bit of madness


New Beginnings and Old Stories (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Henrietta visits Austria after her marriage breaks up.

The Real School at the Chalet (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Visitors hunting the CS site find more than they expected.

Returning Home (Ste. Therese)
Bits of Mary-Lou's married life

Unnamed- until I think of a good name for it... (Ste. Therese)
...my attempt at redeeming just about everyone!
part 1


Adjusting One's Drawers (Ste. Therese) SDL
Someone doesn't meet Matey's standards...

A Christmas Wish Come True (St. Clare)
Sian gets to meet Hilda, Nell and many others. For Sian from Santa, 2010.

Claire and her Christmas Adventure (St. Agnes)
A Cherub is guide to some very special Christmas scenes.

Coming Home (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

The Four Gifts (St. Agnes)
Hilda finds a home in Nell’s cottage. Sequel to ‘No Peace on Earth.’

A Future and a Hope (Ste. Therese) SDL
Hilda remembers the past as she enters the future.

Guardian Angels (Ste. Therese)
Hilda delivers thanks.

Hilda's Revenge (St. Agnes)
A sequel to 'Turning the Tables.' Celebrations for Nell.
part 1
part 2
part 3

Home at Last (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (St. Agnes)
Where is the cat leading Gillian, Peter & baby Robert?

The Journey (Ste.Therese)
Hilda: A life.

New Dreams (Ste. Therese)
Hilda comes to terms with her grief over Nell’s death.
Part 1 - The Abbess meets the Abbess!
Part 2 - A decision and some funny stories.
Part 3 - A bravery award and a new teacher. alias (part 3, page 1)
Part 4 - Proverbs lead to a staff evening. (alias part 3, page 2)
Part 5 - Dreams and half term high jinks (alias part 4, page 1)
Part 6 - Things do not look good! (alias part 4, page 2)
Part 7 - The Abbesses meet again - on the Platz! (alias part 5)
Part 8 - Enter Ellie (alias part 6)
Part 9 - Christmas Eve (alias part 7) Christmas Night
Part 10 - Mother Abbess has a past! (alias part 8 )
Part 11 - A Proposition for Hilda
The Tryptich. Sister Patricia's painting for Hilda helps Ellie come to terms with her own losses.
Part 12 - Spring Term begins for Hilda and ward Ellie.
Part 13 - Problems everywhere, it seems.
Part 14 - Ellie's and Mireille's talents begin to shine, but difficulties abound.
Part 15 - An exhausted Hilda buoys Tessa's family and the school, but bullying of Ellie comes to a head
Part 16 - A mystery is solved, and redemption begins.
Part 17 - What to do with Meg? Meanwhile, the Middles come up with a new prank.
Part 18 - Help for Meg and Hilda. Conspirators include both Stuarts, Matey, Joan Bertram, Ellie & friends….
Part 19 - An accident during Miss Stone's snowy walk ratchets up the tension.
Part 20 - Mother Abbess has her say, but Hilda can’t rest without comforting the victims and counseling Meg,Tonia & Ellie.
Part 21 - Historical drama by girls & mistresses, and the aftermath
Part 22 – The twins' parents visit, and Meg prepares for a journey.
Sally Denny library, A New Dream:
SDL Volume 1: The Two Abbesses (archives parts 1-5)
SDL Volume 2: Vivien Knowles and her Exploits (archives parts 5-?)

No Peace on Earth? (St. Agnes)
For LizB from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. And for Hilda from Nell and the school.

The Quilted Blanket (St. Agnes) SDL (A Blanket of Hope)
A birthday gift for Squirrel, 2005. Nell has a dream, and Hilda receives a gift.

Passing the Baton (St. Agnes) SDL
Thérèse Lepâttre is gravely ill.

A Prank Never Before Played (St. Agnes)
Sharlie Andrews’ form creates a unique winter scene.

Soaring Free (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Treasure the Love (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Con Stewart departs.

Turning the Tables (St. Agnes)
Surprise celebrations for Hilda

Vengeance is Mine (St. Clare)
A lime green punishment to fit the crime....


He Barely Spoke (St. Therese)
Jack’s life as a doctor sometimes overwhelms him.


A Chalet School Experience (St. Clare) (incomplete)
A holiday excursion is more realistic than expected…

The Day the Horses Came (St. Clare)
Will Matey break?

The End of the Holiday
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. 3rd Place. The Tiernsee exerts its magic.

Jack's Box (St. Agnes)
Jack meets the triplets.

Letters Home
Oxford, 1970. The triplets each write Joey. Includes her reply.


Auntie Madge (Ste. Therese) SDL
Jackie Bettany doesn't want to leave the only mother he's ever known.

Bonfire Night at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Guess whose effigy ... and whose version of events.

Chalet Street Comp (St. Clare)
Jo rules the council estate, aided and abetted by Maz T's 'Gang.'
part 1

The Children’s Journey (St. Agnes)
“All who can are leaving Austria.”
part 1

Christmas at Freudesheim Heights (St. Clare)
for Pat from CBB Secret Santa, 2005

The Devil Wears a Twinset (St. Clare)
Poor Rosalie Dene!

The End of Summer (Ste. Therese)
See The Start of Summer.

A Friend of the Family (Ste. Therese)
A crushed Mary-Lou finds love.
part 1
final part

The HBB (St. Scholastika)
A forum for Auntie Joey's Harbour School series

The Josephine Maynard Prize (St. Clare)
Which CBBer will be recognized?

More or Less than Daylight (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Rix Bettany at Saint Thomas'
Continued in the SDL

The Mystery of the Muddled Matrons (St. Scholastika)
Five Find-Outers crossover

The New Baby (St. Agnes)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

Pat's Christmas Surprise (St. Clare)
For Pat from CBB Secret Santa, 2005

The Priest (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

The Prize (St. Clare)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Remembering Margot Venables.

A Problem for the San (Ste. Therese)
Rix investigates. Sequel to 'A Friend of the Family.'
part 1
final part

The Quads (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

Red Sky at Sunset (Ste. Therese)
Peggy is acting strangely. Sequel to 'A Problem for the San.'
part 1 (part 1, page 1)
part 2 (part 1, page 2)
part 3 (part 2, page 1)
part 4 (part 2, page 2)
final Part

Smoke and Mirrors (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Hilda, alcohol, Commander Christie, alcohol, Nell, alcohol…

The Start of Summer (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'Red Sky at Sunset'
part 1
part 2
The End of Summer , aka The Start of Summer, final part

They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to ‘The Start of Summer.’ Will John Bettany be able to return to his command?
part 1
final part
continued in 'No Grave but the Sea'

Through a Thin Mist Over The Sea (Ste. Therese) SDL
A German airman reflects.

Tom's Girl (Ste. Therese)
Tom Evans woos Anna.
(For a pre-hacking version of part 1, see here.

What Ever Happened to Sophie Hamel? (St. Clare)
Romance with chocolate

Mia's brother

My Brother's Drabble (St. Clare)
Posted for revenge!


A Surprising CS Girl (Ste. Therese)
Set about 1994. There is something odd about new girl 'Dan.'
part 1 (Ste. Therese)
part 1, revised (St. Clare)

See also: Minim

Miranda Entwistle's Holidays (St. Clare) SDL
Len's daughter is embroiled in a dangerous adventure.

The Two Vanessas (St. Scholastika) SDL
Kidnappings, Harry Potter, and plotting doctors.


Coming to Life
For Sarah G-G from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Sarah can’t believe who’s speaking at Oxford!

Trouble for Cherry (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Cherry Christie is head girl at Glendower House, Louise Redfield is headmistress, and certain spiteful individuals aren’t happy....

See also: Midge

The Forgotten One (Ste. Therese) SDL
How will Claire get attention?

How to make a CS book (St. Clare)
Recipes for several volumes

Margot (St. Clare) SDL
Margot feels excluded.

Past and Future (Ste. Therese)
Snippets from an alternative CS history

Scar returns to the Chalet School (St. Clare) SDL
Scar's second term

Sisters (Ste. Therese)
Two new girls come to the CS, and Len & Reg break up.

A Spy at the Chalet School (St. Clare) SDL
Why is the CS weird? Ofstead inspector's daughter Scar is sent to find out.

Two New Girls at the Chalet School (St. Clare) SDL
Harry Potter/vampire crossover


A Chalet Christmas Madlib
For Tiffany from CBB Secret Santa, 2006.

Not Quite ‘A Visit from St.Nicholas’
For Tiffany from CBB Secret Santa, 2006

Miss Di

Margot's Choice (Ste. Therese)
conversation about her calling


Untitled for Now! (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Joey has lost her lighter.

Miss Tinsel

Joan Baker Fights Back (St. Scholastika)
Joan Baker discovers why EBD made her 'tidiness monitor'

Jiminy Margaret Maynard's Revenge (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Can Jiminy really rid the world of Granny Jo/Ogg?


Cornelia's Girls (St. Clare)
Cornelia's adoptees turn a new girls' tea upside down.

The Day Before Joey’s Marriage (St. Agnes)
Wedding jitters and all.

For better or for verse
Poetic summaries of the CS books
part 1 devoured by the TEM :cry:
part 2
part 3

A Good Middle (St. Agnes)
Poor Vanilla tries desperately to live up to the “nice naughtiness” stereotype.

Joey Meets an Old Girl (St. Agnes)
But who is it? Joey tries to remember.

Joey’s Kittens (St. Clare)
"Joey had kittens!" -Madge is perturbed.

Lovely drabble exploring Lilamani's feelings

Lydia’s Confession (St. Agnes)
Lydia blames Jo for Rolf’s death.

Matron of the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Could her working conditions be improved?

A New Problem in the Chalet School
Joey's latest, Miss Seymour, and a new girl from India

A Prank Never Played Before (St. Agnes)
Drabble Challenge 2009. Joey’s research ploy uncovers mischief not necessarily suitable for her next book.

Reg's confession (St. Clare)
Reg admits he has been in love with Sybil.

Short Drabble (St. Clare)
Joey & Jack speak TXT SPK, with translation

Thoughts (St. Agnes)
Joey contemplates leaving all she’s known for Austria.

Tom Gay – Head Girl (St. Agnes)
Tom, rather than Bride, succeeds Loveday Perowne.

What the Carricks Did in India (St. Agnes)
How the Carricks made India to hot to hold them. Drabble challenge 2009.


A Chalet Girl Christmas (St. Agnes)
Mary-Lou's first Christmas at Plas Howell

The Chalet Girls Go to Quate (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Continued from 'Trouble at the Chalet School.' The girls hunt for clues on a mysterious island.
Continued in the SDL

The 50th Year of the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
includes all the old girl/retired mistress gossip

Trouble at the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
A mysterious map and a kidnapping


We'll Tell Her Together (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Bad news for Robin.


CSI Hampshire
Retaliation against Rachel's 'Poor Flowers' drabble on behalf of the men


What the Night Brings (Ste. Therese)
Dream sequences

Red Peril (Ste. Therese)
Ever asked where Joey's favourite came from?


First Girl (St. Scholastika) (unfinished?)
A new St. Nicholas pupil is adamant: Joey wasn't the first pupil.

A Surprise Reunion (St. Scholastika)
Letter from a St Hilda's girl after the fire

Mrs Redboots

The Carol Singers (St. Agnes)
Grizel, Joey & Robin propose caroling at the San. For Cath V-P from Santa, 2009.

The Chalet School Annexe (St. Agnes)
Grizel and Juliet's first term

A Change of Plans (Ste. Therese)
Len at Oxford

A Christmas Tale (St. Agnes)
For Rachel from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Jo, Frieda & Simone discuss Christmas traditions.

Encounter on a Train (St. Agnes)
Jo Maynard & Ros Lilley Ebden exchange news

Her mother never went to the CS. Will Freddie?
part 1 (St. Clare)
part 2 (St. Agnes)

Joey's Fright (St. Agnes)
100 word drabble. What's wrong with Madge?

The Last Day (Ste. Therese)
Awaiting what may come to her evacuated mission, Margot reflects on her life.

The Marlows at St. Mildred's (St. Scholastika)
Nick and Lawrie at the Chalet School. Antonia Forest crossover

September 1919 (Ste. Therese)
Kurt von Eschenau makes a decision.

Transcript of the Simon Duvale Show (St. Scholastika)
Matey answers questions about what's never mentioned by EBD.

The Twelve Books of Christmas (St. Clare)
Twelve Tyrol volumes, to the famous tune. For Cath V-P from Santa, 2009.


Lovers and Liars (Ste. Therese)
Granny Jo is babysitting, and Cecil gets a letter.

Surprises! (Ste. Therese)
There’s someone Margot really wants to see….

Myth Tree

Letters to Tiernsee (St. Agnes)
Madge hears from the aunts; Mollie Maynard from Jack; Grizel & Simone from home....

Turn the Full Circle (Ste. Therese) SDL
The Platz branch of the CS is closing, and the Maynards are facing changes. Sympathetic family dynamics.

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US
Multiple Authors

The Abbess at St. Trinians
Silly Season communal fun. Unfinished and short.

All our dreams come true
Is KB really sending 246 children to the CS? FCS (unfinished).

Alter Egos
People admit who they were in the "CS Roleplay"

Alternative to Exile (unfinished)
What might have been

The Big Fat Drabble Party (St. Clare) (unfinished)
Communal madness. The Christmas season at Freudesheim gets off to a bad start.

The Brownies go on Pack Holiday
Interrupted by yibble on guide camps

Bruno's Winter Adventure
A communal comic version of what happened when Bruno escaped!

The Chalet School and the Guerilla Middles
Will Pyrethra and her gang succeed? Totally mental!

Chalet School for Fans
Prefect assignments and report on the sale.

Chalet School - Golden Jubilee (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
All sorts of catching up!

Chalet School Nursery Rhymes (St. Clare)
and other relevant parodies

The Chalet School quads
Joey's identical quads start school (a beginning)

Chalet School Roleplay
One for our schizophrenic tendencies...

The Chaletian
Reports from the CBB prefects, and an update of Mrs. Jarley
part 1

The Chalet School and Doggerel
CS versions of famous poems

A Challenge for Matey
Lactose intolerance at the CS

A Chapter of Incidents
This started out as Jo having a Jonah day. Not sure what it turned into!

Community Drabble, winter 2009
Doctors draw names to win CS brides.

Communal Drabble from August 2007 Gather
and continued by the CBB. ”It was a cold and frosty afternoon on the Gornetz Platz….”

Community Drabble Using Emoticons (St. Clare)
Each post based on an emoticon. Joey has recently left school…

Communal and Titleless Drabble, or, The Flower of Babel.
Inspired by Squeenly experiments with the autocensor function.....

CS Lonely Hearts
Lonely hearts ads for the CS characters....

A Day in the Life of (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Begins with tentacled Miss Annersley receiving a package from a Miss Summers, and goes on from there....

Dearest Liss
Liss has a not so secret admirer....and Elisaveta is not happy

Dr. Venables
The part of this classic that survived the TEM

Dr. Venables (St. Clare)
Lisa_T reposts parts that survived on her computer. Includes Matt Qualtrough and Hilda's Ermintrude

The End of an Era
Joey and Jack separate

Evil EBD's Worst Nightmare
A spin off from Real CS, in which we let our lurid imaginations run wild
part 1
part 2

Excitements for Kate, or, That’s Not Cricket! (St. Clare)
What does Joey have in her pocketses?

Felicity as Head Girl
Plus Mary-Lou's return as a mistress (unfinished)

Friday Evening Drabbles, Sept. 2007 Gather (St. Clare)
Each group was assigned four phrases to be used in order. Guess the phrases!
Group #1. An embarrassing episode.
Group #2. The prisoner.
Group #3. Photographs.
Group #4. An inspection and its aftermath.

A funeral and the future
The one where Marianne killed Joey!!

Grizel in Florence
A flirtation for Grizel

with CS themes

Hairdresser at the Chalet School
Hilda's secret salon, designer coffins, Bill's Elixir and general insanity

A Happy Future
"Please can we write a story where the family is generally happy, Joey and Mary-Lou are kind...."

Hogwarts meets the Chalet School
"Love the ending :8oo:" - Kathy_S

A Honeymoon Mistake
The one with the shocking photos!

How drabbles have changed our impressions
Discussion on the topic

In Pursuit of Grammar (St. Clare's) (could be continued!)
Alex's exciting tales of the PEP underground, hijacked in places by adventures of the Lime Green Woman and Kathy_S's It's/Its doggerel.

Introducing our Plot Bunnies
Drabbles featuring a wild assortment of the plot bunnies, thesis bunnies and others at large in the CBB.
part 1
part 2
part 3

Is my plot bunny telling the truth this time?
Yibbling beginning with answers to this query.

ITT and the Chalet School
Teacher training...

Jo and the Plot Bunny
He's a vivid pink and has Ideas. (incomplete)

A Job for Jo!
Jo gets offered a special war time job. FCS.

Joey and the Pole
The unfinished mystery of Jo and a Polish woman

Jo Maynard Changes her Hairstyle
A spot of extreme silliness!!!

Karaoke at the CBB
As sung by famous CS characters

Katie at the Chalet School
New girl previously broke bounds with a BOY. A beginning.

Len meets the hikers
Roger will not be happy. Increasingly wild!

Len opts out
"From what, I wonder?" A seriously hijacked thread, including a fine version of Mrs. Jarley.

Lesley's Adventures
Lesley's collective punishment for what she did to Hilda!!
part 1
part 2

Letters to Satan
Adventures of various CS souls

Some comical CS themed limericks.

Chalet School Limericks (St. Clare)
Starting again 'cos it was fun last time

A little love story
A scene between Len and Reg.

The Many and Varied Deaths of Hilda Annersley (St. Clare)
Poor Hilda. :lol:

Margot = Expelled!
What could have happened after the flying bookend incident...

Margot Confesses
What happens in the Head's study...

Mary-Lou and the light-hearted story
A boy named Joseph sneaks into this drabble...

Matey vs. Miss Annersley
Cream cake wars!!

A Modern Girl at the Chalet School
Begins with time travel from 21st century to early CS...

The Mug of Doom
"The imagination boggles. I presume this features a mug. Of doom." - anonymous mod

Musical Drabbles
In which each post requires at least one quote from a song

New Arrivals for the Chalet School
The Maynards acquire some more wards...

A new chalet school book
Plans for a joint effort to write one

New Year's Resolutions
And how CBBers might keep them... :wink:

A row in the delivery room! (a beginning)

A Problem Schoolgirl
A deaf pupil for the CS

Reg Goes to Hollywood
"Gynecologist to the stars!" Will his past come back to haunt him? (a beginning)

Revolt against the Headmistress
A mad communal drabble

The Scarlet Sarafan sets out to rescue CBBers from the guillotine (Alas, mainly yibbling!)

Robin begins to grow up, and all have an adventure with a bed.

Romance at the Chalet School
With references to Matt Qualtrough, Derek the Dalek, et al.

A Scandal at the Chalet School (SCS)
What is revealed on Stephen's 18th birthday? Complete.

A Second Reunion
Robin's return spurs Joey to organize a reunion.

The Secret Life of Vikkikins
Defender of teddy bears everywhere

Sinister Mistresses
The title says it all.....

The Sixth Sense
Defies description!

Smiley stories
The challenge: write a drabblet based on an emoticon.

Sound of Music meets Chalet School
Brainstorming the possibilities

SSOJ (Society for the Suppression of Jo - FCS)
Three guesses who started this thread.......

SSOR (Society for the Suppression of Reg)
Remember the SSM in the books. Reg meets a much more dangerous bunch.

Snow!...and the Annex
What entertainment will bored middles devise?

Staff Action
What would have happened had OOAOML been headmistress! Warning: Contains extreme Joey and OOAOML bashing!!! (*Expresses extreme gratitude for KB's ending*- Kathy_S)
part 1
part 2

A Tale of Evil Revenge (St. Clare)
The hacker meets his fate

Tales of a Carving Knife
Inspector Lestrange is suspicious of the CS....

Technology Problems at the Chalet School
CS girls on the CBB.....the mind boggles!

Discussion about the Thread Eating Monster

Twenty-six Word A-Z Drabbles (St. Clare)
Inspired by Lottie

The Two-bit Story
Contributed two words at a time

An Unexpected Family Member
A half sister for Sybil

A Very Silly Drabble
Mostly by Lisa T & Ciorstaidh. In which Hilda gets the better of Dr. Who.

What really happened to the Chalet School
A tearjerking alternative reality.....

Xanthe's Letter
The CBB wrote this letter for Xan, but she didn't send it!

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Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


How To Choose a School (St. Scholastika)
The beginning of a Harry Potter crossover featuring Julia Maynard.


How things really were at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Composed from 'Lines unlikely to be seen in a Chalet School book' thread

Other Things Put Through a Translator (St. Clare)
Things translated from English and then back again

See also Ally & Nell

A Happy Christmas
For Ann from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Windows on Joey’s first Christmas in Austria.

The Youngest Shepherd
Madge’s nativity play, from Jo of the Chalet School


Hilda's Secret
A drabble that had us all guessing.....

Len Decides (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Romantic tension. Reg or Will? Len or Ted?

Sam of the Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
On holiday in Switzerland, Sam meets some unusual people....

What Might Have Happened (Ste. Therese)
Escape on Nigel's yacht, and its aftermath


Chalet School and the Marlows
Antonia Forest crossover
part 1
part 2
part 3

Guides at the Chalet School (St. Agnes)
Perfect fill-in for the term that introduces Guides and Miss Wilson
part 1
part 2


To See Another Spring (Ste. Therese)
A worried Daisy brings flowers to her mother. Written for March, 2006 Gather.


The Chaletian Refugee (Ste. Therese)
Sigrid's view of the war. Tissues essential!
part 1
part 2

The Decision
Len returns to the Gornetz Platz with her mind made up.
part 1

I Have Come Home
Nicole's wonderful short emotive piece on Lugia's death


Another Time (around the Wheel) (St. Scholastika) SDL
Dr. Who crossover featuring Grizel, Beth Chester, Simone Lecoutier and the triplets. CS Big Bang, 2010

Blue Unclouded Weather (St. Agnes) SDL
Daisy and Polly's tea with Joyce is interrupted. UnValentines Challenge, 2011

Breaking the Record (St. Clare) SDL
Will Joey ever give up?

Career Day (St. Clare) SDL
CS girls reveal their plans to Miss Annersley.

The Chalet Girls (St. Scholastika) SDL
Interview with groundbreaking rock band

The Chalet School Amazons (St. Scholastika)
Nancy and Peggy Blackett join the CS. Arthur Ransome crossover.
part 1
Continued in the SDL

Christmas Mailbag (St. Scholastika) SDL
Letters from various Maynards to Father Christmas. For Susan from Santa, 2009.

Con Writes a Drabble (St. Clare) SDL
and others join in – or do they?

Contraband (St. Clare) SDL
What is Joey smuggling onto the Platz?

A Different Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
Grizel celebrates in New Zealand. For Tiffinata from Santa.

Fast and Loose (Ste. Therese) SDL
Len is surprised by Jo's reaction to her broken engagement.

The First Year (Ste. Therese) SDL
Len & Con are at Oxford, while Reg learns a few things at the San.

Fresh Blood (Ste. Therese) SDL
Just how does the Authoress make the CS less dull to new girls?.

Jo Bettany and the Terrifying Case of the Living Pantomime (St. Clare)
A midnight feast leads to a nightmare version of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Joey's (Other) Doctor (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Dr. Who crossover

Masquerade (St. Clare) SDL
Will she say “Yes”?

Never Have I Ever (St. Clare)
CS characters play a notorious drinking game.

On the Importance of Sale Themes (for Abi and Ariel) (St. Clare)
Which CBBer's idea will win?

Robin Flu (St. Clare) SDL
Why some characters appear to undergo a complete personality change

Ships in the Night (Ste. Therese)SDL
Years after losing touch, Joey & Jack meet on a train.

Songs from a Snow-Capped Mountain (St. Clare)
CatC's 2009 challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident. In the style of Masaoka Shiki.

Summer Holiday (Ste. Therese)
The Maynards and Mary-Lou are reunited at Plas Gwyn. Sequel to 'A Visitor for Margot'.
part 1
Continued in the SDL

Sweet Mary-Lou (St. Clare) SDL
Some very stupid (brave?) pop star has written a song about Mary-Lou

The Tale of Mary O'Connor (Ste. Therese) SDL
Con shares a Chaletian ghost story.

’Twas the Night Before Christmas (St. Clare) SDL
Freudesheim version. For Tiffinata from Santa, 2008.

An Unseasonable Poem for Tiffinata (St. Clare) SDL
… she took us down to the ocean -
The Bettanys, Lala, and me.
From Santa, 2008

A Visitor for the Chalet School (Ste.Therese) SDL
Margot Maynard, "the youngest of her family – by nine and a half minutes!", is made Head Girl.

The Wardrobe (St. Scholastika) SDL
Lucy and the others visit Joey Maynard. 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' crossover.

We Three Kings (St. Agnes) SDL
Joan and Ruey are staff babies. Will Joan finally feel at home?

(Nina- I thought I knew your real name but now I'm wondering if I dreamed it. Let me know and I'll correct this!)

Poor deluded CBBers
The true story of how the CS books came to be written?


Joey is Turned Into a Toad
Missing moment from the other Joey's Harry Potter crossover, 'Joanna Creates a Sensation'

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 06:19 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US

Pat (PatW)
See also
Advent Drabblers
Carolyn, Pat & Lesley
Carolyn, Rachel & Pat
Pat & Carolyn

Abandoned, or, Those Left Behind (St. Clare)
Someone has gone to a Gather without Lime Green Woman, Plot Bunny & Dalek.

Bill discovers the hazards of tilting.

After Someone Was 30 (St. Clare)
A Tardis full of CBBers celebrate Sugar’s birthday.

Anna Escapes
Her harrowing journey from Austria after the Anschluss

Anna's Second Escape
Anna falls in love and leaves Joey!

The Attack of the TEM
True story of the Thread Eating Monster, as interpreted from Pat's dream
part 1
part 2 (small rescued bit in purple)
part 3
final part

The Bottle in the Cupboard
Beware of Matey!

Catherine's New Job
"A wee taste of her own medicine...."

The Chalet School Goes to Guernsey
What happened after the Anschluss
Removed pending publication of revised edition.

Chalet School in the 21st Century
Len visits the CS, where her granddaughter is now a student.
part 1
part 2

The Chalet School Problem (Ste. Therese)
'Problem' from Joan's point of view

The Christmas Tree Fairy
Pat’s take on how they came to be

Con Maynard's Adventure on Pern (St. Scholastika)
Crossover with Anne McCaffrey's Pern series

Cyberslip (St. Clare)
Abducting a Literary Society may prove unwise. :lol:

Dick Bettany, or, What Might Have Happened If Mollie Had Died (Ste. Therese)
”A lovely happy ending, but what happened next?! “-wheelchairprincess

Eustacia (St. Agnes)
The books from Eustacia's point of view

The Falls of Rhine (St. Agnes)
Grizel’s exploit from Miss Maynard’s point of view

Frieda (St. Agnes)
Frieda is interned on the Isle of Man.

The Future of the Chalet School (Ste. Therese)
David Russell calls an Extraordinary Meeting of the Chalet School Board.

Geoff Maynard (St. Scholastika)
Sequel to Phil Maynard's Adventure. Crossover with Melanie Rawn's Sunrunner series.

The Gather, or, Wishful Thinking (St. Clare)
Featuring a most suitable location for a Gather…

The Homecoming
For Kirsty from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Loveday Perowne visits old friends.

The Homecoming (St. Scholastika)
Con is briefly trapped in alternative universes.

Jo and the Author (Ste. Therese)
It may take her last strength, but EBD will write an ending for Josephine.

Jo's Decision (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Two paths to God.

The Job (St. Agnes)
An ending or a beginning?

The Journey (St. Clare)
Lesley or Hilda?

Len's Choice (Ste. Therese)
Is the engagement a good idea?

The Letter (Ste. Therese)
The Berlin Wall has fallen, and Alixe von Elsen makes contact.

Lisa_T's Headache
Pat explains why Lisa starts drabbles and doesn't finish them.....

Mary-Lou (Ste. Therese)
Because someone asked for her redemption too!

My Name Is... (St. Scholastika)
Sugar joins the Chalet School.

A Mysterious Aroma (St. Scholastika)
Matey makes wine for the Sale

Phil Maynard's Adventure (St. Scholastika)
Phil is Chosen. Crossover with Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series.

More Shocks for the CS
The secret of Joey's quads is revealed....
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7 breaks off in the middle of a word

New Drabble for Kathy_S (St. Clare)
A safe return for all good elephants and teddies. Postscript to Advent Drabbles, 2006.

The New Girl: A Gather Drabble (Ste. Therese)
A surprising granddaughter for the school!

Pam Slater (Ste. Therese)
Pam enlightens her new colleagues about the CS.

PatMac and the Aliens
The CBB meets the X Files...

A Prisoner's Autobiography (St. Clare)
Why Lesley didn't make a CBB Gather

Rachel's Punishment
When Rachel the Witch didn't fill out her leave card....

Rachel's Wedding
Rachel & Orlando, with a Pernese twist!

The miracle restoring the CBB after "Holocaust"

The School at ..... ? (Ste. Therese)
What if Madge's holiday hadn't been in Austria?
part 1
final part

The Sentence (St. Scholastika)
Thekla & Betty meet Miss Annersley – or is it Q? Star Trek crossover

Timing It (St. Scholastika)
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

A Trip to the Achensee (St. Scholastika)
For Lucy from Santa, Christmas 2007. Lucy and Lilian encounter more than modern Austria.

The Trips Return (Ste. Therese)
First homecoming after a taste of university life…

Stacie (St. Agnes)
Sequel to 'Eustacia'
part 1
final part

Staying with Grandma (Ste. Therese)
Derbyshire Gather 2006. Len's children enjoy a visit.

A Trip to Niagara – with yibble or as a word document
"It would be criminal to miss them."- Joey Maynard on the Falls

Where were the Staff when Carola needed them? (St. Scholastika)
Star Trek crossover. Will Hilda be assimilated?

Pat & Carolyn

Hilda and Nell (St. Clare) (incomplete)
You'll never look at the Heads in the same light again!
part 1
part 2
part 3


Christmas Eve on the Board
'Twas the night before Christmas when....

Dorothy's Story (Ste. Therese)
Dorothy Hatcherd is a CS alumna, and Hugh's intended in Village Boy's Tale.

Drabbles as History (St. Clare)
Scholarly papers from galactic conferences on Drabbles, the Blue Books, and related Old Earth sources.

The Empty House
Joey alone for the first time

I Can't See What All the Fuss is About by Mrs J M Maynard
Jo Maynard's book on childcare and domestic capability!
part 1
final part

A New Year Wish
Verses from Patmac. Happy 2005!

Publisher's Cuts Oops! (St. Clare)
Where the detail went

Publishers Cuts – The Next Generation (St. Clare)
Bunnies call an emergency meeting on the Holodeck of Starship CBBterprise.

A Seaside Romance (Ste. Therese)
Madge meets a young man from Lancashire.

Snippets from the Village Boy Universe (Ste. Therese)
A Seaside Romance; A Christmas Tale; New Bicycles; Joe's Tale; John's Tale; Jimmy's Tale; The Sodger's Tale

The Village Boy's Tale (Ste. Therese)
Patmac's telling of Reg's story, a must read
Part 1. January - July, 1943.
Part 2. A visit with Auntie.
Part 3. Visitors at The Witchens.
Part 4. End of Summer
Part 5. First term at Polgarth.
page 1
page 2
Part 6. Half term through New Year's Day, 1944.
Part 7, page 1. A visit from Mike van Alden.
Part 7, page 2. Easter holidays through D-Day term .
part 8. Sports Day, 1944 - 14th August, 1945.
Part 9. Fair Winds (Swallows and Amazons Forever!)
part 10. School Year 1946-47.
part 10b. School Year 1946-47 post hacking. (Includes Dorothy & Hugh's wedding!)
part 11. The First Summer of Peace. (Summer holidays 1946)
part 12. The Inseparables' Last Term
part 13. Summer through Christmas, 1947.


The Body in the Snow (St. Scholastika) SDL
Challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou’s accident in the style of another author.

The Day War Came (St. Agnes) SDL
The war brings new girls to the CS in Armishire.

The Further Adventures of Two Chalet Girls (Ste. Therese)
Two Chalet girls attend college in the north.
part 1
part 2
Continued in the SDL


Alternative Universes (St. Clare)
Con finds herself in a CS in which Thekla is head….

Ask Me if I Care (St. Clare)
Mary-Lou is fed up.

Bettany, Bunter and Auntie Madge's Cake (St. Clare)
Chalet School boys / Billy Bunter crossover

The Bettanys' Revenge (St. Clare)
Sybil will be sorry. And then there are the hurricanes....

Bob of the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Joyce Linton's children make waves.

The Chalet School and the Evacuees (Ste. Therese)
Young Archie comes to Dragon House.

The Chalet School Comes to Melling (St. Clare)
An avalanche splits up the school.

Con’s Ghosts (Ste. Therese)
A Christmas story

Curtains for Felix (St. Clare)
How will Jack react to acting as a career goal?

Family Rows at Freudesheim (St. Clare)
Every family has a big row. What about Joey's?

Fare Thee Well, Emerence (Ste. Therese)
"A trip to Zermatt had ended in sheer disaster."

Girls Can Play Cricket (St. Clare)
Margot teaches Steve’s old buddy a lesson.

Home from Home (Ste. Therese)
Con returns to Pretty Maids.

I am Responsible! Honest! (St. Clare)
Mike Maynard is left in charge….

I Made Her Cry (St. Scholastika)
Mary-Lou needs space to grieve.

I so wanted ONE sweet daughter (St. Clare)
Madge eats her words, and Joey gets her comeuppance.

Jack’s Birthday (Ste. Therese)
A family celebration for Jack Maynard

Jem's Story (Ste. Therese)
After Venables beguiles Margot Russell

JosetteTurns Nasty (Ste. Therese)
A different side to Josette. Set after the lost property incident.

Len Gets Tough (St. Clare)
Wicked Jos Marvel challenges the Head Girl

Margot at Malory Towers (St. Clare) (incomplete)
"Maggot" Maynard's adventures after expulsion from the CS

The Maynard Will (St. Clare)
After a will leaves all to love-child Mary-Lou, mayhem ensues. Miss Marple is on hand.

Meeting Rolf and Saying Goodbye (Ste. Therese)
Madge, Joey and Robin are invited to stay at Pretty Maids. There are snails!

Michael of the Falklands (Ste. Therese)
Margot is on the scene. :cry:

Mike Maynard's Nightmare (Ste. Therese)
Why should delivering a package make young Mike so nervous?

Margot, Steve and the Toy Gun (St. Clare)
A gift for Stephen and its consequences

Missing You Already (Ste. Therese)
Margot meets with each of her family as she leaves for the convent.

Mum and Dad Won't Come (Ste. Therese)
A terrible bus crash, and four Maynard boys are badly injured....

Not Really Triplets at All (St. Clare)
Who is this person who looks like the triplets? Not a quad!?

O Canada! (Ste. Therese)
Margot in Canada – and Sybil's reaction

Old and Famous (St. Clare)
A time capsule and a family heirloom

Old Flame (Ste. Therese)
Barney Lucy has dreamed about Con – but not like this.

Promoting the Chalet School (St. Clare)
"The Fall of the House of Maynard"-Miss Annersley

Rix Bettany's Schooldays (St. Clare)
From new boy to Head Boy.

School Bully Ashamed (Ste. Therese)
Phil Craven's story

Simone Returns (Ste. Therese)
The Russian occupation causes problems.

Things You Mustn't Say to a Maynard (St. Clare)
Steven's friend crosses the line.

To Err is Human, Len, to continue in it… (St. Scholastika)
What has happened to Len's cubicle?

Under the Thumb (Ste. Therese)
Despite Geoff's wife's opposition, Geoff's daughter and Margot bring about a reunion.

Unforgiven and Forgotten (Ste. Therese)
A muckraking reporter discovers Mike in prison.

The Train Set (St. Clare)
Will the boys ever get to play with their Christmas gift?

The Trial of Joyce Linton (Ste. Therese)
Can she be redeemed?

Vendetta (Ste. Therese)
Stephen Maynard is going to suffer. Why didn't Tom Harris' sister Lizzie get into the Chalet School?

The Very Bad Drabble Writer (St. Clare)
Margot and the author tangle.

What Did Jack Say to Mike? (Ste. Therese)
Jack's reaction's to Mike's (and Margot's) behaviour

Wicked Jos Marvel and Margot (St. Clare)
Jos wants revenge on the games pree.

See also Teddy Robinson and Ally & Pim

Abby Challenges the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) SDL
Sequel to 'I Lift My Eyes Up.'
part 1
part 2
final part

Alright on the Night (St. Agnes) SDL
For Ruth B from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Kathie's friends try to shake her worries.

Borrowed Wings (St. Agnes) SDL
Naomi reflects.

A Fabbity Fab Time at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Crossover with Louise Rennison's Georgia Nicholson books

An FCS for Kat
Matey deals with certain CBBers (followed by detailed discussion of people's names)

Home for Christmas (St. Agnes) SDL
The man in the bed had a picture of three little girls.... A Christmas drabble for Nell & Liz, 2005.

I Lift My Eyes Up (Ste. Therese) SDL
Mary-Lou's daughter comes to know her mother and the CS.
part 1
final part

If the Fates Allow (St. Agnes)
Four go to the cinema...

Just Another Day Without You (St. Agnes)
Len and Reg

L'école au chalet
Pim's translation of School at.....

A soliloquy

Not Your Average Kind of Sale (St. Agnes) SDL
Starring Bruno as a sheep

Long Shadows on the Grass (St. Agnes) SDL
Retrospective: Charlie & Bill

Mary-Lou meets the Barrasses SDL
Secret Santa to Carolyn, 2004

The Meaning of my Life is She (St. Agnes) SDL
Jem reflects.

Passage out of the dark SDL
The train approaches the border....

The Path You Choose
What do Nell's and Kathie's pasts have in common? A moving first drabble.
part 1
final part

The Problem with Plot Bunnies
Pim's plot bunny traumas!

Results Day (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. Biddy gets the news.

Sharlie Andrews - Life before, during and after school (Ste. Therese)
I was born Charlotte Louise Andrews in Liverpool in March 1930....
part 1. Schooldays I
part 2. Schooldays II
Schooldays, complete in the SDL

part 3. Uni Years I
part 4. Uni Years II
The University Years, complete in the SDL

part 5. The CS and Sharlie I
part 6. The CS and Sharlie II
part 7. The CS and Sharlie IIIa
part 8. The CS and Sharlie IIIb (part 7, page 2)
part9. The CS and Sharlie IIIc (part 7, page 3)
part 10. The CS and Sharlie IV (part 8 )
The Chalet School and Sharlie, complete in the SDL

part 11. A Married Woman I (part 9)
part 12. A Married Woman II
part 13. A Married Woman III. (alias part nine billion and seventy three)
part 14. A Married Woman IV.
part 15 (Final part) :cry:
A Married Woman, complete in the SDL

Alice and Colin (fits near the end of part 14) SDL

Snapshots from the Sharlie universe (Ste. Therese) SDL
Snapshots II SDL
Snapshots III. An Afterword. SDL
Who's who, what's what, and anything else you ever wanted to know about the Sharlie universe

Silence (St. Agnes)
Hilda reflects

Summer Rain (St. Agnes) SDL
Joey dances.

Through My Eyes (Ste. Therese) SDL
Reactions to events in Exile. Originally posted on Holocaust Memorial Day

To Leave a Trail (Ste. Therese) SDL
Thekla meets Resistance worker Gerd....

The Unfortunate Downfall and Demise of Joan Bertram (St. Clare)
What it says

Pim, Ally et al.

Stealthing in Aberystwyth (St. Clare)
Gem's birthday drabble 2005


The Guide – Sub-Etha Net (St. Scholastika) SDL
Hitchiker's Guide: How to detect a Chalet School parasite world

Grizel's Treat (St. Agnes)
Madge takes Grizel and Joey travelling.
Completed in the SDL

The Letter (St. Agnes) SDL
Background on the soldier whose hideout Joey found in 'Camp'

Castor oil: Triacylglycerol from Ricinus communis containing hydroxy-fatty acids.

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 Post subject: R-S
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 06:20 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US

Rachael P
See also
KB and Rachael.

Auntie Pat’s Christmas Drabble
From CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Also features Pat’s response to Rachael’s exposé!

Grizel's Story
The story behind Grizel's decision to leave the CS

How Matey Got her Fez
Rachael P's brilliant version of Casablanca

Jack and Joey: The Engagement
An inside view

Joey's Wonderful Life
An emotional roller coaster of a crossover!
part 1
final part

The Real CS: An Epilogue, or Lesley's Nemesis (by Elinor)
Elinor is out for revenge -- against Hilda AND the CBB.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
final part

The Staff Discuss Thekla
“If we can’t find a way to help her, then yes, expulsion.”

See also
Carolyn & Rachel
Carolyn, Rachel & Pat

A Chalet School Drabble (St. Clare)
Halloween madness from Rachel the Witch

Another Vikki Tale (St. Clare)
Vikki Goes to Helenburgh, or, Vengeance

7 (St. Clare)
Vikki & RTW continue to spar

Carolyn and Xan
The MSN drabble that started the north/south hostilities!

A Change for Con
A group effort followed by Rachel's classic tale. Con's romance with "Steven," and where it leads.

Con and the Bunny
Evil Con :evil:

A Conversation (St. Agnes)
“You spend all day writing stories instead of working!” she shouted. "It isn't right!"

The End of Arse End of the Universe
The Rachel the Witch method for dealing with Exes.....

Ever Read Peter Pan?
Vikki Pan, Lissikins and the Lost CBBers. Also a tinkly person.

Hallowe'en Special
A silly seasonal thread

Hilda's Letters ~ Revealed
"I KNEW it was gonna be dirty laundry." "Hysterical!"

Joey, her son and a frog (St. Clare)
also a lilac fairy

Joey's Reaction
"When I first met Hilda I began to realise that my marriage was never going to be more than a shamrock."-Jem

Oh, and ANOTHER one! (St. Clare)
poor Vikki

Poor Flowers
Rachel teaches our male members a lesson....

Primula “Venables”?
Primula and Madge both get a shock.
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part

Rachel and the Jedi Warrior
RTW vs. Sky Lukewater

Rachel's New House
Moving day with an RTW slant...

Rosalie and the Muddy Girls (St. Clare)
Justice & mercy from a distracted headmistress

RTW, Gussie and Miss A
A truly unique study scene

Satan vs. OOAOML (unfinished)
Hell will never be the same.

She is the Very Model of a Guide Leader So Beautiful
Rachel the Witch's version of Gilbert and Sullivan......

Toothache (St. Clare)
Who's afraid of the dentist?

Vikki's New Job (St. Clare)
Excellent opportunity

A Vikki Tale (St. Clare)
What to do about a fear of heights

You are cordially invited to a wedding ...
Witness the historic nuptials of Rachel & Orlando

The Ratbag Club Management

The Ratbag Club (St. Clare)
Are you a member? Must be certified by Lime Green Woman (TM)

Ravens eyes

The Broken Taxi (Ste.Therese)
Carla von Flugen's story

Captain's Log (unfinished)
Star Trek Voyager cross-over: reflection on Grandmother Marie's diaries
part 1

Grizel in New Zealand
An immensely satisfying fill-in
part 1
(part seems to be missing)
part X
final part


Diaspora (St. Agnes) (If anyone has a complete copy to share, please contact Kathy_S)
A collection of missing scenes/reflections/moments from the first half of Exile.

Difficulties for Francie (St.Agnes)
Maeve is Head Girl and Francie a prefect. Sequel to 'Mistletoe and Wine'
part 1

Finding Home (St. Agnes)
Sequel to ‘The Start of a Friendship.’ Anna’s story.

Francie to the Fore (St. Agnes)
A closer look at Francie's school career

Home in the Hills (St. Agnes)
Reg returns to his roots.

Mistletoe and Wine (St. Agnes)
Francie Wilford enjoys Christmas with the Maynards.

I Promise
Reg redeemed. (Tissues warning!)

Margot Takes a Stand
Also set in the Promises universe. (Tissues warning!)
Incomplete version
Complete version

Mercy to Forgive (St. Agnes)
Kathie Ferrars and Francie Wilford come to an understanding.

Mike (Ste. Therese)
"I'm in the most fearful jam. I need your help. Please?"- letter from Mike to Jo

Promises Kept
Sequel to "I Promise," starring Maddy, Reg and Auntie Nun

Discussion concerning whereabouts of "Promises Kept" sequel

Promises Made
Maddy meets the granddaughter of a remorseful Thekla. A beginning.

Redheads – A Different Take (Ste. Therese)
Thanks Ray - now that's how it happened. :lol: -Lesley

The Start of a Friendship
The Baby Voodoo incident brings Joey & Anna together.

Thekla's Tale
How and why Thekla changed...

A Woman Alone (Ste. Therese)
What if Jack really had died during 'Highland Twins'?


Slivers of Memory (St. Agnes)
David and Natalie try to rediscover the Tiernsee.

A New Master for the Chalet School
Biggles has to look for a new form of employment.


Another One (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

Chalet School at the Olympics
GOLD!!! (or not)

Grizel's Heartache (Ste. Therese)
'Her secret hopes and dreams had been dashed.'
Grizel (slightly longer version)

Josephine (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (births)

A Romance for Kathie
Kathie Ferrars trips over a nice young man. The first five chapters.


Evvy & Mr. Lannis befriend German refugees


The End of the Interview (St. Clare)
EBD is a bit too detailed for the reporter.

The Lady High Executioner’s List (St. Scholastika)
Chalet School according to Gilbert & Sullivan


An arrival (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge

The Twelve Days of Chalet (St. Clare)
For Chelsea from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Lots of presents.


My India Diary (aka My India Journal)
Robin's writings link beautifully with Pat's 'More Shocks for the CS ' to reveal Jo's deepest secret.
part 1
part 2
part 3


Around the World (St. Agnes)
Jo tells the Russell children about Christmas in Hungary. For JennyWren from Santa, 2010.

A Christmas Drabble for JennyWren (St. Agnes)
Joey reads a letter from Jack, and Daisy worries about Santa. From Santa, 2010.

Christmas Songs for JennyWren (St. Agnes)
Chalet versions of Rudolph (with Mary-Lou!) and Winter Wonderland. From Santa, 2010.

I Never Thought They'd Do It (St. Agnes)
A triple wedding?

Twelve Days of Christmas (St. Clare)
A CS version for JennyWren from Santa, 2010

Unsung Heroes (Ste. Therese)
Jo tells of soldiers not home for Christmas. For JennyWren from Santa, 2010.


The Wedding Gift (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


An Academic Chaletian (St. Therese)
Sequel to 'Stacie at University

Among the Heath and Harebells (St. Scholastika)
'Wuthering Heights' crossover

Bit of a Poem (St. Clare)
The CS in four verses

A Chalet Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas (St. Scholastika)
Grizel stars as Scrooge. For Jonty from Santa, 2007

Christmas Lavender in the Wardrobe (St. Clare)
For Nikkie from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Nikkie opens a door and finds ... a snowdrift in wartime Wales?

A Different Kind of Exile (St. Scholastika)
Stephen Venables – ‘Even to herself she couldn't explain what it was that attracted her to him ….’

Emerence Visits the Seaside (St. Scholastika)
'Home and Away' crossover

I’m a Russell… Get Me Out Of here! (St.Clare) (incomplete)
based on the TV program

The Kiss (St. Agnes)
Simone and Joey: a poem

Stacie at University (Ste. Therese)
'...lovely ending and, for Stacie, just a beginning'-Lesley

A Truth Universally Acknowledged (St. Scholastika)
Jo has 5 daughters at home, and Dr. Bingley is a new surgeon.... Jane Austen crossover


A Chalet School Mystery (St. Agnes)
For Carys from Santa, 2007. Lots of Christmassy clues!

Roses at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
Abbey (Elsie J. Oxenham) cross-over

Two Pretty Men (St. Clare)
“This is Richard Derwent. You’ll be working with him in Switzerland.”-Mrs. Grayson to her nephew, Robin

Why Not Me? (St. Agnes)
Natalie's thoughts on Peggy becoming Head Girl


Another Untitled Drabble (incomplete)
Elizabeth arrives as a new Sixth Former.

A Cunning Plan
Rosie's unfinished plan involves Bill, the Upper Second and a trip to the bank!

Six years is such a long time...

Rosie, Vikki and Carolyn

A Tale of Misadventure (St. Clare)
An Expedition with CBBers. And bears. And monsters. And ghosts.


For the Love of Margot (Ste. Therese)
A drabble set just before Highland Twins
part 1

Hand in Hand (St. Agnes)
Mia's 2006 challenge: Scene EBD should have written. A Jack & Jo moment.

In the Deep Midwinter (St. Agnes)
A Christmas present for LizB, 2005. The triplets reunited.

Love Endureth (Ste. Therese)
A beautiful proposal from Jack

Three Little Words (St. Agnes)
Like it darling? Len reconsiders Reg's proposal


The Enemy Within (Ste. Therese) SDL
Gertrud's war

The First Day (St. Agnes) SDL
Grizel is a mother.

The New History Mistress (St. Scholastika)
She impresses even Francie Wilford! Crossover with Terry Pratchett's Discworld

For Peace, Land and Bread (Ste. Therese)
A revolution in Belsornia

Toboganing Anebody? (St. Clare) SDL
Drabble challenge: Rewrite Mary-Lou's accident in the style of another author. Style: Molesworth.

Untitled (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Gertrude rejoins her mother as anti-German feeling rises.

What Tom Did Next (Ste. Therese) SDL
"Such a fitting future for Tom"- Ally

Ruth B

The Austrians' Conversation
What will the Chalet School be like?

Robin Decides
Soeur Marie-Cecile reflects on her past.
part 1

Sad in Suburbia

The Subjugation of a Squeen (St. Clare)
In which Mia's true nature is revealed


Disgusted of Howells (St. Clare)
Josephine M. Bettany sets the record straight for Liss. EBD "today would write for a tabloid newspaper."


Trouble for Felicity (Ste. Therese)
Felicity runs away. How is Jack Lambert involved?

A New Start (St. Agnes)
Jack & Jo vignette


Felicity Dances in London (Ste. Therese) SDL
Fun & friends at university. Chalet School Big Bang, 2010

First Snow SDL
For Dawn from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Little Mouse and little Mike.

Mary-Lou at the CS, Alternative SDL
What would have happened if Mary Lou had died in the tobboggan accident (get out the tissues!)
part 1
part 2
part 3
final part


Miracle (Ste. Therese) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

A Promise (Ste. Therese) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Ruey's Tale (St. Scholastika)
A CS/Torchwood crossover

Solid Lump of Comfort (St. Agnes)
Madge talks with Jem the night before they leave Austria.

Stephen Maynard
An adult Stephen ("and a very lovely one I might add!"-Vikki)
part 1
final part

Without Him (Ste. Therese) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)


New Beginnings at the Platz (St. Scholastika)
In their retirement, Hilda & Nell receive many visitors. Guess the crossovers!
part 1


Mary-Lou’s Disappointment (St. Agnes)
An Oxford application goes awry.

A poem about Matey (St. Clare)
What did she dream of at the end of an exhausting day?

Skeleton in the Closet (St. Clare) (incomplete)
There really is a skeleton in the closet of the Maynard's holiday home...

Standing Up to Matron (St. Agnes)
Untidy drawers pull still another girl out of class. Will the staff take a stand?

Unlikely Happenings at the Chalet School (St. Clare)
Drabble based on the 'Lines unlikely to be seen in a Chalet book' thread


The Chalet School and Bridget O'Ryan (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Biddy lives at the CS, but attends the village school....

The Chalet School Chaplain (unfinished)
Madge selects a female minister for this new position.

Helen at the Chalet School (unfinished)
Shander begins the story of a Chalet girl from Canada.

Joey and Jack: Their Engagement
Set in the universe of Pat's "Shocks"

Margot takes her vows
Shander's moving description


The Daft Days (St. Clare)
Nell & Hilda celebrate Hogmany in Dundee.


A poem


part 1Marlows at the Chalet School
What happens when girls from Kingscote spend a term abroad at the CS?


The truth behind the CS
The dark side. A brief look at how the Maynard and Russell lifestyles may have been funded.


If Music Be The Food Of Love (Ste. Therese)
Jacynth is at the Conservatoire, while Gay gets her start as a chef.
part 1
part 1, post hacking


Elizabeth and the Chalet School (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Blyton Whyteleafe School crossover


And That of Jack (Ste. Therese) SDL
Follows on from 'Madge's Side.' 2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Corney’s Dream (St. Clare) SDL
No slang fines in dreams.:)

If Only... (Ste. Therese)
Cecil makes an observation. Lovely mother/daughter vignette.

Joey Reflects SDL
Snapshots of Joey growing up

Jo's Vigil (Ste. Therese) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Madge's Side (follows on from Jo's Vigil) (Ste. Therese) SDL
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (deaths)

Rachel Tests the Chalet School (Ste. Therese) SDL
"Every person with AS, or indeed on the Autistic Spectrum is completely different."-Rachel
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
final part

Spring Term (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'Rachel Tests the Chalet School'
part 1

Rainbow Rabbit as a Plot Bunny (St. Clare)
Sequel to Joyful's 'Rabbit Convention'

Rosalie’s Fast Forward (St. Scholastika) SDL
Wouldn’t technology have helped?

The Sunrise (Ste. Therese) SDL
"a beautiful word picture" -Elder in Toronto

Waiting on the Board (St. Clare)
100 word drabble honoring the new board

Wondering SDL
What really happened to Verity-Ann


A New Girl at the Chalet School (FCS)
Inspired satire

Sugar (Sugarplum)

And All the Angels in Heaven Shall Sing (Ste. Therese)
Robin, Nell and Hilda try to think positively at Christmas.

Before Someone is 90 (St. Clare)
A CBB Expedition, in honor of Pat’s birthday.

Before We are 30! (St. Clare)
The CBBers are off to Disneyland. Or possibly Kansas.

The Christmas Bell (St. Agnes)
Wanda’s china bell and the meaning of gift-giving.

The Christmas Post Bag (St. Agnes)
Letters to Santa from Jacynth Hardy

The Christmas Spider (St. Agnes)
Charles tells Cecil a folk tale about the origins of tinsel. For everyone from Sugar.

Ever So Confusing (Ste. Therese)
Gay muses on her brother’s marriage.

He Called Me Baby (Ste. Therese)
Jo's misinterpretation interrupts Grizel & Jack's romance

Madge Has a Makeover (St. Clare)
Crossover with 'The Simpsons'

May Morning (Ste. Therese)
As the family prepares to honor Our Lady, Robin mourns the contrasting celebration in Communist Poland.

Midnight Wanderings (St. Clare)
for Liss from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. Matron knows just what she's been up to....

Mothers Day (St. Agnes)
Robin remembers.

One Wish (Ste. Therese)
Gay can't forget her son, and on her deathbed asks Jacynth to find him.
part 1

The Peace of Forgiveness (Ste. Therese)
part 1: Betty Wynne-Davies writes to Elizabeth Arnett.
part 2: Elizabeth replies.

A Summer Experience (Ste. Therese)
Derbyshire Gather drabble 2006. Gay & Jacynth travel to an Edinburgh performance.

The Writing Conference (Ste. Therese)
A GO writing competition criterion requires at least one doctor per entry.


The Prize (St. Clare)
"Based on a true story."


I'm a Chaletian...get me out of here!
Sue gives us a very funny crossover!
part 1
final part

Joey, Grizel, and the Tiernjoch - an alternative
Sue's magnificent first drabble

The Perfect Christmas
For Laura from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Just what Jo always wanted!

Runaways (Ste. Therese)
2005 NTSG 100 word drabble challenge (weddings)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (St. Clare)
For Chair from CBB Secret Santa, 2005. "I don’t recognise you as an adoptee so I take it you are one of Mama’s wards."

Venturing Into the Big, Wide World (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
What happened to Joey?


The Last New Girl (St. Agnes) (incomplete)
Felicity is head girl when a new girl joins Marie-Claire's form.

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 Post subject: T-U
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2007, 06:22 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


Setting Europe Ablaze (Ste. Therese)
Polly's war.
part 1
part 2

Teddy Robinson
See also Pim

Pim exacts her revenge (St. Clare)
Matthew gets his comeuppance


Buffy and the Demons of Gornetz Place (St. Scholastika)
Cross-over with ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Satan and his Demons (St. Clare)
Rix has a secret identity.


A Christmas Gift (St. Clare)
For Sugarplum from Tony Rosomon. CBB Secret Santa, 2005

Jack Maynard, OBE (St. Clare)
Set after New Beginnings
part 1

Vets at the Chalet School (St. Scholastika) (incomplete)
A new vet at the San is attractive for more than his aid to the pets prefect....


Geraldine joins the CS
A new girl with a difference!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Margot Goes to Red Gables (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Sequel to Geraldine


Afternoon Tea (St. Agnes)
Four ways Kathie Ferrars never joined the Chalet School and one way she did.

Another Challenge (Ste. Therese)
Nancy reacts to Kathie's appendicitis.

Twas the Night before Christmas (St. Clare)
For Vikki from Santa, 2007. A CS version of the famous poem.


The Gloater (St. Clare)
A cliff for Kat and Josie

The Gloaters (St. Clare) (incomplete)
Consequences for CBB gloaters

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 Post subject: V-W
PostPosted: 05 Jun 2011, 21:24 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


Jo's Biggest Challenge (Ste. Therese)
What if Jo had contracted tuberculosis?
part 1 SDL part 1
part 2 SDL part 2
part 3 SDL part 3
Continued in the SDL

Vicki the Terror

A Broken Night (Ste. Therese)
Jeanne has nightmares. Short and complete.

Florence Has Her Say (Ste. Therese)
Floppy Bill writes a letter. Milton Keynes gather drabble, 2008

Juliet – Leader? (I'm no leader.) (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Juliet is head girl.

No Burden Too Heavy (Ste. Therese)
Sequel to 'Con's Revolt,' lost from the old Sally Denny Library. Con & Roger have 5 children….

Memories (Ste. Therese) (incomplete)
Joyce reflects.

My Mother's Memories (Ste. Therese)
Frieda's daughter goes through her mother's papers.

Shattered Dreams (Ste.Therese)
Margot is still a medical student when she develops bone cancer.


A Bear's View on Gathering (St. Clare)
Contributed by Honeycomb

The CBBers in Oz! (St. Clare) (incomplete)
"I don't think we're in Yorkshire anymore....."

The Chair (St. Clare)
What happened to it? And who will get revenge first?

A Christmas Miracle
For Emily from CBB Secret Santa, 2004. Madge & Dick keep an anxious vigil.

A Cunning Plan (St. Clare)
Mrs. MacPherson encounters Rachel the Witch.

Here We Go Again (St. Clare)
Orlando Bloom

Jo’s News
A baby boom at the Platz....

Letter to Santa (with others)
Our pleas to Santa, in the wake of the TEM attack

New Family at the CS
Six sisters join the school!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

A New Family at the CS, trial 2
part 1
part 2

Rachel the Smelly Witch (St. Clare)
Strange doings in Helensburgh

Robin's Story (St. Agnes)
Papa has to go to Russia.

Round Six (St. Clare)
More revenge strikes Helensburgh

Safe at Last
Jo & co. travel from Switzerland to Guernsey after their flight from the Nazis

'Twas Night at the Gather (St. Scholastika)
A poem guaranteed to make you want to attend a Gather!


For King and Country (St. Clare)
Joey has a duty to perform.


Con and Mary-Lou discuss women and careers – and Con is bitten by a plot bunny.

nCiS (St. Scholastika)
Murder suspect sends mysterious package to CS, and Ziva goes undercover.

Willow and Emma
See also Le Petite Em, Chalet_School_Lover.

Chav at the CS (St. Clare)
Kylie "Kaz" Jones joins forces with Ted and Con.

Prefects and Passion (St. Clare)
What could happen at the San's Christmas Ball?

SLOC School (St. Clare)
A unique training course

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 Post subject: Re: Index Drabble-orum (Last updated 25 May 2011)
PostPosted: 05 Jun 2011, 21:25 
Concerned about new girl
Concerned about new girl

Joined: 20 Jan 2004, 00:49
Posts: 1916
Location: midwestern US


All Night, All Day... (Ste. Therese)
Robin's mother reflects....

Another New Job for Vikki (St. Clare)
For information on the endowment, see http://www.african.cam.ac.uk/research/smuts/smuts.html

Exiled (Ste. Therese)
"Very moving, and horribly chilling" - Emma A

A half term excursion (Ste. Clare)
CBBers meet someone at Pretty Maids.

A Little Poetry (Ste. Therese)
The book belongs to another world, and a gust of wind through the shattered window ruffles its pages....

Live As Though Heaven is On Earth (Ste. Therese)
Robin looks back.

Nomenclature and Novels (St. Clare)
Jo's latest uses the latest web resources for names.

On My Honour
Madge's training as a guider

Something a little silly
Xan's TEM bashing drabble!!!!
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

A Study Scene (St. Clare)
Guilty CBBers face Miss Annersley. Includes nidding.


Stealthing in Wales

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 Post subject: Re: Index Drabble-orum (Last updated 25 July 2011)
PostPosted: 03 Nov 2014, 21:55 
Admiring Tom's latest effort
Admiring Tom's latest effort
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Joined: 31 May 2004, 13:43
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Sorry to comment here, but I'm finding that at least half of the fics in the archive aren't loading. Is there a problem with the archive?

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