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 Post subject: Common Problems
PostPosted: 27 Apr 2006, 11:28 
Lamenting the amount of work
Lamenting the amount of work
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AGE LIMIT On this board, under thirteens should technically have parental permission to use this board. However, as this is a restriction mainly in place for USA Web Mistresses or Squeens, it is not legally binding.

ARCHIVES If the links at the top of the Index fail to work, you can enter the following addresses manually into your browser to access the archives.
Random Archive: http://members.lycos.co.uk/thecbb/profiles.html
Drabbles Archive: http://members.lycos.co.uk/thecbb/archive.html
Blogger Archive http://chaletian.com/forum/archive/
Other archives can be accessed from the links on the index page, and for drabbles through the drabbleorum.

AUTO CENSOR This is a feature available to Liss which she may or may not play with at random. If shiny become dandelions for no good reason, it is probably the Squeen playing. At the moment we have a problem with spo0n

AVATARS Avatar pictures can be changed by going to your profile and viewing the gallery pictures. If you want to use your own picture, you will need to host it on your own webspace, Photobucket is free and easy to use.

To go to the gallery: User control panel (top row, second from left) -> Profile (in the menu along the left hand side) -> edit avatar (again, in the meny along the left hand side) -> display gallery (underneith "current image")

AVATAR MESSAGES Above your avatar is a one liner that describes your status within the school. This changes with the number of posts you make. Watch out for the excitement of earning your remove to Inter V!

CBB CLOCK To set the CBB clock to BST, go to your profile and select the option "GMT + 1hr". Occasionally the clock decides it wants to run at a slightly different time, so you may have to adjust the time in your profile accordingly.

CREATING A BOARD PROFILE To create a profile in the profiles section of the board, just go into that section and start a new thread. On one of the first threads (it's stuck to the first page) you can find a template. Just copy and paste the template into the new thread and introduce yourself.

EDITING POLLS Once a poll is up and running, if you want the options changed, ask a mod to go in and delete and restart this for you if the edit feature will not permit you to do this yourself.

EDITING MESSAGES 1 Unfortunately, editing a message will not trigger a new message orange tab. If the edited message is of vital importance, a new post may be necessary to draw attention to it.

EDITING MESSAGES 2 explained by Kate: "Edits are only noted if there has been a subsquent post made before the edit. IE, if you edit your post now, since my post has been made, the edit will be noted. If you had edited if before my post was made, it wouldn't have been."
ETA stands for 'edited to add'.

If you change the email address you use for your board account you will not be able to log in! Please contact Liss and she will solve the issue

ERROR MESSAGES Sometimes you will get an error message with the following information:
General Error Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 535 5.7.0 authentication failed
DEBUG MODE Line : 131 File : /home/c/chaletian/public_html/forum/includes/smtp.php

Just use your back button to access the board and continue as normal. Any reply you were posting will be posted - it is not necessary to resubmit.
A variation on this is:

Could not insert new word DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1016 Can't open file:
'phpbb_search_wordlist.MYD'. (errno: 145) INSERT IGNORE INTO phpbb_search_wordlist (word_text, word_common) VALUES (then follows a long list of every word in my post arranged alphabetically with a value of "0")
Line : 232 File :/home/chaletianuk/public_html/forum/includes/functions_search.php

This is caused by corrupt files in the database. You need to contact Liss with a wibbling email and get her to fix it again

Other error messages are:

CANNOT FIND PAGE This message appears at times. Often, using the back button on your browser and then continuing as normal solves this problem.
FATAL/CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE This message comes up from time to time making members believe their replies have not been sent. By using the back button, the member then resubmits their reply. Unfortunately, the error message is lying and the first time you submitted, your message was sent. If this message appears, use the back button to get back to a point where you can continue using the links to other parts of the board.
POST MODE NOT SPECIFIED If this message appears after you click submit, use your back button to go back to your reply and try again. This message seems to appear if you are trying to post replies too close together timewise.
NO POSTS EXIST FOR THIS TOPIC An error message that occurs on the last page of a thread. This is because when the board changed over servers in March 2005, many posts were unavoidably deleted, yet in some way the database still believes them to be there. To read the newest post you will have to go back one page in the thread.

FONT SIZES IN ARCHIVES If you need to make them bigger so that you can read them you have a number of options. Try pressing ctrl and '+' at the same time if you are using Mozilla. Or use your Tools bar on the top menu to change the text controls on your PC screen. Alternatively, copy the text that you want to read and paste it into a Word document so that you can have complete control over it's size.

HOME BUTTON There is no button labelled "home" on this board, but the text "The CBB Forum Index" will return you to the Index page of the CBB.

LAST POSTS OPTION On the Index, there are three options on the right, about the board itself. View posts since last visit View your posts View unanswered posts

To add a link into a thread just copy and paste it, do not use the URL tags. To do a link where you just see *click me* use the following but with [] rather than {}
{url=http://www.yourlink}*click me*{/url}

LOCKED THREADS In "Having a Problem", threads will be locked as soon as a solution to the problem has been found. Other threads may be locked in other sections for various reasons.

MSN ADDRESS To add your MSN details to your profile, simply go to your profile and type your hotmail address into the appropriate box, then click save.

NEW POST NOTIFICATION TAB These little orange tabs on the Index will stay orange until you have read EVERY new post in that section.

NOT SHOWING UP ON THE BOARD The information about users on the board is based on the last five minutes. If you have been away from your keyboard etc, you may no longer show up as being online, but you will still be logged in. Once you start browsing and posting again, you should show up.

PAGES NOT LOADING, REPLIES NOT BEING SENT If you are suffering from a combination of problems such as this, it is possible you need to reboot your system. Clearing your computers cache and deleting temporary internet files is also helpful.

PMs When you write and send a PM, it will stay in your Outbox until the recipient has actually READ it, at which point it will move to your Sentbox. Please do not worry if it is still in your Outbox if you know they person has not been on the board

PM BOX FULL When your inbox is approaching full capacity, mark which messages you want to save and click on "save marked topics". Then select "delete all". Alternatively, you can mark messages and select "delete marked messages" and leave other messages in your inbox. Once your inbox is 100% full older messages will be automatically deleted from your inbox (you get about 3 pages worth of messages)

PM NOTIFICATION By visiting your profile, you can select how you want to be notified of PMs email, pop up window or both. HOWEVER. if you are running a pop up blocker, the pop up notification window probably wont pop up!

PMs: SENDING TO MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS You cannot send one message to multiple people, the easiest way to do this is to send the message to the first person and then backpage until you're on the page with your message on again and change the recipient's name at the top before sending again.

POST COUNT If your total number of posts has reduced, it is probably because either Prunella (the auto prune feature) has kicked in, or one of the mods has been busy and manually deleted or archived some threads.

POST LIMITS/QUOTAS The post limit is currently set to 100 posts per 24-hour period.

REFRESHING If after refreshing the pages are loading incomplete or with code showing, you may have to delete your Temporary Internet Files from your computer.

SALLY DENNY LIBRARY The link to this website is http://www.sallydenny.co.uk/

SIGNATURE SIZES This is quite easy - just go to your Profile (top of page under The CBB) and in the Signature box add the following on either side of your original text [size=X] original text [/size] NB - you will need to change the X to 80 to denote the font size

SLOW BOARD Occasionally at times when the board is particularly busy, the time to load pages will increase and the board will appear to be very slow. Deleting your temporary internet files might help.
Liss wrote:
there's not much I can really do about it being slow. It's usually a combination of users' computers, the number of members on the board, the various connections involved, and the hosting server. I fear it is one of things that must be lived with, for the time being at any rate.

SMILIES To access all the smileys, click the tab labelled "View more emoticons" from the reply page of any thread.
To get Smilies in when they refuse to transfer.
1)Open the Emoticons Window
2)Hold your Mouse over the smilie of your choice - either a box will appear with the name in - e.g. ": lol :" or it will appear in the bar at the bottom of the page with "javascriptemoticon(': lol :'
3)Return to the posting window and manually type : lol : (AGAIN< WITHOUT THE SPACES)
4)Press Submit and there's the smilie smiling at you!

ST HILD'SThis is now a locked forum, to join you need to PM Lesley to aks her to add you to the usergroup.

STARS The number of stars a member has above their avatar picture is linked to the number of posts a person has made. The stars are inputted into the database by Liss, and so not all of them have been done, consequentially some members may go from 3 stars to 2.

STAYING LOGGED IN To stay logged in, click the "keep me logged in" option on the sign in page. This should prevent you having to log in every time you visit the board.

TEXT SIZE If you go to the 'profile' link in the top menu, and scroll down to the option that says 'board style' you will see that the default option is 'CBB - standard'. Change that to 'CBB - large'. This makes the text larger. It should stay like this every time you log in (though will revert to standard when you're not logged in).

TRANSCRIPTS WEBSITE is located HERE Please note you have to be a member of the site to access the transcripts, and that reading transcripts is NOT an excuse not to buy the books when they are republished!

UNABLE TO LOG IN This is a problem particularly for AOL members. No real solution, but using an alternative browser can help, rather than using the AOL browser itself.

VIRUSES Occasionally people with infected computers pass on viruses to other CBBers. Please make sure you are running anti-virus software and scanning your computer on a regular basis.

Joey: A Life In Pictures - Bake with Bert Blog

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 Post subject: Re: Common Problems
PostPosted: 27 Mar 2009, 16:38 
Agonising over your Latin prep
Agonising over your Latin prep

Joined: 29 May 2005, 16:51
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There is now a google search box on the CBB which you can use to search *within* the CBB. Please remember that this material is collected by Google and that CBB-people have no influence on the order in which it is presented, or whether the threads are still live etc. The google search does not have any access to locked fora (St Hild's, the Gathers etc). (Thank you Cat C!) :D

[size=75]"Somehow, he felt, as he had never felt before, the want of a woman to sit facing him as he read a new book on pulmonary complaints." (Jean of Storms)

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