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 Post subject: EBD's Books
PostPosted: 18 Oct 2007, 23:05 
Agonising over your Latin prep
Agonising over your Latin prep

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The Chalet School Series

Original Hardbacks

The books are (hardback titles):

1. The School at the Chalet (1925)
2. Jo of the Chalet School (1926)
3. The Princess of the Chalet School (1927)
4. The Head-Girl of the Chalet School (1928)
5. The Rivals of the Chalet School (1929)
6. Eustacia Goes to the Chalet School (1930)
7. The Chalet School and Jo (1931)
8. The Chalet Girls in Camp (1932)
9. The Exploits of the Chalet Girls (1933)
10. The Chalet School and the Lintons (1) (1934)
11. The New House at the Chalet School (1935)
12. Jo Returns to the Chalet School (1936)
13. The New Chalet School (2) (1938)
14. The Chalet School in Exile (1940)
15. The Chalet School Goes to it (3) (1941)
16. Highland Twins at the Chalet School (1942)
17. Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School (4) (1943)
18. Gay From China at the Chalet School (5) (1944)
19. Jo to the Rescue (1945)
20. The Mystery at the Chalet School (6)
21. Tom Tackles the Chalet School (6) (1955)
22. The Chalet School and Rosalie (6) (1951)
23. Three Go to the Chalet School (1949)
24. The Chalet School and the Island (1950)
25. Peggy Of The Chalet School (1950)
26. Carola Storms the Chalet School (1951)
27. The Wrong Chalet School (1952)
28. Shocks for the Chalet School (1952)
29. The Chalet School in the Oberland (1952)
30. Bride Leads the Chalet School (1953)
31. Changes for the Chalet School (1953)
32. Joey Goes to the Oberland (1954)
33. The Chalet School and Barbara (1954)
34. The Chalet School Does it Again (1955)
35. A Chalet Girl from Kenya (1955)
36. Mary-Lou of the Chalet School (1956)
37. A Genius at the Chalet School (7) (1956)
38. A Problem for the Chalet School (1956)
39. The New Mistress at the Chalet School (1957)
40. Excitements at the Chalet School (1957)
41. The Coming of Age of the Chalet School (1958)
42. The Chalet School and Richenda (1958)
43. Trials for the Chalet School (1959)
44. Theodora and the Chalet School (1959)
45. Joey and Co. in Tirol (1960)
46. Ruey Richardson - Chaletian ( 8 ) (1960)
47. A Leader in the Chalet School (1961)
48. The Chalet School Wins the Trick (1961)
49. A Future Chalet School Girl (1962)
50. The Feud in the Chalet School (1962)
51. The Chalet School Triplets (1963)
52. The Chalet School Reunion (1963)
53. Jane and the Chalet School (1964)
54. Redheads at the Chalet School (1964)
55. Adrienne and the Chalet School (1965)
56. Summer Term at the Chalet School (1965)
57. Challenge for the Chalet School (1966)
58. Two Sams at the Chalet School (1967)
59. Althea Joins the Chalet School (1969)
60. Prefects of the Chalet School (1970)

Differences in Paperback

The number and names of the books vary depending on whether they are in hardcover, or in (often heavily abridged) paperback editions. The differences are as follows:

1. Split into "The Chalet School and the Lintons" and "A Rebel at the Chalet School" in paperback
2. Split into "The New Chalet School" and "A United Chalet School" in paperback
3. Titled "The Chalet School at War" in paperback
4. Titled "Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School" in paperback
5. Titled "Gay Lambert at the Chalet School" in paperback
6. These three books were written out of publication sequence. "The Chalet School Mystery" and "The Chalet School and Rosalie" have only appeared in paperback form.
7. Split into "A Genius at the Chalet School" and "The Chalet School Fete" in paperback
8. Titled "Ruey Richardson at the Chalet School" in paperback

Related Books

There are also several related books by Brent-Dyer, and more recent compilations:

1. The Chalet Book for Girls (1947)
2. The Second Chalet Book for Girls (1948)
3. The Third Chalet Book for Girls (1949)
4. The Chalet Girls Cookbook (1953)
5. The Chalet Club News Letter Book (2004)
6. Elinor M Brent Dyer's Short Stories (2005)

Books by Other Authors

Several authors have written books about the Chalet School, some of them follow on from the last book of the series, and others attempt to fill in some of the "gaps" in the earlier years of the school.

Fill in Novels

* Juliet of the Chalet School - Caroline German (GGBP 2006) - set between Jo Of & Princess
* Visitors to the Chalet School - Helen McClelland (BP 1995 & 2004; Collins 2000) - set between Princess & Head Girl
* Two Chalet School Girls in India - Priyadarshini Narendra (BP 2006) - set between New & Exile
* Gillian of the Chalet School - Carol Allan (GGBP 2001 & 2006) - set between New & Exile
* Joey and Patricia: A Reunion in Guernsey - Helen McClelland (NCC 2000) - set in the middle of Exile
* The Chalet School and Robin - Caroline German (GGBP 2003) - set between Goes To It & Highland Twins
* A Chalet School Headmistress - Helen Barber (GGBP 2005) - set in the same term as Mystery
* Hilda Annersley: Headmistress - Lesley Green (Matador Press 2005) - set in the timespan from Gay to Rosalie
* Peace Comes to the Chalet School - Katherine Bruce (GGBP 2005) - set between Rosalie & 3 Go.


The first book follows some of the Chalet School characters, though it is not set in the School itself. It is not recommended for younger readers.

* Chalet Girls Grow Up - Merryn Williams (Plas Gwyn Books 1998)

These two books follow on immediately after Prefects of the Chalet School

* New Beginnings at the Chalet School - Heather Paisley (GGBP 2002 & 2006) set 3 years after Prefects
* The Chalet School Librarian - Pat Willimott (Matador Press 2005) set 3 years and 1 term after Prefects

Lost Books

"Two Chalet Girls in India" by EBD, a book detailing the time spent by Joey and the Robin in India, the manuscript for this book disappeared several decades ago without being published; covers some of the time between The New Chalet School and The Chalet School in Exile

In the Pipeline

*A Difficult Term for the Chalet School by Lisa Townsend, due for publication by Girls Gone By soon; covers the term between Three Go to the Chalet School and The Chalet School and the Island

*Deira and the Chalet School by Caroline German, currently being written.

*The Chalet School and the Muellers by Katherine Bruce, currently being written.

*The Year In Between by Pat Willimott, currently being written. Fills the gap in Exile.

*A Chalet School Partnership by Lesley Green, currently being written. Nell moves to the Oberland to head Welsen, breaking her long professional partnership with Hilda.

*A Chinese Adventure by Ray, currently being written. Tells Gay's story before she came to the Chalet School. Will be published by GGB around 2009, hopefully.

*Before the Chalet School by Helen Barber, set pre-School At.

*More New Beginnings by Heather Paisley, continuing her already-published sequel, 'New Beginnings'.

*Joey and Robin in India - a different version of their experience, this time by the GGB press.

*Guides of the Chalet School, by Jane Berry - set after Jo of.

*Jack of the Chalet School, set after Prefects.

The La Rochelle Series
(All of this series ties in with the Chalet Series)

1. Gerry Goes to School
2. A Head Girl's Difficulties
3. The Maids of La Rochelle
4. Seven Scamps
5. Heather Leaves School
6. Janie of La Rochelle
7. Janie Steps In

Other Titles
(Books which tie in to the Chalet Series are marked *)

Chudleigh Hold*
The Condor Crags Adventure
Top Secret
The Susannah Adventure
A Thrilling Term at Janeways
Caroline the Second
The New House-Mistress
Judy the Guide
The Feud in the Fifth Remove
Carnation of the Upper Fourth
Monica Turns Up Trumps*
They Both Liked Dogs
The School by the River*
The Little Marie-Jose
Elizabeth the Gallant
The Little Missus
The Lost Staircase*
Lorna at Wynyards*
Stepsisters for Lorna*
Kennelmaid Nan
Nesta Steps Out
Beechy of the Harbour School
Leader in Spite of Herself
The School at Skelton Hall
Trouble at Skelton Hall
Bess On Her Own In Canada
A Quintette in Queensland
Sharlie's Kenya Diary
Verena Visits New Zealand
Jean of Storms

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