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 Post subject: A Short History of Nearly Everything
PostPosted: 25 Apr 2007, 21:15 
Lamenting the amount of work
Lamenting the amount of work
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Our History
Way way back many centuries ago the Chalet School barely had an online presence, until Liss came along and rather changed all that in a most squeeful way.

The First Sitewww.geocities.com/the_chaletian
The original site was a handy resource for those who loved the books. There was a list of the books, character information and all that factual jazz, but there were also fun side. Interactive games such as quizzes and jigsaws helped the procrastination along (any chance of the jigsaws back Squeenie?) and people got to know one another through The Guestbook.

The Second Sitewww.chaletian.co.uk
The site moved to a new domain. The Squeen loved (and still loves) playing with her websites and making them pretty so that Chaletian site underwent a few makeovers!


The Guestbook
The Guestbook was an important feature from the start, as it showed CS fans they were not alone in the madness and allowed them to chat with others fans.The Guestbook

This proved so popular that in the autumn of 2002 the Guestbook was replaced with a new users section. The focus of this was a forum, The Chaletian Bulletin Board, and so the CBB was born (huzzah!).

In early 2003 when rather new it looked rather Green.

Later in the year it went red (sadly I can no longer find an archived page of the index)...

...and ended up purple.

One of the most important elements to the CBB has been the wondrous drabbles, but at one point there were only two drabbles on the whole board!

Yes, really: look see!

Archiving of the board also began and the two separate indices can be seen here:

Random Archive
Drabble Archive

But at the end of 2003 there was much woe for board was invaded by the Thread Eating Monster (TEM). The board had grown rather large due to the growth in numbers and also all the yibbling, and it no could no longer cope. Threads began to be eaten or partially eaten, and even some profiles were lost.

As a result the YaBB board was deserted (for we are cruel like that) and the phpBB board was created, and it was really rather shiny.

The new improved CBB was open to general consumption on the 19th January 2004, and was very quickly filled with happy yibbling. To begin with it was still purple, but very shortly afterwards it became red, blue and gold.

Alas there was again to be woe, for just a few weeks before the first big Gather in March took place, we rather overdid it on yibbling. This caused major bandwidth problems so that the board sulked and stopped playing.

There was much panic as people tried to contact each other and a two yahoo groups were created. One for the gatherers and one so people could get their drabble fix! A livejournal account cbb_auxiliary was also created to help people keep in touch this way, and is still used in emergencies.

With the bandwidth problem fixed the board came back again, huzzah! With a whole extra forum, Brown Velveteen, just for yibbling!

The Third Site www.chaletian.com
In early 2005 there was again woe due to more bandwidth problems and so we moved servers, though the board remained the same appearance wise.

However, on the bright side more shiny new forums were created. In a big change the original Cookies and Drabbles forum was split into ‘houses’ for different genres of stories. Which can be seen here.

Then in November we went green.

This year saw more woe than ever, for in April the board suffered at the hands of an evil hacker. They completely destroyed the board as it was and we all cried, a lot. Though many current stories and threads were lost, we were lucky that the archives remained intact.

The Fourth Sitewww.the-cbb.co.uk
So we began completely anew once more at a new domain with a new improved version of the software. However, there is one thing our traumas have shown, you cannot keep a CBBer born to yibble down for long, and we were soon flourishing once again.

The beginning of the year saw a slight url change to www.the-cbb.co.uk/board and the arrival of a host of new mods.

Two new livejournal accounts have also been created to help spread the CBB and the Chalet School further across the internet. These are the_cbb_digest that repeats the post in News and Views and freudesheim (though the latter is still under construction at the time of writing).

In October 2008 Kate was named the new Administrator and general uber-overloard of the board. We must all bow down before her.

This is a brief over view of the major events (mainly of woe) in the board’s history but if you view the archived pages, you will see just how many changes there have been to style, forums and the like. The board isn’t afraid of change, either imposed by external circumstances or decisions made by ourselves. We even have a forum where you can suggest changes: The Suggestions Box.

The Chaletian
There has always been more to the website than the forum, starting with the early yahoo site, there has nearly always been a front page to access the other features of the site, as well as the CBB.

Here are some of those formats:

December 2002
April 2003
June 2003
March 2005
November 2005

Joey: A Life In Pictures - Bake with Bert Blog

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