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Currently a work in progress this thread will provide a Q & A for questions that have been asked in Joey's Trunk (and the all important answers!). May take a little while for Carys and myself to complete but should (hopefully) be useful for drabble writing once done. If you've got any questions about the thread PM Carys or Lucy


See D - Adrienne Desmoines

Hilda Annersley

When did Miss Annersley become Head Mistress?

Miss Annersley was the school's senior mistress when Mlle Lepattre fell ill in Jo Returns, she was then appointed acting head until Mlle Lepattre's return to the school. However in New she announces to the staff that she is now the actual head as Mlle Lepattre is too ill to return to teaching.


How long did airmail letters in the early 1960s take to travel from the UK to Australia?

Possibly a week to 10 days.
There were at least 2 kinds of mail: air and ship.

Commercial airlines had to stop frequently for fuel. A passenger journey from Australia to London took about 4 days. (look up 'Kangaroo route')

Sending anything by air was expensive due to weight and would have been written on special thin paper (still used in the late 80's).
Sea mail was much cheaper and took (from memory) 3 or more weeks.

Remember with any mail it would take less time from capital city to capital city (or major point of entry) ie London to Darwin would have taken less time than London to Cairns or Hobart.

For further info see archived discussion here.

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What happened to Belsornia during the Second World War?

It was invaded - Elizaveta and her young family had to escape by disguising themselves as peasants. Even after the War they didn't have a happy ending - it was in the Russian sphere and therefore was forced to turn communist. The King-in-exile moved to Australia to run a sheep farm. Elisaveta stayed in Europe.


Where is Jackie Bettany is born? What is his full name?

He's John Noel.

Born in Lintons:
“What a house this is for babies!” said Joyce suddenly when Marie had gone.
“It is, rather,” agreed Jo. “And when my sister-in-law comes home in the summer as she thinks of doing, there'll be two more.”
“Two!” said Cornelia. “I thought there was only Bridget?”
“So there was. But Mollie had another baby at Christmas -- a boy, so they've called him John Noel, to be known as Jack. Didn't you hear? I thought I'd told everyone.”
“Never heard a word of it,” said Cornelia.

and there's this bit in Bride:
‘Maeve, card for you and another for Maurice. And that’s the lot. Nothing today for you, Jackie, my lad.’
‘John!’ said the owner of the name stolidly. ‘Honestly, Dad, I’m not a kid now.’
His father chuckled. ‘You can’t expect us to get into the way of it all at once. You’ve been Jackie for fourteen solid years and it’s only nine days since your birthday. Give us a chance!’
‘I don’t see,’ said Bride, the second of the Bettany girls, ‘why if we must change his name, we don’t do it altogether, use his second one and call him “Noel”.’
Jackie’s face was a study. ‘You just let me catch you trying it on!’ he spluttered. ‘Just you try it! That’s all!’
‘O.K.—O.K.!’ Their father put in his oar. ‘No one is thinking of doing it, whatever Bride may say, so keep your wool on. No one ever wanted you to have the name, anyway. It was that idiot of a godmother of yours who stuck it in at the last moment—Hello, Moll! What’s happened now?’

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Is there a list of staff and pupils who stayed on at Carnbach after Changes?

Staff :Miss Edwards, Miss Norman, Miss Stephens, Miss Everett, Miss Alton, Miss Oldroyd, Miss Johnson
Seniors: Audrey Simpson, Valerie Arnott*, Margaret Benn, Gwynneth Jones, Rosalind Yolland
Middles: Caroline Soames, Anne and Angela Carter, Cherry Christy, Gwen Davies
Juniors : Gaynor Christy

For a few years: Doris Hill, Gwen Jones, Priscilla and Prudence Dawbarn, Janice Chester, Ailie Russell, Judy Willoughby

*Valerie Arnott went to Switzerland in the end after all. She said she was staying in Changes but was in Barbara so am assuming she didn't end up going. And then she is mysteriously replaced as second prefect by Veronica Worsley one book later!

There are half a dozen student who say they aren't going, show up in Barbara and then are never seen again - Beth Lane, Mollie Woods, etc.

There are also a number of girls who could have been at Carnbach, in that they appear before the school leaves, but aren't mentioned in Switzerland. Most are characters only mentioned in passing, but of ones where there is actually a description of some sort:

Anne Webster and Lilias Robertson are potention sixth formers (or prefects), as are Iris Drew and Gillian Moggeridge and Allison Grant, Sarah Lomax and Sylvia Peacock from the other CS School.

Fifth Formers: Armine Brown, Judy O'Connor and Jennifer Penrose and Anne Gordon, Maureen Grey, Marian Tovey from the other CS.

Fourth Formers: Olwyn Hughes and Terry Wake, Jane Abbot, Dorothea Fletcher, Nora O'Connor, Stella Porter, Thyra Bjornessen

Third Formers: Lilias Hume

Second Formers: Signa Bjornesson, Bridgie O'Connor

Oh, and Ruth Herbert was there until her death.

What are the ages of pupils and staff (who stay at Carnbach)?

The Seniors are all 17.
The Middles except Caroline Soames are Mary Lou and Co's age with Caroline Soames being Maeve Bettany's age so about 13 or so and Gaynor Christy is about 7.
Miss Edwards and Miss Norman were in Tyrol when Joey was Head Girl so would assume they are a few years younger than Hilda and Nell.

For further info see archived discussion here.

Verity Carey

When does Verity leave school and what does she do afterwards?

Verity leaves school in the summer of 1954 when she was 18. She later attends St Mildreds, which is interrupted when Verity's father dies. Mary-Lou then goes to Oxford and Verity to the Royal College of Music. Mrs Trelawny gets seriously ill in Triplets, the spring of that year, at about the same time Verity gets engaged to Alan Trevor, the brother of a school friend, Enid. They marry in Reuion, not too long after Mrs Trelawny's death, and she's pregnant in Challenge, the Autumn of the following year.

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Rosalie Dene

Can anyone please tell me which book it is that Rosalie talks to someone – Hilda / Joey about her father marrying again and about her stepmother?

It's to Joey in Reunion:

"Rosalie, why is it you've never married? You're a good-looking creature; you're a good mixer; you've a sense of humour; above all, you're understanding and kind. Hasn't there ever been anyone – not anyone at all?"
Rosalie's blue eyes were like saucers. Then she went off into a peal of laughter.
"Oh, Jo! What will you say next? No, my love, there's never been anyone and I don't care if there never is. I'm quite satisfied with my present life. Remember; I have roots. Grizel loathed her stepmother and there wasn't much love lost between her father and herself. I adore Dad and my stepmother is a poppet. Oh, I don't say that if I'd stayed at home we shouldn't have got across each other. We probably should. As it is, we're real friends. I think a lot of young Peter and Robin and they're quite fond of me. In fact, believe it or not, Peter tells me all about his latest girl and even asks my advice – which I never give, incidentally. I've roots all right, so you stop making a bigger ass of yourself then usual and give me a few details about your plans.

Does Rosalie mention the stepmother's christian name - there or anywhere else?

According to the A-Z of CS Characters, the second Mrs. Dene isn't given a Christian name.

Adrienne Desmoines

Does Adrienne appear anywhere else after ‘Adrienne and the CS’?

She is mentioned in Challenge:
Jane was one of a chummery which included José Helston, a young person of marked character, Dilys Edwards, a Welsh girl, and Adrienne Desmoines whose story was regarded by her chums as highly romantic.
and in Two Sams but not in Althea, and has a line in Prefects after a thunderstorm:
“Oh, mon Dieu!” exclaimed Adrienne Desmoines, horror in her voice. “Suppose the tennis courts were affected? What should we do then?”

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Evadne Lannis

What information is there about Evadne's first engagement?

The following from Lavender tells us:

"He's a lieutenant in the American army. They met when Evvy was with her people in America just before war broke out,” said Kitty. “They’ve been writing ever since, and got engaged by letter, if you please. Evvy says they’re to be married when the American army get over here. In the meantime, she’s a W.A.A.F., and saving towards her trousseau.”

EBD later says he was an airman who was shot down over the western desert during the war.

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Where can I find a description of Freudesheim?

The best description of Freudesheim is in 'Joey Goes to the Oberland'.

According to this, when one enters Freudesheim, one is in a large square hall, with a door on each side, and a passage running across the back. The room on the right was the original speisesaal, and has a hatch through to the kitchen which is presumably behind it. It seems to go back and forht between the dining room and the speisesaal. When there were house guests as in 'Reunion' everyone would have eaten there, but it wasn't the main entertaining room. Jo nomallly refers to the Kitchen, but Anna may have used the german name.

On the left was a room which Jo adopted as her study. Not particularly public, but close friends seem to have no qualms about walking in every so often. Beyond that was a smaller room, which became Jacks study. It makes sense for him to have the smaller room, since he would have had a proper office at the San.

At the backof the house was a huge room, which Jo adopted as the Saal, and it was always referred to as such. This is the room where we always see her entertaining, having 'English Tea' or holding parties. It was originally the ball room of the Pension Wellington, and while it must have been fairly small on the general scale of ball rooms, it was huge on the scale of living rooms.

Once you move upstairs the description becomes less clear, but Jo and Jacks bedroom was above the study, and the night nursery was above half of the Saal. There was a large playroom at the top of the house, where visiting children would have been entertsined, and the girls often visited.

Len mentions to Jack (on 'Jane') that there are six bathrooms; there may have been additional toilets, and probably a separate bathroom for Anna next to her bedroom over the kitchen.

Fry, Richenda

Is there any background info about Richenda’s home/ childhood?

It's somewhere not far from London:-

1. When Prof Fry decides to send Richenda to the CS, IIRC he goes to London for the day to make the arrangements.

2. When Joey is going to England to have her health problems dealt with, she says Prof Fry lives near enough to London for her to be able to go and see him.

On Richenda's mother, I believe she was in her late twenties when she and Prof Fry married, and they'd been married a good few years before Richenda came along - as many as ten years, possibly. And I think Richenda quotes Nanny as saying she was a sweet person.

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Howells Village

It is generally accepted that Howells Village is located 20 miles to the west of Armiford (Hereford), and is based on a village called Peterchurch. Behind the CS states that the car journey taken by Jo at the beginning of Highland Twins is completely accurate.

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The nearest big town to the Swiss branch of the school was Interlaken. Notable points of interest and mentions of Interlaken in the series include:

"It's between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz - hence the name Interlaken - so mainly walking round looking at nice lakeside views. The main street's called the Hoheweg and there are of course many places there selling heavenly cakes with whipped cream. And there's a pretty suburb called Unterseen which Mary-Lou's gran had a picture of or something." Alison H

"Lots of boats on the lakes . An extremely interesting Museum of all sorts of old Swiss houses is near to the town of Brienz... The Reichenbach falls are quite near for a Sherlockian visit. There is a sort of zoo place on the Harder which you reach by cable car." Janetbrown23

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Joey's Wedding

In Future Joey tells Irma von Rothenfels that she and Jack got married in the October after they left Austria, so October 1938. There's nothing said about the wedding, although she does offer her wedding veil (which was a gift from Luigia and Bianca di Ferrara) to Simone in Goes to It, so presumable there was a dress to go with it. By that time, Madge and Margot and their children were all there, and Jem was supposed to be there by then as well. So it makes sense that Jem would give her away.

It's also not clear when Joey converted to Catholicism. When the triplets are born she tells Madge that they'll be raised Catholic, though.

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Ladies in Waiting

If Joey had gone to Belsornia to be Elisaveta's Lady in Waiting it would probably have been as soon as she left school in New House. Her duties as Lady in Waiting would have included accompanying Elisaveta on official engagements, coming over to distract people if Elisaveta indicated that she needed to get away from them without being rude so that she could talk to other people, helping her choose her clothes for particular occasions, and keeping her company when she was at home. Ooh, and she could have helped with the wedding preparations if she'd stayed long enough.

Locations on the Platz

Where was St Mildred's second location?

Close to the school, about a ten to fifteen minute walk across the playing fields. Presumably longer going round by the road.

Where was the St Nicholas's building before it joined the school grounds?

It was housed in the chalet that was later turned turned into flats, one of which was given to Herr Laubach when he retired. Don't really know where, but probably close to the main school. Certainly the school rather than the San end of the Platz. I think it mentions it in 'Feud'.

Where was St. Cecile?

It wasn't on the Platz. Not too far away since it is a popular destination for walks, but far enough to give the girls a good stretch. At a guess a few miles, and probably not too far either up or down the mountain.

Where was Aldernest and the Rutherford/Elstob chalet in relation to the school?

The Elisehutte (Rutherford/Elstob chalet) backed onto the fields where the girls skied. I'm not sure if they were the regular playing fields, but probably - I don't think there were too many fields on the PLatz. Not sure about Aldernest, but they drive there from Fruedesheim, in 'Reunion'. It was aquired to be accomodation for married doctors - the connection to the school was purely incidental - so it was probably closer to the San.

Where were the chapels built, where they on school ground?

Yes, one next to the other, with a bell tower in between them.

Other information on the geography of the Platz

Apart from that, the Platz was about three miles long, and we don't know how wide. The school was at one end, with Freudesheim next to it, and the San was at the other. There seems to have been one main road, close to the edge of the Platz, and one back road close under the mountain wall. Presumably there were also minor roads within the Platz. There are about fourty chalets dotted around, including three pensions, and the main post office for the district. There are no mentions of any shops, but the post office probably functioned as a general store, if only in a limited way.

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Marani Family

What is known of the Gisela and Maria Marani's family life?

The Marani sisters lived in the Innsbruck suburb of Wilten, which was quite a distance from the Mariahilfe where Bernhilda and Frieda Mensch lived. During the summer of School At Herr Marani had taken a holiday home at Torteswald on the Tiernsee as it was cheaper than living in town.

Was Miss Maynard Jack’s twin or younger sister?

In some books Mollie Maynard is referred to as Jack's twin, in others she is the older - though I suppose that both statements could be true if she was older twin.

What's the correct spelling of Moll(y/ie) Maynard‘s name?

Her name is occasionally spelt Molly, but more usually spelt Mollie.

After she emigrated to get married how many times are there that she and Jack saw each other again? Am I right in thinking it was just the once (Reunion)?

There are never any references to Jack going to New Zealand, and the only mention of Mollie visiting Jack after she emigrated is in Reunion.

Wasn't there a reference of some brother or cousin who hated Joey?

Jack and Mollie Maynard had an older brother Robert - an officer in the army who was married to Lydia - she is the one that does not get on with Joey - mostly I think because she had a child Rolf who dies through some disobedience and everyone blamed Lydia for spoiling the boy and not instilling discipline into him. Then Joey having triplets rubbed salt in the wound.

Info in the short story 'Joey's Convict' says there are 11 years between Robert and Mollie because there were 3 other children born then - a daughter Dorothy who only lived a few months and two sons Steve and Charlie who died of typhoid.

Where is the Maynard family home?

The house in the New Forest is called Pretty Maids - Mrs Maynard - Jack and Mollie's mother, was living there when Joey was a schoolgirl but, later the house came to Jack as she and Robert had both died. It must have been fairly substantial as Joey talks of letting the National Trust have it.

Where did Jack train as a Doctor?

In Joey Shoves Her Oar In we are told that Jack is a Oxford rowing blue, while in Redheads he trained at St Thomas' hospital. It's possible he could have done both being based at St Thomas' for part of his training. In Carola it is mentioned that Jack trained to be a doctor with Carola's Father but where is not mentioned.

What did Jack do during the war?

A discussion about this can be found here:

Which musical instruments were played by the Maynard children?

Len played the fiddle (violin)
Con played the cello
Margot played the viola.

From Richenda:
Con picked up her cello case and went with Margot who was burdened with her viola. Len had a fiddle. As Joey Maynard had once said, “My family seem to have taken a hate at the piano. Felicity will have to take it on, though, or there’ll be no one to play accompaniments!” which, as Dr. Jack observed, was looking rather far ahead!
Len took up her violin case...

Phil and Geoff wanted to play the flute Two Sams

Cecil was said at one point to already have a sweet singing voice and Con and Margot had good voices.

For further info see archived discussion here.

Who were the Maynard Children's Godparents?

The only Godparents mentioned in the books are as follows:
Len- Nell Wilson and Gottfried Mensch
Con- Con Stewart and Eugen von Wertheim
Margot- Grace Nalder and Herr Anserl
Stephen- Frieda and Captain Lucas (Jack's commander from the war)
Cecil- Robin

What were the names of the Triplets Canadian pen friends?

Len- Cordelie (acute accent over the first e)
Con- Marie-Adelaide
Margot- Amelie

Medical Qualifications

As Jem, Jack, Phil Graves (all other British doctors etc) had qualified as doctor's in the UK it seems that they were automatically allowed to practice in Austria and Switzerland. However Gottfried Mensch was required to take additional training and exams before he was allowed to practice in the UK despite his prior experience.

Bishop Mensch

Is Great-Uncle to Frieda, Bernhilda and Gottfried. He appears in Eustacia, Lintons (where he appears at the sale), Carola, and Ruey (where he officiates at the chapel dedication).

Frau Mieders
Do we know what happened to her in the war?

She stays Austria with her mother and sister Lieserl, as her sister is eighteen and unlikely to be able to leave.

In Lavender, it says that her mother died due to suffering under the Nazi regime, and she and her sister managed to escape to England after 'sundry thrilling adventures', losing all their possessions.

However, in Richenda, she is going to go to Kufstein to see her mother and 'little Gretchen'.

For further info see archived discussion here.

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Nancy Meets A Nazi

What information is available on Nancy Meets A Nazi?

Nancy Meets A Nazi is based on Joey & co's escape from Austria in 1938, this is mentioned in a number of books including this quote from Lavender

You can take another of those books if you’ve finished Jocelyn. There’s Nancy Meets a Nazi. You haven’t had that yet, have you? I think you’ll like it. Some of Mrs Maynard’s own adventures when she and a few of the others escaped from the Gestapo in Tirol are described in it. Here it is. Now I must go. Don’t move about too much. You’ve got to go slowly for at least another week.’
Lois turned up after dinner, and Lavender, who was revelling in the adventures of ‘Nancy,’ told her what Nurse had said about the lessons.

In Goes To It Robin tells Gwensi that Joey is working on a sequel to Patrol Leader Nancy.

It is likely that the first reference to Nancy Meets A Nazi is in Exile itself when Joey tells Janie Lucy, in late summer 1939, about the flight from Austria and Janie remarks that at least she'll be able to get a book out of her experiences and Jo replies 'I'm getting one this minute.'

Joey is still working on the book in Goes To It but by Lavender it has been published. The other books Nancy Meets A Nazi is mentioned in are Gay, Mystery, Island, Joey & Co, and Future. As well as the fill in's Robin and Peace.


A list of characters organised by nationality is available here: ... ities.html


List of CS men who had the Navy as their career:

Commander Michael Christie
Commander Roland Carey
David Willoughby
John Bettany (at Dartmouth)
Michael Maynard (future plan)
Giles Winterton
Sybil's un-named Australian husband is in the Australian Navy

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Who went to Oxford University?


Author:  Lucy [ 13 Jan 2009, 23:17 ]
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The positions occupied by prefects are as follows:

Head Girl
Head of Games
Second Prefect
Lost Property

Sometimes the editor of the Chaletian was a prefect position but not always. In Tyrol there had been a Pets Prefect. There were also usually three sub prefects.

Prefects post Prefects

A list of potential future prefects if the series had continued is here:


A discussion about early pregnancy tests is here:

Phillippa Maynard and Polio

The beginning of Challenge is the first time Phillippa's having contracted polio is mentioned, despite the fact that it is written in a way which suggests it is a continuing storyline. In Adrienne she had had mastroid troubles though.

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For information on what happened to the Quartet in Exile see here:

Author:  Lucy [ 13 Jan 2009, 23:18 ]
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During the 1950s and 1960s, how much freedom would Robin have had in terms of taking a break from La Sagesse?

She certainly wouldn't have been allowed to visit Jo, but the Maynards could have visited her, as could many of her friends and the Russell clan. She would not be able to leave the convent except on convent/school business as directed by or with the permission of her Head/Reverend Mother. She was a nun pre-Vatican 11 which meant total subjugation of self. However, a nun would have been allowed to visit a parent or close relative if considered to be near death, even pre-Vatican, in some orders.


Can anyone let me know where Madge and Jem were living after returning from Australia? Did they go back to the Round House, or did they take another place?

They moved to Llan-y-Penllan, which was somewhere in the Welsh mountains near the San, so not very far from Armiford.

The move occurs in Mary Lou.

Betsy Lucy says:
When Mummy wrote last week, she said that they were leaving the Round House next week and moving to another much nearer the San in the mountains. They’ve always wanted that, but couldn’t find a house that would suit them until this autumn.

Then in Problem,talking about Joan Baker, the Abbess says:
I'd write to Madge Russell, but she's up to the eyes at present and anyhow, Worthing is a long way from Llan-y-penllan.

They are still there in Ruey:
...the Russells had set off for their home in the Welsh mountains...

Then in Future, we learn of the move to Australia:
The middle of October would see Sir James and Lady Russell, together with their two eldest girls, en route for Australia where he was due for a series of conferences among the doctors.

In Two Sams, they are definitely due back and will be in Wales, presumably at their old house. Joey says:
Madge and her crowd will be home in August, remember, and I expect we’ll be slated for Wales if she has any say in the matter.

What is known of Jem's life before he met Madge?

His mother was called Margaret and along with his father was already dead before the start of School At. His sister Margot was his only sibling and before her appearance in New House the pair had been estranged since her elopemnet with Stephen Venables.

He had attended Winchester Public School but there is no mention of where he had received his medical training. He was in Austria to set up the San and must have had either money of his own or private backing to so so.

He could speak Afrikaans and German.

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School Certificate

This was abolished in 1951 on the advice of the Norwood Report, which had been adopted as government policy in August 1947. It was replaced by GCE's.

Pam Slater

Miss Slater leaves the school at the end of Changes for a combination of reasons, one of which is because the school is moving back to the continent and she dislikes foreign languages. The main reason however is that she feels she is getting into a rut and if she wants to further her career then she has to leave. She leaves the CS after getting a teaching post at Selling Grammar School, where she will be head of the maths department, where she intends to stay for two or three years before becoming a Head Mistress. She has an ambition to try out a few theories which she does not think will be acceptable at the CS. It is reported in Challenge that she is Head Mistress of a County High School.


Does anybody know when it was actually discovered that smoking is bad for ones lungs? More importantly, was it ever thought/proved during the published Chalet School years that tobacco is bad for you?

Lots of interesting discussion about this question can be found in the archived discussion here.

St Mildred’s

Did Mary-Lou go to St Mildred’s?

Mary-Lou did go to St Mildred’s, and her first term there was during 'Ruey'. Most of her gang would have been there around the same time - at least those who ended up in the same school year as her. As far as I can work out that would have been three years after Peggy left St Mildred’s.

Who else went to St Mildred’s (and when)?

Peggy was there during the year starting with Oberland and the year starting with Barbara.

The people who went two years after Peggy left would have been Katharine Gordon, Hilary Wilson, Blossom Willoughby, Polly Winterton, Betsy Lucy and co.

Katherine Gordon and Blossom were among the group that returned to the CS during 'Coming of Age' when the St Mildreds building were being made available for guests. Elinor Pennel and her group may have been the ones at St Mildreds the next year.

For further info see archived discussion here.

How were the girls split up in St Mildreds?

The arts-based division was St Ursula's, the science-based division was St Barbara's, and they also had St Agnes's which was for (unspecified work for!!) people who were intending to stay there for two years and were in their first year.

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How many teeth does Joey have removed ?

Joey had three teeth removed before the age of 18.

Train Journey to the Gornetz Platz

If travelling from London then CS characters would get the boat train to Paris, before catching the train to Basle at Paris' Gare d'Est station. In Richenda it's stated that the school change at Basle to get the Berne Express, on reaching Berne the school is met by a fleet of coaches.

In New Mistress Kathie and Biddy et al are collected by car at Basle and driven via Berne and Interlaken before driving up a steep mountain road to reach the Platz.


When does the school become trilingual again?

The policy is adopted once more in Three Go in order to prepare for the move of the school back to the continent.

Tzigane bands at the KPK hotel
Are these ever mentioned again post-Exile, in the later books when they return to the Tyrol?

They were only mentioned as memories - not something that was still happening.

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