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 Post subject: War timeline
PostPosted: 08 Dec 2007, 07:41 
Taking Lower IV A for Prep
Taking Lower IV A for Prep
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1938 (The Chalet School in Exile)
February: Exile begins just before half-term.
March 11: Schuschnigg resigns as Austrian Chancellor under pressure from Hitler. This is mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 4 of Exile.
March 13: The German Anschluss of Austria (also mentioned in Chapter 4)
Early April: School meeting to sign the Peace League
April 9 (est.): Picnic to hide the League document
April 17: Easter Sunday
Approx mid-April: Juliet's wedding to Donal O'Hara. Jo’s engagement to Jack Maynard becomes public.
Late April: Jack is arrested by the Gestapo (presumed, as it is discussed as if the school has come back after Easter holidays)
Late April: Trouble begins in the Czech Sudetenland, which will lead to the Munich Pact.
June: Visit to Spartz and the flight by Miss Wilson, Joey, et al.
July 5: Evian conference
September 29: Munich Conference to decide the fate of Czechoslovakia
September 30: Munich Agreement/Pact is signed and Czechoslovakia is divided.
September: Josette Russell is born. This matches only with the details given in this book and not those in the rest of the series.
October 1: German troops march into Czechoslovakia
October: Margot Venables dies
November 7: After his family is left in limbo on the border of Germany and Czechoslovakia, Herschel Grynspan shoots Ernst vom Rath, who dies on November 9.
November 9-10: vom Rath's death sparks off what will eventually become known as the Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht). Several days later, Jews are ordered to pay 1 billion Reichsmarks for the damage that was caused on Kristallnacht.

1939 (The Chalet School in Exile)
February 10: Pope Pius XI dies. His successor, Pius XII, will forever be tainted with the accusation that he assisted the Nazis.
March 16: Hitler declares that Czechoslovakia no longer exists. France and Britain do almost nothing in response.
April: Exile begins again after the ten-month gap. Saares is purchased to house the new school.
July: Joey's Bruno arrives back in England in the care of Jockel.
Early August: Germany begins placing the blame on Poland for a variety of 'crimes'. Accusations against Poland increase during August.
August 19: Negotiations for the Soviet-German pact intensify
August 23: German-Soviet Non-Aggression pact is signed.
Late August: Neville Chamberlain reinforces Britain's decision to support Poland.
August 31: The Chalet School begins its new term.
September 1: German troops cross over the Polish border
September 3: Great Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany. The Athenia is sunk by a German U-Boat.
September 7-9: French troops invade Germany in several places and face no opposition. They are ready to retreat at any time.
Late September: Betty and Elizabeth's gardening prank
September 28: The Polish Army surrenders. Poland is divided between Germany and Russia.
October: The Phony War begins.
Early October: Arrival of Gertrude Becker. Death of Mademoiselle LePattre.
October 14: A German U-Boat works its way into Scapa Flow and manages to sink the Ark Royal
November: Jo publishes Gypsy Jocelyn.
November 5 (accepted): Joey's triplets are born
November 8: attempt on Hitler's life in Munch fails
Mid-November: the Seniors save the life of a man whose German aeroplane has crashed
Late November: Herr Marani's ashes are received. Jack returns unexpectedly.
Early December: Frieda, Bruno and Friedel return.

1940 (The Chalet School Goes To It, The Chalet School and Robin)
January-February: Finland’s neutrality is attacked and their protests are ignored.
Mid-March: Meeting of Madge and Chalet School Staff about moving the school off Guernsey.
March 20: Resignation of Edouard Deladier, President of France.
March 24: Easter Sunday
March 27: Joey, Miss Wilson and Frieda cross the Channel with the triplets in Nigel Willoughby’s Sea Witch.
March 29: Joey recovers from her fever after the excitement and learns what happened.
April 3: Con Stewart’s fiancé arrives to take her to Singapore; Gwensi meets Jo Maynard and the triplets. Miss Annersley, Madge and Matey come to see the new school buildings. Gwensi meets the Robin, Daisy, Beth and Cornelia Flower.
April 4: The new school term begins.
April 9: German invasion of Denmark and Norway. First use of German parachute troops in Norway (mentioned during the escape by Joey and Miss Wilson)
Mid-April: Mlle de Lachenais suffers appendicitis and goes into hospital. She will be away for most of the term.
Early May: Frieda is interned by the British government. Jo visits the school to hear about the latest Middle problems. She is present when Colonel Black pays his first visit.
May 8: Chamberlain resigns as Prime Minister and Winston Churchill takes over.
May 10: Invasion of France, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg. End of the “phony war”.
May 11: British fighters begin bombing Germany.
May 15: Capitulation of Holland
May 16: Blitzkrieg on northern France.
May 17: Brussels occupied by German troops
Mid-May: Daisy, Beth and Gwensi discover the identities of the ‘spies’ – Owen and Griffith Owens. That night the school experiences its first air raid. Elizabeth and Betty quarrel. Miss Annersley finds the note from Karl Linders.
Next day: The Triumvirate are in trouble for their actions of the previous day. Miss Annersley asks Colonel Black’s advice to have air raid shelters dug. Plans are made to start up the San again.
May 25: King Leopold of Belgium surrenders.
May 27-June 4: Evacuation from Dunkirk.
Early June: Staff begin to notice the change in Elizabeth Arnett. Simone announces that she is to be married. Frieda returns from her internment on the Isle of Man.
June 10 (approx): Wedding of Simone Lecoutier to Andre de Bersac.
June 16: A new Soviet-controlled government is set up in Lithuania. The Soviets also occupy Latvia and Estonia. The French request an armistice, which will be signed on the 22nd.
June 20: Soviet government set up in Estonia and Latvia.
July 10: Beginning of the Battle of Britain. Establishment of the Vichy government in France.
August 8: German air attacks on Britain intensify.
August 23-24: First bombings of London as a result of an accident by German pilots. As a result of British retaliation on Berlin, German troops are ordered to focus their attention on the English capital.
September 5: Abdication of King Carol of Romania under possible pressure from Hitler.
September 7: Massive and devastating attack on the London docks.
Mid-September: Jo, Madge, Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson, Matey and Rosalie Dene meet to discuss the coming term.
September 25: Quisling is appointed leader of Norway after the King is deposed.
Late September: Robin Humphries learns that she is to be Head Girl. School begins in earnest. Prefects arrange their duties for the year.
September 27-28: Signing of the Tripartite Pact by Germany, Italy and Japan.
September 30: Miss Slater takes her first lesson at the Chalet School.
October: Hitler cancels his plans for the invasion of England. The Jewish ghetto in Warsaw is constructed.
Early October: The problem of Jocelyn Redford comes to the fore. It becomes obvious that Betty and Elizabeth’s friendship has definitely been broken up.
October 15: Frieda has a new son, Louis. Margot falls ill with influenza.
Mid-October: Influenza rages through the school. Margot is seriously ill, but recovers.
Late October: Robin has it out with Jocelyn Redford and discovers that her problem was jealousy and confusion. Miss Annersley helps sort it out.
October 28: Italian attack on Greece
November 5: Re-election of President Roosevelt
Early November: Half-term weekend. An air raid disrupts some of the fun.
November 9: Neville Chamberlain dies.
Mid-November: Daisy, Gwensi and Beth experiment with skiing; some of the Middles try to put on their own play as they are not included in the Nativity scenes being rehearsed.
Late November: Betty Wynne-Davies plays some tricks on Elizabeth Arnett. Miss Annersley tries to get Elizabeth to confess the sources of the tricks, but eventually is forced to turn to Robin for help.
Mid-December: Christmas play
December 15: British invasion of Italian Libya.

January 19: The British invade Eritrea in East Africa.
January 22: Tobruk falls to British forces.
January 30: Hitler publicly threatens the end of all Jews in Europe.
February 8: Bulgaria joins the Axis powers
February 12: Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli to take charge of the Afrika Corps.
March 20: German deadline for all Jews to be inside Polish ghettos.
March 25: Yugoslavia signs the Tripartite Pact.
March 27: Lend Lease becomes law. America can now provide assistance to Great Britain.
April: British troops move into Iraq to put down a Nazi-led coup and secure the oil fields.
April 6: German invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece.
April 11: Rommel’s siege of Tobruk begins.
April 13: Russia and Japan sign a five-year non-aggression pact.
April 14: Belgrade is occupied by the Germans.
April 17: Yugoslavia surrenders to the Germans. Croatia becomes an independent state.
April 27: German forces occupy Athens.
May: The ‘Blitz’ ends when most German planes are withdrawn to prepare for the invasion of the Soviet Union.
May 1: The evacuation of Greece by the British is completed.
May 10: Rudolf Hess flies to England.
May 20: German invasion of Crete.
May 27: The Bismarck is sunk by British forces.
Early June: Göring sends word to England that Russia will be invaded within weeks.
June 1: Crete falls to the Germans.
June 6: Hitler’s infamous Commissar decree is announced, which states that all captured Soviet political commissars are to be executed (this goes directly against the Geneva Convention).
June 14: Axis funds in the US are frozen.
June 22: Operation Barbarossa – German invasion of the Soviet Union.
Summer: Auschwitz is expanded to include a killing centre.
July 12: Britain and Russia sign a mutual aid treaty. Moscow is bombed for the first time.
September 1: Decree orders the wearing of the Star of David by all Jews in German-occupied areas. Leningrad comes under German attack for the first time. Estonia is conquered by the Germans.
September 3: First use of Zyklon-B in the Final Solution.
September 8: Siege of Leningrad begins.
Approx Oct.: Theft of pens and pencils by a temporary maid at the Chalet School (mentioned in Highland Twins)
October 30: The German offensive against Moscow is halted until the ground hardens in winter.
November 18: British offensive begins in Libya.
November 23: German forces advance, some coming to within 35 miles of Moscow.
November 24: Establishment of Theresienstadt.
November 26: A Japanese carrier task forces leaves for Hawaii.
December 6: Huge Soviet counter-offensive. Continued pressure by Soviet forces will push German troops back to 40 miles from Moscow.
December 7: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Japanese forces also attach Wake Island, Guam, British Malaya, Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, Burma, Thailand and the Phillipines.
December 8: The US declares war on Japan.
December 11: Germany and Italy declare war on the US.
December 27: Japanese attack on Manila.

1942 (Highland Twins at the Chalet School)
January 1: Signing of the United Nations declaration.
January 20: Wannsee Conference to determine the fate of the Jews of Europe.
February: General McArthur is forced to leave the Phillipines but vows he will return.
March: The Dutch East Indies surrender to the Japanese.
March 26: The first deportation of Jews to Auschwitz. No gassings take place until May 4.
April: The Nazis occupy Mirania (according to Highland Twins)
Spring: The ‘White Rose’ resistance group in Munich begins spreading propaganda pamphlets.
May: The Allies receive the first authoritative and exact report of the German annihilation of the Jews. So far 700,000 Jews have been murdered.
May 27: Reinhard Heydrich, major player in the program of eliminating the Jews, is seriously wounded in an assassination attempt. He dies on June 4 and is ‘memorialised’ by the arrest of 13,000 people and the naming of the program that will eliminate all Jews in Europe ‘Operation Reinhard’.
June 20: Capture of Tobruk by the Germans.
August: The Sixth German army begins moving towards Stalingrad.
September 1: German troops reach the outskirts of Stalingrad.
Early September: Jo is asked by her friend Mrs McKenzie if she could take on the McDonald twins. The twins and Shiena arrive some time later.
September 16: German troops enter Stalingrad. Fighting soon deteriorates into hand-to-hand combat.
Mid-September: The Chalet School begins a new term. The McDonald twins and Shiena make their first acquaintance of the school.
September 21: The McDonald twins begin school. Fiona makes her first acquaintance with Betty Wynne-Davies.
October 15: Simone and her daughter Therese de Bersac move into the neighbourhood of the school.
October 16: Emmie and Joanne Linders come to the Chalet School after their escape from Germany.
October 17: Fiona insults Betty Wynne-Davies and has her ears boxed in return. The school learns about Emmie and Joanna’s experiences.
Approx. October 19: Betty overhears the conversation about the map of Erisay.
October 22: Betty tells Floppy Bill and Hilda Hope about what she overheard. The spy overhears what is being told and plans to get the map. The Juniors go to visit Jo with the dolls for the Triplets and discover that Crown Princess Elisaveta has turned up.
October 23: First attack by Field Marshall Montgomery on El Alamein.
October 23: Fiona begins telling tales before Lights Out.
October 25: Counterattack by Rommel at El Alamein.
October 27: Fiona tells one of her best tales and scares the girls thoroughly. Robin and Mary Shand wake up and discover that the school is being burgled. The McDonald twins begin sleepwalking and are found by Miss Wilson.
October 28: The mistresses consider the robbery. Rosalie Dene goes to visit Jo and is given a bad fright as she returns to school.
Late October/Early November: Robin and Daisy discover that the Triplets are at the Round House and wonder about the mystery visitor. They also comment on Betty Wynne-Davies and are overheard. Betty plans to get her revenge and begins by trying to get the Chart of Erisay from the twins.
November 3: Beginning of withdrawal by German and Italian troops from El Alamein.
November 5: Triplets turn three.
Nov. 8-9: Operation Torch (landing of British and US troops on French Morocco and Algeria).
Approx. Nov. 9: The twins receive the note demanding the Chart of Erisay. They will only speak to Jo, and finally give her the Chart. Fiona reveals her gift of Second Sight by seeing the death of the twins’ brother Hugh.
November 11: German troops occupy Vichy France and the government there loses what remaining power it had.
Approx. Nov 14: Wire received from Shiena with news of Hugh’s dead.
Nov. 19: Soviet counter-offensive in Stalingrad begins.
November 21: Robin and Daisy are at Plas Gwyn with Jo and the triplets when news comes that Jack has been drowned.
November 28: The staff are told about Jack’s death and Fiona overhears. Flora asks if Fiona cannot look to see if Jack is still alive. Miss Annersley agrees to take them and Fiona sees him on a boat, ill but alive.
December 2: Fiona returns to school after recovering from the effort of ‘seeing’ Jack.
Approx. December 8 (mistakenly stated to be mid-November): The spy is brought to the Chalet School to point out the girl who told him about the Chart of Erisay. Betty is expelled several days later.
December 12: Nativity play. Jack appears at the play with Jo.
December 18: Last day of term.
Late December: Miss Leigh brings her niece, Lavender, to see Dr Marilliar, concerned that the child is ill. Dr Marilliar suggests that school will be an effective cure.

1943 (Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School, Gay from China at the Chalet School, Jo to the Rescue, Mystery at the Chalet School, (A Chalet School Headmistress))
Early January: Mr Heriot, Polly’s guardian, becomes seriously ill and begins to fail.
January 3: Miss Wilson is alone at the Chalet School when she is visited by Miss Leigh to discuss Lavender coming to the school.
January 14-26: Casablanca Conference, at which it is decided that the Allies will demand the unconditional surrender of Germany.
January 18: German siege of Leningrad is broken by the Russians. Jews in Warsaw attempt to resist further deportations and are briefly successful.
Late January: Bride Bettany is asked to look after Lavender when she comes to school.
End of January: The new term begins at the Chalet School. Lavender causes a stir because of who she is and because she tries to keep nine dresses instead of the four she is supposed to have. She is also critical of the Peace League and has a row with Bride over the latter’s method of silencing her.
January 29: Bride and Lavender have a stand-up fight about the events of the previous night. The Seniors get to know their new members – Jesanne Gellibrand and Lois Bennett. Jesanne and Lois meet Jo Maynard. Jo announces that Mr Heriot has passed away.
January 30: The first daylight raid on Berlin is carried out by British Mosquitos to disrupt the celebrations of Hitler’s anniversary in power.
January 31: Field Marshal Paulus surrenders his arms in Russia to the Soviets.
February: Dr Peters comes to the San (see Jo to the Rescue).
February 2: Last German forces in Stalingrad surrender, sending 90,000 men into POW camps.
February 6: Arrangements are made for the new girls visit to Jo Maynard. Reappearance of Ned Trevanion after he was reported missing. Elizabeth Arnett admits her brother is a POW in Germany.
February 7: Dwight D. Eisenhower is appointed head of the North African operations.
February 8: Infamous hockey lesson where Lavender injures Anne Montague.
Feb. 8-13: Lavender is sent to Coventry. By Saturday, Lavender is intensely miserable and Biddy O’Ryan, who is there to oversee mending, helps her.
February 13: Visit of new girls to Joey Maynard. Lavender talks to Jo and decides that she must try to live with other people.
Feb 16-19: Snowstorm that restricts the school inside results in an argument between the members of Lower and Upper Third.
February 18: Josef Goebbels demands ‘total war’ from the German people.
February 19: The school is allowed to go for a walk as the snow has stopped. The Third go together and have a snowball fight. Joy Bird ends up pushing Lavender into a snowdrift and nearly smothering her.
February 19: Leaders of the ‘White Rose’ resistance group are caught, tried and, several days later, hanged.
February 27: Joy comes to see Lavender and learns that Lavender has no plans to tell anyone the truth. Lavender herself is unsure why she does this at first and only later realises that it is thanks to what Jo Maynard had said.
February 28: Lavender begins writing her first story but her attempt is halted by the news that a new girl is coming from Kashmir. Jack Maynard comes to tell the staff that Jo Maynard has managed to pour a bowl of green dye over herself.
March 1: Birth of Steven ‘Green’ Maynard.
March 8: Lavender returns to school. Lilamani comes to the Chalet School as a pupil.
March 9: Rommel leaves Africa forever.
March 13: The Juniors put snowballs on the lid of the radiator and crack it. Lavender forgets she has turned on the bath and manages to flood the bathroom, which causes the ceiling below to collapse.
March 13: The first crematoria go into operation at Auschwitz. Another attempt at assassinating Hitler fails.
March 18: Lavender goes to Matron and begs to be allowed to give her frocks to Lilamani.
March 19-22: Half-term. The girls meet baby Stephen and are present for his baptism. They practice cooking and make an unpalatable series of dishes.
Approx. March 24: Death of Lilamani’s mother.
Approx. March 30: The staff discuss the term and particularly Lavender’s improvement.
March 31: Lavender cuts off her ringlets.
April 1: Lavender tells Joy Bird why she didn’t say anything about the accident in the snow.
April 7: Beginning of the annihilation of the Warsaw ghetto, which will be completed on June 16.
April 12: German troops discover the mass grave at Katyn of 1,400 Polish officers who have apparently been killed by the Soviets. The Soviets will deny this on April 18 and continue to do so.
April 19: As a result of the uprisings, the Germans burn down the Warsaw ghetto, killing or driving out those Jews that remain.
April 25: Easter Sunday
May 2: Miss Annersley, Miss Wilson, Mlle de Lachenais go to Cornwall for a week. They are joined by Miss Edwards several days later.
Approx. May 8: Bus smash that injures all four mistresses.
May 9: Madge comes to see Jo and tell her about the accident.
May 13: Surrender of the Afrika Corps. End of the war in Africa.
May 13: Beginning of term. Jacynth Hardy meets Gay Lambert. The school is told what happened to the mistresses and the staff discuss the matter.
May 14: First full day of term.
May 15: First Guide meeting for the term and the school meets its new Head, Miss Bubb. Jacynth and the other new girls go to Jo Maynard’s house. Josette is burned by Sybil’s misbehaviour. Miss Bubb forbids exam girls to play in school teams.
May 20: Miss Bubb announces limitations on the girls’ movements and prompts a reaction from an indignant Fifth form. The new Head announces that she will no longer meet with the girls if they have difficulties or questions.
Approx. late May/Early June: Miss Bubb orders that all girls in Fourth and under must show their prep each evening and redo it if necessary. Several indignant letters are written to a variety of people including Miss Wilson.
Summer: Round-the-clock bombing of Germany by the Allies intensifies.
Early June: Miss Bubb tries to get the windows whitewashed, but fails. Miss Wilson returns to the school after receiving Jo’s letter.
Approx. June 15: Gay tries to give Jacynth a cello lesson but is thwarted by Miss Bubb. Grizel Cochrane threatens to resign.
June 6: Gay tells Jacynth a little of her family history. Madge tries to talk sense to Miss Bubb.
June 8: A letter arrives for Gay that announces Tommy is going to China. Miss Bubb refuses to allow Gay to go home and see them. Gay runs away from school.
June 9: Gay is missed. Gillian and Jacynth refuse to say anything to anyone except Jo Maynard.
June 10: Miss Bubb receives a letter from Miss Learoyd (Grandma) about Gay and is also asked to come and see Madge to discuss the matter. Josette is recovering well from her injuries. Miss Bubb’s employment is terminated.
June 14: Miss Bubb leaves the school.
June 15: Miss Wilson takes over as temporary Head. Gay returns.
June 25: Gay comes down with German measles. [Mention is made of ‘the middle of June, but this does not allow for other times/dates provided.]
July 1-5: Half-term. School is kept divided and the staff amuse the girls.
July 5-15: Operation Citadel - Battle of Kursk.
July 6: School begins again. Jacynth hears that Auntie’s operation is to take place. She also comes down with German measles.
July 7: The school completes quarantine. Auntie passes away.
July 9/10: Operation Husky – invasion of Sicily.
July 10: Beginning of School Cert.
July 24: Jacynth is well enough to read Auntie’s final letter.
July 24-25: Allies carry out massive attacks on Hamburg.
July 25: Mussolini is kidnapped by King Victor Emmanuel. His successor, Pietro Badoglio, begins negotiating with the Allies.
July 27-28: Hamburg ‘firestorm’ that kills 50,000 German civilians.
End of July: Nan Blakeney’s wedding to David Willoughby.
Late July: Parents Day. Final day of term. Gay is awarded the Margot Venables prize.
Early August: Jo, Frieda, Simone and Marie come to their holiday house near Garnley. Phoebe Peters welcomes their arrival with trepidation. They plan to stay until the end of September. Jo introduces herself to Phoebe and admits to having known Phoebe’s father. Phoebe is also introduced to Simone, Marie, Frieda and their children.
August 5: The Allies take Catania, Sicily.
Approx. August 8: Phoebe confides to Jo about the cello.
August 11-24: Quebec conference to plan the invasion of Normandy.
August 15: Jack Maynard arrives and meets Phoebe. He is teased by Marie about his supposedly impending baldness. During a severe storm, Jack rides to get the treatment that Phoebe needs to recover from her latest bad attack.
August 17: Allies complete their invasion of Sicily by capturing Messina.
August 23: Heaviest Allied raid to date against Berlin.
September 3: Operation Avalanche – invasion of the ‘toe’ of Italy’s boot.
September 8: Italy surrenders to the Allies.
September 12: Mussolini is rescued by SS commando units and then becomes the head of a puppet government in northern Italy.
Approx. August 7: Jo meets Zephyr Burthill and becomes concerned that the cello will be stolen.
August 8: Phoebe is taken to the San.
August 9 (early hours): Jo is roused by Stephen’s teeth and is thus awake to see men trying to poison Rufus.
August 10: Jem Russell comes to spend a week at The Witchens.
August 11: Jem is staying at Many Bushes when two men come to steal the cello. Jo and Rufus manage to stop the men, who are arrested.
August 12: Jo and Jem go to Garnley to put in a report about the attempted burglary. Bert Trinder’s leg is broken.
August 16: Jem takes Debby to see Phoebe.
August 17-20: Heavy rains stop anyone going out of The Witchens.
August 20: Jo takes Reg to the San to see Phoebe. After Reg visits, Jo goes in and sees the beautiful work Phoebe can do.
August 21: ‘The Sodger’ comes to find out who is staying at The Witchens.
Late August: Zephyr tries to persuade Jo and the others to give her the cello. Jo has the idea of bringing the Robin into the situation to give Zephyr something else to think about.
Early September: Jack arrives for a week’s holiday. He tells the girls that Dr Peters is very interested in Phoebe and solicits their help in finding out if the romance is real. He also deals with Margot’s temper.
Later that week: Simone and Jo go to visit Phoebe. As a result, Jo gives Dr Peters encouragement.
Mid-September: Jo is told that Madge has had her baby – Aline Elizabeth. Phoebe writes to Jo that she is engaged to Dr. Peters.
Several days later: Jo comes to visit Madge and Ailie. She also goes to see Phoebe, but their visit is interrupted by Zephyr, who has come to relinquish her claim on the cello.
September 16: The rounding up of 37,000 Italian Jews begins.
(Approx. September 20: Miss Wilson goes to visit Miss Annersley; Robin and Jo learn that Miss Bubb has sent congratulations to Madge on the birth of Ailie; Sybil tells Robin about her concerns for the new school year.)
(Approx. September 21: The staff gather to discuss the new term.) The new Chalet School term begins and Dorcas Brown joins the school.
(September 29: Detention.)
October 1: The Allies capture Naples.
October 4: Himmler summons the SS Generals and informs them of the plans to slaughter all European Jews.
Early October: Robin goes to Oxford (mentioned in Jo to the Rescue).
October 13: Italy declares war on Germany.
Mid-October: The members of Lower Fifth discuss Dorcas. Jo comes to the school for the first visit of the term.
Approx. October 16: The new girls visit Jo.
October 20: The United Nations War Crimes Commission is set up.
(October 21: Gwensi Howell’s music goes missing.)
(October 22: The Thirds have a difficult lesson with Miss Wilson. This prompts them to begin ‘Bill’s Botanists’.)
(October 23: Sybil writes a letter to Robin about Jennifer Penrose. Jennifer goes on to cause problems regarding Lost Property and on a walk.)
(October 25: The Prefects discuss the Thirds’ Science lesson (see Oct. 22).)
November: End of Operation Reinhardt.
(November 2: After several days of rain, the school is on edge. Gillian and Hilary go to visit Jo and have problems getting back in.)
(November 3: Miss Wilson has difficulty getting her marking finished. She spends some time comforting Mrs Redmond.)
Approx. November 4: Half-term begins.
November 6: The Russians retake Kiev.
November 8: Trip to Armiford to see Tedder’s Cove.
November 9: The school returns for the remainder of term. An accident in the kitchen prompts the second Triumvirate to reveal to Dorcas that they know her secret.
November 9: 20th anniversary of the Munich Putsch.
(Mid-November: Gwensi loses the Lost Property keys.)
(Approx. November 15: A week later, Gwensi’s Mozart music goes missing. When that is found, Gwensi, Beth and Daisy discuss the matter. In the end, Eilunedd’s ‘punishment’ lasts a little more than a week and she apologises.)
November 18: Night bombings become a regular event in Germany.
November 24: Four-day conference of President Roosevelt with Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Chinese People’s Party.
(Approx. November 27: The Prefects’ Fireworks Party.)
November 28-December 2: Tehran Conference. First meeting of Churchill and Roosevelt with Stalin.
(November 29: Elizabeth Arnett and Joanna Linders discuss the war. Some of the Juniors try to ‘skate’ on a semi-frozen pond.)
(December 4: Sybil expects to visit her mother and new sister, but is unable to as Josette is unwell. Instead she and the cousins pay a visit to Plas Gwyn. At the same time, an eventful music examination is taking place.)
(Mid-December: Marriage of Phoebe Wychcote to Dr Peters.)
Approx. December 18: Christmas play.
(December 20: Gay wakes early and makes a snow angel. That evening there is a surprise musical performance.)
(December 21: End of term.)
December 24: Dwight Eisenhower is announced as Supreme Allied Commander for the remainder of the war. British Air Marshall Tedder is his deputy.

1944 (Tom Tackles the Chalet School, The Chalet School and Rosalie)
January 3: The Red Army reaches the former Polish border.
Early January: The Chalet School begins a new term and Tom Gay is one of the new girls.
Mid-January: Daisy hauls up Tom for talking in Prep and not doing her work well.
Approx. January 22: The new girls visit Jo Maynard.
January 23: Tom writes to her mother and other letters are written.
Approx. January 25: Tom is hauled up by Matron for looking unwell.
January 27: The Soviet army relieves Leningrad after a siege lasting 890 days (since September 1941).
Approx. February 12: The Inter-House sports competition is held.
February 13: The girls go for an eventful walk to the Round House.
February 25: Tom works out the question of the evening in prep and whether Daisy told tales.
Late February: Half-term.
March: Beginning of the evacuation of concentration and slave labour camps in the face of Soviet advances.
March 3: Nella Ozanne tilts in prep and hurts herself. Tom takes it on herself to do Nella’s work in prep.
March 4: The rain makes games impossible so the school continues to work on Sale items. Jo brings jigsaw puzzles for the school in the evening.
March 8: Japanese offensive in Burma.
March 19-22: German troops march into Hungary and take control.
March 22: The Bettanys arrive back in England.
Approx. March 23: Tom catches several of the mistresses in the stockroom and locks them in
March 25: The Sale.
March 27: Dick Bettany comes to see Bride and Peggy. Mollie then arrives with the Second Twins, who meet their older sisters for the first time.
March 28: The school is given a half-day holiday so the Bettany parents can meet their daughters’ friends.
March 29: Russian troops enter Romania.
March 30: Last day of term.
April: Railway line built that leads directly into the death camp at Auschwitz.
April 4: American photos taken of the camps at Auschwitz.
April 20: Rosalie Way meets Tom Gay on the way to the Chalet School.
April 21: Rosalie has a rather abrupt introduction to school.
April 24: School beings proper.
Late April/Early May: Gay Lambert discovers accidentally that Rosalie is very attracted to Tom Gay. Tom is also quickly brought to understand what is happening. They are also called to account to Miss Annersley, the first such incident since her return. The day ends with Rosalie fleeing from prep in tears.
Next morning: Rosalie and Tom have a confrontation that ends badly. Rosalie ends up fainting and is kept in bed for several days.
May 15: Beginning of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz.
June 3-6: Half-term.
Approx. June 3: Charles Maynard is born. The staff arrange a fancy dress party.
June 4: Allied troops enter Rome, making it the first European capital to be liberated by the Allies.
June 5: Those girls not going home go to Stratford to see As You Like It.
June 6: The Middles have an argument with Rosalie in the middle of it. Rosalie runs away and is only found by Daisy and Tom some hours later.
June 6: D-Day (Operation Overlord - Allied landing at Normandy).
June 10: Churchill and others cross the Channel to see the results of Operation Overlord.
June 13: First use of the V1 ‘buzz bombs’. Nearly 6,000 Londoners will be killed by V-1s.
June 15: US forces land on Saipan.
July 8: The Hungarian government orders immediate cessassion of the deportation of Hungarian Jews. The Germans comply.
July 20: Attempted assassination of Hitler by a group of German army officers. The assassin is Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg. Hitler survives almost unscathed. Almost 5,000 people will be sentenced to death for their real or imagined roles in the attempt.
August: The figure of six million Jews having been put to death in camps or mobile gassing units begins to circulate among Nazi officials.
August 15: Operation Anvil (invasion of Southern France).
August 20: Paris is surrounded by the Allies.
August 25: Paris falls to the Allies. The Romanian government declares war on Germany.
August 29: The first announcement about the discovery of a concentration camp is made in a joint statement by the Soviet and Polish government. More will follow.
August 31: Russia troops enter Bucharest and will soon occupy all of Romania.
September 3: The British capture Brussels.
September 3-4: Anne Frank, perhaps the best known Jew in hiding thanks to her diary, is deported to Bergen-Belsen.
September 8: Bulgaria accepts an armistice from the Soviets and declares war on Germany. On the same day, the V2 rocket is used for the first time. 10,000 people will die in London as a result.
September 11: British troops enter Holland.
September 15: US troops enter Germany.
September 19: Finland signs an armistice with the Allies.
October 2: End of the Warsaw Uprising.
October 7: Uprising in Auschwitz. One of the crematoria is destroyed. All participants in the uprising will be killed or die.
October 14: Field Marshall Rommel is forced to commit suicide.
October 21: Aachen is the first German city to fall to the Allies.
October 26: Himmler orders that the crematoria at Auschwitz be destroyed. By Nov. 28, the Final Solution will officially be ended, with no more people gassed. Many will still die of starvation and disease.
November 7: General de Gaulle summons the first session of the new French National Assembly. On the same day, President Roosevelt is re-elected for a fourth term.
December 16: The Ardennes Counter-offensive (better known as the Battle of the Bulge).
December 24: The German counter-offensive is halted.
December 25: Allied counter-offensive in the Ardennes begins.
December 31: Hungary declares war on Germany.

1945 (Peace Comes to the Chalet School)
January 1: The Lublin Committee, which is heavily Soviet-influenced, declares itself the legitimate Polish government. On the same day, the last major Luftwaffe attack destroys more than 300 Allied aircraft.
January 5: The Soviets recognise the Lublin Committee, but the other Allies continue to recognise the Polish government-in-exile in London.
January 15: The Red Army invade East Prussia.
January 17: Warsaw is ‘liberated’ by the Red Army.
January 18: Beginning of the Russian offensive against Berlin. Auschwitz is evacuated.
January 20: Inauguration of President Roosevelt. Harry S. Truman is sworn in as Vice-President.
January 27: Soviet troops enter Auschwitz-Birkenau (the death camp).
February 3: 1,000-plane raid on Berlin.
February 4-12: Yalta conference.
February 13: Budapest falls to the Russians.
February 13-14: Dresden firestorm that kills between 35,000 and 135,000 civilians (the total could be as high as 300,000).
February 16: One of the last Nazi decrees orders the destruction of anti-Jewish material.
February 22: Operation Clarion – Allied air attacks on German cities.
February 23: US troops reach the peak of Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi.
March: Hitler visits the Oder front.
March 3: Finland declares war on Germany. Manila is secured by the Americans.
March 5: US troops enter Cologne.
March 7: US troops cross the Rhine.
March 9: Beginning of a days-long fire-bombing raid on Tokyo.
March 20: Hitler’s last public appearance.
March 22: Formation of the League of Arab States.
March 27: Argentina declares war on Germany. The last V2 rockets fall on London.
March 29: The Red Army enters Austria.
April 1: US troops make an amphibious landing on Okinawa. The final Allied offensive in Italy begins.
April 2: Hitler prophesies that the world will be grateful to him for his attempts at eliminating the Jews.
April 9: Admiral Canaris (former head of the Abwehr), General Hans Oster and Pastor Dietrich Bornhoffer are hanged at Flossenbürg concentration camp. Mauthausen camp is evacuated.
April 11: American troops liberated Buchenwald.
April 12: US forces reach the Elbe, only 60 miles from Berlin. President Roosevelt dies.
April 13: Russian troops enter Vienna.
April 15: Liberation of Bergen-Belsen by British forces.
April 16: General Zhukov begins his final assault on Berlin.
April 17: Jo and Madge come to see Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson to discuss the new term.
April 18: German forces in the Ruhr pocket surrender.
April 20: The first Russian shells fall on Berlin. The US Seventh Army captures Nuremberg.
April 20: The new school term begins.
April 21: The last Western air raid strikes Berlin. Russian troops enter the outskirts of the city.
April 21: First Guide meeting of the term.
April 22: Himmler tries to negotiate a surrender with the Western powers but is refused on April 27.
April 23: Göring tries to negotiate for leadership of the Nazi party, but is stripped of his titles and duties.
April 25: Endorsement of the United Nations Charter.
April 26: Generals Zhukov and Konev surround Berlin. American troops reach Dachau (may not occur until April 29).
April 28: Benito Mussolini and his mistress are killed by Italian partisans. Hitler and Eva Braun are married in a secret ceremony.
April 30: Hitler and Eva commit suicide. Their bodies are burned.
May 1: Josef Goebbels and his wife commit suicide after killing six of their seven children. Hamburg radio announces the death of Hitler.
May 1: Gwensi discovers that the Middles have a new game they are carrying out during Prep. Severe frost threatens to kill the gardens.
May 2: Berlin falls to the Red Army. The death of Hitler is officially announced on British radio.
May 2: Miss Wilson discovers the problem caused by one of the Guide patrols the previous term. Miss Everett takes the Fifths for a gardening lesson. Problems begin between the Fourth and Fifth forms.
May 5: Girls strive for Guide badges, including tracking practice.
May 7: Hitler’s successor, Grand Admiral Dönitz, signs the unconditional surrender of Germany.
May 7: Miss Dene hears news of the impending signing of surrender by the Germans.
May 8: VE Day – Victory in Europe.
May 8: The Chalet School celebrates the end of the war in Europe. Mrs Redmond’s husband reappears.
May 9: The German surrender is ratified in Berlin. The Soviets celebrate VE Day. Göring and other Nazi leaders surrender.
May 14: Lavender has troubles with Jane West and suffers tricks against her for the rest of the week.
May 17-18: Anne Montague dishes out a little revenge to Jane.
May 20: Heinrich Himmler is captured by British troops.
May 23: Himmler commits suicide.
May 24: The school makes preparations for the Sale.
June 5: The Allied Control Commission meets for the first time and announces it is taking control of Germany.
June 8: Margia Stevens comes to visit the school.
June 9: Lower V entertain the school.
June 12: Miss Annersley and Miss Wilson read the letter from the former Miss Stewart about her escape from Singapore in 1942.
June 13: Gwensi learns that her story has been accepted for publication.
June 16: Margia tells the school about her experience and inspires Jacynth Hardy.
June 18: William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) is tried for treason in London. He will be convicted and executed.
June 22: Fighting on Okinawa ends.
June 26: Signing of the UN charter, with the Soviet Union one of the participants.
June 29: Plans for the invasion of Japan are submitted and approved.
July 4: The Sixths make jam for the Sale.
July 5: Liberation of the Philippines. Both Britain and the US recognise the Polish (Soviet-influenced) government.
July 9: The mistresses vote on the Thérèse Lepâttre scholarship and deal with other school matters.
July 11: The Soviets agree to share the city with Britain and the US. The latter two countries allocate part of their areas to the French.
July 14: The Sale is held and Betty Wynne-Davies comes to see Jo and Janie Lucy.
July 16: Explosion of the first experimental atomic bomb.
July 17-August 2: Potsdam Conference.
July 19: The school holds a campfire to celebrate the end of the war.
July 26: Results of the British election held on July 5 are announced. Churchill is voted out of office and replaced by Clement Attlee.
August: The Allied War Crimes Commission is set up and preparations begin for trials against Germany in Nuremberg.
August 6: Dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. An estimated 80,000 people are killed.
August 8: The Soviets declare war on Japan.
August 9: The second and more powerful atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. Approx. 40,000 people are killed.
August 14: The Japanese Emperor Hirohito records a message that announces the Japanese forces must “bear the unbearable”.
August 15: VJ Day (Victory over Japan).
August 16: The Japanese cease-fire is transmitted to all troops.
August 21: The Lend-Lease program is ended.
August 27: Allied fleets anchor in Tokyo Bay.
September 2: Japan formerly surrenders.
October 24: Vidkun Quisling is executed in Norway.
November 20: The Nuremberg trials begin.
December 9: General George S. Patton is severely injured in a car-truck collision in Mannheim, Germany.
December 21: General Patton dies.

The writer's credo: 'Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like' (Delta Goodrem - Born To Try)

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Taking Lower IV A for Prep
Taking Lower IV A for Prep
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Almost two years in fact. Robin finishes at Christmas 1940 and Highland Twins does not begin until September 1942. This is the timeline that has become more or less standard:

Autumn 1937 –
Spring 1938 – The Chalet School in Exile
Summer 1938 – (The Chalet School in Exile)

Autumn 1938 – (The Chalet School in Exile)
Spring 1939 – (The Chalet School in Exile)
Summer 1939 – (The Chalet School in Exile)

Autumn 1939 – The Chalet School in Exile
Spring 1940 –
Summer 1940 – The Chalet School Goes To It

Autumn 1940 – The Chalet School and Robin
Spring 1941 –
Summer 1941 –

Autumn 1941 –
Spring 1942 –
Summer 1942 –

Autumn 1942 – Highland Twins at the Chalet School
Spring 1943 – Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School
Summer 1943 – Gay From China at the Chalet School

Summer holidays - Jo to the Rescue

Autumn 1943 – Mystery at the CS/Headmistress of the CS
Spring 1944 – Tom Tackles the Chalet School
Summer 1944 – The Chalet School and Rosalie

Autumn 1944 –
Spring 1945 –
Summer 1945 – Peace Comes to the Chalet School

Autumn 1945 –
[End of the war]

The writer's credo: 'Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like' (Delta Goodrem - Born To Try)

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