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Author:  Carys [ 07 Nov 2007, 23:30 ]
Post subject:  Drabble Series Synopses

For all you drabblers of lengthy series/parts, or of multiple drabbles post your synopses here! There is a standard template to be used, which is here:

Name of Series: [If there is one, ignore this if there isn't]

First Drabble:

Published: [Include when, and in which house. If it was pre the house system then say which house it would go into if being published now]
Completed: Yes/No
Brief Description: [No more than 50 words please]
Link to drabble:

Second Drabble:
etc, etc

To make a link to a url you do this (example is google):
Type, [ url = w w w . google. com ]Google is here [/ url ].
Leave out the spaces though and it will appear like this,

If anyone has any further questions then feel free to PM me!

Author:  Carys [ 07 Nov 2007, 23:53 ]
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Name of Drabble Series: N/A

First Drabble: The Chalet School, Fleur and the 1960's
Characters: Fleur Matieux, Ailie Russell, Janice Chester, Judy Willoughby, Sybil Russell
Published: 2004, St Therese
Completed: Yes
Length: C. 46,500
Brief Description: Fleur Matieux is a child of the sixties, her behaviour has resulted in her being sent to the Chalet School. There she introduces Ailie, Janice, and Judy to sixties music, and boys! Meanwhile Sybil has had a baby, and left her husband-now she has to deal with her family's disaproval...
Link to story: Part one is Here
Part two is Here

Second Drabble: St Valentine's Day at the Chalet School
Characters: Fleur Matieux, Ailie Russell, Janice Chester, Judy Willoughby, Kathie Ferrars, Nikolai Dolohov
Published: 2006, St Therese
Completed: Yes
Length: C. 8,000
Brief Summary: Fleur is in her final year at the Chalet School and Nikolai wants to make Valentines Day extra special. Surprisingly he has some help from the younger mistresses.
Link to Story: Here

Third Drabble: Ailie & Sybil: A Tale of Sisterhood
Characters: Ailie Russell, Sybil Russell, Fleur Matieux, Christian Matieux, Jerry Greenwood,
Published: 2004, St Therese
Completed: Yes
Length: C. 55,000
Brief Summary: Ailie has left school and moved to London to live with Sybil and Malvina. Unable to find a job that suits her she wonders what will become of her life until she starts working for the band, her friendship with Fleur suffers though... It's also time for Sybil to fall in love!
Link to Story: Part one is Here
Part two is Here
Part three is Here

Fourth Drabble: The Saint and The Chaletian's
Characters: Fleur Matieux, Ailie Russell, Janice Chester, Judy Willoughby, Elaine Gilling
Published: 2006, St Mildred's
Completed: No-it will be one day, I hope!
Length: N/A
Brief Summary: Seven years have past since they left the Chalet School but Fleur, Ailie and Janice are still great friends. What has happened to Judy though? And why is Fleur reluctantly learning more about her Mother than she had ever wished to?
Link to Story: Here

Author:  Róisín [ 08 Nov 2007, 00:06 ]
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Name of Drabble Series: Stacie, Academic Chaletian

First Drabble: Stacie at University
Characters: Eustacia Benson
Published: 2006, St Therese
Completed: Yes
Length: 7,780
Brief Description: Stacie reaches Oxford after the War and begins her studies as an undergraduate student in Classics. Will she have the same trouble fitting in as she did when she begun at the Chalet School?
Link to story: Here, with yibble or here, without.

Second Drabble: An Academic Chaletian
Characters: Eustacia Benson
Published: 2006, St Therese
Completed: Yes
Length: 5,700
Brief Description: It is four years later than Stacie at University. Stacie is now contemplating how to approach her D.Litt. It is a whole new world, now that she is a fully-fledged adult.
Link to story: Here with yibble, here without.

Author:  Alison H [ 08 Nov 2007, 01:36 ]
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N.B. - synopses of the later drabbles, of necessity, contain spoilers about the earlier drabbles!

First drabble: A light that never goes out
Characters: Mainly Karen
Published: Ste Therese's, 2006
Completed: Yes
Length: 32,572 words
Brief description: Demoralised by the events of Excitements at the Chalet School, Karen spends the Easter holidays at the Tiernsee. She offers to cater a function at the Schloss Wertheim, where she re- encounters a face from the past.
Link: Here - sadly minus the comments as the original was lost in the Great Hack :(

Second drabble: - Raise the scarlet standard high
Characters: Elsie Bradshaw (the new school cook), Anna, Rosli, Karen, Rudi Braun (Karen's husband), Hilda Annersley, various others
Published: Ste Therese's, 2006
Completed: Yes
Length: 39,700 words
Brief description: Following Karen's departure, Hilda & co struggle to find a new cook, until they take on Elsie Bradshaw, whose ideas about working conditions for the domestic staff differ radically from those held by the school authorities. Meanwhile, Anna and Rosli are finding life at Freudesheim increasingly difficult.
Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Third drabble: In the presence of fate
Characters: Mainly Gretchen Monier
Published: Ste Therese's, 2006
Completed: Yes
Length: 71,213 words
Brief description: Marie and Andreas's eldest daughter Gretchen tells her story of growing up in the Russell household, being separated at an early age from her family in Austria and trying to make her way in life under sometimes difficult circumstances.
Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Fourth drabble: Shaking off the chains
Characters: Daisy and Laurie Rosomon, Gretchen Monier, David Russell, Karen and Rudi Braun, various others.
Published: Ste Therese's, 2007
Completed: Yes
Length: 38,045 words
Brief description: Daisy wants to return to work, Laurie is unhappy at the San and David is trying to work out how to tell Jem about his future career plans. And is Gretchen letting her job take over her life? Karen, Rudi and Gisela are on hand to lend advice.
Links: Part 1, Part 2

Fifth drabble: Turning the stars around
Characters: David Russell, Gretchen Monier
Published: Ste Therese's, 2007
Completed: Yes
Length: 56,326 words
Brief description: David and Gretchen come face to face after corresponding for over a year - do they both want to be more than just good friends, and how will their families react if they do?
Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sixth drabble: Where the love light gleams
Characters: David Russell, Gretchen Russell née Monier, Karen and Rudi Braun and their children Anneliese and Alexander
Published: Ste Therese's, 2007
Completed: Yes
Length: 10,250 words
Brief description: David and Gretchen, expecting their first child, celebrate their first Christmas Eve as a married couple. A few days later, they, together with Karen and Rudi and their children, enjoy an ice carnival at the Tiernsee.
Link: Here

Seventh drabble: Standing in the shadows
Characters: Primula Garden née Venables, her husband and children, and all the main characters from the previous drabbles in the series.
Published Ste Therese's, 2008
Completed: Yes
Length: 38,602 words
Brief description Primula is happy with her husband and children, but feels that she hasn't achieved as much in life as she could have done. She gets involved in voluntary work and becomes a happier and more confident person.
Link: Here

Eighth drabble: The flames that burn on
Characters: Con Maynard, Richenda Fry, Robin Humphries, Sarah Goldmann ("original" character) and all the main characters from the previous drabbles in the series.
Published Ste Therese's, 2010
Completed: Yes
Length: 62,264
Brief description Various characters face up to the events of the past after Herr and Frau Goldmann's granddaughter gets in touch with the people who tried to help her grandfather.
Link: Part1, Part 2

Mini-drabble set in the same universe - All Saints' Day

Author:  Lizzie [ 08 Nov 2007, 17:09 ]
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First Drabble: A Moment of Truth
Characters: Jo Bettany, Jack Maynard, Madge and Jem Russell, Princess Elisaveta, Georg and Maria von Trapp
Published: 2006, St Scholastika
Completed: No
Length: C. 40,000 so far...
Brief Description: Set in the gaps before, during and after Exile, it follows the beginning of Jo and Jack's relationship, and crosses over with The Sound of Music
Link to drabble: Part I * Part II

Author:  brie [ 08 Nov 2007, 21:07 ]
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Name of Series: N/A yet

*Spoilers for earlier drabbles may be revealed in summaries for earlier ones*

First Drabble: The University Years
Characters: Ruey Richardson, Ted Grantley, David Russell, Rix Bettany
Published: Ste Therese, 2006
Completed: Yes
Length:20,000 words
Brief Description: Ruey Richardson starts University, and enters the real world. (September 1958)
Link to drabble: unyibbled

Second drabble: A Light Cast in shade
Characters: Ted Grantley, Rix Bettany, Ruey Richardson, David Russell
Published: Ste Therese 2007
Completed: Yes
Length: 17,000 words
Brief Description: Ted is working as a waitress after being deserted by her Mother for refusing to marry a man double her age. Rix feels like he is stuck in his cousin's shadow, and is unbearably arrogant to cover up his insecurity. Can Ruey and David possibly last when Madge starts interfering in their relationship? (May 1959)
Link to drabble: unyibbled

Third Drabble: Reactions
Characters: Ted Grantley, Rix Bettany, Mollie and Dick Bettany
Published: Ste Therese 2007
Completed: yes
Length:1000 words
Brief Description: Short and Complete. Reaction's to Ted and Rix's news.
Link to drabble: here

Fourth Drabble: The Wedding
Characters: Ted Grantley, Rix Bettany, Mollie Bettany, Ruey Richardson, Liz and Rob, David Russell, Con and Len Maynard, Ros Lilley
Published: Ste Therese, 2007
Completed: no
Length: N/A
Brief Description: It's the night before the wedding at the Quadrant. Ruey and David will be stuck together for a whole day, and will Rob finally ask Liz out? Mollie tries to fill in for Ted's Mother.
Link to drabble: here

Fifth Drabble: A Brighter Shade of Blue*
Characters: Madge Russell, Robin Humphries, Ruey Richardson, David Russell
Published: Ste Therese, 2007
Completed: yes
Length:22,000 words
Brief Description: Jo has died the previous year, and seeing how depressed Madge is Robin takes her on a trip to the Tiernsee. Yet Robin finds that this is not the only problem, for Madge is no longer on speaking terms with her son David.
Link to drabble: here

*Although the Fifth in the series this was the first drabble I ever wrote. I am more than aware of it's many faults, and the fact that it does not fit in with the style of writing of the rest of the series. Please be gentle with this one! I am writing an alternative conclusion to this series rather than this drabble as speaking frankly it is a major thorn in my side.

Author:  Mia [ 25 Jan 2008, 20:48 ]
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Prequel: More and Less Than Daylight (NB - unfinished)
Characters: CS characters: Rix Bettany, David Russell, the Bettany family, John Bettany, assorted others. Original characters: Daniel Lyndhurst, Francis Rayner, Robert Welles, Eva Markham, George Markham.
Published: 2006/07/08 in St Therese.
Completed: No
Length: 13, 883 words
Brief Description: Rix Bettany goes to medical school in London in 1952.
Link to drabble: |1|

First Drabble: A Friend of the Family
Characters: CS characters: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Rix Bettany, David Russell, assorted other friends/family. Original characters: Francis Rayner, Gerard Ellingham, Freddie Brentford, Daniel Lyndhurst
Published: 2005 in St Therese.
Completed: Yes
Length: 32,650 words
Brief Description: After a failed affair with a married man, Mary-Lou meets up with Rix and David in 1961 and discovers the Maynards and Bettanys have had a falling out.
Link to drabble: |1||2|

Second Drabble: A Problem for the San
Characters: CS characters: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Rix Bettany, the Maynard family, Laurie and Daisy Rosomon, Reg Entwistle, assorted other friends/family/doctors/schoolfolk. Original characters: Francis Rayner
Published: 2005 in St Therese.
Completed: Yes
Length: 26,296 words
Brief Description: Rix goes to work at the Swiss San but finds some financial irregularities and bitter enmity. The Maynard family also have their secrets, especially Jack and Con.
Link to drabble: |1||2|

Second Drabble - an extra part: Con's Secret
Characters: CS characters: Rix Bettany, Con Maynard, Lawrie Rosomon
Published: 2005 in St Hild's (as was)
Completed: Yes
Length: included in A Problem for the San total
Brief Description: Con's secret is tragically revealed.
Link to drabble: |1|

Third Drabble: Red Sky at Sunset
Characters: CS characters: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Rix Bettany, the Maynard family, Peggy and Giles Winterton, the Bettany family, David Russell, assorted others. Original characters: Francis Rayner, Daniel Lyndhurst, the Bettany triplets.
Published: 2005/06 in St Therese.
Completed: Yes
Length: 51,164 words
Brief Description: It's 1962 and the Bettanys welcome new family members but also say goodbye to another when they return to England. Con finds romance.
Link to drabble: |1||2||3||4||5|

Fourth Drabble: The Start of the Summer
Characters: CS characters: Mary-Lou Trelawney, Rix Bettany, John Bettany, the Bettany family, David Russell, Geoff Maynard, assorted others. Original characters: Daniel Lyndhurst, Lewis Keeler, Freddie Brentford, the Bettany triplets, the Olsen family.
Published: 2006 in St Therese.
Completed: Yes
Length: 39,720 words
Brief Description: Five years after Red Sky at Sunset the Bettanys are living in Howells when the mysterious Mrs Olsen arrives. Who is she and why is she so interested in Mary-Lou and her family? Also John Bettany's erratic behaviour after returning from active service worries his family and friends.
Link to drabble: |1||2||3|

Fifth Drabble: They that Go Down to the Sea in Ships
Characters: CS characters: John Bettany, Mary-Lou Trelawney, Rix Bettany, David Russell, Maurice Bettany, Geoff Maynard, Mike Maynard, assorted others. Original characters: Daniel Lyndhurst, Lewis Keeler, Freddie Brentford, Francis Rayner, the Bettany triplets, the Olsen family, lots of sailors...
Published: 2006/07/08 in St Therese.
Completed: Yes
Length: cf 40,000 words
Brief Description: After a restful summer and a new relationship, John goes back to his Naval command and has to face up to his problems, including a rift with his cousin, Mike Maynard. Daphne goes to the Chalet School and falls out with Cecil, and Maurice finds help from some unexpected quarters; but there is tragedy to come...
Link to drabble: |1||2|

Sixth Drabble: No Grave But the Sea
Characters: Rix Bettany, Mary-Lou Trelawney, John Bettany, David Russell, Daphne Bettany, Cecil Maynard, Reg Entwistle, Len Maynard
Published: 2010 in St Therese.
Completed: No
Length: in progress
Brief Description: Cecil and Daphne's emnity continues. John goes to the Gornetz Platz.
Link to drabble: [1]

Author:  abbeybufo [ 09 Apr 2008, 21:35 ]
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Name of Series: Jo’s Boys

**Spoiler of main idea in summary/description of first Drabble!**

First Drabble: New Ideas for the Chalet School
Characters: Maynard family; Madge Russell; Hilda Annersley; Nell Wilson; Rosalie Dene; other CS staff and pupils plus guest appearances from ‘Susan Elder’ and ‘Mary New’
Published: St Therese; started 22 Jan 2008
Completed: No
Length: c. 21,000 words so far
Brief Description: Jo Maynard’s children turn out all to be boys – this has consequences on the whole future of the Chalet School, which determines to become co-educational from 1946 on. How this decision is arrived at forms this first part. Later parts will show the development of the ‘New Ideas’ as the School moves on.
Link to drabble: New Ideas for the Chalet School Section 1
New Ideas for the Chalet School Section 2

Second Drabble: 4th November 1999
Characters: Len Maynard; Reg Entwistle
Published: St. Therese; 4 Feb 2008
Completed: Yes
Length: 580 words
Brief Description: Len looks back. Set considerably after ‘New Ideas for the Chalet School’
Link to drabble: 4th November 1999

Third Drabble London 1934
Characters: Rosalie Dene; Stephen & Penny Ellis; Jill Murray; Ronald Morris.
Published: St. Therese; 29 Mar – 9 Apr 2008
Completed: Yes
Length: approx 5,500 words
Brief Description: In some ways a Prequel. Events in the Autumn of 1934 have repercussions in Rosalie’s later life which will impinge on developments in the Chalet School 12 years later, in ‘New Ideas’ – although this can be read within the ‘canon’ as nothing here contradicts that, unlike in ‘New Ideas’ itself!
Link to drabble: London 1934

Author:  Emma A [ 09 Sep 2009, 14:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drabble Series Synopses

Could Jennie post the order of her drabbles in the 'Sybil's Revenge' series? I feel a re-read coming on, and there's no order given in the archive.


Author:  Jennie [ 17 Sep 2009, 14:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drabble Series Synopses

Oops! I've only just seen this request, but here goes.

Sybil's Revenge.

Set on the the day of Sybil's wedding to Hugh. She confronts her parents about their treatment of her, and Jem is horror-struck and remorseful. Madge still wants to control Sybil's life.
Ends with Sybil and Hugh sailing to the UK on a luxury liner to make their home in London.

A Little Epilogue

Intended to be pure entertainment, but emphasises Madge's controlling nature, and the beginning of Jem's realisation that he has to treat his children differently.

'Josette's Dilemma'

Details Josette's life in Australia after Sybil's wedding. This introduces Madge's alcoholism and the effect that it has on her family. Jem is in despair. He realises the Josette has to leave this strained environment, so helps her to arrange for her to leave Australia to attend university in London. Madge is admitted to a private clinic for treatment which she refuses at first.

A letter from David breaks the news that he is leaving medical school to become an artist and will live with his male partner, Tim.

Jo Maynard decides to 'liberate' Madge from the clinic, so flies out to Australia in spite of Jem's efforts to stop her. She is unwelcome in their apartment, so has to stay in a hotel, eventually flying home to Switzerland, defeated.

Josette is to attend LSE, but before that has a good summer with friends, and also has a summer job with the Lucy/ Chester/ Ozanne clan in Guernsey to help withthe young ones including her sister Ailie and twin brothers.

Ends with her flight to UK, and Jem left lonely.

Will post more of this tomorrow.

Jem's Story

Jem does some hard thinking, and realises his own past faults, but vows to do better inthe future.

The Doctor's Wife's Tale

Madge's side of the story. Full of her own heart-searching and her realisation that the past can be conquered.

Jo Returns to the Oberland

Life has changed for Jo, as she discovers when she returns from her abortive trip to Australia. How does she cope without the support of those she has depended on? All the family and adoptees have to learn a different way of life, and take on responsibilities that they have never known before.

Sybil's New Life

Sybil decides to make tentative efforts to get in touch with her family.

Josette's Arrival.

Josette arrives in London to take a degree at LSE.

A Letter from Ailie

To Sybil.

David's Story

David explains his life, and how he made his decisions.

Ailie Begins to Grow Up

Ailie begins to think seriously about her past life, and about how she will tackle her future.

Madge and Jem Return to the Tyrol

The Russells still have much to do in rebuilding their relationship, and some serious consideration of how to rebuild new, better relationships with their children. Both find fulfilling tasks, and begin radical changes that will affect their lives and those of their family.

Sybil Reconnects

Sybil makes an attempt to rebuild her relationship with the parents she so happily rejected on her marriage.

The New Arrival and Josette's Emotions

Two short related drabbles about the beginning of Sybil's own family.

Author:  Someone the Younger [ 05 Sep 2015, 12:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Drabble Series Synopses

Let me know if this seems presumptuous, especially since this seems to be mostly for the old archived ones, but, since I'm pleased as punch that my series has one to speak of, and I'm hoping to attract readers that were previously put off, here is the synopsis of Maynard Madness. As none of the drabbles are completed, lengths are very rough.

Series name: Maynard Madness

The Birth of a Bond
As yet unposted, will be soon. One-shot. Jo meets Jack - but he is a very different man to the one we know. The two embark on an unlikely friendship.

First chapter up. Longish. Not technically supposed to be second, as Jo is speaking to her children, but takes place while Jo is a teenager. She tells her children about when Mollie told her off for greed and the drastic consequences.

Love and Vanity
Three short chapters up. Epic, 50 chapters or so. Original idea stolen from Liss' A Different Perspective. Letty Howard and her mother come to stay with the Russells, but she gets across Jo, seeing her as a rival for attention - especially that of the alluring Jack Maynard. But he sees her as spoiled and self-centred, and relations between them are a storm waiting to break. When Jack finally spills the beans about his childhood, Letty overhears and everyone is caught up in the resultant explosion.

Hunted Down Part II: The Rival
Dr. Hunter comes to work at the Sonnalpe, and instantly falls in love with Joey. How ever, her reaction to his attentions was completely inconceivable to him, and, added to this, Jack Maynard seems to have a special interest in keeping her single...

To Make a Speech
One-shot, complete. 5,000 words. Shouldn't really still be up, as it overlaps with Never Wander, but it took me all day. Originally written for Valentine's Day, Jack plans to confess his feelings for Jo, but she has a number of startling confessions of her own to make.

Never Wander
One incomplete chapter up (a legacy of my old - now broken - habit of writing straight into the box). No idea how long it'll be - more than 10 chapters is all I can say. Starts with Jo's twenty-fourth birthday (the universe comes with a free messed-up timeline) and details all the tribulations she suffers, like nags to marry, Nazis, all manner of adventures, from humourous to terrifying, and, most of all, her queer feelings towards Jack...

The Letter-Bag
Jo and Jack, now married, write to each other as Jack is away on a boat. Details the teething troubles of the marriage, but is mostly pure stupidity and tells the great saga of MariaElizaMarthaGeoff.

Running Home
One chapter up. Another epic. Crosses into the Josie Goes to the Chalet School universe. Thekla von Stift. Giovanna Rincini. Jack Maynard. Matty Entwistle, a private who owns a grocery store and is still weighed down by the loss of his brother and sister-in-law and worry over his nephew. Four stories that weave in and out of each other as the unlikely foursome team up with the common goal of getting to where each of them considers to be home.

There is now a large gap in the series of about fifteen years. I consider it to be a series in two halves.

I'm Your Venus
The spark has gone from Joey and Jack's marriage as Jo is now spending most of her time at the school. Jack has run out of ways to lure her home by fair means, so when an old woman turns up offering a magical solution to his problem, can he resist foul?

Changing My Life
One-shot, complete. Len reaches her limit and springs back from her tight, responsible persona.

Coming Full Circle
Four chapters out of ten up. Various characters reflect as the Chalet School and the San. return to the Tyrol.

The Christmas Miracle
One-shot, complete. Jo has dodectuplets (part of a rather weak joke about the size of the Maynard family) and it is Reg's job to tell her older children.

Three chapters up. Shortish. Twenty chapters maybe. Another silly one. Ruey's decision to dye her hair sets off an obsession with all things dye, which in turn leads to an ambitious and risky plan using Geoff as a guinea-pig.

Mystery Child
A goodly way in. An epic. Reg and his friends find a drugged and unconscious child on the floor of the Sanatorium. Reg takes her home, and the Maynards offer shelter to Bonnie. However, they know nothing of her past, and the truth proves both shocking, and very, very dangerous.

Family Matters
Three and a half chapters up. Another epic. Possibly triggering. The darkest of the MM fics, it spans the year the Maynards consider to be the worst of their lives: Joey unable to go out due to such deep despair, Jack in a panic wondering who will find out, and Cecil locked in a vicious battle with the snobbish Amber Chesterfield, who attempts to shed light on the Maynards' problems, and looks like taking them both down. Fortunately, a kind young nurse who is new at the San. is only too happy to help.

To Go Forwards, You Must First Go Back
Quite a way in. Stuff is happening. Epic-ish. Jack is called to the Amazon rainforest on a medical expedition, in an attempt to find new cures. He takes Jo with him. However, it proves, even before their arrival, that the expedition is somewhat of a joke, and they instead turn their attention to the entertainment on the ship, and find five girls in need of help. Once they are settled, however, Jo and Jack find themselves separated from the rest of their party, and as they wander deeper and deeper into the jungle, they discover the secret of the past of Conchitta El Garzia, their most tragic ward.

Hunted Down Part II: The Enemy
As yet unposted. Quite long. Jem brings Dr. Hunter back in an attempt to cover staff shortages, but he is unhappy in his marriage with Letty, and has still not forgiven Jack for, as he puts it, "having Joey out from under his nose". Basically consists of the Maynards and Hunters trying to screw each other over - but when their marriage breaks down, the Hunters get on the wrong side of the law. Letty escapes jail, but is left with a baby of unknown paternity and is forced to flee the Tyrol, making a decision as she does so - is her daughter a gemstone, or a millstone?

Home Alone
Jack is called away once more, this time to a conference in New Zealand. He takes Jo with him, leaving his children (affectionately known as "the Mob") to look after themselves. They fail miserably. Is quite a silly drabble until several members of the family go down with influenza, and those who don't are hard put to prevent disaster from becoming tragedy.

A Flicker of Light
At his conference, Jack employed the San's first female doctor - the mysterious Flicker. Eccentric and elfin, she attracts disdain wherever she goes, especially with Reg's friend, Sissy. He realises there is more to it than just plain dislike, and whatever it is is making Sissy unhappy, and so he decides to investigate, and discovers not one tale of woe, but two.

Pretty Maids
The Maynards visit Jack's brothers at Pretty Maids. However, Jack never got on with them, and he realised that it was, perhaps, a mistake to return. Then, Jo has a relapse of her mystery illness that sparks off a chain of events, confirming his belief.

Educating Breisau
The Maynards see a new television programme tracking the progress of a school, and decide to have a go themselves. Essentially a tale chronicling the time Phil, Geoff, Cecil, and Vina wreaked havoc with nought but a video camera apiece.

Maynard is a Common Surname
Mollie MacDonald, formerly Maynard, returns to the Tyrol with her family, having lost contact with Jack when he moved to Guernsey. When visiting the Chalet School, she meets the strangely familiar Miss Maynard, and the stone is set rolling. Meanwhile, her children have met the Maynards, a local family, and their cousins. As they begin to fall under the chaotic influence of their new friends, not only do they learn to lighten up and become happier people, things begin to come together at a rapidly increasing pace, and Mollie is due quite a shock...

Round Robin
Another big epic that's unposted. Mollie opens a children's club, intending to take in children who are ill or poor. She nags the Maynard children into attending, and takes Joey on as an assistant. However, she refuses to believe that Jo is now her sister-in-law, thus angering not only her nieces and nephews, but also her own children. Added to this, she is unprepared for the harsh realities that pour through her door, and, with the Maynards seeking to undermine her by any means possible, the children's club comes close to collapse. But the Maynards' efforts have attracted the attention of a bigger threat: Bonnie's former "family" want her back, and don't care who they kill in the process.

Returning Birds
Final length unknown. Five chapters up. A good refresher for anyone who's lost track of events thus far. Joey knocks herself out and winds up with amnesia. She is emotional, and unwilling to accept that the world has changed. The attempts of Sissy, Reg, and Flicker to cheer her up are many and varied.

The Beginner's Guide to Cloning
Unposted. The mysterious Patience Cartier is new at Greenrooves. She gels with Cecil and her friends, despite being four years younger, and they find themselves getting drawn further and further into her dangerous situation.

A Family Christmas
Four chapters, two of them up. Jack reflects on four Christmases as he tries to work out the true meaning of the word "family".

The Maynards and Dr. Greenwood
One chapter up. Quite long. A crossover with my novel. The strange Dr. Greenwood visits Die Blumen and immediately clashes with most of the children. As the Mob begin to go out of their way to make trouble for their guest, her departure makes them consider their behaviour, and they are eventually reconciled.

Mother of the Bride
Len's wedding is fast approaching, but Joey is unhappy with the marriage, as she still hates change. As they prepare, even Len and Reg have reservations, and the whole family needs to learn to let go.

The Secret Diary of Cecil Maynard Aged 14 and a Bit
Will have fifty-two chapters, one of which is up. Inspired by Adrian Mole. Set the year after the main body of MM, Joey gives Cecil a diary in her Christmas stocking, and Cecil obsessively writes in it, jotting down all her problems - from charity work to homework, and, most of all, getting a hobby - which turns out to be a journey into discovering who she really is.

Lavender at the Chalet School
Set ten years after Secret Diary, in the modern day, it introduces a new cast of characters alongside the old. Lavender Oyle is an ordinary girl with her finger right on the pulse of the fashionable lifestyle. When she's sent to the Chalet School in hopes of quietening her down, it is hate at first sight. Concentrates equally on Lavender and on characters from previous drabbles.

All in all, while most of them can be quite dark at times, they all have happy endings. I'd say about 12+ for ratings - I was never any great shakes at the house business.

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