Welcome to the Drabbles Archive, an off-shoot from the original 'Cookies & Drabbles' thread at the Chaletian Bulletin Board (otherwise known as the CBB). The CBB has grown in leaps and bounds since it was first established in November 2002, and due to size constraints, it is necessary to archive old threads. Those from the 'Cookies & Drabbles' thread can be found here, archived by the wonderful mod team.

The most recent fifteen entries in the archive can be found below; to see all the rest, you can navigate via the archive links at the bottom of the page. If you have any queries about this archive, you can contact Liss Havilland at lisette@chaletian.co.uk, or alternatively you can visit the CBB.

Joey, young, free and single, part 3 added at 1/24/2004 03:13:35 AM

For better or for Verse
Mohini's CS poems added at 1/24/2004 02:59:07 AM

The CS and the Emersons ~ Mark 2
Lisa's CS/Amelia Peabody crossover added at 1/24/2004 02:55:59 AM

Geraldine at the CS ~ Part 3! added at 1/20/2004 05:46:57 PM

All of Augusta
The beginning of the Augusta Chronicle added at 1/20/2004 05:45:00 PM

All of Augusta!
Very funny drabble from Abi! added at 1/20/2004 05:44:55 PM

Indulge me please Pt2
the continuing story of Mary-Lou's grand daughter added at 1/20/2004 05:22:55 PM

Sisters at the CS more...... added at 1/20/2004 05:16:38 PM

Margot makes her Vows added at 1/20/2004 05:06:59 PM

Attack of the TEM part three! added at 1/20/2004 05:05:33 PM

Tensions Part 8!
Esmeralda's ongoing epic...... added at 1/20/2004 05:02:33 PM

Real Neice at the CS ~ Part 3! added at 1/20/2004 04:57:10 PM

Grizel in NZ Again  added at 1/20/2004 04:53:41 PM

Tom's Boys
What happened to Tom and her boy's club added at 1/20/2004 01:46:54 PM

Jo's Dilemma
An alternative Tyrol story added at 1/20/2004 01:40:31 PM

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