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#1: The homecoming Author: CBB Secret Santa PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 11:01 pm

The subject was inspired by a recent drabble - or at least one of the people in it was!

Loveday Perowne sat in the in the window seat of the 747 waiting for it to taxi out to the runway. She had never married, and never in fact returned to England since she had inherited the ranch in the Argentine. It had been a comfortable life, for the ranch paid well, and she had had a good social life too. The other ranchers in the area often got together for parties and the like, and she was happy to join them. Now she had decided to return to her own country whilst she was still young enough to enjoy the experience and manage the long journey. She was very much inclined to sell up if she found England to her taste, for the political situation in Argentina was not good for anyone of English extraction since the short war over the Falkland Islands. She had tried to keep in contact with her friends from school, but one by one they had lost touch and she had no idea where most of them lived. Passengers were still boarding the flight and she realised that the seat beside her had been filled by a lady a little older than herself, who was well-known on the concert circuit.
“Excuse me,” said Loveday. “Aren’t you Margia Stevens? I went to your concert last night.”
“I hope you enjoyed it,” said Margia. “I don’t have the stamina for it these days.”
“Very much. It’s not the first concert of yours that I’ve been to you know. I make a point of going whenever you come to Argentina.”
“That’s very kind of you.”
“You see,” went on Loveday. “I believe we have something in common. You went to the Chalet School didn’t you?”
“In the Dark Ages, my dear. Before the last War. When the school was in Tyrol. They had to get out smartish after the Anschluss, and ended up in Armishire.”
“That where I went. They were at Plas Howells throughout the War and then moved to an island off the Welsh coast.”
The two chatted happily about their old school as the plane taxied out to the runway and took off for the long flight. Both slept after the meal served to them, and managed to stay more or less asleep for most of the flight, Business Class giving them sufficient leg room to stretch out a little. After breakfast Margia turned to Loveday. “I know you said you had lost touch with everyone,” she said. “I am going to visit the Abbess next week. She is living in a comfortable sheltered housing complex, along with one or two other old staff of the school, and I try to make time to visit when I’m in England. Would you like to meet me there. I am certain they would be delighted to see you again.”
Unaccountably Loveday felt unsure of herself. It was many years since she had felt this way, for successfully running a business without a man to turn to had cured her of such feelings very quickly.
“If you are sure I’d be welcome,” she said.
In was with some trepidation that Loveday got into her hired car for the drive the next week. She had enjoyed her time in London, visiting places she had not seen in forty years. So much had changed and yet so much was the same. She was thankful that driving herself gave her something to occupy her mind, or she thought she may have turned around and gone back. When she pulled up in the car park of the old country house that had been converted into luxury flats she was almost shaking with nerves. However, Margia was just getting out of her own car and there was no more opportunity to leave, so Loveday walked across to join her, hiding her nerves as best she could.
“It looks very nice,” she said as the entered the foyer. The original features of the house had been carefully retained, and the hall was a high ceilinged handsome room, decorated with plants and pictures. Margia walked straight through the room and turned into a wide corridor leading from it.
“There is a cosy lounge just down here where the residents can meet their friends. They have their own flats of course, but we usually use this room since there are so many staff living here. I think they put their names on the waiting list before they retire! Here we are.” Margia opened a door and walked in as if she was a resident herself.
“Hello everyone,” she said. “I’ve brought a surprise for you all. Guess who this is?” and she pulled Loveday into the room.
Loveday went bright scarlet as she took in the number of pairs of eyes all gazing at her. A tall graceful woman, with reading glasses hanging around her neck, rose to her feet and moved forward.
“I do feel that I ought to know you,” she said. “Welcome to the Lodge.”
“I know exactly who you are Miss Annersley,” said Loveday. “I’m afraid I have rather lost touch with everyone since I left England. I’m Loveday Perowne.”
“Hilda! Fancy not recognising one of out Head Girls! I’m ashamed of you!”
Loveday grinned appreciatively, seeing the staff as she had never seen them before.
“Miss Wilson?” she asked. “I recognised your voice.”
Her nerves had vanished and as the rest of the old staff were introduced , she was pleased to see that none of them had really changed. Just grown a little older as she herself had done. She left with Margia after a day spent reminiscing over old times, determined not to lose touch with anyone again.


#2:  Author: JustJenLocation: waiting for a bus PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 3:10 am

Great fic. Are you planning on writing more?


#3:  Author: KirstyLocation: Melbourne, Australia PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 8:52 am

Ooh, my bery own story! Thanks for this! And - wonder of wonders! - I have actually read the drabble which inspired the character. I don't spend nearly enough time in C&D to make a sensible guess as to the author - but I love it!
Lovely present! Reindeer Santa


#4:  Author: LizBLocation: Oxon, England PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:12 pm

Glad to see Hilda finally needed glasses!



#5:  Author: KBLocation: Melbourne, Australia PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 4:04 am

Oh, how lovely! I adore the idea of so many staff living in one place together. I wonder if that includes Miss Slater...


#6:  Author: SusanLocation: Carlisle PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 12:22 am

Nice that two characters from different parts of the series met up. The old staff all in one housing complex is a wonderful idea.


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