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St Clare's Archive
I Have NO Clue (Gem)
Mad drabble!

Pim Exacts Her Revenge (Teddy Robinson as Guest)
Matthew gets his comeuppance...

Nell and Caroline (Ann)
An out-take from Esther

Vikki's New Job (Rachel)
Rachel's description of Vikki's perfect job...

Stealthing in Aberystwyth (pim)
Gem's birthday drabble

The Unfortunate Downfall and Demise of Joan Bertram (pim)
Pim's entertainment whilst on delayed trains...

February? (Kathy_S)
Bedtime drabble from February

The Chair (Vikki)
Lesley's chair takes a trip...

A Little Pimday Tale (Ally)
Pim's birthday drabble

A Cunning Plan (Vikki)
Vikki's RTW drabble...

Here we go again... (Vikki)
Vikki and RTW do battle...

Rachel the smelly witch (Vikki)
Still battling...

Another Vikki Tale (Rachel)
RTW's revenge...

Round Six (Vikki)
round six in the revenge drabbles...

7 (Rachel)
Poor Honeycombe! Revenge drabble number 7...

Jennie's Question Time Drabble (Jennie)
Too good to let it just be deleted!

Another New Job For Vikki (Xanthe)

On The Train (LizB)

A Vikki Tale (Rachel)

Oh and ANOTHER one (Rachel)
(more Vikki tales)

Joanna Creates A Sensation (Joey)
Len's eldest daughter goes to Hogwarts.

Joanna Creates A Sensation ~ Part Two (Joey)
Len's eldest daughter goes to Hogwarts.

Joey, Her Son And A Frog (Rachel)
I was given the first sentence and challenged to drabble it!

Rosalie And The Muddy Girls (Rachel)
Another one line challenge - why did I accept these?

Head To Head (Lisa_T)
Inspired by a true story

The New Girls (JackieJ)
Random Bunny - COMPLETE

Claim For Compensation (LizB)

On The Bus (LizB)
Sequel to On The Train

In The Car (LizB)
Sequel to 'On The Train' and 'On The Bus'

Drifting In A Hot Air Balloon (LizB)
(rising to the challenge)

Toothache (Rachel)

Going, Going, ..... (Jennie)
NTSG Drabble

Very Silly (Joan the Dwarf)
NTSG Drabble

The One Where Joey Got High (Caeli)
NTSG Drabble

Mwahwaha (Georgia)
One of those drabble things (for the NTSG)

A Drabble For Ann (catherine)
A birthday drabble (and a prod)!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Joyful)

That Sinking Feeling (Bookwormsarah)
NTSG Drabble

Wondering (Squirrel)

Marking Essays (Lyanne)

CS 2005 (francesn)

CS 2005 ~ Part Two (francesn)

Katie Gets Her SLOC (LizB)
(with apologies to LMM)

One Upon A Time (Jennie)
Desperately seeking a rational explanation

Cyber-Slip (Pat)
a tale to make you wibble

Joey Is Turned Into A Toad (Nineveh)

I Wish I Were A Chalet Girl (Carola)
The muse came upon me.....I'm sorry....

How To Get Promoted (Lisa_T)
Or, the explanation of an EBDism...

Margia And Joey: A Reunion (francesn)
Inspired by comment in A Second Chance

The NTSG Picnic ()
A tale of fun, terror, woe, giggles and sandwiches.

Pets Prefect At The Chalet School (Lyanne)

Me, Myself And Margot (francesn)
The real story behind the triplets

How Ros Became Head Girl (Ann)
A birthday drabble for Catherine

Matron: Alternative Version (BethC)
probably best to read the original before rather than after!

The One Who Got Away (LizB)

Up Before The Judges (LizB)

Mia's Horrid Day (Mia)
A fairytale

Bit Of A Poem (Róisín)
short, complete, foolish

Publisher's Cuts Oops! (patmac)
Where the detail went

Josie's Revenge (Gem)
Don't blame me. The bunnies made me do it. And the wine.

A Chalet School Drabble (Rachel)

A Day in the Life of Jack Maynard (Cecilia)

A School and a Plan (Cecilia)

A Tale of Misadventure (Rosie Vikki Carolyn)

That very sweet woman, Mrs James H. Kettlewell (BethC)

A Little Epilogue (Jennie)
Sybil's revenge goes on

The Prize (Superhero)

A random bunny (Lisa_T)

Strange happenings at the CS (Elzbie)

Buffy Goes to the Chalet School (James)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Chalet School crossover

Cecil and Stitch (Ann)
Lilo and Stitch/Chalet School crossover

CS in Dee-Dar Land (Emperor Zhark)

A Study Scene (Xanthe)

Jo Maynard and the NHS - Part Two (Jennie)

As Yet Untitled (James)

Sam of the Chalet School (Nicci)

The Chalet School and the Doctor (LizB)

All in a Day's Work (caz)
Jasper Fforde/Chalet School crossover

A Very Strange Visitor (Anne)

Felicity Breaks Out (Joan the Dwarf)

A Maynard Dilemma (Anne)

The CS on Pern (Pat)

The CBBers in Oz! (Vikki)

In Pursuit of Grammar (Alex)
Communal drabble


Triplets (Cecillia)

Con's Dilemma (karenthegiant)

Elizabeth and the Chalet School (spherissa)

Brief and Violent Drabble (James)

The Real School at the Chalet (Mary)

Len, Con and Margot in the Hundred Acre Wood (Gem)

Drabbles as History (patmac)

CS - Resurrection (James)

Resurrection Rewrite (James)

A Magical Crossover (catherine)

The Gloaters (Uto)


The Gloater (Uto)

Elisaveta Gets A Surprise (Chalet_school_lover)

Whatever Happened To Sophie Hamel (Mia)
A feel-good tale from a silly plot bunny

Dark Times At The Chalet School (JackieJ)
SCS/Buffverse Xover - set during HG

Margot, Steve And The Toy Gun (Phil)
Margot sends Steve a boy's toy

Bonfire Night At The Chalet School (Mia)

Bettany, Bunter And Auntie Madge's Cake (Phil)
A CS boys and Billy Bunter crossover

Joey Keeps Busy (Katherine)

Bob Of The Chalet School (Phil)

Defeated (LizB)

The Non-eventful Term At The Chalet School (Elle)

Grizel (Cathy)
Christmas in the "wardrobe chalet" universe

Out Of A Wardrobe - Part 5 (Cathy)

The Last Box or Pandora's Inquisitiveness never led to this (Katarzyna)
The true story of what happened to Katarzyna's plot bunnies

Much Ado About Nothing (flitterwit)
Inspired by the term when nothing happens

My Brother's Drabble (Mia)
Posted for revenge!

Family Rows At Freudesheim (Phil)
Every family has a big row, what about Joey's?

Gem Saves The Day (CBB Secret Santa)
A Drabble for Gempie - Love from Santa

Midnight Wanderings (CBB Secret Santa)
For Liss from Santa

Pat’s Christmas Surprise (CBB Secret Santa)

Out Of A Wardrobe - Part 4 (Cathy)

The Last Prospective Parent Interview (CBB Secret Santa)
For Lesley, Merry Christmas!

Christmas at Freudesheim Heights (CBB Secret Santa)
For Pat

Angry Miss Annersley (Elle)
A short story

A Christmas Gift - For Sugarplum (CBB Secret Santa)

Christmas Lavender in the Wardrobe (CBB Secret Santa)
Merry Christmas Nikkie!

A Maynard Christmas - For Sue (CBB Secret Santa)

The Staff Christmas Party (Alison H)
Short and very stupid!

By Way Of An Apology - To Robin (CBB Secret Santa)

A Letter From Father Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)
For Katie

CS (CBB Secret Santa)
For CatherineS

A Christmas Drabble For Tiffinata (CBB Secret Santa)

A Noise In The Night (CBB Secret Santa)
For KathrynW from her Secret Santa

A Chalet Alphabet - For Robin (CBB Secret Santa)

Edmund And Stacie (Cathy)
Christmas in the "wardrobe chalet" universe

The 12 Days Of Chalet (CBB Secret Santa)
For Chelsea

Job Criteria - For Ali (CBB Secret Santa)

'Twas The Night Before Christmas! (CBB Secret Santa)
Drabble for Chair - Happy Christmas

Wicked Jos Marvel And Margot (Phil)

Joey's Christmas Eve (CBB Secret Santa)
To Mia from Secret Santa

Prefects And Passion (Le Petite Em, Chalet_school_lover)
A short, feel good drabble! Complete!

A Christmas Gift (CBB Secret Santa)
For everyone

A Carol For CatherineS (CBB Secret Santa)

Advent 2005! (Carolyn, Pat & Rachel)

Swallows, Amazons, and Chaletians (Eilidh)

Little Chalet School (francesn)

Bored And Bewildered (Lynsey)

A Day In The Life Of ... ()
New communal drabble

Chalet School, Specialist School (Cryst)
Hilda and Nell coping with DfES

Publishers Cuts - The Next Generation (patmac)

Girls Can Play Cricket (Phil)

Jo And The New Dog Beds (Lyanne)

Trying To Take Over The Chalet School (Chair)

A Grumpy Plot Bunny (Le Petite Em)

A New Venue For The Gathering (BethC)

A Pirate at the Chalet School Part 1 (Francesn)
A new girl with a difference

So you want to marry my daughter? (Francesn)
Valentines Retaliation

A Change of Career (Cath V-P)
What are Hilda and Nell up to now?!

Chalet Street Comp (Mia)

Changes (Lizzie)
Sound of Music Crossover

A Chav at the Chalet School (Le petite Em & Chalet School Lover aka Em & Willow)
Will the CS know what's hit it with the arrival of Kylie?

Chalet School Limericks (multiple)

Georgia goes to the Chalet School (Georgia)
Yes, well...

The Humiliation of Mary-Lou (Chair)
What could possibly have gone wrong for ML?

Joey and Dr Bingley (Francesn)
A P&P crossover

A Tale of Evil Revenge (multiple)
The hacker meets his destiny...

The Affair of the Doll (JackieJ)
The new girl has a strange doll...

The Chalet Schoo, Specialist Language College (Cryst)

Miss Wilson'S Missing Gin (Elle)

With Great Power (James)

Hacked Off! (Lesley)

All Hail The Squeen (francesn)

Waiting On The Board (Squirrel)

A Scary Story (aitchemelle)

The Day The Horses Came (Mel)

The Josephine Maynard Prize (Mia)

The Many And Varied Deaths Of Hilda Annersley (Various)

The Maynard Will (Phil)

Rainbow Rabbit As A Plot Bunny (Squirrel)
Sequel to The Rabbit Convention by Joyful

The Rabbit Convention (Joyful)

Hills & Sheep & Wells (LizB)
Derbyshire Gather Drabble

The Bettanys' Revenge (Phil)

Water Fight (Kathy_S)

Bagging A Doctor (Elle)

Curtians For Felix (Phil)

Joey's Nose (Elle)

The Prize (Mia)

Ask me if I care! (Phil)

Quivering (Chair)

The Train Set (Phil)

The Very Bad Drabble Writer (Phil)

The Perils Of Instant Obedience (Katherine)

The Tragic Death Of Bruno (Elle)
Prequel to Joey's Nose

Evil Elliot And The Plot Bunnies (Elle)

Len Gets Tough (Phil)

Minnie Gets A Makeover (francesn)

Ode To Mary-Lou (Kathy_S)
Not the Milton Keynes Gather Drabble

Rosalie, Con And The Perils Of Tea (Ally, pim)

2006 Advent Drabble - CSI Gornetz Platz (Advent Drabblers)

A Chalet Christmas Mad-lib (Secret Santa)
For Tiffany

An Advent Drabble Gift for Helen P (Secret Santa)

For Caty (Secret Santa)

Jem In A Dress (Elle)

Journey Home (Kat)

Last Minute Call (Secret Santa)
For Chair from CBB Secret Santa

Madge Fights Back (Fiona Mc)

New Drabble for Kathy_S (Secret Santa)

Nomenclature & Novels (Xanthe)

Old And Famous (Phil)

Rix Bettany's Schooldays (Phil)

Shot at Dawn (Lottie)
Drabble for Leeds Gather

Sue’s Christmas Surprise (Secret Santa)

The Glimpse (Cryst)

Vengeance Is Mine (MaryR)

Verity Sings For Lesley (Secret Santa)

Not Quite A Visit From St Nicholas (Secret Santa)
Secret Santa 2006

2006 Advent Drabble-CSI Gornetz Platz - Part 2 (Advent Drabblers)

Killing Joey (Elle)

Corney's Dream (Squirrel)

The Chalet School Comes To Melling (Phil)

Real CS, an Epilogue or Lesley's Nemesis, part 4 (Rachael P)

Advent Drabbles 2003: Christmas Eve (Carolyn & Rachel)

Tony Meets the Abbess (Jennie)
Hilda reduces Tony Blair to flinders.

The Far, Far future (Marianne)
Has wheelchair-bound Jo abducted a child? (incomplete)

For Better or for Verse, part 2 (Mohini)
Poetic summaries of CS books

The Chaletian, part 1 (Multiple Authors)
CBB edition of the school paper

Two Bit Story ()
story composed of two word entries

Two Go Trekking (aitchemelle)
Rosie and Nell have adventures in the Dales

Two Go Trekking (aitchemelle)
Rosie and Nell have adventures in the Dales

Excitements for Kate (Multiple Authors)
To quote Róisín, "Please join in and make bad things happen to Kate!"

CBBers - March 07 Gather Drabble (LizB)
Liz B'sbedtime drabble. "I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any tunes running through your head for the rest of the day/week/month"

For King and Country (wheelchairprincess )
Jo does her bit for the war effort

Jack Remembers (Elle)
What would have happened if Jack had lost his memory? Mayhem and madness

The New French Mistress 30.08 Incomplete (Laura V)
A new French mistress is appointed after the bus crash

Exitements For Kate (or, That's not Cricket!)(Communal) (Roisin)
Communal Madness

An Alternative Staff Entertainment (Katya)
A poem about what Nell and Hilda get up to

Joey and the jewel thieves (brie)
Joey faces jewel thieves

The Chalet School Mafia (by Brie) (Brie)
The JBBB - Jospehine Bettany Bulletin Board CBBers are being kidnapped

Strictly Come Drabbling (BethC)
Like Strictly Come Dancing, only with drabbles

I'm A Russell... Get Me Out Of Here! (Roisin)
Based on the TV program

Interrogation (Lesley)
Would wild horses really not be able to drag the truth out of Matron?

I'm A Russell... Get Me Out Of Here! (Roisin)
Based on the TV program

The Big Fat Drabble Party (Communal) (Multiple Authors)
Communal Madness

My missing bedtime drabble (HelenP)
Bed time drabble from a gather

I am responsible! Honest! (Phil)
Mike struggles to prove he is responsible, featuring Jack singing to Bruno

Ailie's life at the Chalet School - Bedtime drabble ()

Extreme Makeover at the Chalet School (Laura V)
Extreme makeovers for Tom and Madge

Marrying a Maynard (Joyce)
How do you end up married to a Maynard daughter?

Phil Craven's Revenge (Joyce)
Phil Craven's subtle and evil revenge after the 'Impertinent questions' fight

The Last One (Joyce)
Joey must be no. 1 in the baby stakes

When CBBers go gathering (FrancesN)
As far as I can tell CBBers are in a museum and causing chaos!

The Tripets Have Another Birthday (Carolyn P)
mayhem and madness on the triplet's birthday

Untitled (Liane)
Dawn goes to a gather

Community drabble - using emoticons (Multiple Authors)
Using the emoticons to drive the drabble, featuring Jem as a smurf

I so wanted ONE sweet daughter ()

I so wanted ONE sweet daughter (Phil)
Madge realises she doesn;t want one sweet daughter, but is happy with the ones she has! Joey gets her comeuppance

Dr Venables (repost) (Lisa T)
Madness... I have no idea...

Promoting the Chalet School (Phil)
"The Fall of the House of Maynard" - Miss Annersley

A Suprising Chalet School Girl (Michelle)
There is something odd about new girl 'Dan'

Disgusted of Howells (Sandra)
Joey discovers the CBB and writes to Liss to set the record straight

Dear Deirdre (Liz B)
Deirdre dispences advice, but do people take it?

The Ratbag Club (The Ratbag Club)
Are you a member of the Ratbag Club?

The trouble with vaseline (Lisa A)
Why Madge gave Grizel such a harsh punishment

The Journey (Pat)
Lesley turns into Miss Annersley

Inviting a CBBer to stay (Katarzyna)
What happens when you explain you are inviting a CBBer to visit

Summer Frolick Drabble (Lesley and Kay)
Phil stuffs a vegetable sausage

Alternative Universes (Phil)
Thekla is head of the Chalet School...

Murder at the Chalet ()

Murder at the Chalet (Emerance)
Who has murdered Joey???

Friday Evening Drabble no.1 (Dawn)
drabble for a gather 2007

Friday Evening Drabble no.2 (Dawn)
drabble for a gather 2007

Friday Evening Drabble no.3 (da)
drabble for a gather 2007

Friday Evening Drabble no.4 (Dawn)
drabble for a gather 2007

A bad influence? (Katarzyna)
Lesley is chronicling the lives of Hilda and Nell and has LIED!

A Bear's views on gathering (Honeycomb)
A teddybear's view

The Gather: or Wishful Thinking (Pat)
The CBBers visit Jo Returns to the Chalet School

... that begins and/or ends with a quotation from a CS book (Cryst)
First chapter of School at, but with a twist

A sort of cousin (Katherine)
Robin explains the complicated family realtionships to Gertrude

SLOC School (Willow)
SLOC School - a school for potential SLOCs!

That Art lesson (BethC)
The real reason why Joey was thrown out of her art lessons!

The morning ramble (Carolyn but posted by Francesn)
A ramble which goes terribly wrong

A Chalet School Bonfire (LizzieC)
A new Chalet School tradition begins...

Half a pund of treacle (Alison H)
The Trips begin to celebrate their 20th birthday at the Witchens

Twas the night before Christmas (Secret Santa)
Based on the famous poem

Not really triplets at all... (Phil)
Who is this person who looks like the triplets? It's their missing quad!

A Chalet School Experience (incomplete) (Mel)
Two innocent people sign up for the Chalet School Experience, little do they realise...

Christmas (Secret Santa)
24 day trip (with links) to various Chalet School related places

The Devil Wears A Twinset (Mia)
Parody of the book

St Catherine's House (LizzieC)
St Catherine's House, Oxford opens on the Platz

Con Writes a Drabble (Nightwing )
Inspired by Con drabbling in Maeve's "Spammers" fic

The Consultation (LizzieC)
Hilda still doesn't need glasses because of a certain surgical operation

Chalet School Nursery Rhymes (Multiple Authors)
Nursery rhymes with a Chalet twist

A School Tradition (andi )
Middles have responsibilities too, you know

Charlie's Visit (ChubbyMonkey)
Sequel to Meeting Charlie

Miss Annersley writes a letter (Abi)
If only all university applications were so simple

The One-Book Wonders (BethC)
drabble for a gather 2008

Bonfire Toffee (Alison H)
Bonfire Night at the CS

Two Pretty Men (Rosalin)
What if Derry and Ferry were two pretty men...

The Tea Party (andi)
Joey is not the only one who gives tea parties

A bad day for Hermione (incomplete) (Brie)
Hogwarts/ Chalet School crossover

Thing's you mustn't say to a Maynard (Phil)
Steven's friend says just the wrong thing

Untitled for now! (Miss Maeve)
Joey has lost her lighter

Madge has a makeover (Sugar)
Simpsons crossover

A Pirate at the Chalet School Part 2 (FrancesN)
A pirate joins the Chalet School

Elinor's Top Chalet Girl (Joyce)
"“But now it’s time to find out who is the Top …Chalet… Girl!"

Sants Meets Miranda and Joey (Secret Santa)
For Miranda from Santa

Jack's New Car (Emma A)
Jack's had enough of Mini the Minibus

Mary Poppins_Needed (francesn)
Jo need a new nanny. Who better?

26 wrod A-Z drabbles (Lottie)
Tell us a story. Just make it alphabetical.

Swept Away (Cat C)
Can there be such a thing as too much coffee?

Swept Away (Cat C)
Can there be such a thing as too much coffee?

A poem for Tiffinata (Secret Santa)
Poem from a Secret Santa

Twas the night before Christmas (Secret Santa)
Chalet version of 'Twas the night before Christmas'

Cecil's Christmas Wish (Secret Santa)
Cecil makes a christmas wish

Cecil's Christmas Wish - for Coddle (Secret Santa)
Cecil makes a christmas wish

Twelve Days - for Claire from Santa (Secret Santa)
Cecil Maynard gets gifts from a Dr Truelove based on the Christmas song

Good Queen Josephine - for Carys (Secret Santa)
Joey based version of Good King Wencleslas (sp??)

God Rest Ye Merry, Chalet Girls - for Susan (Secret Santa)
Chalet version of 'God rest ye merry gentlemen'

A Christmas Adventure - for Vikki (Secret Santa)
Vikki has a christmas adventure with Santa

Situations vacant (Secret Santa - Alison H)
Rosalie applies for a new job

Challenge: Songs from a snow capped mountain (Nightwing)
Drabble Challenge 2009

Challenge: Recipe for disaster (abbeybufo)
Drabble Challenge 2009

Challenge: Toboganing anebody? (RroseSelavy)
Drabble Challenge 2009

Drabble Challenge: Never Have I Ever... (Nightwing)
A notorious drinking game is played

Spammers at the Chalet School (Maeve)
The School has an influx of strangely-named girls...

A Prisoner's Autobiography (Pat)
Why Lesley didn't make the CBB Gather

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Amanda M (Secret Santa)
Margot and Ruey sing their own version of the 12 days of Christmas

Alison's new job (Secret Santa)
Alison gets a new job.

The 12 books of Chalet (Secret Santa)
based on the 12 days of Christmas, covers the first 12 chalet books

Blue1 Christmas Surprise ()

Blue1 Christmas Surprise (Secret Santa)
Who is delivering Blue's christmas presents?

'Twas the night before Christmas (Secret Santa)
Based on the famous poem

RCS and the CBB Gather (Caroline OSullivan)
The CS staff decide to come to a Gather

A happy holiday to you all too ()

A happy holiday to you all too (lizziearnet)
Holiday fun

A Jo lived in Freudesheim (LizzieC)
A poem about Jo set to A Windmill in Old Amsterdam

Abandoned: Or those left behind (Pat)
Random drabble about Lime Green Woman

Advent 9 Alixe Von Elsen (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 23 Annis Lovell (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 22 Con Stewart (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 21 Daisy Venables (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 3 Eustacia Benson (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 24 Frieda Mensch (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 19 Hilary Burn (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 18 Hilda Annersley (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 16 Jack Maynard (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 17 Jack Lambert (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 15 Jo Scott (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 14 Kathie Ferrars (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 13 Madge Bettany/ Russell (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 12 Mary Lou Trelawny (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 11 Matey (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 10 Melanie Lucas (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 8 Miss Mabel Bubb (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 2 Mr Denny (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 7 Nell Wilson (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 6 Odette Mercier (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 5 Robin Humphries (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 4 Samaris Davies (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent Drabbles 2009 Intro and 1st day Verity-Anne Carey (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

Advent 20 Elizaveta (Advent drabblers)
Advent drabble 2009

After someone was 30 (Pat)
Random CBB craziness

An Action Explained - A Gather Drabble (Lesley)
Verity-Anne and mooning

Before we are 30! (Sugar)
Random CBB craziness

Before someone is 90!!!!!!!! (Sugar)
Random CBB craziness

Dog Borstal meets the Chalet School - a Gather Drabble (Caroline OSullivan)
Bruno will be going to Dog Borstal

Escort Duty (Jennie)
What escort duty really involved

What if they'd had Facebook? (Cat C)
Facebook status updates - The Chalet School

Jeanne and the Haunted Mansion ()

Jeanne and the Haunted Mansion (Aquabird)
Jeanne and her brothers inherit a mansion, but is all as it seems?

Mystery at the Chalet School (Chair's SLOC)
Random madness

Robin Flu (Nightwing)
A drabble which explains why some characters appear to undergo a complete personality change

Stir-up Sunday (short-ish and silly) (Alison H)
Joey plans to fix her families future with Stir-Up Sunday, but it all goes wrong

The Tryst (Chubby Monkey)
Len and Reg go for a quiet weekend at Many Bushes

A Different Kind of Midnight Feast (Chubby Monkey)

I was arguing with my Guardian (Maeve)
Poetry from Maeve

Breaking the Record (Nightwing)
Will Joey ever give up?

The Surprise (Chubby Monkey)
Len spend some time with a few memories

Freddie part 1 (Mrs Redboots)
Her mother never went to the CS, Will Freddie?

A poem about Matey (Selena)
A poem about Matron

Communal drabble from the gather - added to by the CBB (Multiple Authors)
Communal madness...

Community drabble (Multiple Authors)
Communal madness...

James to the rescue (Emma A)
Chubby Monkey gets rescued by her very own doctor

Jo of Via Facebook newsfeed (Cat C)
Facebook status updates - Jo of the Chalet School

Liberation (Liss)
Is Jo really that bad or is she forced to be by EBD?

Meeting Charlie (Chubby Monkey)
Charles brings his girlfriend home to meet the family

Skeleton in the closet - incomplete (Selena)
There really is a skeleton in the closet of the Maynard's holiday home...

Swimming (Blue1)
A poem about swimming in which Miss Wilson swears!

"You will marry your Doctor!" (Elle)
Joey and Jack are determined that Con and Len will marry their doctors

Satan and his Demons (tiernsee)

All Hallow's Eve (ChubbyMonkey)

Chalet ABBA (BethC)

A Boy at the CS (moiser30)
Surely not?

All Hallow's Eve (ChubbyMonkey)

A Boy at the CS (moiser30)

One Summer's day (Abi)

Princess via Facebook newsfeed (Cat C)
Princess done through facebook

The Error of Her Ways, or An Apology to Abi (ChubbyMonkey)
Chubbymonkey apologises to Abi

Joey's kittens (Mohini)
Has Joey really given birth to kittens?

Cornelia's Girls (Mohini)
Some children adopted by Cornelia come to the chalet School.

A violent drabble for Elle (ChubbyMonkey)
Jack beats up his rival for Joey

Chalet School filth (Chair's SLOC)
Filth at the Chalet School

A night off ()

A night off (Elle)
A stunningly written drabble, very funny :)

Reg's confession (Mohini)
Reg admits he has been in love with Sybil

Contraband (Nightwing)
What is Joey smuggling onto the platz?

A Conferencing We Will Go... (Lisa T)
Hilda and Nell go on a conference and meet some interesting people

On the importance of sale themes (for Abi and Ariel) (Nightwing)
A drabble about CBBers

Margot's Devil and the Mad Knitters ()

Margot's Devil and the Mad Knitters (Kathy_S)
Margot's devil want some knitted underpants

The end of the interview (Rob)
An interview with EBD

Joey's Nightmare (Chair's SLOC)
Joey has a nightmare

The Return of the Triplets (JB)
How Joey is able to get the triplets round the age rule when the school moves to Switzerland

Francie of the Chalet School (Mair Cail)
A drabble about Francie

Short drabble (Mohini)
A short drabble written in txt spk

A Milton Keynes Gather (Lesley)
A tale about the Milton Keynes gather

Unlikely happenings at the Chalet School (Selena)
Drabble based on the 'lines unlikely to be seen in a Chalet book' thread

Miranda Entwistle's Holidays (Midge)
A drabble about Reg and Len's daughter

The real winner in Coming of Age (Joyce)
Why didn't Mary-Lou win?

The Subjugation of a Squeen (Sad in Suburbia)
A drabble about Mia...

Other things put through translator (Naomilla)
Things translated from English and then back again

A Maynard Dilemma (Anne)
Some sort of Big Brother style tv program

Two new girls at the Chalet School (Minim)
somesort of Harry Potter/ twilight/ vampire crossover thing

Sweet Mary-Lou (Nightwing)
Some very stupid (brave?) pop star has written a song about Mary-Lou

Career Day (Nightwing)
Different Chaletians choose their future careers

Margot (Minim)
Margot's point of view of things

Margot at Malory Towers (Phil)
Having been expelled from the Chalet School Margot is sent to Malory Towers.

A spy at the Chalet School (Minim)
There is a spy at the Chalet School

How things really were at the Chalet School (Naomilla)
A drabble made from the 'Lines unlikely to be seen in a Chalet School book' thread

How to make a Chalet SChool book (Minim)
Recipes for Chalet School books

Secret Santa drabble for Mosier30 (Secret Santa)
Secret Santa drabble

Santa's problem for Cal562301 (Secret Santa)
Secret Santa drabble

A Secret Santa drabble for Mills (Secret Santa)
Kathy snowballs the wrong person

Scar returns to the Chalet School (Minim)
Scar returns to the Chalet School

The Changing of the Guard (Elle)
Yet another wonderous drabble from Elle where as usual most of the cast end up dead

Jo Bettany and the terrifiying case of the living pantomine 4 (Nightwing)
Not sure really, have read it three times and still cannot work out what is going on!

A Christmas wish come true (Mary R)
A drabble for Sian

2010 Advent Drabble (Advent Drabblers)
The 2010 advent drabble

Twelve days of Christmas for cal562301 (Secret Santa)
The twelve days of (Chalet) Christmas

12 days of Christmas for JennyWren (Secret Santa)
The twelve days of (Chalet) Christmas

A Christmas Song for RoseCloke (Secret Santa)
A Christmas song

The Daft Days (shesings)
Nell and Hilda celebrate New Year

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