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St Agnes' Archive
In Faith, Obey (Alex)
Alex's Robin drabble

A Second Chance - Part Two (Josie)
Sequel to A Long Road Home

A Second Chance - Part Three (Josie)
Sequel to A Long Road Home

Unwanted - Part One (LizB)
Grizel's life at home

Unwanted - Part Two (LizB)
Grizel's life at home

Gabby Goes To School - Part One (Katarzyna)

Gabby Goes To School - Part Two (Katarzyna)

Margot's Choice (dackel)
Letters from Margot to Robin and answers

A Second Chance - Part Four (Josie)

A Second Chance - Part Five (Josie)

Madge Reflects (Donna)
What might have happened in Rivals...

The meaning of my life is she (pim)
one of pim's mini drabbles...

Daddy (Rosie)
Rosie's tear-jerking Mary-Lou drabble...

Biddy Comes To Tea (JoW)
Biddy reflects on her childhood

Christine of the Chalet School - Part One (francesn)

Christine of the Chalet School - Part Two (francesn)

Christine of the Chalet School - Part One (francesn)

Christine of the Chalet School - Part Two (francesn)

A Conversation (Rachel)
Given the first sentence as a challenge - here's the result!

The Rings (Donna)

Borrowed Wings (pim)

A Moment In Time (LizB)

The Austrians Conversation (RuthY)
A short story. complete

Summer Rain (pim)

A Letter For Mademoiselle (LizB)

A Mother's Story (LizB)

I Haven't Always Found It So (Kate)
Juliet gets a letter

Christine Of The Chalet School - Part Three (francesn)

The Job (Pat)
My drabble for the Northern Gather

Coming Home (MaryR)
An NTSG wedding drabble

Cecil (Ally)
An NTSG drabble

Clem & Tony ~ Part One A (aitchemelle)

Clem & Tony ~ Part One B (aitchemelle)

The Kiss (Roisin)
Joey & Simone in an NTSG Poem

My Future (Katarzyna)
An NTSG drabble

The New Baby (Mia)
An NTSG drabble

What Next? (Lottie)
An NTSG drabble

Home at Last (MaryR)
An NTSG drabble

Hilda Annersley ()
character discussion

Walking Forwards (Ally)
Elisaveta returns home

Eustacia (Pat)

Giving Her Away (Helen P)
An NTSG drabble

Soaring Free (MaryR)
An NTSG drabble

The Greatest Gift (LadyGuinevere)
An NTSG drabble

A NTSG Drabble (KB)
Peace-based fic

Daphne's Wedding (Lottie)
An NTSG drabble

Letting Go... (aitchemelle)
An NTSG drabble

Home in the Hills (Ray)
Inspired by Patmac's "A Village Boy"

Dear Diary (catherine)
Margot's thoughts following Theodora

The Marriage (Jennie)
NTSG drabble

The Surprise Guest (LadyGuinevere)
NTSG drabble

Rosamund Leaves the Chalet School (Caroline)
FOCS drabble

A Surprise for the Triplets (Lottie)

Unwanted - Part Three (LizB)
Grizel's life at home

Unwanted - Part Four (LizB)
Grizel's life at home

Turning The Tables! (MaryR)
Nell plots in secret.....

Jo's Side Of The Story (LizB)

Sybil's Darkest Hour (KB)

Goodbye, Ste Therese (Eilidh)

Umbrellas ()
Why did they have them?

Journals (Chloë/Lily)
Random diary enteries

The Chalet School At Peace (KB)
Those parts of the original book that aren't in the real one

CS Goes To Guernsey - Part 3 (Pat)

Letters And Diaries (Donna)
A 'Princess' fill-in

Pity Party (Jennie)

Francie To The Fore (Ray)
A closer look at Francie's school career...

Guides at the Chalet School - Part One (nickyj)

Guides at the Chalet School - Part Two (nickyj)

The Chalet School and Lorna (catherine)
Lorna at Wynyards comes to teach at the CS

A New Family at the Chalet School - Part Two (Vikki)

The Chalet School and Bridget O'Ryan (Shander)

The "Lunchbreak Drabbles" Series (Gem)

Alice Joins The Chalet School (Lulie)

Memories (Pat)

Robin's Story (Joey)

A Pharmacist On The Gornetz Platz (Alex)

A Pharmacist On The Gornetz Platz - Part Two (Alex)

Return Of The Robin (Cath)

The First Snowfight (LizB)

Just Another Day Without You (pim)

Encounter on a Train (Mrs Redboots)

A New Year (CBB Secret Santa)

Silence (Pim)

A Christmas Reunion (CBB Secret Santa)

For the price of a penny (CBB Secret Santa)

The magic of Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)

In the deep midwinter (Rosy)

Three Little Words (Rosy)

Always a Chalet Girl (LizB)

The New Bettany Baby (LizB)

Plato Reflects (CBB Secret Santa)

Grace's Goddaughter (CBB Secret Santa)

Gillian Says Goodbye (Fatima)

A Surprise For Gillian (Fatima)

A Christmas Tale (CBB Secret Santa)

No Peace on Earth (CBB Secret Santa)

Peggy's Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)

If the Fates Allow (pim)

The Bells of Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)

The Quilted Blanket (MaryR)

Driving Home For Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)

For Christine (CBB Secret Santa)

Alright on the night (CBB Secret Santa)

Under The Mistletoe (LizB)

Times Past (Kat)

Alone (Fatima)

Mary-Lou And The Time Of Life (Chalet_school_lover)

Stille Nacht (LizB)
A Christmas gift for all my CBB friends - love from Liz xxx

Mercy To Forgive (Ray)
Kathie Ferrars and Francie Wilford come to an understanding

Home For Christmas (pim)
A Christmas drabble for Nell & Liz

A Reluctant CS Girl (Eilidh)

A Reluctant CS Girl - Part Two (Eilidh)

For Auld Lang Syne (CBB Secret Santa)
Xmas drabble for Joey

A Note For Mary-Lou (Le Petite Em)
Yet another 100 word drabble- it just had to be written

Twelfth Night (Alison H)
My attempt at writing a 100 word drabble!

Joey's Fright (Mrs Redboots)
Another 100-word drabble

Chalet School - Golden Jubilee (Communal)
Serious communal drabble

Trouble For Cherry (Mihiri)

Angel (Lulu)
A mother and daughter

The Four Gifts (MaryR)

Simone's Diary (Le Petite Em)

The Troubles of Jessica (Leahbelle)
Jessica Wayne's story

Passage out of the dark (Pim)

St Nicholas (Catherine)
The first term

A Pharmacist on the Gornetz Platz Part 3 (Alex)

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (LizB)
Jo goes to India leaving Jack behind

A brick in the wall (KathrynW)
Thekla and the fall of the Berlin Wall

Clem & Tony part 2 - Finding their feet (Aitchemelle)

First Sight (Dackel)

The Forgotten Maynard at the Chalet School (Cazx)
The younger Maynards at the CS

In the ice (LizB)

Jack Maynard, OBE (Tiffinata)

The Chalet (LizB)

The Chalet School (Lottie)
A short poem

The Children's Journey (Mia)

The Long Climb Ahead (Dackel)

Carnival at the Chalet School (Lottie)
Felicity's letter home

Miss Bubb's Diary (Lottie)

Stacie - part 1 (pat)

Sharlie Andrews part 12 (pim)
The saga continues...

The Troubles of Jessica (Leahbelle)

Jackie's Great Escape (Ally)
Sort of sequel to Rix Goes to India

Jackie's Great Escape (Ally)
Sort of Sequel to Rix Goes to India

How Joey Met Jean MacKenzie (Caroline)
An outtake from The CS and Robin

An answer to prayer (LizB)

A new start (Sarah)

The Troubles of Jessica part3 (Leahbelle)

Letters from Oxford (KathrynW)

The First Day (RroseSelavy)

The Confession (Aparna)

Margot's Walk (Helen P)

Long Shadows on the Grass (pim)

Baby Lois (JenniferG)

When You Wish Upon a Star (Eilidh)

Jo's Decision (Pat)

Jem's Proposal (Lottie)

Jack's Return (Kate)

Murmured Words (Ally)

Simone's Plait (Leahbelle)

Joey's Day (Kate)

Saying Goodgbye to Matron (Leahbelle)

Senior Mistress (Lesley)

Treasure the Love (MaryR)

End of the Holiday (Mel)

Sister and Brother (Alison H)

We'll tell her together (Mollio)

Results Day (pim)

Hand in Hand (Rosy-Jess)

Not Your Average Kind of Sale (pim)

Home Again (LizB)

A Parent's Selfishness (Kirsty)

A Young Firebug (Kirsty)

Maurice's Dream (Ally)

Whatever happened to.. (Laura V)

The Troubles of Jessica Part 4 (Leahbelle)

The Little Spy (LizB)

The Start of a Friendship (Ray)

Hilda's New Pet (Aquabird)
How Hilda got a pet

The new Head Girl (Laura V)
A new head girl is appointed

News from Paris (Lottie)

Letters from Canada (Lottie)

The Telegram (LizB)

The Three Stories (Lulu)

The Trouble With Lilies (LauraV)

The Chalet School and Jessica Part 1 (Leahbelle)

Biddy Joins the Chalet School (FionaMc)

Dunkirk Letter (Cath V-P)

A Royal Visit (Laura V)

Cheat! (Fiona Mc)

Letting Go (Elisabeth)

Jo Scott- Headgirl (Caroline)

Career Decisions (Laura V)
Lucy Peters, Felicity Maynard and Jean Morrison make their career decisions

Christmas is in the Air (Brie/Kimothy)
A drabble for Chelsea from Secret Santa

The Chalet (Lisa)
For Cazx from Secret Santa

Christmas with the Bettanys (Cazx)
for Katherine from Secret Santa

A Christmas Gift (Susan)
For Lisa A from Secret Santa

A Winters Tale (Alison H)
For Róisín from Secret Santa

The Photographs (Carolyn P)
For Vikki from Secret Santa

Where the Stars are Strange (Cath V-P)
For JoS from Secret Santa

A Winters Tale (Alison H)
For Róisín from Secret Santa

My Filthy Temper Again (JayB)
This idea came to me after re-reading Challenge, which has yet another instance of Margot behaving badly and getting away with it. This is what I think could have happened instead.

Past Times (Kat)
Joey reflects

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Lottie)
A peek at 24 Christmasses

Twelfth Night - 6th January 1939 (Carolyn P)
Joey and Jack after their first Christmas together

A Christmas Romance (Alex)
Peggy Bettany and Giles Winterton meet.

Margot Expelled? (Fiona Mc)

The Staff Discuss Thekla (Rachael)
How the staff come to their decision about Thekla.

A Christmas Romance, part 1 (Alex)
Adventure & romance for Peggy Bettany & Giles Winterton

A Christmas Romance, part 2 (Alex)
Adventure & romance for Peggy Bettany & Giles Winterton

A Christmas Romance, part 3 (Alex)
Adventure & romance for Peggy Bettany & Giles Winterton

A Christmas Romance, part 3 (Alex)
Peggy Winterton and Giles Winterton

Advent Drabbles 2003: Christmas Day (Carolyn & Rachel)

Out of a Wardrobe, part 2 (Cathy)
Narnia cross-over

Witches at the Chalet School (Clare)
Terry Pratchett cross-over

Tensions at the Chalet School, part 7 (Ellie/Esmeralda)

A trip to Niagara (Pat)
Joey and family visit Niagara Falls

Tom's Boys, part 1 (Lulie)
Tom Gay

Tom's Boys, part 1 (Lulie)
Tom Gay's work with boys

A Trip to Niagara (Pat)
Jo visits the falls.

RCS9. Only the Virtuous, Part III (Lesley)
Cliffs include fatal conspiracy in the prison, bullying in the school. complications between Cherry & Shane....

Head Girls (Bee)
Who was the best head girl?

The Nativity Play (Chair)
Secret Senta 2007 for Brie

Luggage (Caty)
Getting luggage to Switzerland


Raymond E. Feist and other fantasy authors ()
author discussion and recommendations list

Biddy's Brother: Marco's Story (Frogzie)
There are two sides to every story

JT Maynards and music ()
A discussion about the musical instruments played by the Maynards

The Bettany Girls (Joyce)
The Bettanys settle down to family life at the Quadrant after India

Summer at the Quadrant (Brie)
Peggy meets Giles Winterton

Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Brie)
Grizel reflects

My filthy temper (Fiona Mc)
Part II

The Peace League Comes Home (Fio)
The Peace League Comes Home Complete

The Chalet School and Jessica Part 2 (Leahbelle)
Jessica's point of view of the events in 'Mary-Lou of the Chalet School'

Some Things Never Change (Fatima)
Len returns to Switzerland after finishing her first term of uni

A Reunion (Brie)
A reunion of the group that fled Austria in 'Exile'

Her Three Daughters (Brie)
How Madge's three daughters turned out

My Own Little Girl (Brie)
Ailie has her own little girl

Understanding Prunella (Lisa T)
Hilda Annersley explains Prunella's motivations

Sally Goes Round The Moon (Bethany)
An explanation of how Miss Denny received THAT nick-name

Diaspora (Ray)
A collection of missing scenes/reflections/moments from the first half of Exile.

The Robin (Brie)
What happened after Robin escaped from the church in 'Exile'

Jack's Box (Mel)
Jack leaves Joey and the triplets to go to war

Solid Lump of Comfort (Sarah K)
Jem comforts Madge during the wait for news in 'Exile'

The Invitations (Pauline S)
Tom Gay and her true calling

Robin's Story (Vikki)
The Robin says goodbye to her father

An Extraordinary General Meeting (Fiona Mc)
Madge makes some surprise announcements about the future of the school

Slivers of Memory (Rebecca)
David returns to the Tiernsee

My Filthy Temper, part 2 (Fiona Mc)
Continued from Jay's part 1. Margot deals with the aftermath of her actions as Games Pre

Charles' Holiday (ChubbyMonkey)
Sequel to Charlie's Visit

In Love and Sympathy (Fiona Mc)
A romance for Nancy

Spring Term (Squirrel)
Sequel to Rachel Tests the Chalet School

In Love and Sympathy (Fiona Mc)
A romance for Kathie?

Margot's Boys (KatS)
A drabble about the Maynard boys

Afternoon Tea (Torri )
Four ways Kathie Ferrars never joined the Chalet School and one way she did

Questioning (Chubby Monkey)
Drabble Challenge 2009 - what if Joey's book had been rejected?

Reflecting (Chubby Monkey)
Joey finds out about Margot's blackmail attempt on Ted

Rest in Peace (Brie)
Gottfied hears the news that Jeanne Le Cadoulec has died

Rosalie or the Chalet School (Laura V)
Sequel to 'Whatever happened to...'

Stacie Part 2 (Pat)
Part two of Stacie

Standing up to Matron? (Selena)
Will the staff stand up to Matron?

St Nicholas part 2 (Catherine)
Part two of St Nicholas

St Nicholas's Day - for Abbeybuffo (Secret Santa)
Why Jack agreed to be St Nicholas

Stranger at the Tiernsee - sequel to A Royal Visit (Laura V)
Sequel to 'A Royal Visit'

Summer Holiday - the 1st trip to Tirol (Laura V)
A description of the first visit by the Bettany's to Tirol

The 50th Year of the Chalet School (Moiser30)
The celebrations for the 50th anniversery of the school

The Bill, the Abbess and the Evil Bobmother (Secret Santa)
Secret Santa drabble for Lottie

The Birthday Party (Lisa T)
The triplets celebrate their 14th birthday

The Chalet School in Ireland (Dorian)
The Chalet School moves to Ireland rather than Plas Howell

The Falls of Rhine (Pat)
From Miss Maynards POV

The Other Chalet School (Jellysheep)
A drabble about Glendower House

The Return of Mary Woodley (Joyce)
Mary Woodley is redeemed!

The Richardsons (Joyce)
The Richardsons final meeting with their father

Thoughts (Mohini)
Jo's thoughts before leaving England for Austria

Unspoken secrets (Chubby Monkey)
An explanation of why Jem speaks Afrikaans

Unwanted (LizB)
Continuing the tale of Grizle before the Chalet School

What Carricks did in India - drabble challenge (Mohini)
How the Carricks made India to hot to hold them

What dreams may come (Elieth)
A new girl starts at the school

What might have been (Eilidh)
What life had been like if Jack had died

Why not me? (Rosalin)
Natalie's thoughts on Peggy becomming Head Girl

Losing Family (Chubby Monkey)

Mohini (Mohini)

Love and Obedience (Lisa T)
A series of vignettes tracing Margot through girlhood as she gains in self knowledge, ultimately deciding to train as a medic with the intention of taking vows.

A Day In The Life of Annis Lovell (Lisa T)
Short Drabble - A Day in the Life of Annis Lovell

A Good Middle (Mohini)
Drabble: A Good Middle, set in the future of the CS

A Prank Never Before Played (Mary R)
Sharlie Andrews finds an unexpected visitor in her classroom.

Mistletoe and Wine (Ray)

Mary-Lou's Disappointment (Selena)

A Prank Never Before Played (mohini)

Matron of the Chalet School (mohini)

Day Before Joey's Marriage (Mohini)

Ephemeral (Liss)

Father and Son... and Holy Spirit (Frogize)

Finding Home (Ray)
Sequel to "The Start of a Friendship"

For the Good of the Children (Ann)
How Dick and Mollie decided to leave their children with Madge and Jem.

Freddie at the Chalet School part 2 (Mrs Redboots)

Frieda (Pat)
Frieda's experience of being interned on the Isle of Man

Frieda Head Girl (Joyce)
What if Freida had been Head Girl instead of Joey.

Her Only Child (Fleury)

Highly Strung (Brie)

Hilda's Advent (Carolyn P)

Hilda's Revenge Part 28 (MaryR)

Hilda's Revenge Part 2 (MaryR)

Hilda's Revenge part 2 page 30 (MaryR)

Home For Christmas Part 1 (Lizzie)

Home For Christmas (Secret Santa)

In the Home of Mr Lewis (Liss)

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (MaryR)

Joey's Christmas Surprise (Secret Santa)
Christmas day with the Maynards

Joy's Invitation (Laura V)

John Charles Maynard (Fiona Mc)

Jo Scott Head Girl Part 2 (Caroline)
How Jo would have done things differently if she was Head Girl in Triplets instead of Maeve.

Learning to Let Go (Maeve)

Le Petit Chalet (Eilidh)
What the Juniors got up to in the Le Petit Chalet.

Would the (MBR) boys be jealous? (julieanne1811)
Would the (MBR) boys be jealous?

Claire and her Christmas Adventure (MaryR)
A cherub shows Claire some special Christmas scenes.

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (MaryR)
Gillian, Peter & infant son follow a cat one Christmas Eve.

Cecil's Christmas Eve (Carolyn)
Cecil meets some very special people

Entering the Unknown (Lisa_T)
An alternate view of Joey's illness in 'Richenda'

The flames that burn on - Part 2 (Alison H)
Part 2 of 'The Flames that Burn on'

The Long Day Closes (abbeybufo)
Mary-Lou reflects on New Year's Eve

Masquerade (Nightwing)

Black Forest Christmas (Jonty)
Two sets of soldiers find refuge in the same farmhouse

A Different Christmas (Nightwing)
Grizel celebrates in New Zealand.

Mlle. Le Pattre's Christmas (CBB Secret Santa)
Joey & Robin visit the San.

Christmas at Plas Gwyn (Lexi)
The triplets make a present for Papa.

A Chalet School Christmas Mystery (Rosalin)
Don't let Amy suspect! Lots of Christmassy clues.

A Chalet School Christmas Mystery (Rosalin)
Don't let Amy suspect! Lots of Christmassy clues.

Christmas at Sea (Fiona Mc)
Madge & Dick return to England with baby Joey.

A White Christmas (Alison H as Secret Santa)
Christmas in Guernsey

That first Christmas (Alison H as Secret Santa)
Christmas at the home of the Mensches

Augusta and the Hidden Treasure (Abi)
In which Augusta tries to contribute to the War Effort. Evvy would be proud

Augusta and the New Mistress (Abi)
Will Miss Gray help Augusta & cohorts identify the spies?[/

Augusta to the Rescue (Abi)
In which Eilunedd gets her comeuppance

A Devil's End (Ammonite)
Is evening primrose oil the cure?

A Christmas Arrival (Brie)
How will cousin Daphne deal with a Maynard Christmas?

The Forgotten Maynard at the Chalet School (Carys)
Phil & Geoff are in trouble, and Miss Annersley recommends a new start for Phil.

Little Match Girl (CBB Secret Santa)
A retelling set in Austria

St. Nicholas (CBB Secret Santa)
Joey tells her children the story. For Jenny from Santa, 2010.

Glimpses (Abi)
Santa looks in on CS children. For Amanda M from Santa, 2010.

Christmas in Innsbruck (CBB Secret Santa)
'Jo of,' as seen by Madge. For Lucy from Santa

Margot's Resolutions (Abi)
New Year's resolutions age 1-19. For lizziearrnet from Santa, 2009.

A Winter Wedding Whimsy (Cestina)
Jo panics as her wedding approaches. For Emma T from Santa, 2010

The Chalet School on Tour (charli)
The first recipient of Margia's scholarship arrives at the CS.

Deck the Halls (chattie)
Mr. Maynard tells a story of the Maynard brothers during the Civil War

Stuff and Nonsense (chattie)
On a Christmas outing with Mollie Maynard, the Stuffer's identity is revealed!

Mad Medusa (chattie)
An Old Girl captured by the Nazis is not a spineless jellyfish.

Of Some Other Metal but Earth (chattie)
A CS old girl in the Resistance

A Moment of Carelessness (Chubby Monkey)
Charles agonizes over breaking Ste. Therese.

Another Bernhilda (Chubby Monkey)
Joey's Christmas Eve coin starts a chain reaction. For LizzieC, 2009

Babooshka (Chubby Monkey)
On Christmas Eve, Robin tells a Russian story. For Lizzie C from Santa.

The Maynard children write to Santa. (Chubby Monkey)
The Maynard children write to Santa.

Last Christmas (Chubby Monkey)
It's Christmas Eve, but Margot Russell can no longer take her father's abuse over Stephen Venables

Remembrance Sunday (Chubby Monkey)
Jack remembers the comrades he lost in the war.

Behind Her Writing (Chubby Monkey)
While home for the holidays, Con meets someone who could be more than a friend.

The Night Before Christmas (emma t)
Con follows her guardian angel.

A CS Counting Song (Finn)
Scenes from the early years: Juliet; Tristan & Sally; Simone; Madge

If Only (Finn)
Juliet's thoughts at the end of 'School at'

In His Youth (Finn)
Karl Anserl's loves. UnValentine's challenge.

Cornelia's Singing Lesson (Finn)
Plato helps Cornelia through her grief.

Margot Stays at Carnbach (Fiona Mc)
New adjustments for everyone after the main branch moves to Switzerland

The Holiday at the Chalet (Kathy)
Joey sees Europe for the first time.

The Bad Girl of the School (lizarfau)
Theodora before the Chalet School

Ghosts of Ages Past (LizzieC)
In the silence before Christmas services, Jo senses a special unity. For Eilidh from LizzieC

Hermann Reflects (LizzieC)
Hermann Eisen had once dreamed of meeting the Führer.[/

Young Hilda (Loryat)
Hilda's life as a Middle

Joey Meets an Old Girl (Mohini)
But who is it? Joey tries to remember.

A Chalet Girl Christmas (moiser30)
Mary-Lou's first Christmas at Plas Howell

Trouble at the Chalet School (moiser30)
A mysterious map and a kidnapping

The Carol Singers (Mrs Redboots)
Grizel, Joey & Robin propose caroling at the San. For Cath V-P from Santa, 2009.

The Chalet School Annexe (Mrs Redboots)
Grizel and Juliet's first term

Blue Unclouded Weather (Nightwing)
Daisy and Polly's tea with Joyce is interrupted. UnValentines Challenge, 2011

We Three Kings (Nightwing)
Joan and Ruey are staff babies. Will Joan finally feel at home?

The Day War Came (PaulineS)
The war brings new girls to the CS in Armishire.

Grizel's Treat (pingaware)
Madge takes Grizel and Joey travelling.

The Letter (Pingaware)
Background on the soldier whose hideout Joey found in 'Camp'

Around the World (Robinette)
Jo tells the Russell children about Christmas in Hungary. For JennyWren from Santa, 2010.[/

A Christmas Drabble for JennyWren (Robinette)
Joey reads a letter from Jack, and Daisy worries about Santa. From Santa, 2010.[/

Christmas Songs for JennyWren (Robinette)
Chalet versions of Rudolph (with Mary-Lou!) and Winter Wonderland. From Santa, 2010.[/

Joey Reflects (Squirrel)
Snapshots of Joey growing up

The Christmas Bell (Sugar)
Wanda’s china bell and the meaning of gift-giving.

The Christmas Postbag (Sugar)
Letters to Santa from Jacynth Hardy

The Christmas Spider (Sugar)
Charles tells Cecil a folk tale about the origins of tinsel.

And All the Angels in Heaven Shall Sing (Sugar)
Robin, Nell and Hilda try to think positively at Christmas.

May Morning (Sugar)
As the family prepares to honor Our Lady, Robin mourns the contrasting celebration in Communist Poland.

Sad Beginnings (arcenciel)
An unhappy schoolgirl begins her story.

A Surprise for Augusta (Abi)
In which Miss Annersley makes a decision

The Chalet Girls Go to Quate (moiser30)
The girls hunt for clues on a mysterious island.

A New Life (Brie)
Brittany Bettany looks for her mother's legacy at Plas Howell. (incomplete)

Mothers Day (Sugar)
Robin remembers.

Difficulties for Francie (Ray)
Maeve is Head Girl, Francie a prefect. Sequel to 'Mistletoe & Wine'

Tom Gay - Head Girl (mohini)
Tom succeeds Loveday Perowne.

The Chalet School in Ireland, part 2 (DuncanD)
The CS relocates during the war. Are there spies in the castle?

Miss Wilson Makes Good (Caroline)
Includes out-takes from 'Juliet of the Chalet School'

I Never Thought They'd Do It (Robinette)
A triple wedding?

The Last New Girl (susanstitches)
Felicity is head girl when a new girl joins Marie-Claire's form

Letters to Tiernsee (MythTree)
Madge hears from the aunts; Mollie Maynard from Jack; Grizel & Simone from home....

An Interview (Lesley)
First impressions of Hilda

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