St Valentines Day at the Chalet School
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It was a bright summer’s day. Seventeen year old Fleur Matieux, having just completed her first year at the Chalet School sixth form, was strolling down London’s famous Carnaby Street with her boyfriend Nikolai.
“You know,” Fleur remarked, “We are really very lucky to be living in this age.”
“The age of the Groundbreaking generation.” Nikolai said softly. “We’ll be the one’s who are either hailed as hero’s or blamed for all of society’s wrongs in the future.”
Fleur laughed, “We’ll be both loved and cursed! Youth and radicals will love our generation; we’re pioneers for them. The old and traditional will hate us, we’re dismantling their dream of a conformist society.”
“What do you think your school will view us as?” Nikolai said slyly, he loved to tease Fleur over the fact that despite all her radical aspirations she attended a Boarding school set in the Swiss mountains-the home of the select finishing school!
“Well that depends on who in my school you mean. The girls will hopefully love us once they escape to the real world.”
“And the mistresses?”
“I don’t know, I think Miss Annersley isn’t quite so traditional as people make out. She understands that change is necessary but I think she’s also scared of it. I think one groundbreaker in her school is enough for her. And as for the younger mistresses…” Fleur stopped in mid sentence and clutched hold of Nikolai’s arm.
“What about the younger mistresses?” Nikolai asked in confusion trying to see what had distracted Fleur.
“Why I think at least one of them leads a secret life!” She giggled in delight.

Nikolai followed Fleur’s gaze and saw that she was looking at a woman, perhaps ten years older than her who was dressed in the very latest Carnaby fashions and who had her arm slipped around the waist of a man who Nikolai recognised instantly.
“Are you saying that one of your mistresses is that woman?” Nikolai asked quickly.
“Yup!” Fleur told him with a grin, it was clear that she did not recognise the man who her teacher was with. “That’s Miss Ferrars, who teaches Maths and Geography.”
“Well go over and say hello then.”
“What?” Fleur asked in disbelief. “Why do you want me to go and say hello? Normally you’d make sure we slipped out of sight in a situation like this.”
“Well you see the man she is with.” Nikolai said as if speaking to a very small child.
“Yes, and don’t use that tone of voice with me you know what will happen if you do.” Fleur said haughtily, fully aware of the power she held.
“Sorry,” Nikolai said hastily he had no wish to get into Fleur’s bad books, “Well that is Harry Roland.”
“Who?” Fleur asked.
“Harry Roland is one of the newest and best music producers in the business.”
“Oh.” Fleur said seeing where Nikolai was going, she never doubted that it wasn’t him as Nikolai read so many music magazines that he was almost an encyclopaedia of knowledge. “Very well I’ll go and talk to Ferry, in order for you to try and get the producer man to listen to your demo or whatever you want him to do.”
Kathie Ferrars and Harry Roland were standing outside a music shop looking at the guitar displayed in the window. Harry was telling her something about it but she was not really listening. She was thinking about how incredibly lucky she was. Years of teaching had left her rather out of touch with the scene at home. From being one of a sociable, outgoing, trend-setting group at Oxford she had become a typical boarding school misstress. It had been with some apprehension that she had attended the wedding of one of her “wild” friends from the Oxford days. But she discovered that she need not have worried as she had a wonderful time. She was introduced to Harry and spent a lot of time talking with him, and when asked by an old friend to go to a party in London she had not hesitated in saying yes. Kathie had the feeling that her friends were playing matchmaker when it turned out that Harry was also at the party but she did not complain.
Kathie’s thoughts were broken by a bright voice saying, “Hello Miss Ferrars, fancy seeing you here!”
A younger Kathie, at the start of her teaching career would have resented this address but she was now older and wiser and besides Fleur reminded her of what she was like when she was younger to a certain extent. “Hello Fleur, fancy seeing you here!”
Fleur grinned, “Meetings like this are rather fun don’t you think?”
“Yes as long as it’s someone who you like as opposed to someone you hate. But seeing as I don’t hate you and you don’t hate me, as we are fortunate enough not to encounter each other in lessons, then I guess this is a fun meeting."
“Good I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.” Fleur said flashing her brilliant smile. “Oh by the way this is Nikolai.”
“Nice to meet you Nikolai,” Kathie responded, “This is Harry, a er friend of mine.”
“Why are you in London Miss Ferrars?” Fleur asked in order to allow Nikolai a chance to speak to Harry before the conversation came to an end, and sure enough he did going straight to the point as usual, to the satisfaction of Fleur and the surprise of Kathie.
“I’m visiting some friends of mine who I haven’t seen for a long time.” Kathie answered, though she was half listening to Harry and Nikolai’s conversation, smiling as she heard it. “Why are you here Fleur, London’s quite a distance from where you live isn’t it.”
“Yeah it is,” Fleur drawled airily, “Nikolai and I just fancied a week away so we came here. Ailie and Janice are coming to stay with Judy tomorrow so I’m going to meet up with them to.”
“That’s nice.” Kathie remarked watching Nikolai fish out a record from his bag, which he then gave to Harry who looked at it with a bemused but interested expression.
“Yeah though I only saw them the other week so it’s not as if I haven’t seen them for ages, they came down to stay with me you see.”
Kathie raised her eyebrows as she wondered what Fleur had introduced Ailie, Janice and Judy to during their visit. “How nice.” She said suppressing a grin as she thought of Ailie’s stately mother, who clearly had no idea, of what example Fleur was setting her youngest daughter.
“I’m sorry if this seems cheeky,” Fleur began interrupting Kathie’s thoughts, “But can you tell me where you got your boots? They’re simply lovely, so stylish! I’ve been looking for a pair like them for the last year.”
Kathie looked down at her white knee high leather boots, “Oh they’re from the shoe shop just up the road, do you know the one I mean?”
“The one with the purple door and the name no-one can pronounce.” Fleur asked.
“Yes that’s the one.” Kathie told her.
“Cool. Anyway we’d better make a move.” Fleur said as she looked at her watch and Harry gave Nikolai his business card, “It was awfully fun seeing you Miss Ferrars, I hope you have a nice time in London.”
“You to Fleur.” Kathie told her, “See you September.”
The two couples walked away in separate directions. Fleur turning around to check they were out of earshot said, “Well was he interested?”
“I think so.” Nikolai told her. “I was at my most enthusiastic and idealistic so hopefully he’ll at least listen to our demo.”
“He will listen to it.” Fleur said, “I just know he will, it’ll only take him thirty seconds for him to realise that you guys are the next big band of the sixties. How is he going to contact you?”
“Well my details are on the sleeve of the record, but as they’re details for home I said I’d ring him when I got back. I’d rather have his details anyway, at least I’ll get his opinion now.”
“I think Ferry realised why we went to talk to her but I don’t think she minded.” Fleur said cheerfully. “I think she’s a secret member of us groundbreakers you know!”

“Girls you’ll never guess who I met yesterday on Carnaby Street!” These were the first words that Fleur uttered to her three best friends at the Chalet School, Janice Chester, Ailie Russell, and Judy Willoughby, when she met them for coffee the next day.
“Who?” Judy demanded, sharing Fleur’s love for gossip and scandal.
“But Fleur how can we guess if you say we’ll never be able to get it.” Sensible Janice asked her friend with a sly grin.
Fleur groaned, “Jan you are impossible at times. I’ll give you a clue, it was someone from school and that’s all I’m going to say.”
“Someone from school was on Carnaby Street?” Ailie questioned in disbelief. “Are you sure Fleur?”
“Of course I’m sure! I spoke to her and so did Nikolai, so you can ask him if you don’t belief me.”
“Ok, well was it Evelyn Ross? She always makes out she’s sophisticated.” It was Judy who ventured the first guess.
“Evelyn-sophisticated!” Fleur began to laugh. “All she can do is dream that she is. No it wasn’t her, guess again my dear’s.”
“Jane Carew.” Was Ailie’s guess.
“No, though she’d be more likely to be there than Evelyn.”
“I only thought of Evelyn because she was going on once about how she always gets her clothes from the most fashionable shops in London, her Mother won’t have it otherwise she says.” Judy told Fleur haughtily.
“Oh very well.” Fleur replied with a smile at Judy. “But carry on guessing!”
The girls carried on guessing but they failed to answer correctly.
“Ok, I’ll give you another clue.” Fleur said thinking that the next guess would probably be one of the juniors at the rate her friends were going. “It was not one of the girls.”
“Do you mean it was one of the mistress’s then?” Janice asked.
Fleur nodded.
“Miss Annersley.” Ailie guessed wildly.
“Of course not!” Fleur giggled. “Why did you guess her?”
“I don’t know.” Ailie shrugged. “She was the first to come into my head.”
“Miss Burnett?” Janice asked knowing that the P.T mistress had relatives in London.
“Miss Ferrars.” It was Judy who guessed correctly.
“Yes honey pie!” Fleur exclaimed in delight. “It was Ferry! And you should have seen what she was wearing and who she was with.”
“What was she wearing and who was she with?” The girls chanted.
“She had on the nicest pair of white boots I have ever seen, they were so nice that I bought a pair myself, and she was with such a fit man. He was very arty looking, he’s a producer and Nikolai recognised him so made me go and talk to Ferry while he plugged the band.”
“Did Ferry mind you going to talk to her?” Janice asked curiously.
“No I don’t think so. She was quite sweet and funny. But I don’t think we should go and tell everyone about this. I think we should keep her on-side and you never know she may be able to end up helping us out here and there.”
“What have you got in mind?” Ailie asked suspiciously.
“Oh nothing yet. But you never know what might happen, we may at one point need her help, and she may need ours!” Fleur grinned at her friends before looking at the menu to decide what she should order, leaving her friends wondering what Fleur would come out with next.

“You’ll never guess who I bumped into in London over the summer.” The speaker was Kathie.
“Who?” Asked her great friend Nancy Wilmot.
It was the night before the girls arrived for the new school year at the Chalet School, and Kathie, Nancy, who were lucky enough not to have been put on escort duty, along with Peggy Burnett and Sharlie Andrews were having a late night gossip in Kathie’s room.
Kathie, unlike Fleur, did not make her friends guess. “Fleur Matieux, and her boyfriend.”
“The one who is supposedly like James Dean?” Sharlie questioned as she reached out for one of the chocolates that Kathie offered her friends.
“Yes, though it’s his brooding attitude rather than his looks that make him look like James Dean.”
“Did she speak to you?” Nancy asked curiously. She never knew what to make of Fleur, and was unsure of her confident, breezy attitude.
“Yes, though I think they only spoke to me because Harry was with me, and Nikolai recognised him.” Kathie could not help but blush when she mentioned Harry’s name.
“You’ve been very cagey about this Harry.” Peggy said with a sly grin. “Tell us more about him.”
“Yes do!” Demanded Sharlie. “For instance why would Nikolai recognise him?”
Kathie sighed and ran her hand through her brown hair. “Harry is quite a famous music producer in the business, or he’s beginning to be. Nikolai and his friends are in a band, so when Nikolai recognised Harry he gave him his demo.”
“That’s a bit of a cheek isn’t it?” Nancy remarked.
“Harry says it happens to him quite a bit, it’s part of the job to him.”
“What did Harry think of the demo?” Peggy questioned.
“He thought it was really good, very original he said. He’s agreed to produce their album for them, and is using his contacts to get a record deal.”
“Gosh,” Sharlie said in awed tones. Before adding matter of factly, “Well one things for certain we’ll be hearing all about it from Fleur.”
Kathie smiled, “I like Fleur you know, I know she’s completely different from any other girl we’ve had but there’s something very nice about her. Maybe it’s because she’s confident but doesn’t use it to interfere with other people’s problems…” Kathie paused before adding, “Besides I have the feeling that it won’t just be Fleur who’s excited over what’s happening to the band.”
“What do you mean?” Nancy asked in confusion.
“Well,” Kathie began, “Don’t broadcast this any further but I have the feeling that Fleur has introduced Ailie, Janice and Judy to some of the other band members.”
“Are you saying that you think that the three most important prefects in the school will all have boyfriends.” Sharlie said incredulously. “Well there’s a first time for everything I suppose.”
“I think so.” Kathie told her. “From what I gather, from Harry who is rather useless at passing on interesting information, two of them are with boys from the band, while the other isn’t but the person she’s with is closely linked to them. I think two of the boys are Fleur’s brothers. One is the singer in the band, while the other generally helps them set up gigs and stuff.”
“It explains the funny letters those three were getting last term.” Nancy remarked thoughtfully. “Rosalie and Ruth Derwent were getting very confused over it when sorting out the post. You know how conservative those two can be at times, they’ll have a fit if they find out the truth.”
The others giggled before Kathie remarked, “Well hopefully they won’t find out the truth. I’m going to try and help those girls, the last thing they want is their parents finding out about what they’re getting up to. I know I shouldn’t say it really as I’m their teacher but I remember the difficulties of growing up and hopefully they won’t find it as difficult as some do if they have a relatively normal lifestyle.”
“I agree.” Peggy said and both Sharlie and Nancy nodded their heads.
It seemed that the four rebels of upper sixth were going to unsuspectingly receive help from the schools four young, forward thinking mistresses.

“I do wish they’d fly us out here, instead of having to do this ghastly journey.” Judy was complaining over the long train and coach journey from London to the Gornetz Platz.
“I know, just think how much of our life has been wasted. It must be a good few days.” Ailie agreed before adding. “It’s not fair that Fleur flies out here, she gets to spend more time with the boys than she already does.”
Janice laughed, “Oh honestly you two, in a couple of terms time when it’ll be the last time we make this trip you will both be nostalgic and sentimental over it being the last time.”
“You think?” Judy asked scornfully tossing her brown head back and looking defiant.
“Yes I do think.” Janice retorted fixing her friend with a cool stare, which would make the naughtiest middle scrim in discomfort.
Judy, despite having known Janice her whole life, was not immune to this treatment and reluctantly she sighed, “Oh I suppose you are right, you always are. That’s why you’re Head Girl.”
“Shush,” Janice said quickly. “You know nobody is supposed to know that yet.”
Ailie grinned, “You know when Mummy heard that you were Head Girl she looked at me sorrowfully and said ‘Well I knew you would never be Head Girl, I suppose Games Prefect is the best I could have hoped for, I wish you were more like Janice at times.”
“Oh Ailie I’m so sorry.” Janice said to her friend.
“Don’t be.” Ailie shrugged. “I would have hated being Head Girl, besides Sybs was never Head Girl, and I’d hate her to be the only one of the three of us not to be.”
Judy and Janice nodded; they understood what Ailie meant.
“Anyway here we are back at school, at last.” Judy said as the coach came to a halt. “I wonder if Fleur is here, it would be just like her to turn up late on the first day of term.”
However Fleur, to Judy’s surprise, was there. She was waiting for them in the Entrance Hall, looking very demure and innocent in her blue uniform.
“Why are you looking like that?” Janice asked Fleur with a grin.
“Oh no reason.”
Janice raised her eyebrows and looked at her questioningly.
“I’ve just been talking to Miss Ferrars, that’s all.” Fleur told them airily.
“About what?” Ailie asked.
“Oh this and that!”
“Fleur!” Judy said clearly annoyed.
Fleur ignored Judy and instead said, “You three had better go and tidy up before Abendessen, you don’t want to be late.” With that Fleur walked away, leaving her friends wondering just what had been said between Miss Ferrars and Fleur.

Prayers followed Abendessen. Fleur being exempt from the religious side of Chalet School life managed to avoid telling her friends about her conversation with Miss Ferrars for even longer than was strictly necessary. After prayers the whole school was addressed by Miss Annersley who welcomed them back for another school year before revealing who the prefects were.
For the senior school it was little surprise that Janice was to be Head Girl. Over the previous year she had been an effective prefect, she was able to maintain order as well as be understanding and have a sense of humour. Ailie Russell as Games Prefect was also no surprise, and neither was Judy as Second Prefect. Fleur, however, did not make the prefect list. She did not really care; it was not in Fleur’s nature to want to be a prefect.
After prayers the seniors had an hour of free time before bed. Janice determined to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Fleur and Miss Ferrars enticed her friends to her study with the promise of tea and biscuits.
“I suppose you’re going to bully me into telling you what Ferry and I talked about.” Fleur drawled as she curled up in her chair.
Janice rolling her eyes said, “Honestly Fleur you are maddening at times.”
“I know but that’s me.” Fleur grinned before deciding to put her friends out of their misery. “Ok, as I’m tormenting you, I’ll tell you. She subtlety told me that she knows about you three.”
“Knows what about us three?” Ailie asked in confusion, thinking that for once she had a relatively clear conscience.
“About you three, Christian, Paul and Dylan.”
“But how?” Janice asked in disbelief.
“Harry what’s his name told her.”
“Did she say she’s going to report us?” Judy asked.
Fleur laughed, “Why would she report you, it’s nothing to do with school.”
“What did she say then?” Janice demanded beginning to feel angry and wishing Fleur would go to the point instead of causing them to unnecessarily worry.
“Calm down Jan. She hinted that certain members of staff were getting suspicious and that it would be best if your letters were disguised every now and again to avoid any awkward questions.”
“Whose suspicious?” Ailie asked.
“She didn’t say.” Fleur answered before adding. “Though I think its Miss Dene, she always looks at me as if I shouldn’t be here, as if I’m a bad influence corrupting you all.”
The other girls did not reply. Each was thinking that what Fleur said was most probably right. It was a well-known fact that the schools secretary had taken a dislike to Fleur and that there was nothing Fleur could do to change it. Not that Fleur particularly wanted to anyway.

The term slipped by quickly. There were the usual problems with the middles, but after a shaky start Janice managed to gain control of the situation and put a stop to their disruptive behaviour.
Letters from the boys were carefully disguised, usually being addressed to Fleur. Janice, Judy and Ailie did not wish to be deceitful but they also did not wish for their parents to find out about their secret life’s. They knew too well that the consequences could be dire.
Fleur and Miss Ferrars continued to exchange information and Kathie, seeing a lot of herself at seventeen in Fleur, found herself becoming increasingly interested in the Chalet School’s most modern pupil. When Fleur began to apply to universities it was Kathie whose advice Fleur took notice of, disregarding the opinion of the mistresses whom actually taught her, who Fleur regarded as out of date with the times.
Every few weeks Fleur would spend her weekends in Geneva with her Grandparents, though it was not unknown for Nikolai to also be in the city, which Fleur always maintained to be a co-incidence. Yet Ailie, Janice and Judy knew otherwise and wished that they, like Fleur, had a perfectly good reason to leave school for the weekend. But as Ailie said, “The only person I would be allowed to stay with would be Auntie Jo, and that would be a torture no-one would be willing to put themselves through.”
As Christmas drew nearer the four girls all looked forward to the holidays, which promised to be eventful. Ailie, Janice and Judy had each managed to persuade their parents to allow them to go and stay with Fleur for a couple of days around New Year. Excited as Fleur had promised that she and Christian would provide a party, which was even bigger and better, than the previous years had been. However they were also disappointed over the fact that they were going to miss the biggest gig of Kaiser Tsar’s career so far, a well-known London venue. The gig took place on the first day of the new term and the three girls knew that they would be unable to attend, even if they used the excuse of going to visit Fleur. There was no problem over attending for Fleur, as she was lucky enough to have a very understanding Father, though she was also unlucky enough to have a very indifferent Mother.
“It’s not fair that we’re going to miss it.” Complained Ailie mindful of the fact that all of Fleur’s friends from home would be there, some of whom she was jealous over.
“It is a shame.” Fleur said trying to keep the excitement out of her voice; it crept in every time she thought of the gig. “But just think at least you will be spared the difficulty of deciding what to wear. All Holly, Chloe and I have been able to write about for the last few weeks is what clothes we should wear. We’re going to have a fashion show when I get home, pooling all our clothes together so we can come up with something amazing. I want to wear my white boots, so I suppose I should try and find out if Ferry will be going and if she is then will she be wearing her boots.”
“Do you think Ferry will be going?” Judy asked.
“I don’t know, Nikolai told me that Harry is though so she might be.”
“Your cover will be blown though if Ferry is at the gig.” Janice told Fleur.
“I know,” Fleur sighed. Her Father had written to the school to inform them that Fleur would be back a day late due to her having a doctor’s appointment which could not possibly be changed. “But I don’t think she’d tell on me. Besides if she’s going then she’ll also be back late so she can’t really say anything.”


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The Christmas holidays past far too quickly for anybody’s liking. New Years Eve came and went, and as they entered the New Year excitement grew over Kaiser Tsar’s big gig. Surely this would be the year, which saw them become the biggest new band in Britain, before conquering the rest of the world?
Ailie, Janice and Judy all felt very jealous of Fleur whenever the gig was mentioned, which was quite a lot. Fleur tried to remember to contain her excitement when around her Chalet friends, but it was hard to when Holly phoned every couple of hours to report on her latest fashion theories.
“Holly,” Fleur explained, “Is always on the pulse when it comes to what’s going to be the next big thing. She’s my style icon.”
Kathie had not known if she was going to be able to go to the gig when Fleur had asked her, but she had laughingly agreed to not wear her white boots if she did go.
Nikolai’s Grandparents, who were rather rich and aristocratic although he often refused to recognise it, had a house in London and it was to there that Kaiser Tsar, Fleur, and their loyal followers descended the day before the gig.
It was long after Kaiser Tsar had left to set up that Fleur, Holly and Chloe were ready. A considerable quantity of wine had been consumed before they left so each was feeling quite giggly by the time they reached the venue.
“Your here at last!” Nikolai exclaimed as the girls made their way over to the table where the band was sitting. “We were beginning to wonder if you had decided not to come at all.”
“Of course we were going to come.” Fleur told him as she kissed him on the cheek. “Hi everyone,” She continued looking around the table her gaze resting on Kathie. “Oh hi…” Fleur paused unsure of how to address her mistress.
“You can call me Kathie, Fleur.” The answer came with a smile, which Fleur returned.
“It’s nice to see you Kathie,” Fleur replied before turning to Nikolai and saying, “What’s the situation with the bar, will they serve us?”
“I dunno, they served Dylan but he looks older than you three. I’ll go and get you drinks if you’re sure you haven’t enough alcohol pumping through your veins.”
“Oh we haven’t Nikolai!” Chloe assured him with a smile.
Nikolai laughed before heading over to the bar, which was very busy. In fact the whole venue was busy, Fleur guessed that word of mouth had spread favourably in Kaiser Tsar’s favour.
When Kaiser Tsar finally played their set Fleur found herself standing next to Kathie.
“They’re getting a good reception aren’t they?” Kathie said to Fleur.
Fleur nodded, “Yeah, I’m so happy for them. It’s what they deserve.”
“Aren’t you at all jealous?” Kathie asked.
“Why should I be?” Fleur said in confusion.
“Well you used to be in the band didn’t you?”
“Yeah but it was much less serious when I played. I miss it but I don’t really know if I’d want to be famous like Kaiser Tsar are going to be.” Fleur sipped her drink before adding slyly, “I have my education to think about after all!”
Kathie laughed thinking that for a second she had forgotten that Fleur was all of ten years younger than her.
The gig was an overwhelming success, the band and its fans celebrated this well into the night. With the result that Kathie saw her pupil rather drunk, while Fleur also saw her mistress rather drunk. However neither was as far-gone as the unfortunate Chloe, who had to be carried home by Dylan and Christian.
“You were amazing,” Fleur muttered as she sleepily snuggled up next to Nikolai when they finally got to bed.
“I know.” Nikolai drawled with the arrogance which would guarantee the bands fame.
“It’s not fair that I now have to go back to school and miss out on the rest of the fun.”
“Ah yes.” Nikolai replied as he kissed Fleur on the forehead.
“What do you mean by ah yes?” Fleur asked suspiciously.
“Nothing, though I did have a little chat with Kathie.”
“Oh, what about?” Fleur was wide-awake now, full of intrigue.
“This and that.” Nikolai teased.
“This and that meaning what?”
“I was just saying that it sucked that I don’t see enough of you during term time.”
“You see me every few weeks.” Fleur said as she poked him in the ribs.
“Oi, don’t do that! If you do it again then you won’t hear what she said to me.”
“I won’t do it again,” Fleur promised, “Now tell me what she said.”
“She was talking about how hard it must be for us not to see much of each other, and that she was willing to help us, as well as the others, meet up at any point we wanted to.”
“Really?” Fleur asked incredulously.
“Really!” Nikolai confirmed.
“And what did you say?” Fleur asked.
“I just said that any day around Valentines Day would be fine with me.”
“Oh Nikolai!” Fleur said as she snuggled close to Nikolai, clearly approving of his answer.

“How did it go?” Ailie excitedly asked Fleur when she arrived back at school. They were in the safety of Janice’s study so they had no need to worry over anyone overhearing the real reason for Fleur’s late return to school.
“Yeah they were really good!” Fleur answered with a smile. “Everyone seemed to love them.”
“Good.” Janice said with a sigh of relief. “Is there any interesting gossip from the gig then?”
“Um, well Chloe drank so much that Dylan and Christian had to carry her home. She was so amusing. Telling everyone how much she loved them. She’s such a lovely drunk.”
Ailie who had experienced a different drunk Chloe to the one Fleur portrayed raised her eyebrows sceptically.
Fleur ignored Ailie and continued to talk about what else had happened at the gig. “Ferry was there.”
“We thought she might be as she wasn’t back.” Judy told Fleur.
“Yeah, she was talking to Nikolai for a bit.”
“About what?” Ailie questioned.
“She told him that she would be willing to help us see more of the boys in term time.”
“Not knowing that you see Nikolai quite a fair bit anyway.” Janice laughed.
Fleur laughed, “Yes well never mind, I don’t know how she’s going to sort it out for us. She told me she’d have a think about it and get back to me.”
“Sounds good to me!” Judy said just as there was a knock at the door.
“Come in.” Called Janice.
The door opened to reveal Ailie’s cousin Felicity Maynard.
“Please,” She said in her soft voice, “Miss Annersley would like to see Fleur in her office please.” Felicity left the room, shutting the door behind her.
“What do you think she wants?” Fleur asked unnaturally pale.
“I don’t know.” Ailie said with a shrug looking anxious.
“You don’t think she has found out about why I really came back late do you?”
“I don’t know.” Janice said as she twisted her black plaits around her fingers. “You’ll just have to go and find out.”

A very nervous Fleur entered the office of Miss Dene.
“Yes?” Miss Dene asked her barely looking up from her typing.
“Felicity Maynard said that Miss Annersley wanted me.” Fleur said trying to be as nice and friendly as possible, which was difficult when the person in front of you evidently held you in contempt.
“You may go straight in.” Miss Dene said curtly.
“Thanks.” Fleur muttered as she walked over to Miss Annersley’s study door and knocked.
Rosalie watched Fleur enter the study with narrow eyes, she could not believe why Fleur had been summoned to Miss Annersley.
Fleur meanwhile was curtseying to Miss Annersley and trying her best to look the personification of goodness and honesty. There were not many people whose good opinion Fleur sought but one of the few was Miss Annersley, who had allowed Fleur to remain at school when others would have had her expelled.
“Did you have a good trip back Fleur?” Miss Annersley asked with a smile.
“Yes thank you.” Fleur said promptly all the time wondering just why she had been summoned.
“I suppose you want to know why I’ve asked to see you.”
“Yes I am.” Fleur told her honestly.
“Well I’m afraid to say,” and here Fleur’s heart fell, “that Adrienne Desmoines has left us suddenly she has been offered a place at nursing school earlier than she expected.” Fleur’s heart jumped out of her stomach and back into its normal position, surely Miss Annersley did not know why she had been late to return.
“Oh, that’s nice for her.” Fleur said unsure of what else to say.
“Yes it’s very good news,” Miss Annersley agreed, “But you see that this presents us with a problem over who will edit the Chaletian from now on.”
“Yes I suppose it will.” Fleur said privately thinking that none of the prefects were suitable for the role.
“Would you like to be the next editor?”
Fleur jumped at the abruptness of the question, “What me edit the Chaletian? Me be a prefect?”
“Yes Fleur, you’ve helped Adrienne out with the magazine I’ve noticed and you do command a lot of respect as far as the younger girls are concerned.”
“Well I suppose.” Fleur acknowledged uncomfortably.
“Don’t you want to be a prefect?”
“I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose I would have been one if I stayed at my old school but I never thought I’d be one here, I haven’t been here long enough.”
“The Chalet School does not think along those lines,” Miss Annersley told her gravely. “We would be honoured if you became one of our prefects, you would be a credit to our school.”
“Well yes ok then,” Fleur said quickly struggling to take in all the new information. “I’d be honoured to become a prefect at the Chalet School!”
“Good.” Miss Annersley smiled back. “I’ll leave you to tell Janice, before I announce it to the rest of the school at prayers tomorrow.”
Fleur left the study feeling a mixture of emotions. She avoided the gaze of Rosalie Dene, who could not understand what had possessed Miss Annersley to make Fleur a prefect, and hurried back to Janice’s study to tell her friends her news and to battle with her conscience.

“Well, what did she want?” Janice demanded the minute Fleur entered her study.
Fleur went straight to the point for once, “She asked me to be Magazine editor now Adrienne has left.”
“Wow congratulations Fleur!” Ailie exclaimed.
“You do realise that you are now a prefect?” Judy teased.
“Yes I do.” Fleur replied shortly.
“What’s wrong?” Perceptive Janice asked. “And don’t say there isn’t because there is.”
“I feel bad now about not telling the truth about why I came back to school late.” Fleur acknowledged.
“Are you going to confess?” Ailie asked in astonishment, Fleur had always had a don’t care attitude.
“I don’t know.” Fleur replied, “What do you think I should do?”
Janice, Judy and Ailie all looked at each other, their mouths hanging open. Never had they expected Fleur to feel such remorse over deceiving Miss Annersley.
“You know,” Janice said slowly, “I don’t think you should tell Miss Annersley the truth, there’s no way in knowing how she’d react. Maybe she would appreciate your honesty, maybe she would demote you from the magazine, she may even expel you. You can never tell how she’ll react. I know you feel bad, and so do Judy and Ailie so we know that this is on your conscience. But remember there’s no possible way for Miss Annersley to discover the truth, for Ferry won’t tell.”
“Are you sure?” Fleur asked twisting her brown curls around her fingers.
“Positive.” Janice declared with such certainty that Fleur could not help but feel that it was the right thing to do.
Meanwhile later that evening Kathie was telling Nancy, Sharlie and Peggy all about the promise she had made to Nikolai.
“Just how do you propose to get those four out of school for the day?” Nancy questioned.
“I don’t plan on getting them outside for the day.” Kathie said a naughty grin coming across her face.
“What exactly are you planning?” Sharlie asked giggling a little.
“Well I have a proposal to take to the head and I don’t think she will go against it.”
“What is this proposal?” Peggy said raising her eyebrows.
“Just that we should take upper sixth away for one weekend of the term, in small groups, and that we can discuss the wider implications of growing up and show them the world from a more realistic viewpoint than the one they receive here. I will take Fleur and co if that’s ok?”
“And you think the Head is going to agree to this!” Nancy said clearly thinking that Kathie was mad.
“Yes, Fleur has made her realise that the school does not provide the girls with a totally realistic vision of the world. She will understand that one weekend away will be beneficial in the long run.”
“I see you’re thinking of poor naïve Adrienne?” Peggy said sombrely.
“Indeed I am. If Joey and Jack had just warned her about that young doctor’s reputation then she wouldn’t be in the mess she’s in now. Though I must say they have done a good job in concealing her misfortune.” Kathie spoke in an oddly detached voice.
“Was that what she wanted though?” It was the sensitive Sharlie who posed the question.
“I think it was.” Nancy acknowledged, “From what Joey told me the poor girl is deeply ashamed and confused. Though Joey cannot have been much help to her I’m sure.”
The four young mistresses quietly reflected on the unfortunate recent events of a girl who had brought so much potential with her to the Chalet School.
“Well if us taking the girls in upper sixth away for the weekend so we can discuss the modern world with them can prevent this happening again then I must say that it is a good idea.” It was Nancy who summed up the others feelings. It seemed that as long as Hilda Annersley would agree then Kathie’s plan would succeed.

Miss Annersley was beginning to question the wisdom of her judgement over keeping Chalet girls as innocent as possible after what had happened to Adrienne. This was part of the reason why she had appointed Fleur as a prefect. She realised that Fleur would be able to help the school progress with the times in more ways than one. Ever since Fleur had enrolled at the Chalet School, face plastered with make-up and guitar slung over one shoulder, Miss Annersley had realised that her Chalet girls were vastly different to the modern 1960’s teenager. Miss Annersley wanted to prevent another naïve mistake, like Adrienne’s, though she was unsure of how to do so. She had considered having Matey talk to the older girls but had quickly dismissed the idea, tender hearted under her tough exterior Matey may be, but she was still Matey-the domestic tyrant who all the girls held in awe.
Therefore, when Kathie approached Miss Annersley to discuss her own idea Miss Annersley felt relieved. She was wise enough to realise that the younger mistresses had a better idea of the world than her or Matey, and they were also close enough in age to the older girls to ensure that the conversation would not be awkward and embarrassing.
The upper sixth girls when told that they would be going away in-groups of four for the weekend with either Miss Ferrars, Miss Wilmot, Miss Burnett, or Miss Andrews, were surprised but they did not complain a trip away was always fun. The only four who were not surprised were Fleur, Ailie, Janice and Judy who all smiled with glee when they discovered that Miss Ferrars’ plan had succeeded.
“Ferry is a sport.” Judy acknowledged one evening, and this sentiment was echoed by all. Even Fleur, who made a face over the term “sport”, agreed with Judy.
Meanwhile Fleur was trying to modernise the Chaletian, though she realised that it had to be done subtlety. She introduced a reviews section to allow the girls to share favourite books, films or bands. Though it must be said that it was mainly Fleur who recommend music, if by any chance another girl sent in a review and it was a band that Fleur stated to be “Awful, completely rubbish!” then it simply would not go in the magazine. In Fleur’s words, “If I manage to get these girls to like modern music then I’m going to make sure that it’s decent music!”
As the weekend of their going away approached the girls all grew more and more excited. Ailie, Janice and Judy all pestered Fleur for suggestions for Valentines Day presents, much to that young lady’s annoyance. “Use your own common sense,” She told them, “I don’t want to tell you what to get them, it would be wrong!”

Miss Ferrars drove Fleur, Janice, Ailie and Judy to a small ice covered lake, with Chalet’s scattered around it. There they met Nikolai, Dylan, Christian, Paul and Harry. Kathie left the girls to their own devices for much of the weekend, she wanted to make the most of her time with Harry and she was sure the other girls had the same feelings as her!
The days were spent either skating or going for long walks through the snow. Fleur loved the crunch, crunch of the snow, while she was also a gifted skater. Nikolai who had spent the first decade or so of his life in Russia was used to the cold and winter sports. The evenings were spent curled up in front of a log fire, with Fleur reading aloud poetry, which was her current obsession. “There’s something very comforting and nice about poetry.” She would remark.
Ailie, Janice and Judy all appreciated the time they spent with Christian, Dylan and Paul. Unlike Fleur, who usually saw Nikolai once a month, they had not seen their “men” since the Christmas holidays.
Sunday became an honorary Valentines Day, as the girls would be in school when the real day fell. Gifts were exchanged some more appreciated than others, Christian had written Ailie a song, while on the other hand Nikolai ruefully told Fleur that her present had arrived yet so she would have to be content with him for the day. Fleur eyes him suspiciously, there was a peculiar glint in his eye, before beginning to laugh, she had no idea what Nikolai had got her but she was just happy to be spending time with him.
“None of you have got of us cards I see.” Judy remarked as they got ready to leave and go back to school.
The boys all looked at each other and grinned, “Don’t worry you’ll get them.” Paul told the girls.
“You haven’t sent them through the post?” Sharp Fleur questioned in disbelief.
“Yeah,” Christian drawled, “We thought then that at least you girls would get something on Valentines Day then.”
“It will look a bit suspect don’t you think,” Ailie began rolling her eyes, “If Fleur gets four Valentines through the post.”
“Oh but I addressed mine to Jan,” Dylan said, “I didn’t want Fleur to open it by mistake.”
It soon transpired that Christian and Paul had also decided not to send cards through Fleur, feeling that if they did it would take the romance out of things. Each girl recognised the potential problems this raised and as soon as they were settled in Kathie’s car on the way back to school Fleur turned to her teacher and announced, “We have a problem. We need your help!”

Kathie on hearing the girl’s problem readily assured them that she would do her best to help them out. How she would do so she was unsure, Rosalie Dene, of the suspicious mind, always, without fail, sorted out the schools post.
“You’ll just have to find a way to stop Rosalie from seeing the post.” Nancy Wilmot said matter of factly.
“That’s easier said than done though.” Kathie remarked gloomily.
Valentines Day dawned on a bright clear morning, with the snow sparkling in the sunlight. Ailie, Janice and Judy were all anxious over what would happen with the cards. Fleur on the other hand was confident that Kathie would fix things for them.
“When has Ferry ever let us down?” Fleur asked dismissing her friends worries with a wave of her hand.
At breakfast Kathie approached Fleur and said in a low tone, “Meet me in Miss Dene’s office after you’ve sorted out your dormitory work, Fleur.”
“Yes Miss Ferrars.” Fleur answered, wondering what Kathie had in mind.
It was no coincidence that Kathie decided to sit next to Rosalie Dene at the breakfast table.
“Morning Rosalie,” Kathie said heartily, “How are you this morning?”
“Not bad Kathie.” Rosalie said a tad wearily.
Kathie looked at the schools secretary in a concerned manner, “Are you sure Rosalie? You look rather tired.”
“Well now you mention it I am rather. I didn’t sleep very well.”
“Oh dear.” Kathie replied sincerely, before adding. “Why don’t you go back to bed for a couple of hours.”
“Oh I couldn’t possibly, I’ve so much work to do.”
“Well I’m not teaching this first period,” Kathie told her, “I’ll help out as much as I can.”
“You do look all in Rosalie.” Nancy pointed out. “Matey will be asking questions if you don’t get a bit of sleep.”
Rosalie considered this statement, “I suppose you are right. Thanks for the offer to help Kathie, if you could just sort out the mail then that would be a great help.”
“No problem.” Kathie smiled as she sipped her milky coffee.
It was with some trepidation that Fleur entered the school’s office, but as soon as she realised that Miss Dene was no where in sight she became her usual happy go lucky self.
“Where’s Miss Dene?” Fleur asked Kathie innocently.
“She didn’t sleep very well last night,” Kathie said adopting a saintly look, “So she’s been sent back to bed.”
Fleur grinned, “So you are sorting out the mail instead of her then?”
“Got it in one!” Kathie replied, as she fished out four red coloured envelopes, “These have come for you and the other girls.”
“Thanks.” Fleur said as she took them. “Thanks for everything, you really have helped us out in more way than one.”
“It was nothing Fleur.” Kathie told her thinking that it had been fun to be rebellious, it had reminded her of her university days.
It was a jubilant Fleur who rushed through the school to find her friends. When she did find them she dragged them over to a secluded corner and said breathlessly, “I’ve got them!”
“Really!” Janice exclaimed, “And nobody noticed?”
“Nope, well except Ferry obviously!”
“Great,” Ailie said, “Now hand them over!”
Laughing Fleur gave her friends their cards, keeping her own. The girls ripped the envelopes open and contentedly read the messages, which had been written. Fleur raised her eyebrows in amusement at some of the things, which Nikolai had written and privately thought that the card would have to be well hidden. For Ailie, Janice and Judy however their eyes had all misted over, Fleur looking up at them laughed and said, “Oh young love, where would we be without it!”


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Thank you for the re-post and the update - it's great! They're all so naughty, especially Kathie. What was she doing to keep Rosalie awake last night? I love it!


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That was such fun.... Thanks.


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Thanks Caz!


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