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#1: Walter Maclaran Author: MiaLocation: London PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:25 am
Can anyone tell me anything about him - do we know (approx) how much older he is than Maria? Thanks Smile

#2:  Author: macyroseLocation: Great White North (Canada) PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 6:56 pm
Walter Maclaren is mentioned in Coming of Age in a discussion between Jo and Madge about Maria Marani:

But what about Maria Marani?”
“She’s leaving me in August. A very nice young man seems to think he has a much better right to her company than I have.”
“Joey! This is news! Maria’s engaged?”
“And how! She just hasn’t the sense she was born with at the moment. And oh, Madge! The difference in her! She’s gone back to the old Maria we had in Tirol. She’s lost all that awful sadness and—and gravity—and she’s sparkling and gay and full of life again. It’s like a transformation scene! And Frau Marani is happy again, too. It’s marvellous to see them as they were before all the awfulness of poor Onkel Florian. I’m more thankful than I can say.”
“Who is he?” Madge demanded. “And why wasn’t I told anything about it?”
“Nothing to tell—till last week. As for who he is, do you remember my telling you about the Emburys engaging a Mr. Maclaren as tutor for those imps of theirs?”
“Of course I do. Michael spends termtime at Montreux to share his labours—and, knowing your Mike, I imagine they are labours!”
Joey grimaced at her. “Too true, alas! Well, Mike comes home every week-end that’s possible. Sometimes I fetch him myself; but I’ve often had to send Maria, and so those two met. And as a consequence, I’m to lose my Maria.”
“What will happen when the boys go to England?” her sister asked.
“Oh, that’s all settled. He’s out here as a preventative measure, though he’s all right now. When the kids go to school, he’s going to try to get a secretarial job out here. Jack says it’ll be safer, and they’re toying with the idea of appointing him as Registrar at the San the year after next when Mr. Grier’s appointment ends. He’s not too satisfactory, that lad. Runs after all the pretty nurses, and always off to Interlaken and the Casino. He’s been warned that if this goes on they’ll break his contract. Anyhow, Walter Maclaren has his screw and a small private income; and goodness knows, Maria has never been accustomed to living in luxury. They’ll manage all right. The Emburys have managed to snaffle a small appartement for them in Montreux, and Frau Marani is giving up hers and will live with them, so they haven’t to worry about furnishing. Most of us are going to send them cheques for wedding presents, and they can get what they like to make up any deficiencies.”
“It all sounds marvellous,” Madge Russell agreed as she nibbled round the edge of one of Anna’s luscious cream pastries. “Only—well, I wish they could start off alone. It’s better at the beginning.”
“Don’t worry—they will! Frau Marani is going to Gisela and Gottfried for a six months’ visit, once the wedding’s safely over. She’s unlikely to come to Montreux until the spring. By that time they’ll have got over the first bridal raptures.”

I can't remember right now if he's mentioned anywhere else in the series or if his age was ever given.

#3:  Author: LizBLocation: Oxon, England PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:26 pm
So, let me get this straight ... he wasn't a doctor. But he's marrying an old CS girl, so give him a year or two and he will be?

#4:  Author: MiaLocation: London PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:35 pm
Thanks Macyrose Very Happy I knew it said something!

LizB wrote:
So, let me get this straight ... he wasn't a doctor. But he's marrying an old CS girl, so give him a year or two and he will be?

Is that the Registrar bit? I assumed he's going to be one in the admin/finance sense, like in my place we have a registrar who deals with members' subscriptions, etc... Though I don't know how you get to that from teaching really...

I like the sound of Mr Grier, a bunny is biting...

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