Three Shades of Blue. updated 08/01/09

Author:  blue1 [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:40 pm ]
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Here goes my first drabble. It just popped into my head strange I know. :shock: Any ideas would be welcome for the story. :D

Madge was worried. She had been worried almost since she had found out. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This was something she had wanted all her life and now Joey might spoil it. She was being such a brat lately. Imagine objecting to Jem!

Jem wasn’t worried. In fact he was far from it everything in his life was going to better then expected. Everything except Joey that was, but he had a plan. Young Maynard would do nicely to rid him of his responsibility of that brat. Who knows he might even be willing to marry a child bride just to curry favour with the boss. Life was good. He had put into action “operation heir” about three months ago with his wife and a few extras just in case. And now, now it all seemed to be coming together nicely. One of them was bound to have a boy and if it wasn’t Madge well everyone knew what a kind hearted sweet woman she was. He would just take the boy and by the time Madge found out it would be too late, word would have spread about how the Russels had taken in a poor abandoned baby.

Hilda was lying on her bed willing herself not to throw up. Nell had brought her in a cup of coffee and now thanks to Jem she couldn’t stand the stuff. How she was going to get through Frustuck was another matter one she couldn’t deal with just yet. She also needed to have a chat with Nell. First things first, get rid of that cup of coffee. She tried she really did and had nearly reached the door with the cup when another wave of nausea overtook her and she dashed for her private bathroom. Making it just. Well almost making it. This was where Nell found her ten minutes later.

Nell had been up for hours. She couldn’t sleep. Then as was their custom at five-thirty she had gone and brought Hilda a cup of coffee. She had even managed to poor some milk into a jug for Hilda although she had had to close her eyes and will herself not to throw up until the wave of nausea that had struck her passed. Drat Jem she thought as she gingerly carried the coffee towards Hilda’s room praying she would make it without an undignified dash to the nearest bathroom. She had thankfully and she left down the cup and withdrew as quickly as possible to wait for Hilda to meet her at the side door. She was thinking hard wondering how to broach the subject with Hilda and she had finally decided that she would discuss it with Hilda on their walk when she realised with a start that in was 05.50 and Hilda was nowhere to be seen. She went in search and found her hunched up on her bathroom floor, a newly decorated floor she might add. “Hilda” she exclaimed horrified and stopped. She swallowed. Please not now she thought but it was no use. Much to her everlasting shame she proceeded to empty her stomach, thankfully she found the toilet in time. Drat Jem she thought, not for the last time……….

Author:  Liz K [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:44 pm ]
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:shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock:

Author:  Alison H [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:51 pm ]
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Sounds like Jem's been a busy boy :roll: !

ETA - no pun intended as regards the word "busy" ...

Author:  Cat C [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:33 pm ]
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Good heavens! Is there more to come?

And what happens if the 'spares' produce girls?!

Author:  RroseSelavy [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:59 pm ]
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Tee hee!!

Thanks for this :D

Author:  judithR [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:19 pm ]
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The title is fine as it is - unless more of the staff are about to be busy!

(Picks mind out of gutter)

:devil: :shock:

Author:  blue1 [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:56 pm ]
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Here's a little more. :shock: :? :shock:

Joey was lying awake in her dormitory, thinking. She was to go up to Die Rosen later that day and spend the weekend with her sister. For once she wasn’t looking forward to it and it was all Jem’s fault. It wasn’t her fault she had see Jem coming out of Miss Annersley’s room a few weeks ago. She had honestly thought that the middles were up to something and gone to put a stop to it she was after all a sub-prefect. The noise had turned out to be coming from the staff corridor much to her surprise and then she had seen Jem. This in itself wasn’t that unusual if one of the mistresses was ill Jem would naturally come down. It was the way he reacted when she spoke to him. “Jem what’s going on is someone ill?” Jem spun around and stared in surprise. “What are you doing here go back to bed at once and leave other peoples business alone.” he snapped turned on his heal and strode off up the corridor and out of sight.

Joey stared open-mouthed he didn’t usually speak to her like that; he must be really worried about whoever it is. I hope it’s not too bad she thought and was about to make her way back to bed when she heard a moan. She stopped, dare she go into a mistress’s bedroom. She had just decided that she didn’t dare when she heard another moan this time followed by a sob. Before she knew what she was doing she was outside the door she had seen Jem come out of. It was open slightly no wonder she could hear whoever it was. She peeped in and was stunned. There was Miss Annersley curled in a ball on her bed facing the wall shaking as she sobbed and moaned. Joey hurriedly withdrew and went to find Jem. If Miss Annersley was reacting like this there must be something seriously wrong. Here she was in for another surprise for she found Jem coming out of another bedroom, what on earth was going on? J..Jem she began a little nervously for she didn’t like the look she had seen on his face as he left the room, there was something distinctly chilling about it. “I think you should go back to Miss Annersley’s room” that was all she managed to get out before “Joey! You insufferable brat I thought I told you to go back to bed and for once in your life to keep your nose out of other peoples business. Go now before I do something Madge should have done a long time ago.” Joey needed no further telling she turned and fled.

The next time she was at Die Rosen she had avoided Jem as much as possible but when they had to be in the same room things were decidedly strained and Madge had noticed. When she had returned to school she had made a point of finding out whose room Jem had been leaving when she found him for the second time. It was Miss Wilsons. What was going on she wondered but her thoughts were interrupted here as the rising bell rang and she had to hurry……

Author:  PaulineS [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:38 pm ]
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No wonder relations are strained between Jem and and Joey! Wonder if she wil put two and two together later and how many she will make,

Author:  Alison H [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:41 pm ]
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Just wondering how many other women Jem might have on the go!

Author:  Liz K [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:49 pm ]
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Alison H wrote:
Just wondering how many other women Jem might have on the go!

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Author:  blue1 [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:14 pm ]
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And some more. :shock: I'm sorry if this upsets anyone. :cry: I think it is in the right house but mods feel free to move the drabble.

Nell smothered a groan and raised her head shamefacedly. However bad she might be feeling it was nothing compared to Hilda if looks were anything to go by, she was a delicate shade of green. “Hilda do you think you can manage to get up dear? You really should be back in bed your like a lump of ice” she added as she reached over and took her hand. Hilda weakly shook her head and immediately wished she hadn’t as she started retching violently again but there was nothing left to come up. Nell was horrified what should she do, well she knew the answer to that but she didn’t want to leave Hilda alone while she went and fetched Matron. Seeing Hilda had stopped she went over to the sink and filled a glass with some water, then she helped Hilda take a few sips as she had now begun to shiver hard.

Seeing no other option Nell bent down and gently explained to Hilda that she was going to carry her back to bed and go fetch Matron. She had gathered Hilda in her arms and was preparing to lift her when “no… don’t….. I can’t….. the coffee” stopped her in her tracks. What did that mean was Hilda delirious already, surely she couldn’t be. It never entered her head that Hilda could be in the same predicament as she was. Hilda was far too sensible to have fallen victim to Jem so it came as a complete surprise when Hilda valiantly struggled on “the coffee it made me ill, I mean I was ill already but the coffee made me worse, I can’t stand the stuff not since…..” Here she trailed off and began to cry weakly. Nell was completely at sea as far as this speech was concerned but she pulled Hilda close and held her as she cried. With a sudden flash of understanding she said very softly dreading to hear the answer “Hilda are you going to be ‘busy’?” Hilda had looked up as Nell began to speak but now she simply dropped her eyes again continued to cry softly. Nell pulled her even closer knowing that nothing she could say would make Hilda feel better. How could this have happened to Hilda, to Hilda of all people and who was responsible? She was thinking furiously and before she could stop herself Jem’s name crossed her lips. The way Hilda reacted told she was right. Hilda had gone ridged in her arms and even paler if that was possible Nell was horrified to see. And her eyes, her eyes were wide and terrified as they found Nell’s face. “You know…. He made me….” and here she made a strange sound somewhere between a moan and a sob. Nell just looked calmly into her eyes and continued to hold her close even though she was mentally tearing Jem limb from limb. How dare he do this to Hilda and to you a small voice inside her head said but she pushed it away and focused on Hilda. “Your safe now love, its ok you’re safe now, I’m here, he can’t hurt you anymore” The way Hilda clutched at her made her want to hurt Jem even more….

Author:  Liane [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 7:56 pm ]
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Poor Hilda! :( Poor both of them really.
And Jem!! :evil: :evil:

Author:  Lisa [ Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:42 pm ]
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Oh my. :shock: Jem is EVIL in this story :evil:

Can't wait to find out what happens next, though!

Author:  blue1 [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:06 am ]
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Don't know where this part came from, I had something quite different planned for it :shock: anyway here goes.

Madge was waiting anxiously for Joey she should be here any minute now. Jem had gone off to some Medical conference in Vienna and she had Joey to herself for the whole weekend. She had decided to get to the bottom of what was going on between Jem and Joey and to inform her she was going to be an aunt, she was fifteen after all old enough to know what was going on despite what Jem said. She could hear Joey’s clear tones from the bottom of the garden path and rushed to the front door and flung it open. “Joey” she held her arms out and waited for her sister to rush into them. Joey stopped and took a good look at the sister she loved so dearly noting how pale her face was against the dark curly brown hair, how tired and worried she looked and was determined to find out why, however that was for later so with a cry of Madge she ran straight to her sister and hugged her tightly. Madge hugged her back fiercely a little too fiercely for Joeys liking another sign that all was not well. What on earth was going on?

The two sisters made their way arm in arm towards the Saal Joey chattering away about the latest goings on in the school. This lasted until Kaffe und Kuchen when Joey suddenly asked where Jem was? Madge bit her lip and replied quickly that he was in Vienna at a medical conference. This was enough for Joey in a flash she was beside her sister slipping her arm around her shoulders and steering her toward the settee “what’s wrong Madge darling?” “Nothing Joey I’m fine…” Madge began when Joey cut across her “I’m not a baby anymore Madge so don’t feel you have to keep things from me and something has upset you so please tell me and let me help you.” “You’re right Joey you’re not a baby anymore but I’m fine really, I’m just being silly.” “Well tell me anyway I might still be able to help even if you are being silly which I doubt, I know you Madge and something has upset you badly.” and Joey gave her a quick hug. “Thanks Joey I really needed that” Madge whispered her eyes closed in an attempt to stop the tears that she could feel pricking the back of her eyes. At this Joey snuggled closer slipped one arm around Madge and grasped her hand tightly with the other. As they were not usually so demonstrative and as Madge made no move to stop her and even leaned into Joey more showed Joey just how right she was when she said Madge was badly upset. Joey waited wondering what was coming and how on earth she was going to be able to help.

Finally Madge began to speak. “Jem and I had a fight and no Joey before you ask he didn’t hit me. Jem wouldn’t do that.” Joey said nothing just squeezed her hand reassuringly and waited. “Jem said I had to go to Vienna with him this weekend but I didn’t want to because you were supposed to be coming up and anyway I would only be stuck in a hotel for two days if I came and I wouldn’t get to see Jem much. Oh Joey I’m going to have a baby. Sorry I didn’t mean to tell you like that but you have to know so you will understand what he said next. Well the second I mentioned your name he got even angrier. It was terrible I have never seen him so angry at anyone before and this was at me. He stood there shouting at me saying all these horrible things.” Madge now she had started seemed unable to stop and the words just kept spilling out. “He said that I had better have a boy because he couldn’t stand another girl. You were bad enough he wasn’t going to put up with anymore. He said if I had a girl he would leave me and ruin the school and say I was unfaithful to him. Oh Joey how could he say that? Then he went really quiet and this was even worse then the shouting. There was pure hatred in his voice. He said that if I would rather spend time with you than with him then I was welcome to you but I should know that you could never have a home here once you have finished school and that he would tolerate you until then because he must or people would talk. With that he left saying he would expect Abendessen to be ready when he returned on Monday. He didn’t even say goodbye Joey, he just left. That’s not the man I married he would never make me feel scared and Joey I was terrified. Why does Jem hate you so much? I know something happened the last time you were up here but why does he hate you?”

Joey was horrified she didn’t know what to say, where to start even, how he dared do that to Madge! But Madge was waiting for an answer so start she must. She gave Madge’s hand a reassuring squeeze took a deep breath and began. “Nothing happened up here Madge; it was down at the school and all that it was, was that Jem said some things to me and that’s what made it a bit awkward when I came up here.” She stopped but seeing that Madge was still looking bewildered she decided to tell her the whole story. “A few weeks ago I heard some strange noises one night, it sounded a bit like muffled voices and I heard a crash. I thought it was the middles up to something so I went to investigate. The noise it turned out was coming from the staff corridor and just as I arrived I saw Jem leave one of the rooms I asked what was wrong and he told me to go back to bed and to stop being a nuisance or something like that. Then he walked off I was about to go back to bed when I heard someone moaning and crying so I peeped in the room Jem had just left, the door was open and saw it was Miss Annersley. I went off after Jem to ask him to go back to her because it was so unlike Miss Annersley to act like that and I found him coming out of Miss Wilson’s room. He said some really nasty things to me then and threatened me so I left sharpish and that’s all” she finished rather lamely. Seeing that Madge was looking rather dazed and a little scared she pulled her closer and said “see Madge it was nothing really I don’t hate Jem and I’m sure he doesn’t hate me, people say things they don’t mean when they’re angry or worried” she finished a little uncertainly remembering how vicious Jem had been when he spoke to her.

Just what was he doing in those rooms she wondered again and why was Miss Annersley so upset. Madge didn’t seem to have gotten that far yet and this was evident when she next spoke. “But then Jem has no reason to be angry with you, there....there was no excuse for any of his behaviour” At this her voice broke and tears began to fall thick and fast. Joey just held her and smoothed her hair until the storm was over. Madge still clung to her however and showed no sign of wanting to let go, so Joey gently removed her arms and told her that she was to go wash her face and then go to bed for a rest. Joey got to her feet, pulled Madge up and guided her towards the bathroom. She then helped Madge into bed and stayed with her holding her hand until she went to sleep. She was extremely worried by this stage and had no idea how to deal with this. She decided to wait until Madge woke up and decide what to do then…..

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Hi Blue - just moving this to St Mildred's for you. Look forward to seeing the rest of your drabble.

Mia *mod hat on*

Author:  blue1 [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:02 pm ]
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A little more. And as I know very little about guides please forgive any errors. :)

They couldn’t stay here, Hilda needed to be in bed for a start, but her bedroom was rather a mess Nell reflected and I can’t just leave her here while I go clean up, I know. As was always the case with Nell to think was to act so she firmly told Hilda she was going to carry her into her own room, put her to bed, inform Matron that you had a bilious attack and are unfit for school and then see to the cleaning of your room and she did just that. She was lucky. She had managed to get Hilda into her room just before the rising bell had rung and so had avoided any awkward questions and for once Matron had agreed with what she had done after seeing the state of Hilda’s room of course and diagnosing a severe bilious attack. Thankfully no-one suspected a thing yet, there were going to be some awkward questions soon though or her name wasn’t Helena Margaret Wilson!

Hilda meanwhile was lying in Nell’s bed feeling slightly better but still far from wonderful she thought sadly. She was also thinking furiously. Nell knew and she still wanted to be her friend judging by the way she acted anyway. She had seemed to know as soon as she began to tell her and she knew about Jem! That was strange she was sure no-one would believe her yet Nell had accepted it straight away. He had been sure no-one would believe her, had delighted in telling her as he held her down. No she pushed the memory away think about something else, anything else. How had Nell known it was him and why had Nell been sick like that, that was unlike her. She had been too ill at the time to even think about it but now as she did so she realised just how strange it was. Nell was ill, Nell knew what was wrong with her, Nell knew about Jem and suddenly it hit her, Nell was in the same situation as her. Even as the thought formed she dismissed it, it was too preposterous even for someone with her imagination. Yet it made sense. No, Jem couldn’t be that nasty could he? She knew the answer to that though. Think about something else anything; the jungle book, the wind in the willows, the secret garden yes I’m in the secret garden with Anne. She finally drifted into sleep thinking about her adventures in the secret garden. Just like a child would.

Nell was having a bad morning! She hadn’t been feeling great for a few weeks now true but today was making them all look like a walk in the park. She had thrown up (thank god she wasn’t feeling as ill as usual); had to deal with Hilda, felt her moods swinging in all directions and to top it all off she was exhausted. It’s no wonder what happened, happened but still how was she going to face the girls this afternoon? She was at Guides and had decided to walk around inspecting each group and watch their preparation for their badges. It began well but then for no reason at all she felt herself tearing up and at “Are you alright Miss Wilson” from Frieda she had turned and hurried away leaving a thoroughly puzzled girl behind before she could be completely undone by the girls concern. She had wandered through the rest of the seniors then and found that all was as it should be though she reduced Simone to tears due to her scathing comments on the position of her guide pin. She still wasn’t entirely sure whether this was the result of her moods or Simone herself but the end result was the same really no matter the cause.

Next she had gone to the middles and had completely lost her head. She delivered a lecture that she even winced at when she saw what they were tapping out in Morse code. By now everyone knew to step warily around her and this irritated her although she couldn’t blame them really she was unfit to be around at the moment. She was talking to Evadne when she must have suddenly gone white because the girl was telling her to sit down and put her head between her knees and the girl had actually sat her down made her do so. She then proceeded to say in a very loud voice this was exactly what you should do if someone feels faint as though she was answering a question. Who would have thought that Evadne of all people would have kept her head that way and would have been so considerate of her feelings. Next thing you know Evadne was bending down asking her if she felt better, helping her to her feet saying “Certainly I’ll help you carry in those first aid boxes Miss Wilson” and ushering her out of the room.

Once in the corridor Evdane became uncertain and stammered “I…I ….suppose you should go see Matron Miss Wilson” “I’m fine Evadne really. I just felt a little lightheaded, but thank you for what you did it was very thoughtful and I’m very grateful.” Evadne blushed and tried not to look to pleased with herself, (who would have thought that Bill could be that nice) when she looked up and saw to her horror and Bill’s as well although she didn’t know it that tears were streaming down Bills face. For once her life Nell couldn’t find her handkerchief and Evadne surprised her yet again by handing her a clean one saying “I’ll go get the first aid boxes Miss Wilson and meet you back here in ten minutes.” By the time she returned Nell had managed to pull herself together and took some of the boxes from her casually remarking “surprised we’re human after all aren’t you?” She grinned at the look on Evadne’s face before sobering up, thanking her again and making her way back into the hall. She had struggled through the rest of Guides and no-one was gladder then she when the bell rang. What a morning she thought as she made her way back to her room completely forgetting about Hilda which is perhaps why she got such a shock when instead of landing on her soft bed she landed on a bony someone……

Author:  alicat [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:49 pm ]
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
but want to get jem by b***s and go :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Author:  Jennie [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:12 pm ]
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A definite case for the rusty nail-scissors.

Author:  PaulineS [ Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:28 pm ]
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Jem is so evil here: :devil: :devil: :devil:
However as Nell and Hilda are both now awake to him and his evil ways I would not like to be in his shoes when he next visits the Chalet School :mrgreen: :devil: :mrgreen: :devil: :mrgreen: :devil: :mrgreen:

Author:  Fiona Mc [ Fri Dec 19, 2008 3:45 am ]
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Poor Nell, Hilda and Madge. Jem won't know what's hit him when these 3 and Joey are on his case

Author:  blue1 [ Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:14 am ]
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And another small bit.

Madge awoke suddenly, sat up and had even gotten up before memory crashed back with sudden shockingness. She gasped, he couldn’t have, she didn’t, it had to be a bad dream didn’t it? She slowly made her way down stairs dreading what she might find there and sure enough there was Joey sitting curled up in a chair reading. It had really happened then. She took a deep breath and walked into the Saal, Joey looked up at the sound of her footsteps and “Madge, are you feeling better?” greeted her. “Yes and I’m sorry that happened earlier, I hope I didn’t spoil your weekend.” “Don’t be silly of course you didn’t, did I tell you about the rehearsal for the nativity play on Thursday, the one where Plato completely lost it?” Madge smiled gratefully at Joey and proceeded to reply that she hadn’t, whereby Joey promptly began to recount how Plato had lost his temper spectacularly as the whole choir had sung flat three times in a row. This narrative was interrupted by the telephone however and Madge rose to answer it returning to inform Joey that they were going over to “Das Pferd” after Abendessen. Joey started at this, “Madge are you sure you’re feeling up to it?” “Nonsense Joey I’m fine” was the terse response as Madge herself was wondering the same thing. Joey stared at her wondering how to broach the subject tactfully as Madge was clearly not fine. Should she ring Gisela and say they couldn’t make it after all, no, what excuse would she give and Madge would be furious. She decided to leave it for now much to Madge’s relief and did not raise the subject again until Abendessen was almost over. “Madge I know you said you’re fine but if it gets to much for you later promise me you will let me know” realising that this was as much as Madge would allow as she was determined to go. Madge looked at her for a long time before “I promise Joey.” They finished their meal in silence after that. By 20:00 o’ clock, they were standing in the hall waiting for Dr Jack to call as he was going to walk over to Das Pferd with them.

A string of oaths never before heard in the Chalet School echoed around Nell‘s room as she quickly got up off the bed and Hilda. She turned to apologise but the sight that greeted her froze the apology on her lips. Hilda hadn’t made a sound but she was huddled as far she could go into the wall was chalk white, shaking and had her eyes shut tight. ‘Hilda it is ok, you’re safe here, open your eyes.’ ‘Please don’t hurt me again, I’ll be good I won’t say anything but don’t hurt me, not again, please.’ Nell was horrified the Hilda Annersley she knew did not beg or plead with anyone and that she herself could cause such a reaction shocked her. ‘Hilda open your eyes’ this time got a response and very slowly Hilda opened her eyes and looked fearfully across the room. ‘Nell is that really you…. I thought…was asleep…… felt someone on of me…. Jem…….couldn’t move……Jem…..was scared…..’and she trailed off still clearly lost in memories. Nell was by her side in a second and went to draw her into a hug but the way she flinched when Nell first laid a hand on her was enough to tell she had not really come back to the present. ‘Hilda, look at me. You are safe now. Jem can’t hurt you. Look at me.’ Wide terrified eyes latched onto the clear grey eyes belonging to Nell and seeing in them a way back to the present and safety she held their gaze and allowed them to bring her there. Nell for her part was terrified she had no idea how to deal with this but she knew that she couldn’t allow Hilda to see her fear or all would be lost.

Author:  PaulineS [ Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:26 pm ]
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Wonder when Madge will realise what Joey saw?

Hilda and Nell have major problems and they are likely to get worse.

Thanks for the update.

Author:  JellySheep [ Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:30 pm ]
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Great story, but gosh what a monster Jem is here. I look forward to seeing him get his comeuppance from the women!

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