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#1: Chalet School Cat finished 23rd Dec 07 Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:43 pm
The tom cat sat proudly on the wall beneath the kitchen window. He was ready for some love. There was a queen in this school and he wanted her.

He began to croon. His crooning continued as if he were a feline Elvis singing "Are you lonesome tonight?" In his mind he was irresistible to all female cats. He was virile and sexy. Not like those spayed half cats in people's houses. He was a real man cat.

Minette slunk out of the window. What a guy! "Hi handsome! Come up and see me sometime!" she meowed to the Tom.

"Yeah!" the Tom meowed in a gravelly voice.

Minette stretched and looked meek and submissive. "I'm all yours!"

She howled and wailed. Nature took its course in a night of passion. Then, like most men, the male cat ran off, but not before Minette gave a swipe at him with her claws. "Men! Why do they leave after a night of passion?"

Minette slunk back to bed to sleep and await food from Karen on the next day.

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#2:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:27 am
I hope there's more of this!

*owner of two half-cats*

#3:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:55 am
Also hoping there's more. Laughing

Thanks Phil.

#4:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:51 am

Where was Karen? Why can't she get up at a perfectly civil time of 4.30 in the morning? Honestly! Didn't she know everybody should be up at this hour?

Minette wondered through the corridors of the Chalet School. She knew every nook and cranny. It was impossible to keep Minette out of anywhere.

Minette had an idea. Why not get one of those nice young ladies to help her? Nudging her way into a dormitory, she found six girls sleeping. Hmm! Decisions, decisions! Minette leapt onto one girl's bed and started kneading the girl's chest. No response.

This was very odd. Minette decided on a wash and stuck one leg in the air whilst she washed herself. When in doubt, wash!

Then Minette had an idea! Of course! Washing! She proceeded to lick the girl's face.

"Come on girl, wake up! Feed me! I want food! Come on! You should be up now lazybones!"

Minette was grossly offended when an arm swept her off the bed and "No!" uttered from the junior sleepyhead. To illustrate her displeasure, Minette gave the girl her hardest of stares and she snorted in disgust. Well, really! That girl will get no more cuddles from me!

Was there nobody up at this hour? Not even a mouse? A mouse! Hm! Minette fancied a quick mouse!

A quick sniff around the dormitory revealed no mice. Bah! Then Minette saw the feet of the dormitory prefect sticking out of bed. Minette gave a cat's grin. She tapped the feet. They moved. She tapped them again. More movement. Oh this was fun!

The fun was short lived as a sock was thrown at her! Oh the indignity! Sulking and realising she would not get any food on demand, Minette crept into bed with somebody else for a catnap. It had been a long night.

No sooner had she settled down and was dreaming about being a mother and hunting mice than her sleep was rudely interrupted! A bell sounded and the prefect shouted, "Show a leg there girls!"

"Oh Minette! How did you get here?"



"Have you got Minette with you? How did she...?"

"Quiet girls! What is going on?"

"Minette's in my bed! Oh Matey will be cross! She's got cat hair all over my sheets! Oh bad Minette!"

Minette was really not happy and was not moving from her comfort zone. Minette would have stayed like this, until she saw Matron. Minette and Matron rarely saw eye to eye. The ridiculous woman would insist on not allowing her to sleep on the nice warm, clean linen! Ha! This was cruelty to cats. Matey bore down on Minette who ran to the safety of the kitchen where Karen was screaming at an unfortunate maid for not keeping Minette securely locked away.

Still, at least she had her breakfast. The mice could wait. For now.

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#5:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:58 am
Phil, were you a cat in a previous life?

This is wonderful....and just like several cats I've known over the years!

#6:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:38 pm
Thanks Phil. I'm wondering whats going to happen to poor Minette

#7:  Author: lindaLocation: Leeds PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:10 am
Poor Minette. What do you have in store for her? What's the outcome of her night of passion?

Loving this, thanks Phil

#8:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:05 pm
Minette decided on several hours of observation in the Chalet School grounds. At the moment her hobby was to stare at nothing in particular.
She stared and stared and stared. Her eyes widened and she stared. Still more staring. Then the staring got boring. She went for a walk. All of a sudden, there was a dog!

"Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!"

"What the five furry felines? Dog! Quick up the tree!"

Minette shot up the tree, arched her back and hissed.

"You keep away from me dog! Keep away, do you hear? Keep away!"

Bruno wanted to play. "Come on cat! Play time! Why won't you play?"

"Hiss! Hiss! HISS!"

"Bruno! Naughty boy you're frightening Minette! Bruno come here!"

It was the tall mad lady with a mop of black hair. Minette liked the tall mad lady. Occasionally she had a titbit for her and Minette enjoyed getting into the huge rambling house where the mad lady and the dog lived. Minette drew the line at babies though.

Speaking of babies...

That tom the other night...

He had pressed all the right buttons!

Could she be...?

Minette had a wash. He was probably a dirty tom, but that was some good loving he made and what a crooner!

The mad lady had taken the dog away. There was just the problem of getting down the tree...

Where was a human when you needed one?

Minette considered this last point somewhat grumpily. She decided on the lost little kitty act and mewed.

"Somebody! Help me! Help me please!"

Her pussy prayers were answered as a tall fair haired man looked up in surprise at her. Wow! Why wasn't this human a cat? Minette had a dirty mind. She widened her eyes and mewed her little kitten mew.

"Ahhh! Poor Minette! Stay there kitten! Dr Jack will rescue you!"

Dr Maynard chuckled to himself as he climbed the tree and rescued the damsel in distress.

"Yes! I've got Dr Maynard! I've got Dr Maynard! Ner! Ner! Ner! Ner!"

Minette was very smug.

Minette purred and closed her eyes, nestling up to the great doctor.

"You're mine, all mine!" she thought.

She was rudely disabused of her ideas when Jack put her on the ground.

"Off you go Minette. Back to school. Be careful Bruno is not about."

"Oh please take me with you!" Minette curled around Jack's ankles.

Jack chuckled and strode off home to find that Bruno had eaten his slippers, again.

Minette sulked. "Men!"

Suddenly she heard a familiar gravelly meow.

"Hey baby, you looking for someone?"

It was the tom.

Minette grinned.

#9:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:29 pm
Minette's a hussy! Laughing

Thankas Phil.

#10:  Author: TaraLocation: Malvern, Worcestershire PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:06 pm
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

#11:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:45 am
Even my cats love this, Phil!

Jack & Minette???? The mind boggles!!!

#12:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:58 pm
How Minette wobbled back to the Chalet School, she did not know. That tom had exhausted her. Wow! What a stud! She leapt up to an outside window sill just in time to hear,

"You have all been talking too much during this test girls! If I hear another word, all of you will lose a mark each and take an order mark!"

Suddenly someone saw Minette peer through the window.


The whole class followed suit in calling out Minette's name.

The teacher was very cross.

"Right! Each of you will take an order mark and Minette has just lost you each a mark in this test!"

Sulkily the girls returned to their test whilst a smug teacher looked on. That had settled the juniors she thought.

Minette decided to go. She was not going to be flavour of the month here.
Speaking of flavours, Minette was hungry!

One hour later and hearing Karen's German exclamations for teatime, Minette slunk into the kitchen. She was very fat! The results of her munchies binge could be seen outside Miss Annersley's french windows. She had even gone so far as to leave the Head a present of a dead mouse.

Minette felt sure the dead mouse would be appreciated. Maybe Miss Annersley could practice her hunting skills with it? Minette would be quite happy to teach Miss Annersley hunting. She felt rather sorry for humans and Miss Annersley in particular did not seem to get many kills.

This was not what Margot Maynard would have said, since that young lady was currently drowning in tears before a very angry Miss Annersley. Margot was explaining why she had been pulling another girl's hair in needlework and why she had not done her prep for a fortnight.

Back to Minette.

She needed to lie down after such a large takeaway.

#13:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:15 pm
I have this image of Hilda being shown the correct way to kill a mouse by a patient Minette! Laughing

Thanks Phil.

#14:  Author: ElleLocation: Peterborough PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 9:27 pm
Am loving this Phil! Thank you.

#15:  Author: leahbelleLocation: Kilmarnock PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:20 pm
This is fabulous, Phil! I'll never feel the same way about Minette again - what a little hussy!

#16:  Author: Miss DiLocation: Newcastle, NSW PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:26 am
What a tart. No wonder there were so many Minettes - there really were!

Mind you her early morning behaviour reminds me of my dear Monster. She scratches the mirror from about 5am to get the cat inside it. When that doesn't get me up she pats my face with just ever so slightly unsheathed claws. Ultimately she sits on my bladder. I don't really care about cat fur on the sheets luckily!

#17:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 11:08 am
Phil this is brilliant, thank you.

#18:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 8:47 pm
Minette gave a great big cat yawn and stretched: rump in the air first, still in the air, did everyone see her rump? Good! Then she stretched up. She shook one of her rear legs.

Just for good measure she decided to show off her rump again. She was very proud of it.

Off to the staffroom for some fun.

Why, there was Jeanne! With a ball of wool! Just asking for trouble this!

Mlle de Lachennais had become wise to the tricks of dear Minette and frowned as Minette got into "attack pose".

The ball of wool was quickly spirited away with a few French expressions of discontent.

Minette glared.

How dare she! Mlle de Lachennais had no sense of humour! Hmph! There must be somebody here.

Kathy Ferrars was reading a newspaper. Kathy was new to the staff and more familiar with dogs than cats. She knew this very well. The only other person who knew it was Minette!

Minette curled herself around Kathy. "I love you Miss Ferrars!" mewed Minette.

"Stop that Minette!"

"Oh no I won't! I love you Miss Ferrars!"

"Minette, go away!"

"Can I climb your skirt?"

Shriek from Miss Ferrars.

"Mais, Kathy! Qu'est-ce que c'est le problem?"

"Oh I'm sorry Jeanne! I'm not really comfortable around cats, er J'ai peur des chats"

"Not to worry cherie! Minette is a wicked girl! She is clever too! All cats know people who do not like them, that is why they go to them. They are not like dogs who you command and they obey!"

"Does she scratch?" Kathy asked nervously.

"Only if she is bad tempered!"

Mlle de Lachennais picked up Minette and teased her with some scraps of wool. She let the cat play in her lap. Kathy looked on nervously. Presently Mlle was called away to the needlework room where Emerence Hope had no business to be. Minette sat in Mlle's chair and stared at Kathy.

Kathy returned to her newspaper. She felt Minette's eyes boring into her. She looked up.

"Don't look at me like that Minette."

Minette stared into Kathy's brain. Frightened, Kathy returned to the newspaper. She squealed as Minette jumped onto the table with the newspaper.

Newspaper was lovely and comfortable and Minette felt Kathy should be admiring her.

Minette sat on the news article Kathy was reading. Kathy turned to another article. Minette would not budge. When Kathy had finished the rest of the page, she turned over. The page covered Minette. Why didn't the silly animal move?

By the time Kathy had finished what she could of the paper, Minette was wrapped in newspaper. As Kathy was leaving for a lesson, Nancy Wilmot came in. She gave the newspaper a curious look. Then it moved. Nancy gave a gasp, then saw the furry tail of Minette!

"Meow?" she inquired.

"Don't you worry Minette! You carry on reading the paper!"

Nancy chuckled to herself before settling down to some marking.

Minette slumbered in her makeshift bed. She started to have a craving for catnip. Hmm, catnips. She remembered a feline myth that cravings for catnip accompanied pregnancy. Was she going to have kittens? Who was the father? Did it matter?

#19:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:16 pm
That is just perfect cat behaviour!!!! Cats always go for people that don't like them - I think they love the power. Laughing

Love Nancy's comment.

Thanks Phil.

#20:  Author: JellySheep PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:55 pm
This is brilliant! So like a cat, and so funny!

#21:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:39 pm
Karen had given Minette a fish for dinner.

Minette looked at the fish and looked at Karen.

"Excuse me, what is this?"

"Fish, Minette!" Karen said briskly before marching away to scold another hysterical maid in German.

"Fish! What do you think I am? A seal? Fish indeed! I'm not eating that!"

Minette went out for a walk. Fish! Ha! Fish! Of all the silliest things! Fish indeed!

She visited three homes, drank some milk put out for one of the half cats, before laughing at her and running off. She visited a couple of other half cats having a fight and stealing their food! She then came to a strange house. Inside, she found a cat recovering from a strange wound. She sniffed him. He smelt familiar, but he was now a half cat! Minette laughed.

The ex-tom cat awoke. He was not pleased that he had been spayed and there was that cheeky minx laughing at him because he was a half cat, oh the humiliation! With a furious growl he launched himself at his former lover, only for his owners to come in and chase Minette away. The former stud of the Gornetz Platz had to recuperate from his operation. Simmering wth fury and not speaking to his owners, he settled down to sleep and memories of when he was the pride of the Platz.

She returned to school.

Weeks later, she had found a private place to have kittens. She was in this private place when she went into labour. It just so happened this was in Miss Annersely's office.

"I am very disappointed in you, young lady. It seems you have no honour and that you cannot be trusted."


"Did you just 'meow' at me?"

"No Miss Annersley!" the wicked Middle was shocked.


"Oh Minette cannot be here!"


"Miss Annersely, I think Minette may be having kittens. That's the sound our cat made at home when she had her kittens."

"Ask Miss Dene to telephone the vet in Interlaken, failing that if she can get through to Dr Maynard at the San, I believe a vet is there visiting his wife."

"Yes Miss Annersley."

Thankful to get out of her scolding the wicked Middle fled to do her duty. Maybe the Abbess would let her off?

"Kittens!" said Miss Annersley.

The vet and his colleague were attending to a herd of goats on the Platz, so Jack Maynard arrived with full doctors bag to see if he could help. He arrived to find Minette washing her kittens and Miss Annersley on standby looking like a proud midwife.

"I say Hilda, that vet chap visiting the San is on his way, good grief! We're too late!"

There was a ginger kitten, one tortoise shell and white, one black and two black and white.

"The miracle of life!" Hilda Annersely smiled. She remembered her own kitten she had as a girl, long since dead, the cat had been a great comfort to her on the death of her own mother.

"What with me being called to the school so often, and Joey and Margot's constant teeth troubles, I always thought we need a permanent doctor and dentist on site, now it seems we need a vet!"

Hilda laughed.

"I think we had better let Minette rest! I can see she is a most devoted mother."

Jack left, after looking the kittens over and telling Hilda the vet would arrive shortly to check on Minette and the kittens. Then Hilda remembered the wicked Middle, who by now had mysteriously disappeared. Miss Annersley was going to let the girl off with a caution, but the fact she had not waited and took this opportunity to escape was cowardice and bad manners.

Nemesis was swift as Miss Annersely caught the young madam bragging to her classmates about how she escaped punishment and discussing the beautiful, fluffy kittens.

Nobody knew what happened between the sinner and her Headmistress, but this particular Middle was the most swiftly reformed creature in the school's history and it hadn't needed Joey or Mary Lou's intervention.

Meanwhile the kittens cuddled up to their mother.

Minette dreamed dreams which Joey would have envied. "Hmm! Five all at once, only two more litters and I will have more than Mrs Maynard!"

Minette was incorrigible. She could smell a new tom on the Platz. She opened her mouth to howl a mating call, but decided she had no energy.

"Maybe tomorrow. After all, I have my babies to think of!"

Minette barely noticed the usual screams of hysteria from a maid as Karen dunked the girl's head under water for serving fish to Minette in the afternoon.

"Ach you foolish girl! Do you not think that ze kittens vill choke on ze fishbones? DUMPKOPFF!"

"Nein! Nein! Sorry! Frau Karen!"

As Minette slept, Chalet school girls were allowed to file quietly past to see the new arrivals.

At Freuedesheim, Joey was ecstatic.

"Kittens, Jack! Oh how lovely for Minette! That gives me an idea!"

Jack looked worried. He had had a long day and had barely any energy left in him. Was Joey trying to kill him?

"What idea?" he asked warily.

"Why! Bruno of course! Bruno should have puppies! Bruno could be a proud Papa like his master!"

Jack and Bruno looked at each other. They were both thinking the same thing. Bruno gave a whine and flopped to the floor.

#22:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:46 pm
Love Hilda's reaction - and as for Minette's baiting of the 'half-cats' - wonderful! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Thanks Phil.

#23:  Author: FatimaLocation: Sunny Qatar PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:49 pm
rofl I like the 'half cats'! And poor Bruno's reaction to the thought of puppies. Thanks Phil.

#24:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 10:56 am
Oh, Phil! Thanks for this! It's absolutely brilliant!

I must admit, I was waiting for Minette to remember Jack - but Joey and Bruno was even better!

*hoping for even more of this*

#25:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:17 pm
"Miss Ferrars, why can't I bring my own cat to school?"

Kathie looked up.

"Not now Kirsty, get on with your geography!"

"But my cat and Minette would be great friends and she could help bring Minette's kittens up! It must be hard work looking after five kittens."

"I am sure Minette can manage perfectly well. Now to your geography!"

"But Miss Ferrars!"

"No! Not another word! Unless you want an order mark."

Kirsty scowled at her teacher and when Kathie's back was turned pulled a most unpleasant and offensive face at her. Sadly for Kirsty, Mary Lou entered and caught her right in the act.

"Kirsty! Apologise to Miss Ferrars at once!"

"What did she do?"

There was a dangerous note in Miss Ferrars' voice.

"She was making faces behind your back Miss Ferrars."

A hiss went round the form room and murmurs of "Sneak" "Snitch" "Grass".

The whole class were booked for a class detention quicker than you could say, "Joey's busy again!"

The girls were incensed at this!

It was this that led to the formation of the: Junior Chaletian Cat Protection Society.

Why did Ferry squash Kirsty when she asked about her cat?
Ferry had said last week she didn't like cats.
That made Ferry a bad person in the eyes of the girls.
And with five newborn vulnerable kittens, Minette was going to need every bit of protection she could get.
And why couldn't the girls bring pets to school?
Hadn't Mrs Maynard said there had been a pets club in the old days of the school?

Unaware of this persecution against herself, Miss Ferrars was getting to know Minette quite well in the staffroom.

"I want attention! I want attention!" meowed Minette, once she had settled her kittens to bed.

She rolled over and allowed Kathie to tickle her under the chin.

Meanwhile the juniors were moving the sleeping kittens to a place of safe keeping.

#26:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:30 pm
Love Mary Lou being called a grass! Laughing

Thanks Phil - seems poor Kathie is blameless here - she is making friends with Minette, after all.

#27:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:39 am
Phil wrote:
Jack and Bruno looked at each other. They were both thinking the same thing. Bruno gave a whine and flopped to the floor.

rofl Phil this really cheered me up after a rubbish day. Thanks

#28:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:51 am
Oh. good! There is more! Thanks Phil!

(BTW For some mysterious reason the grey parts of my grey and white cat seem to be turning ginger! Does anyone know why this might happen??)

#29:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:06 am
Sal wrote:
Phil wrote:
Jack and Bruno looked at each other. They were both thinking the same thing. Bruno gave a whine and flopped to the floor.

rofl Phil this really cheered me up after a rubbish day. Thanks

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Me too

#30:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:34 pm
Minette had established very diplomatic relations with Kathie including the following territorial rights:

The right to sleep in Kathie's bed.
The right to sleep on Kathie's bed.
The right to sleep under Kathie's bed.
The right to sleep on top of the wardrobe next to Kathie's bed.

Pleased with this, she strolled back to her kitchen. (Not Karen's).

"Where are my kittens?" she was shocked to see no kittens there!

Wailing in distress, Minette hassled and harried Karen.

"Where are my kittens? What's happened to my babies? Where are they?"

Karen was equally shocked. Where were the poor baby katzen?

Karen decided to scold her maids.

Miggi was scolded - but she was blameless, she had been serving coffee in the staffroom.
Heidi was scolded - she too was blameless, she had been helping Matron.
Trudi was scolded - blameless again; she had been hijacked by Joey to help Anna.

When all three had had their heads dunked into a bucket of icy water, they resolved to hand in their notice with immediate effect.

Minette was crying out for her babies to hear and desperately trying to get a scent for her to follow!

All the commotion caused such a noise, Matron came to intervene.

"What on Earth is the matter, Karen?"

"Someone has stolen Minette's kittens! They cannot have run off together and they are so young!"

Matron was horrified.

"We must organise a search!"

No sooner was this decided than Kirsty and her friends ran in, all in tears, holding a struggling kitten.

Minette was overjoyed and took her baby to bed to be nursed and loved.

"Kirsty! What is the meaning of this? Why have you got that kitten? Why..."

Matron was cut off.

"Oh Matron we're so sorry! We lost the kittens! We only managed to get this one back! They've run away!"

Suddenly it all became horribly clear to Matron and Karen. For some foolish reason, these girls had gone into the school kitchen where they had no business to be, taken the kittens for some equally unknown reason and had lost them in the school grounds!

Karen had grabbed a cat basket and Matron took hold of the tearful Kirsty in order to get her to show them where the kittens were lost. Minette would not leave her baby so the kitten was put into the basket and Minette taken to the place were her babies were last seen.

Meowing loudly, Minette was overjoyed to have two more kittens returned. They had been hiding under a bush.

Matron, Karen and Minette searched for what seemed like hours.

Matron and Karen were furious.

"You and your friends will report straight to Miss Annersley's office!"

Kirsty and her gang fled. They had not meant the kittens any harm, but they had taken them from their mother and lost them!

Under her harsh exterior, Karen was quite tearful but managed to control herself. Both women were amazed to find Dr Maynard in the kitchen and in his hat were the two missing kittens!

"Found wandering near Freuedesheim! I had to tie Bruno to a tree to stop him from eating them!"

Jack was overwhelmed by the gratitude which flowed from Karen and Minette gazed longingly at the saviour of her babies.

Once the staff heard of this latest exploit, it was decided to move Minette and family to the staff quarters; and who had the most suitable room and volunteered to take them in? Kathie Ferrars.

Meanwhile Kirsty and friends were booked for an unpleasant time.

#31:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:40 pm
Love Minette's 'rights'

Thanks Phil

#32:  Author: SimoneLocation: Newton le Willows PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 9:44 am
Glad that Karen's minions have decided to give in their notice

Thanks Phil

#33:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:29 am
Love the fact Jack is now her saviour! Laughing

#34:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:43 am
I knew Minette had designs on Jack!!!

Look out Joey! Not only is she planning to out-do you in the baby stakes - she's stealing Jack as well! Way to go, Minette!!!

#35:  Author: lindaLocation: Leeds PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:55 pm
I too loved Minette's rights.

Our cat, Penny, has established similar rights to any bedroom in the house if anyone is careless enough to leave the door open.

I'm so pleased that Minette has been reunited with her tiny kittens. Those silly girls to take them outside when they are so small.

Thank you Phil Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

#36:  Author: leahbelleLocation: Kilmarnock PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:27 pm
Thanks, Phil. This is great!

#37:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:19 pm
Loved Minette's rights and the girls being booked in for an unpleasant time Laughing
Thanks Phil

#38:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 5:19 pm
The Junior Chaletian Cat Protection Society had died a sudden death in Miss Annersley's office as the girls were severely reprimanded for taking the kittens. Their punishment was all the worse as Miss Ferrars was present when the girls accused her of being a cat hater and a danger to cats. Finally they had to listen to the visiting vet tell them why it was so dangerous for the kittens to be away from their mother.

All the girls felt very foolish indeed and were very meek when a smug Mary Lou supervised their detention.

Weeks later, Minette felt like a little exercise. She was sure there was a new tom cat on the Platz and she was going to find him if her name wasn't Minette the hussy of the Gornetz Platz!

She thought to see the tall mad lady who lived next door.

The tall mad lady was not in. Neither was the maid, nor the dog, nor the squealing little ones. Guess who walked in; tired from his night shift he made himself a quick sandwich and went straight to bed.

Minette licked her lips. This was too good an opportunity to miss. Yes! He had left the door open! Wahey! Off with his furs! Woohoo! Why wasn't he a cat?

"Dr Jack! oh, Dr Jack!" Minette crooned.

Jack didn't hear her. He was all on his own, no Joey to cuddle up to: she had taken Bruno and the babies to visit friends in Montreux. Anna was on holiday. Somebody purred in his ear. The purring was loud and triumphant!

"Come on! Move over! Make room for a little one!"

Minette nudged Jack to the far side of the bed and settled on top of him.

"Hmmmmmmmm! Dr Jack! Hmmmm!"

Minette had got her man!

Jack slept like a log, unaware of Minette rolling over on him in glee and rubbing her face against him.

"Oh Dr Jack!"

She nudged and nudged him until he fell out of bed.

"Oh my goodness!" snarled Jack.

Minette looked up at him.

"I didn't do it!" she seemed to say.

Jack was not pleased; and as any of his children could tell you, when Jack wasn't pleased, there was trouble! He picked Minette up.

"What the? What have I done? You shouldn't have been taking up the bed anyway Jack! You're so selfish!"

Minette protested as Jack said very firmly, "Out!"

And she was out. Minette tried her "distressed waif" look, but Jack had stormed back to bed.

He couldn't get back to sleep despite trying to read, do some work, even play with the boys' train set and la maison des poupees. He was very sulky when he returned to the San.

Meanwhile Minette wandered sadly back to school when suddenly a large black cat leapt upon her.

"Hey Lady! You wanna have a good time?"

"Dream on little boy!" snarled Minette.

He was only a young cat, but he was not giving up that easily. He changed his tune.

"Oh please!" he sobbed.

"I am a lost little boy, away from his mummy for the first time and I need a bit of love and attention!"

The lost little boy act had Minette hooked and she taught the young tom cat everything she knew and he didn't.

"Thanks Mamma! Gotta get home for tea now!"

"Anytime baby boy! You come and ask your Auntie Minette anything!"

And with a playful swipe on his rump she sent the young man running.

"Five more for the Chalet School!"

Minette grinned.

#39:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:28 pm
Phil wrote:
"Five more for the Chalet School!"

Laughing At this rate Minette is going to walk all over Joey's total...
Thanks Phil

#40:  Author: FiLocation: Somerset PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 8:16 pm
Something tells me Kathie's room will not be big enough soon.

#41:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:03 pm
Poor Minette, spurned by her first lover - still, didn't take her long to forget Jack, did it? Laughing

Thanks Phil

#42:  Author: FrogizeLocation: Perth, Western Australia PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:47 am
I thought her first lover had been 'doctored'?

And Jack's only human, after all! (Loved the train set!)

So, where did the new tom come from?

#43:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:32 pm
The litters had grown and Karen was now making an excellent profit as a cat breeder. Many in the Gornetz Platz were eager to get more mousers and a cat would be fantastic company for the children; provided the cats made friends with the resident St Bernard.

Minette was now a proud mother of at least 30. She had lost count by now. Several of them had been with her young boyfriend and she had a sneaking suspicion she had been seeing one her grandsons. Hey, life's too short to worry about that sort of thing for a cat.

Madam was such a tart she knew all the girls at the Chalet school by their beds and all the beds in Freuedesheim. She enjoyed showing off her kittens to an infuriated Joey and was surprised one day to see Joey hauling a reluctant female St Bernard to meet an equally surprised Bruno.

Minette watched the altercation with interest:

Joey: Come along Matilda! Come and meet Bruno and make some baby puppies!

Matilda: Eurgh! What a smelly, rough, unkempt and scruffy boy! Ewww! I don't want him anywhere near me!"

Bruno: Mum! What have you brought? Don't you want me anymore? I told you I don't want kids and I don't want to marry! I've got you!

Minette felt sorry for Bruno. the female St Bernard, named Matilda, was bossing him and scolding him for not having groomed his coat and for being smelly. Bruno had just enjoyed a good swim in the stream and a roll in the leaves; now this beastly girl was being nasty to him in his own home! Bruno was very attached to Joey and worried he was being replaced.

Bruno tried to bark back at the sharp tongued scold but could only bury his head in his paws as the shrew went for him. Joey had to drag Matilda away.

Bruno was a sensitive boy and Minette had known him sometime; she couldn't see him upset like this! Besides, she had never slept with a dog before!

"Hey there! My big strong handsome Mr Bruno isn't going to let a silly bit of fluff like her upset him is he?"

Minette flickered her eyelashes at him and made a cat's equivalent of puckering her lips.

Bruno raised his big sad eyes. He could really use a friend right now!

"You saw that? Wasn't she horrible?"

"What a total beast!"

Minette charmed and flattered the big hunky St Bernard. He was actually rather cuddly and would always make a good playmate! It would be useful to have a dog on her side. The friendship was sealed when Matilda appeared and said,

"A cat! I love cats! Especially when they are on toast and with tomato ketchup!"

Bruno was furious.

"Don't you dare come near my friend you 'orrible little girl you! I will never have puppies with you as long as I live!"

Matilda fled and Joey had to give up on her ideas of getting Bruno to procreate. Meanwhile Minette cuddled up to Bruno.

"My hero! I didn't know you cared!"

Bruno was still top dog in the Gornetz Platz and Minette was still the top kitten producer. Karen was starting to become very rich and was gleefully anticipating the day when she could say to Frau Annersley,

"I am handing in my notice!"

Sadly for Karen, her plans were ruined when she had foolishly left her money out and Miss Annersley had come to the kitchen to ask for their contribution to the school sale of work, raising funds for an orphanage in Innsbruck.

One of Karen's maids had handed over Karen's savings by mistake and Miss Annersley was delighted with such a record contribution! Karen had to make do with the real kitchen contribution which amounted to forty three francs. Karen would have felt acutely embarrassed about asking for her money back as Miss Annersley would certainly find out the real reason why she had obtained such money. Karen couldn't say to the gentle Frau that the money was to enable her to flee the Chalet School after twenty years of making Pflaumentorte!

So Karen contented herself with what she planned to do to the foolish maid responsible for this error. Luckily for the maid, once she realised her mistake, she had promptly handed in her notice with immediate effect and was making her way across the Italian border by midnight.

#44:  Author: FatimaLocation: Sunny Qatar PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:00 am
rofl Thanks Phil.

#45:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:21 am
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Thanks Phil. This is hilarious

#46:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:24 am
Wonderful - and Minnie seems to be another Greebo - but feminine.

Thanks Phil.

#47:  Author: Carolyn PLocation: Lancaster, England PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:00 am
Love the maids quick getaway.

#48:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:47 pm
Minette purred on Joey's lap.

Joey was sitting in Hilda's office, talking as usual whilst Hilda listened.

On many occasions did Hilda yearn for the days when she could silence Joey's yibbling with a calm question of, "Would you like to see Madame and explain to her why you are disrupting my lesson?"

Hilda was suddenly awake at the next question.

"By the way Hilda, shouldn't you be thinking about getting Minette spayed?"

Minette sat bolt upright and her eyes were wide in horror. She leapt onto Hilda's desk in a second!

"Why should we get Minette spayed Joey?"

"Please don't make me a half cat Miss Annersley! Please!"

"Well it can't be very healthy for her having all those kittens. I mean she has had so many litters!"

"The Platz needs its fair share of mousers Joey! Remember there is a rat problem in Interlaken."

"But she can still catch mice even when she is spayed. It would also be a good idea to bring a little variety into the cat population. Minette must be related to dozens of cats in the area, most of whom are themselves called Minette."

"The cat population has been declining especially now the roads have got busier. Minette doesn't know what happened to her son from her twelfth litter the other day. Kathie found him by the side of the road."

Minette was shocked.

"My baby boy? My little sweetie pie? Oh no!"

"Well I still think she is getting a bit too old for producing litters. I intend to take her to the vet in Interlaken."

Minette bolted while she had the chance.

Miss Annersley sighed.

"Joey, isn't this more to do about Minette outdoing you in the baby producing stakes and that attempts to get Bruno to mate have been unsuccessful?"

The expression on Joey's face showed that this was just the case.

"I might add that Minette puts in a splendid contribution to the school sale whenever she sells a kitten. Her contribution has been noted by His Holiness The Pope. Here's the letter."

Joey was amazed as she read a letter from the Pope congratulating Minette on her fund raising for the orphanage in Innsbruck.

"Surely one of her daughters could take over?"

"Joey! Minette is a Chalet School cat. It's the same as you always being a Chalet School girl as long as you live. You will never let go of the school, no matter how much you may delegate to Mary Lou or to a small extent, Len. Minette couldn't possibly give up her role as part of the community!"

Joey could not believe this was coming from Hilda.

Minette was just outside the window eavesdropping on the conversation. She felt so smug, she went over to Freuedesheim and deliberately marked her scent on everything and everyone in the house. She then did the same to the school.

"This is mine! This is mine! That's mine!" she said cheerfully.

She made her way back to her basket when she smelt a funny smell. Another cat! Another cat on her territory! Some cheeky feline had had the audacity to trespass! Arching her back in fury, Minette followed the scent where she found a tortoisehell and white sniffing her flowers.

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss Hiss HISS!"

"Eh? Who are you? this is my territory now!"

"Your territory? Don't you know who I am? I am Minette of the Platz!"

"Oh! You're the slut I've heard so much about!"

"What did you call me you weedy little half cat?"

"Half cat! Ha! At least I have some sense of decorum!"

The cat fight was of gigantic proportions. Fur flew in all directions as the two girls tried to bite lumps out of each other. The howling and wailing brought girls out of classes and Minette's descendents and other half cats around to see.

"Go for it Mum!"

"Give her one for us home cats!"

"You can do it Mummy!"

"That's the last time you call us half cats!"

Karen brought her bucket of water, but she threw it too late. Minette and rival simply started up again a couple of metres away.

Bruno had escaped from Freuedesheim and started barking. He tried to sniff the angry ball of fur and got swiped on his nose. He went howling back to Freuedesheim.

Miss Annersley had a water pistol which she had confiscated from a junior that day. She opened fire. They continued fighting. By this time Karen had another bucket of water and did not miss. The two combatants were drenched.

Miss Annersley picked up Minette.

"Never in my entire life have I experienced such disgraceful beahviour Minette! If you were a Chalet School Girl I would put you into isolation and you would be on Head's Report for the entire school year!"

Minette howled like a scolded junior. The other cat retreated home. Both had to go to the vet for their injuries.

Minette struggled against the basket.

"No! No! No! Don't want to got to vet! No! Please don't spay me! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!"

She escaped, but only for an hour. An infuriated Miss Annersely had to rearrange the vet appointment and eventually Minette was captured. She looked out of the cat box and thought some very unpleasant thoughts about her owners.

As she was loaded into Kathie's car she shivered at the thought of the vet.

#49:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:59 pm
Nooooo, can't make Minette a half-cat - Hilda wouldn't be so cruel! Crying or Very sad

Thanks Phil Laughing I love this story.

#50:  Author: TaraLocation: Malvern, Worcestershire PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 11:57 pm
Love Miss Annersley having to rearrange the vet's appointment - know the feeling!

Thanks, Phil, this is very funny.

#51:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:36 am
I had to giggle at Joey's jealousy of a cat having more babies than she does. Thanks Phil

#52:  Author: leahbelleLocation: Kilmarnock PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:22 pm
Fiona Mc wrote:
I had to giggle at Joey's jealousy of a cat having more babies than she does. Thanks Phil

Lol - me too!

#53:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 1:35 am
Phil wrote:
She felt so smug, she went over to Freuedesheim and deliberately marked her scent on everything and everyone in the house. She then did the same to the school.

rofl Brilliant as ever. Thanks Phil

#54:  Author: JennieLocation: Cambridgeshire PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:29 pm
Great revenge, Minette. Thanks, Phil.

#55:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:07 pm

"Kathie, is Minette always this loud in the car?"

"I am afraid so Hilda."


"Oh do calm down Minette dear!"

"I'm afraid Minette's not MEOW listening MEOW Kathie."

"Thank goodness the vet is relatively near!"

Being shoved into a box, Minette could be in any state: cross, frightened and confused. Minette was all three. Oh the humiliation of having a thermometer placed in an undignified area!

Minette pretended she couldn't see the other animals in the vets. She heard her name.

"Frau Minette bitte!"

Minette did not want to come out of the suddenly very comfortable cat carrier, but she was pulled out and her wounds examined by Herr Wimz.

"Ach, Ja, Ja! Hmm! Very serious, but an injection of antibiotics should clear up any potential infection. Now Fraulein you must keep Madam here indoors for the next three days. I have given her an injection and hopefully the wounds will heal."

Minette shot back into the cat carrier, leaving sweaty paw prints behind her. At least she wasn't a half cat! Phew! Still, she wasn't going to forgive Hilda in a hurry for that very traumatic experience! She soon had her revenge.

"And here is the bill!"

Miss Annersley's eyes widened in horror and she had to steel herself. She handed the bill to her junior who herself wilted.

"Well that's an end to redecorating the gymnasium!" muttered Hilda darkly, but not without a touch of sarcasm.

Minette smirked in the cat carrier.

"Serves you right!" she thought.

#56:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:13 pm
Dread to think what Minette will do to get her revenge - yet Hilda was trying to help. And that must have been some bill!

Thanks Phil.

#57:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:42 am
I can't wait to see Minette's revenge. Thanks Phil

#58:  Author: TaraLocation: Malvern, Worcestershire PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:31 am
I thought the bill was the revenge. Again, I know the feeling! Very Happy

#59:  Author: TorriLocation: Connecticut PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:10 am
Have just read all of this and am loving this alternate view of the school and Minette just generally!

Thanks, Phil.

#60:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:26 pm
Miss Annersley had carelessly left her bedroom door open one morning. Very careless. In fact, so careless, anyone could walk in. Somebody did. That somebody had four legs and a tail and leapt up to the window sill, stuck her leg in the air and washed her nether regions.

Once she had finished washing, the intruder decided on a nap. Oh this was going to be good! Hmmm! Her Ladyship curled up into a ball and felt as secure as she had been when she was a kitten.

It was late at night when Miss Annersley retired to bed. She barely noticed the ball in her bed. She was just dozing off when there was something crawling up her side!

She heard a loud purr.

Miss Annersley laughed in relief.

"Minette my dear, you can't stay here you silly girl!"

Minette had her pleading look on.

"Oh just one night please, Miss Annersley! I will be good!"

Miss Annersley was too tired to argue with a determined madam like Minette.

"Oh, very well!"

Throughout the night Minette changed her position. One moment she slept beside Miss Annerlsey's head, then between her feet, then by her right leg, then on her chest. Miss Annersley was subconsciously aware of this and was anxious not to harm Minette. Eventually Hilda Annersley MA, Headmistress of the Chalet School slept curled up in a ball in a tiny corner of the bed, taking as little room as possible, whilst Minette had nearly the whole bed.

Miss Annersley groaned as her alarm clock sounded.

Minette needed a flowerbed urgently.

"Meow!" she wailed.

Somewhat bad tempered now, Miss Annersley opened a window to let her out.

Minette decided she didn't want the flowerbed anymore and meowed to be let in.

She was let in and out two more times until Miss Annersley had had enough! Out went Minette for the day.

"Well really!" Minette thought.

"And she has the nerve to call herself a cat lover!"

Hilda Annersley was thankful Minette had not used her quarters as a litter tray.

Minette found herself somewhere to sleep in a large metal thing her beloved Jack used a great deal. She dozed off on the back seat of Jack's car and didn't even notice her idol get in and start the engine up.

#61:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:37 pm
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

I can soooo sympathise with Hilda - you could be describing Rowan, one of my pair!

Thanks Phil

#62:  Author: leahbelleLocation: Kilmarnock PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:24 pm
Sounds just like our Henny, too!

Is Minette going on a trip in Jack's car? Looking forward to finding out!

#63:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:44 pm
Phil wrote:
Hilda Annersley was thankful Minette had not used her quarters as a litter tray.

rofl Superb! Thanks Phil

#64:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:25 pm
The first Jack Maynard knew of his stowaway was when he saw something black move on the back seat. Thinking of the snake he had killed on a walk with his daughters at the weekend, Jack took fright and nearly ran the car into a ditch.

"Meow?" inquired Minette, much in the manner of a lady addressing her chauffeur.

Some ungentlemanly thoughts flowed through Jack's mind. He did not appreciate Minette scaring him out of his wits whilst he was driving.

Jack turned into the San and grabbed Minette out of his car, taking his doctor's bag with him.

"It is as well for you young lady, that I am a cat lover!"

Jack attracted some stares from staff, patients and visitors alike.

"Now you stay in this office until I can take you home!"

"Thank you! I shall make myself at home!" replied Minette and she quickly set about marking Jack's office as her territory.

Presently a plump gentleman with a jolly face and fair hair oozed into the office. His blue eyes widened with surprise as he saw Minette sitting proudly in Jack's chair, her paws on his desk.

"Goodness me! I came to surprise Jack, not be surprised myself!"

Minette hopped onto the desk and gave the newcomer an inquiring look.

"Forgive me your Majesty, I am Sir James Russell!"

The large gentleman grinned.

Minette didn't grin.

"You can call me Jem!"

The door opened and Minette leapt for freedom as Jack entered.

"Jem! What the... Minette has escaped!"

"Jack! You really shouldn't be bringing your pets to work! Think of the hygiene!"

"I don't know how she got into my car Jem!"

Jem looked at Jack as if to say, " A likely story!"

Minette had got to the children's ward and was determined to have some fun when the two doctors arrived in pursuit.

She jumped from bed to bed, Jem fell over an elderly grandmother was not in the least bit amused by a large knight falling upon her. Children laughed and set up a cacophony of giggles. Minette eventually settled down on a girl's bed, the girl had slept through the discord and had been recovering from an operation. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Minette's golden eyes. Both patient and Minette fell in love with each other.

The little girl laughed! Jack had been worrying about whether or not the girl would make a full recovery. The girl's mother returned only to hear a plea to keep Minette.

Jack was overwhelmed by the joy in the child's face and the relief flooding the face of the girl's mother. Surely Karen would agree to let Minette go? After all, Minette had plenty of daughters in the Chalet School.

#65:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:35 pm
Awww how cute! Laughing

Thanks Phil.

#66:  Author: TaraLocation: Malvern, Worcestershire PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:24 am
Loved Minette sharing Hilda's bed and yes, I know the feeling, too, my Tara is just the same.

So sweet that the little girl loves her so much, but won't the CS (and even Miss Annersley) miss her?

#67:  Author: PhilLocation: London UK PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:01 am
Minette and the recovering patient, whose name was Brigid, would not leave each other. The mother was congratulating Jack on his apparent initiative in pet therapy.

"Herr Doktor! What a wonderful idea, I didn't think you could bring pets into hospitals but look how happy little Brigid is and the dear Katze!"

Jack eventually managed to extricate himself from the overjoyed mother to telephone Hilda.

Hilda Annersley MA was currently on her hands and knees trying to extricate one of Minette's daughters from underneath a side unit in her office. She was conscious of the time as three naughty Middles were due to report to her for a scolding.

The telephone rang. Hilda left the kitten who promptly washed herself.


Hilda listened in astonishment to Jack. Minette had stowed away in his car, ran loose in the San (thanks to Jem) and cheered up a little girl who was recovering from a very serious operation. Minette herself had fallen for the child and mother and daughter adored Minette. Would it be possible to have Minette? After all, the Chalet School was overrun with her kittens!

Hilda had grown close to Minette and even the brusque Karen was very fond of the adventurous feline. There was compensation for Hilda and Karen when they heard that Minette would still be living on the Platz and within a stone's throw of the school. Knowing Minette as they did, she would be back to visit!

So it was that Minette became an old Chalet School Cat and her daughter, also Minette, became the resident matriarch feline.

Minette senior, like Joey, could never keep away and frequently invaded her daughter's territory. Sometimes she would even get a swipe or a warning hiss from an exasperated daughter, something that would never occur to the Maynard triplets, or would it?

#68:  Author: LesleyLocation: Allhallows, Kent PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:37 am
Oh lovely - especially like the last paragraph! Laughing

Thanks Phil.

#69:  Author: KarolineLocation: Leeds, West Yorkshire PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:52 pm
Brilliant Laughing Thanks Phil

#70:  Author: TaraLocation: Malvern, Worcestershire PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:36 pm
Wonderful ending! Thanks, Phil, this has been a lot of fun.

#71:  Author: Fiona McLocation: Bendigo, Australia PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:40 am
Oh Phil that was fabulously, wonderful

#72:  Author: SalLocation: Walsall / Aberystwyth PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:43 pm
Great ending thanks Phil.

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