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#1: "Matey as Dominatrix" Author: RowenaLocation: NE England PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 9:59 pm
This is the drabble from the middle of the old Matey as Dominatrix thread, reposted complete to be archived Very Happy
As far as I can tell it's exactly how it was when originally posted.

Matron Gwyneth Ma’am

Matey, as she was affectionately known to generations of Chalet Girls the world over, entered the office and smiled at the woman seated in front of the computer.
“Oh Rosalie, are you still there dear?”
Rosalie Dene smiled back, “I’m just putting the finishing touches to the web page, I think it’s such a good idea, think of all the extra business it will generate for us.”
“Hmmm” said Matey, “I’m not so sure I can handle too much extra right now, I’m not as young as I used to be you know! Maybe I should think of doing a bit of recruiting – some of the Old Girls would be suited to our line of work, Joan Baker perhaps, do we know where she is these days?”
Rosalie looked doubtful. “Joan… are you sure she’d be ..um.. suitable for us?”
“Maybe, maybe not, we’ll see how this web thing works and think it over. Perhaps just another maid would be sufficient, it’s all getting a bit much for Anna too, she misses Joey so, and she’s no spring chicken either. There was all that business with the immigration people as well…”
“Don’t worry now – we have plenty of time to decide” and with that Rosalie turned brightly back to her work.
The web page in question was a work of art, Matron Gwyneth For All Your Disciplinary Needs in scrolled gold Gothic lettering on a scarlet background.

Some time later Rosalie called Matey in to view the finished product – once the viewer clicked ‘Enter’ on the front page, there was displayed a list of scenarios and services with a discreet price list to the side.
These ranged from ‘Stand in the corner you Bad Boy!’ to the ‘Tyrolean Silk Torment’ which was billed as the ‘Ultimate Disciplinary Experience’ lasting 2 hours under the exclusive supervision of Matron Gwyneth.

Since setting up ‘shop’ in her beautifully appointed flat, situated just off Kensington High Road, Matron had managed to tuck away a tidy little nest egg with which she intended to buy a beach front cottage in Devon and retire. She only needed enough to keep her in comfort for her retirement, and when Rosalie had suggested a web site she had agreed, although she had to admit to herself that all this new technology was beyond her. Rosalie however, having been on a course at night school and knowing all about it, had assured her it would bring in lots of new business with minimum outlay.
Rosalie’s own nest egg was growing fat on her share of the proceeds too – she had hopes of setting up a little business translating documents or something similar.
Meanwhile, The three of them, Matron, Rosalie and Anna, got along well together and the business was running smoothly.
Anna needed to get some money together as it had transpired that the Maynards had never properly formalised her presence in the U.K, and she now had to pay years of back tax and national insurance contributions if she was to avoid deportation.
She now acted as maid to Matey within the ‘business side’ of life and often said that after the years of running round after Joey, Jack and eleven children, picking up after one business man at a time was a piece of cake!

Anna hummed an old Austrian folk song to herself as she pottered about the ‘workroom’ dusting and cleaning. She checked the rail of costumes provided for the clients, such pretty blue dresses, smocked with crimson, and of course she spent a happy hour lovingly polishing the fourteen pairs of lederhosen in assorted sizes – ah such happy memories of her youth, when all the village boys wore the traditional dress and looked so fine!! Happy Days…
She also checked the contents of the ‘Tyrol Box’ as the women called it – the most important piece of equipment in the room, this beautiful rosewood box had accompanied Matey on her journey with the School from Austria to Guernsey, then to Wales, Switzerland, and now to England. This box and its contents were the main ‘ingredient’ of the popular Tyrolean Silk Torture and as such it must be in perfect apple pie order when it was required.
With a final swish of her duster over the lid in which she could see her reflection, Anna moved on to the kitchen to prepare the meal for herself, Matey and Rosalie. There were several clients due later and it would be late before they got chance to eat supper so a good nourishing lunch was in order. Perhaps she might bake a nice batch of shortbread too, since leaving the Maynards she just couldn’t bring herself to bake lemon biscuits somehow…

Rosalie was on the telephone as Matey entered the room…
“Yes Mr. …ah…Smith, we are quite happy to take cash although we also accept all major credit cards”
“No there is no danger of any physical damage to your person. I assure you, that in Matron Gwyneth’s capable hands you are perfectly safe at all times” then she added wickedly “even if it doesn’t always feel like it – the object is ‘torture’ after all” she winked at Matey and grinned as she said this.
Then she continued “well we actually prefer not to give away the exact details of our Tyrolean Silk Torture experience before you arrive, it all adds to the fun when there’s an element of the unknown. All you have to do is arrive at the appointed time, you will be met by our maid Anna, and she will show you what to do before Matron arrives to conduct your experience.”
Matey couldn’t resist a little grin of her own at this point… sounds like Rosalie has had to give a little moral support to another booking whose nerve was going prior to their appointment. Word was spreading regarding the Tyrolean Silk!
“Very well then Mr. Smith, we’ll see you as arranged at 2 p.m.” said Rosalie and rang off.

Anna led ‘Mr. Smith’ through the door that led to the inner sanctum of the flat. Pointing to a door on her left she said, in heavily accented English, “go in there and take the bath, cold water or chill off, no hot, then be dressing yourself in the clothes laid out for you. When you are dressed, come back here and I will admit you to the presence of Matron Gwyneth” Turning on her heel she seated herself in a comfortable armchair to wait.
Mr. Smith took a very quick cold bath, and shivering, dried himself on the rough towel and donned the blue frock with crimson honeycombing at the waist and reveres that waited for him. Now he knew why he had been asked for certain measurements when he booked the appointment. White knee socks and what could only be called ‘house shoes’ completed the outfit. Tucking the clean handkerchief into the pocket of the dress he took a deep breath and, quivering slightly with excited anticipation, emerged to find Anna opening the door opposite that which he had entered through, and waving him in.
He stepped forward into the unknown…
Matron came and stood before him and inspected him minutely – “Hmmm, you’ll do, although your nails need a trim – open your mouth” He complied and she examined his teeth carefully before pronouncing them all right.
“And now” she said, “you will do exactly as I tell you at all times. If you do not, a hairbrush will be chosen and few good spanks administered” Putting one hand to her head she muttered “Oooooh I came over all Blyton-headed then” and gave a little shake to recall her to herself.
Pointing to a small footstool beside a chintz covered armchair she ordered him to sit and walked over to the rosewood ‘Tyrol Box’. She opened the lid.

Removing some items she turned and handed him a square of material, a needle case and a reel of silk thread.
“Now I want even stitches all round that hem, pay particular attention to the corners to get them right, you are not moving from that stool until it’s done to my satisfaction!”
He looked aghast at the un-hemmed duster. He had never sewed so much as a button on in his life! Truly this was torture!
Matey, guessing what he was thinking, almost but not quite smirked.
“If you’re a good boy, next time you visit, you can turn a sheet sides to middle”
The End

#2:  Author: ChairLocation: Rochester, Kent PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:40 pm
Thanks, Rowena. I somehow managed to miss this the 1st time around. This was really great to read!

#3:  Author: KathrynWLocation: London PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 4:40 pm
Thank you Rowena, I missed this too last time and it's great to see it. Absolutely fabulous, thank you for re-posting Very Happy


#4:  Author: LianeLocation: Manchester PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:32 pm
Thanks for reposting. I somehow missed the end 1st time round!

#5:  Author: LLLocation: Random bits of North London PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 8:51 am
Lol Laughing
Thanks Rowena!

#6:  Author: Rosy-JessLocation: Gloucestershire-London-Aberystwyth PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:45 pm

I too seem to have missed this before.

#7:  Author: ElleLocation: Peterborough PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:44 pm

thanks for this!

#8:  Author: Laura VLocation: Czech Republic PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:13 pm
this is great!! Laughing

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