A potted history of Juliet Carrick
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#1: A potted history of Juliet Carrick Author: Lisa_TLocation: Belfast PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 5:19 pm
Do we have one or a live link to one? I need a resume of Juliet's life and career for drabble purposes. Wink

#2:  Author: catherineLocation: Newcastle upon Tyne PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:52 pm
Caroline might be the best person to answer this but I'll have a go anyway!

She joined the CS at about 14/15 (?) midway through its first term. She was a nuisance and troublemaker at first but steadied down when the news came that her parents had abandoned her. They had previously done the same in India but the Head had tracked her parents down and made them take her back.

Her parents died and she became Madge's ward and sister to Jo and Robin. She became Head Girl after Gisela left, (see Caroline's excellent Juliet of the CS! for her adventures) and went to Belsornia with Jo and Robin in the summer. She studied Maths at Royal Holloway (?), and was very homesick to start with. She became very friendly with Kay O'Hara, who was about three years older than her, looked after her and through her, Donal, Kay's twin brother. Kay, who later married and became Mrs Frank Hillis, found out who her parents were and friendship ceased until Jo intervened. Juliet also had scarlet fever at the end of her first year at college and couldn't make it home for the summer holidays so went to stay with Mrs Cowley (Miss Carter?) for the fortnight before the end of term. She then suffered bad headaches during the term and ended up back at the Tiernsee for a holiday and went to Bernhilda's wedding. She returned to become Head of the Chalet School Annexe and works alongside Grizel Cochrane. She married Donal during Exile. She eventually ends up in Dublin and they have two kids - Donal and Meg, who is around the triplets' age, possibly a little younger.

Later we hear that she is sending her mischievous niece Tessa Wynne to the Chalet School (New Mistress). Tessa is around Ailie and Janice's age, I think. There is no mention of Meg attending the school, although we may just not have heard about her.

I can't think of anymore but someone else may!

On a side note - neither Juliet nor Grizel seem to spend very long at college Confused

#3:  Author: Lisa_TLocation: Belfast PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 8:39 pm
Thanks, Catherine. Gah. No flowers. Never mind; this board prefers baileys and chocolate, so consider it winging its way to you...

I think I'll have to dig out 'School At' but your info has prevented me from trawling the series!

#4:  Author: CarolineLocation: Manchester PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:26 am
I think Catherine has pretty much covered everything after Ju arrived at the school...

Prior to that, she was born (?) and brought up in India, but is described as an English girl. Her lovely father is Captain Lindley FC Carrick of the Indian Army; I don't think we learn her mother's first name. She attends a school "in the Hills", where the Anglo and Eurasians girls look down on the native Indians with bitter contempt, and also where her parents first attempt to abandon her. The Head won't stand for this, however, and tracks them down, forcing them to take her back (query - always wondered how exactly she acheived this!).

Juliet has enormous dark eyes and fair hair worn in a pigtail to her waist. Papa Carrick is a tall bronzed man with a soldierly bearing, and Missus is small, slight, sallow and fashionably dressed. And snippy. They both find Juliet a nuisence.

The Carricks come across the Tiernsee on "their journey home" from India (strange route they've taken!); they initially enrol Juliet at the school for one term only, as they are planning to travel on to England in the autumn.


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